Although I’m a Wizard with a Dark Attribute, I became a Hero Somehow ~ I Think I’ll Try My Best So That My Wives Can Live a Good Life Anyways~

Associated Names:

Yami zokusei no mahōtsukaidaga, naze ka yūsha ni natte shimatta ~ sore wa tomokaku yome ni ī kurashi o sa seru tame ni ganbatte nariagarou to omou ~

闇属性の魔法使いだが、なぜか勇者になってしまった ~それはともかく嫁にいい暮らしをさせるために頑張って成り上がろうと思う~

Synopsis“If you can use magic, then you will become popular!” Chris who had been deceived by the word continue to practice dark magic in the mountains. He ended the days of training and helped a beautiful slave girl that was attacked in the middle of his journey to the city. That girl Olivia has a curse which is a “cursed with bad feeling when pointed at favor,” and she was banished from her household because of it. Chris, who had fallen for Olivia at first glance, ask for her to marry. He experienced the first night with Olivia who accepted the offer, and in addition to “rising up” he had the purpose of “making my bride happy”. Chris who visited the temple to unravel the curse of Olivia is suddenly recognized as a “Hero” by the oracle of the Goddess of Law. Because of that, the lives of Chris changed completely,and suddenly he get a mansion. One day, he was asked by Diane san, a millionaire who was a good friends with Olivia ..?

Author: Sun Tuna Scallop

Illustrator: Ikehiro Misa

**warning** Please don’t proceed unless you’re above 18 years old**


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