NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 5

Chapter 5 ~ Shira chan Darkness Armour

Two more days left before our departure from the Royal Capital. Today we will hold the party and tomorrow, we will be preparing all day long. And the day after tomorrow, we will depart for the empire.

Well, even though I’d say preparation, it’s just a carefree trip since most of the item are stored in the Item Box. The matter regarding the Guild and Francesca is being handled by Ellie, so for today, my partner is Shira chan.

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NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 4

Edit: Happy New Year everyone! May this year bless us more than 2020 ever did…

Chapter 4 ~ Holiday in Royal Capital

The story about our participation in Hilgis was mentioned somewhere during my explanation, and Will suggested that he wanted to tag along with us.

“You rascal, wasn’t it fine for you to go back to Empire while we are out from home? “

“That is……”

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NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 3

Hello everyone. First of all, Merry Christmas! And Happy Holiday for the others! As usual, I’m breaking this chapter accordingly to how it appears on my Microsoft Word, so stay tuned! *I received information where there is a missing page for previous chapter. I will work on it soon.

~SlobNEET 2020 Christmas~

Chapter 3 ~ Shira

“Thank you very much, really!”

We are in my room at the Elf Mansion. We are holding a farewell celebration for Tamara and her spouse, just me and Sati, while we asked the other not to interfere.

She’s only been with us for merely two months. Tamara chan is now freed from being my slave, without me laying a finger on her.

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NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 ~ A New Request

“What a great timing. If you’re immediately departing to the Empire, then take me along with you.”

After the King’s troupé left, Francesca declared as such while we are feasting on the cold cuisine and drinking the liquors together with side snacks. I toss away my questioning gaze to Sati, asking what to do.

Sure, there isn’t any problem taking her with us but, when we bring Francesca together travelling with our party, the restrictions it put on our actions will prove to be a trouble.

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NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 ~ The Strong Bow of Giant Killer

“Wow. So, your party is only consisted of your family members. That sound wonderful.”

“Yes! And so, Ellie sama parent is living in the Empire……”

The Royal Capital gladiator tournament ended with Sati as the victory. Currently, she is participating in a modest closing party at the venue of the competition.

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NEET Hello Work 7: Extra

Gossip ~ Words About Yamano Masaru Being a Hero

The song has a very good reputation here, and even during the festival, it was sung in a large hall.

It was about half a year ago when I met an adventurer at the town of Shiori, and thanks to that opportunity, I learnt Ani-song from him. To my surprise, I found him competing in the main round when I came to watch the tournament to take a breather.

Moreover, there is a qualifying preliminary round right before the main match, an unusual format. Before the match started, the Truth Officials gathered around, as if there are some circumstances.

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NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 20

Chapter 20 ~ Conclusion

Sati was hungry, so I took out her favourite peach-like fruit. She finally stopped eating after devouring five platters. Well, as long she can digest them, but she took an attack on her stomach……or not.

Afterwards, she went resting while sitting down with both knees in hand.

In addition to fighting a long-drawn battle against Francesca, she also received a lot of damages. Despite receiving a treatment right on the spot, her exhaustion due to her injuries lingered, and they should remain for several days.

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