NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 17

Chapter 17 ~ Main Battle, Third Round, Fight Against Lazard

My final match started on the first day of the main battle.

So, why am I putting up with this painful thing the best that I can?

Partly, it is for the sake of Protection.

Will was overjoyed. The already high evaluation from the elves towards me are climbing. Naturally, the same can be said to Shira chan as well. Alongside that, I also received a great reward. So, I thought…… Continue reading “NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 17”


NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 13

Chapter 13 ~ Gladiator Competition, Second Round Qualifier ——Attempt——

There is nothing much to watch during qualifier.

The truly strong one was not required to win in qualifier, so all of them are exempted from this round. That ensure the odds for the strong one to be paired together lower and with that lesser chance that they are going to defeat each other. Thus, there isn’t much spectacular matches ongoing for this round.

Though, the fight between mid-rank people with about equal ability might stirred up more excitement for flesh and blood. This tournament was probably aimed to gather the average level fighter, so they can make name for themselves. Continue reading “NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 13”