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Kon’na boku ga Arakawa-san ni kokuhaku rō nante, okogamashikute dekimasen.

Such a Thing Like Confessing to Arakawa san, I Will Never be That Presumptuous



SynopsisAsai Yuuma. He love erotic sister and have an outstanding grade in his class. However, he is self aware that he is just a trash. And yet, purely by coincidence, he was chosen as the leading role for the class play during school festival. When he refused to become the leading actor for the class, he was persuaded by Arakawa Yui――”I will make you a man who is standing at the top of the school caste, that’s why……” One after another, Yuuma began to start practicing the play with the common people group. He gradually become like normal people with unmistakable sincerity, and knowing the secret that he carries…… A comedy depicting an awakening of a trash boy often portrait in Manga, “redefining” the no good adolescent in his springtime of youth!

Author: Shimizu Ichigo

Illustrator: Shiso




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