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Dark Magician as a Hero 1: Chapter 4.1

Chapter 4 ~Having a Hard Time to Show my Wives my Heroic Side, Somehow the Princess get emotionally attached~

                   Wolf Princess

If both my wives give an okay, there is no reason for me not to take it up. Therefore, it was decided for me to accompany the carriage. Well, even if it’s an escort job, aside from guarding the food stock, I just need to accompany the princess who came to negotiate with Prince Carl. Overall, it is not a dangerous mission. There are a lot of demons who are targeting the food, however none of them possesses a threat to me. Continue reading “Dark Magician as a Hero 1: Chapter 4.1”

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Dark Magician as Hero 1: Chapter 3.3

Heroic Woman

Right after we get up on the next morning, we went inside the bath. I’ve been having sex for all night long yesterday, so when I woke up this morning I was all sticky. It’s quite awkward when our employees caught our after-sex appearance, but as soon as we get down the stair, we straight away rushed to the changing room. Continue reading “Dark Magician as Hero 1: Chapter 3.3”