Hello Work 6: Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 ~ The Beginning of Heroism

The hall turns quiet. While all the elves are kneeling, there is nothing to obstruct their vision, thus all their sights are focused on us who are still standing.

I understand the reason behind these elves emotions.

They are grateful to us for saving their country.

However, isn’t it too much for the King of said country to kneel in gratitude as well? It gives an impression that the king is weak-willed. The King then said that we people have done well.

Um…….do we need to make some speech?

Everyone is solemn, as if waiting for something. They never stand up.

No, rather than us, I bet they are waiting for me.

What should I say in a situation like this!?

Ellie looks at me. I shook my head off.

“No way. I’m counting on you. It’s no use since the God protection has been revealed.”

Ellie sighed after hearing my desperate pleas. While being watched by the elves, she starts talking.

“I humbly receive everyone’s gratitude. O’ King, as well the other elves, please stand up.”

Ellie is truly reliable in this kind of situation!

The King and the other elves all stand up after hearing Ellie’s words. Lily-sama is still standing as she was.

“Just, there is one thing we would like to say. The voice of the spirits, albeit mentioning how he received the God protection, he is far from a hero.”

“No way! If he is not a hero, then what is he?”

Ellie winced a bit from the King’s question.

Hey, get a hold of yourself! Are you that reluctant to admit that I’m not a hero!?

“Simply said, a hero is a person sent by God to eliminate the Demon King. Since ancient time, there are many people who proclaimed to be a hero, yet there was only one. Since there is no proof of Demon King resurrection yet, our role can be said to be different.”

Tilika immediately took over and explained it calmly.

“And that role is?”

What is my role?

“That is not up to us to talk about here. Everyone! Do not tell anyone that we have received God protection. It will only hinder our jobs.”

Good~ good~. Tilika-san, you are doing a very good job.

Although she admitted the God protection, she makes sure to emphasize that we are no heroes. Plus, her followed up speech is great.

These people will keep quiet due to their gratitude. That is their only choice.

“It was God’s will that allowed us to save this country. Let us give our thanks to God by offering our prayers.”

Ann concluded our explanation by clasping both hands and prayed, in which the elves joined on the spot and offered their prayers.

Is this the end? Somehow, I managed to get through it……

“For all of you, a variety of rewards are prepared.”

“They have already seen it, father.”

In response to the King and Lily-sama’s words, Ellie thanks them for all the gifts that were brought by the elves. I was unable to see each of them since I was preoccupied, but she managed to describe each item perfectly.

Them checking the goods carefully just now wasn’t a waste after all. Perhaps it’s a better thing to do in favor of things to come.

“As for the other proposed things, I don’t need it.”

“I see. It’s good to see that you are satisfied with all the items brought by everyone. What else to say…….”

We received luxuries goods in high volume. Each of them is hand crafted by the elves citizen and were brought here by themselves.

These are the only things that we didn’t refuse. As a result, the royal family was not able to give us the remaining gifts. I wonder if I can just lower my head and get away with it.

“Our heroes, is there any way for us the elves to repay your deeds?”

Just like what Lily-sama otherwise has suggested, it is nice to know that we can demand for anything, but this much is enough. The only thing left is to discuss about the support for the pioneering project, but that topic is not something to be discussed here.

I have nothing more to ask, yet before I managed to say it, Lily-sama stepped forward, cutting off my action.

“In that case, please allow me! I will enter their party. I will lend them my power and help them achieve their goal!”

“Oooohh! Lily-sama is!”

“Among the elves, Lily-sama is the best wind spirit magic user!”

“It is time for Lily-sama action at last!”

“Ah, thanks for your thought. We already have enough party members.”

I know that I’m going to make a scene by saying this, but if I don’t firmly state it here, things will take the worst turn in longer run. For now, if I avoided Lily-sama eyes and keep everything to myself, I will be able to ignore the glare of the masses.

“What! Lily-sama was refused.”

“Aah! Lily-sama is going to cry!”

“Stay strong, Lily-sama!”

“W, why. I can defeat your enemies, at least I have that much confidence in my magic. I will surely prove myself useful to you!”

That is not the problem.

If you want to compare usefulness, it’s easier for me to pick a child and bless him with protection.

As an elven princess turn to adventurer, she is nothing but a hindrance in battle. If you think carefully, she is more like a disadvantage.

“Err, putting it simply. Our role is something dangerous. Also, Lily-sama, as I like to say myself, you are not strong enough.”

“Bu, but……”

“Lily-sama, we already received enough rewards. This much is fine.”

Looking at Lily-sama whose face is sullied by tears, I feel bad for refusing her frankly in front of all her kin. However, telling her later will only do more injustice.

“It seems that you are satisfied with our gifts. However, keep in mind that our gratitude isn’t limited to the rewards that we gave. Every elf in this country, over their hundreds of years of life, their memory of your bravery will be etched for eternity. Whatever it may be like in the future, please do not forget that you are our benefactors and our friend.”

To be honest, it will be better for me if you lot forget about it soon, though there is no way I can say that during this mood.

What can I really do…….

“Our humblest gratitude, O’ King. Our friendship with the elves will be forever remembered.”

Opposite to my thought, Ellie responded properly to the words of the King.

“My King. Please grant us obscurity towards the outsiders again. I don’t want to make a fuss.”

Tilika said. I hope he will keep everything under wraps once more.

“Your wish has been heard. Everyone, listen! Do not mention anything about them to the outsiders!”

With that said, I hope this celebration will finally end.

On behalf of Lily-sama who was emotionally devastated, we are guided by Titus-san to the throne. There is a room behind the throne, where we are going to have an audience with the King.

However, we didn’t leave the throne straight away. After we reached a position steps away from the throne, we were brought to face against all the elf audience. The Elf King slowly descended to my side.

It’s like a curtain call at the end of a performance.

Should I say something?

A King that I have met twice will never know how much I dislike this situation.

This is too sudden. He should have explained the setup to me in advance, but I’m the one who never showed my face for a week, so I guess it is my bad……

I want to run behind Ellie, but I am already put in the middle, with Ellie and Ann at my left while Sati and Tilika are at my right.

Ellie is getting excited from all the attention she is receiving. Both Ann and Tilika are calm. Sati is a little bit nervous.

I couldn’t hear it while standing on the platform, but it looks like the elves are trying to say something.

I guess they want to honor our achievement in a grand manner, but I don’t think this is able to change my miserable self.

I’m not glad. I really wish that I had run away.

“Sati, can you hear what everybody is saying?”

“Yes. They are saying many things about us. How Masaru-sama defeated the Earth Turtle King and shot Meteors many times. And lastly, how Masaru-sama defeated a dragon with a sword……. a little bit about me……. they are talking about Elizabeth-sama’s Wind Magic or Tilika’s Summoning Magic. “

The sound detection skill is very useful. Perhaps I should learn it next.

The King began his speech while I was talking with Sati.

He expresses our battle achievements carefully in great detail.

We were brought over to the Elf Country as Lily-sama’s hired guard then proceed to a brief meeting with the King. After collecting some information regarding the Earth Turtle King, I was able to grasp the key points on how to defeat him.

Well, it’s not like I particularly want to hide it from them, not to mention that Lily-sama was staying with us for as long the battle was ongoing. She has fulfilled our promise about not mentioning the Gate and Miraculous Light.

Looking at it this way, each of the defensive lines were barely functional at the end. Even if they managed to defeat the Earth Turtle King on their own, the probability that they will lose at the end is very high.

To Lily-sama, we must have appeared like a gallant hero who drove away the demons with a large-scale magic bestowed by the God protection.

Again, looking from the elves perspective, our party did manage to achieve a great success.

“He defeated the Orc King’s corps, who managed to break through the rampart wall, all alone by himself——”

That did happen. When the Orc King who I thought was defeated at first sprung up, I did get panicked.

“Even after his mana was depleted, he quickly switched to his bow. Even after his bow was broken, he replaced it with an elf bow and returned to the front line——”

Now that he talked about it, I believe my arrows warrant a replenishment. Plus, I need to return back the elf arrows that I borrowed when my cheap bow broke.

“They called a dragon with the legendary Summoning Magic——”

Drago was beat up senseless last time. Ever since then, we haven’t call him, hopefully he is already alright. When we call him next time, I will apologize for making a mistake in my strategy.

“Lily has said. Masaru stopped a rushing dragon without any fear and without running away. Right at that moment, Masaru descended the castle wall and confronted the dragon with a single sword——”

I got lucky that time. That was one hell of situation. After all the ruckus, I fell in the moat and caught a cold.

“That time, with this broken sword——”

Looks like they retrieved my sword when I fell into the moat after beating the dragon. An elf dedicatedly brought it to my side, but what should I do with it?

Keep it as a souvenir?

It was a fairly good sword with a build price around 500000 Yen. Since I used it as catalyst for Magic Sword, it was broken near to the hilt.

This sword is beyond repair, well, that is within expectation since it is used against the dragon.

“Yet, they never demanded any rewards. Before leaving, they proclaimed that taking back the dragon is all they need——”

The King’s speech is finally ending. Afterward, the enchanted elves turn their gaze on me and start applauding. The hall quickly filled with thunderous claps and cheers. There were also many other elves that shed tears due to being impressed.

This way, it makes me look a little like hero material.

“Finally, once again, let us the elves devote our greatest gratitude. And then remember, that this secret lies among us, the elves. Everyone, you are strictly forbidden from revealing this to everyone other than the elf clan.”

The elves give their final applause, gradually ending the ceremony for that day.

I was pretty much exhausted, but before we take our leave, there is still an audience with the King. Entering the private room behind the hall, we were brought to a round table.

The people currently presented are the King and the Queen, Lily-sama, and the other two is her older brothers.

Titus-san, as well the King escorts are standing near the wall on standby.

“I already heard about your exploits on the battlefield, but to think that you received protection from the God Himself.”

That’s it.

None of them are doubting the spirits words back then. I guess the spirits truly are of utmost importance in this place.

From which side has it caught up?

Even from the first time I met the King, his spirit already talked about my protection.

“The spirits are the grace given to the elves by God.”

According to the King, the elf ancestor, who settled down in this place way in the distant past, albeit having good grasp of magic, their usage of magic was not as developed as it is now. Compared to the other races, theirs was very weak. The only redeeming quality about them is their long life expectancy.

The God found it pitiful, so He bestowed them with spirits.

At first, the spirits were some magical existence that occasionally make mistakes, but after growing together with the elves, they started to gain intelligence.

An elf with a spirit companion will always be protected by spirits. They are bound for a lifetime.

However, they don’t have much knowledge regarding the recent leak of important information.

Based on their years on experience, they will not doubt the spirits.

“When I was born, the spirits gathered to give me their blessings. I heard that I have some task to finish in the future. I wonder if it is this encounter……”

Perhaps, she has an important role during the crisis in the future. Her job might be related to mine. However, I have yet to receive any instructions from God, so I don’t have the slightest intention to put her in my party.

“As the God apostle, I can understand why you are worried about identity leakage. I would like you to have peace of mind though, since I’m going to put a complete stop regarding this matter.”

The spirits rarely talked, much less showed their own emotions. Once their familiar spirits show their own opinion, of course people will get concerned.

Once the matter regarding the spirits is resolved, we moved to the practical affair next. Leaving the downhearted Lily-sama alone, Titus-san opens the topic regarding the matter that we already discussed, while I tell the King about the fine details.

The King easily gets the gist of the situation.

“Although you have received the gifts that we have offered, I still think that this is unfair. Perhaps, we should reconsider Lily’s previous offer?”

Support for a large-scale development. The elf treasured bracelet. Position and reward worthy of an apostle, residence in the Elf Country. An elf maid squad. Even Titus.

They were certainly interesting rewards, but none really caught my interest. The mountain of treasures that they’ve prepared already has enormous value. We were also rewarded by the guild.

“As expected, I don’t think I want anything else.”

“Then, me!”

Don’t you know when to give up?

“I hardly have any mana left during the previous battle, that’s why I can’t show you! My power is beyond that! If you add me to your party I promise you that I’ll be useful!”

“Lily, please stop with your selfishness. Do you wish to trouble Masaru-dono further?”

“But father. Didn’t you tell me to go experience the outside world once I have grown up? To go out from this country to learn about the outside world? I believe that this is a good opportunity.”

Has Lily-sama reached adulthood though……no, I never know how the elf ages. The King in front of me might looks like he is in his 20’s, but the truth is his age well exceeds 200 years old.

“It’s rare to see Lily being motivated……hmm. Masaru-dono, how about it? Would you like to try it, even if it’s for a short period?”

By the way, I was told that Lily-sama has no jobs neither does she hold an official position. Even though she is an adult.

Don’t tell me, Lily-sama is a NEET!?

Well, a princess like her will face no inconvenience even without working. But she is unusually enthusiastic for a NEET.

The King thought that it might be a good idea, but I honestly am troubled with it.

I can always ask what the others think about it, but in the end, I need to make the final judgement.

Well, thinking about what is needed to receive the Protection, I have no other choice than to do it……

“There are still a couple of problems. First of all, as I already mentioned, our role is very dangerous. I can’t expose an elven princess to those dangers.”

Given the series of quests this time, there is a huge chance that God will continue to impose unreasonable challenges in the future.

Beginning by sending me to Siory town, next he sent me to the battle at Gorbas Fortress. This time, he sent me to help the Elf Country by participating in their battles under the pretext to help Nania-san at first.

All the events were cleverly placed like a well put puzzle, but that is not enough to be a reason to get a new party member.

Rather, I don’t want such danger to become a norm in my everyday life.

I want to live as comfortably as I can.

“I’m prepared for danger. I was prepared to die in the last battle even if Masaru and the others weren’t there. I’m not afraid of death.”

There is no way you can return to the Elf Country if we weren’t there in the first place.

“In those two days, I’m sure that Lily-sama noticed that our party consists of rear attackers only. Even if we want to recruit someone, we need them to be a vanguard. To put it simply, a shield user.”

“Have you forgotten about my Spirit Magic? My Spirit Magic is specialized for defense. It’s a given that it can serve as shield role as well, no?”

Lily-sama shows off a smug face.

“Then let us try it. Sati.”


I hand out a sword to Sati from my Item Box.

Beside the large table, Lily-sama and Sati, who is holding a sword, get into a standoff.

“Try to block Sati’s sword.”

I never tell Sati what to do, but even then, she understood what her task is.

Pierce the shield!

“Heh. I don’t know if that thin looking sword can penetrate my spirit’s shield.”

Saying that, Lily-sama enveloped herself in a wind barrier.

Spirit Magic can be caste at nearly zero chanting speed.

Depending on its strength, it might fit the role of shield very well.

However, Lily-sama is completely underestimating Sati’s ability.

She still doesn’t realize how dangerous Sati is…….

“I’m coming.”

Stepping forward, Sati raised her sword. Her sword moves in incredible speed; however, it was stopped short, blocked by the wind barrier above Lily-sama’s head.

“H, how is it. It’s impossible.”

It’s probably not since the edge of the sword managed to creep closer to her than she expected.

Her face paled quite a bit.

She closed her eyes when the sword was approaching. Clearly, she doesn’t have much experience in actual battle.

Sati suddenly pulled back her sword and gets back to her previous position.

Then, she readied herself again.

This time, her position is for thrusting.

“One more time.”

Oh, Sati looks serious.

Getting stopped makes her riled up.

I don’t know about Lily-sama or her spirits, but I can clearly tell Sati’s intention.

Concentrating her magic power at the front, she concentrated on her wind barrier.

“I’ve already grasped your power now. There is no way I’m letting you come close next time!”

This time, her wind barrier felt thicker and denser as she poured more mana.

Waiting until Lily-sama is finally ready, she stepped forward and let out a consecutive thrust.

Then, Sati’s sword penetrated the wind as if getting sucked in, ultimately pierced the barrier.


Lily-sama’s voice leaks.

Sati’s sword quickly went to Lily-sama’s neck.

Sati slowly pulled her sword from Lily-sama. Her gulps are apparent on her throat as the sword goes by.

“You might be able to fend off the first attack, but it seems that you lack power to block the next one.”


Lily-sama gets watery eyed.

Then, Titus san leaves a remark.

“Excuse me, perhaps Sati-sama is a master in swordsmanship. I have never successfully penetrated Lily-sama’s wind barrier before.”


Bah, as expected from Titus-san. Nothing can escape her observation!

“C, correct! Sati is an expert marksman too. It’s a given that she is a master swordsman. My barrier can deflect anything if it’s within ordinary attack range!”

Since she managed to guard against the first attack, I’m sure that her barrier is strong enough. It is Lily-sama’s proud shield after all.

But from now on, the enemies we are going to encounter will be around a dragon or an Orc King level.

I doubt she can withstand their might with her current defensive power. Regardless of her not being blessed by protection, as she is now, she can hardly serve as our shield.

“Not only that, as you can see, this party is mainly composed of me and my wives. It’s a party build up of my family. I don’t plan to put an outsider in my party even in the future.”

I was planning to put her in for a test, but eventually I settle down with this excuse.


After being told that I am not planning to put outsiders in the party, Lily-sama finally shows a hint of giving up.

Anyways, what should we do next?

I haven’t eaten lunch yet. I’m also dead tired, so I want to return home and hit the sack……

“We are preparing for a ball, please attend.” So, said Titus-an.

Figures~ they planned to provide us with as much hospitality as they can.

“Sure, of course we are going to attend. Right, Masaru.”

Well, whatever. Most probably it will be a feast. Since we are just eating, things won’t go so bad.

They are still preparing, so in the meantime we can continue our conversation, is what they suggested.

Tea and snacks were already brought in.

“That’s right!”

Huh? Hey, Lily-sama. Is everything alright?

Lily-sama, who suddenly stood up has a bright face incomparable to the one before.

“Father! I’m going to marry Masaru!”


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