NEET Hello Work 6: Chapter 16

Chapter 16 ~ Stronghold Construction Magic

We were greeted with three big mountains after we arrived at Lily-sama’s room to collect her luggage.

“These are certainly too much……” 

They are much more than I initially expected.

Even if we provide her with her own private room at the size of 10 tatami mats, with these much items, they will barely fit. Since her items were stacked high, I doubt she will have much room left even if we let her have two bedrooms……

“I did my best.”

Just when you think Patos-san has been missing for a while, turn out that she was busy preparing Lily-sama’s luggage all this time. Her face looks exhausted.

Lily-sama was a mess too. Perhaps they all have been working all night long.

“We are not going to the Kingdom this time, therefore not much furniture is needed……we have decreased the amount to the lowest possible. Can you put them all inside your Item Box? If it is not possible, then I will transport them myself.”

“I don’t have a problem carrying all these, but I doubt the room can fit them.”

“That is……”

Titus-san have a second thought after looking back at the luggage.

“Alright! Patos, cut the amount to half.”

“Eeeeeh!? Your Highness, that is impossible. All that’s left are things that are essential to your needs!”

“But, at this rate aren’t they going to cause an annoyance? Doing things this way will also serve as my training.”

“I-I will sort them again right now……and previously it took me a whole night, too……”

“Patos, I’ll do it. Please let me join you.”

“We will meet my father first before we depart. Let’s do it in 30 minutes time. If you guys can’t, I will do it myself.”

“ “!?” ”

Patos collapsed while Titus tragically raises her hands on the mountain of luggage with sad yet firm determination.

“Ku……we need to hurry, Patos. We need to determine the most necessary……no, we have to unpack these bags first……”

Lily-sama simply watches their antics.

“You guys already spent so much time preparing. Let’s take them all.”

I feel sorry for these two and our departure might be delayed again if this problem is not settled.

“Mu, you think so? Then let’s do just that.”

“Are you sure that is fine, Masaru-sama?”

“Since they are important, I don’t see any harm to bring them along. I still have plenty of space left.”

Where can I fit them……maybe the tea room on the roof is big enough.  That place is quite large.

I collected them all before Lily-sama changes her mind.

“Thank you for everything.”

Lastly, we said our good bye to the King and departed for home.

Although he told me that he was indebted, honestly, I don’t know how exactly I have helped him.

We received a lot of souvenirs from them too.

“Please take care of Lily for me.”

“Yes. Please leave it to me.”

Then, he speaks briefly with Lily-sama. When Ellie activates the Gate, both Titus and Patos hopped in as well.

“Uhm, why are Titus and Patos too……?”

“Please don’t mind us. The king has tasked us to confirm the princess whereabouts and report it. Besides, we can also help you guys unpack……”

Certainly, I can’t imagine Lily-sama handling all that baggage.

Besides, I am still unclear on the part where I should handle her as a princess. If she wants to train as an adventurer, she must refuse help from her attendants. However, as a royalty, the presence of an attendant is necessary.

The decision on that matter is still pending.

“I understand the king’s concern; however, this is a training. I will not take you on my adventure.”

“Of course. Once we have confirmed that the princess has settled down, we will return to the Elf Country immediately.”

“That is fine. Sorry to keep everone waiting. I leave the Gate to you.”

After we see the King for the last time, Ellie activated the Gate.

The destination point for this gate is the bottom level of the tower, which is the empty first floor.

This is probably the safest point since the entrance is one level above.

The problem is the place is dark during daytime. I focused on the security and make it a closed-tight place, hence there is no light.

I forgot to explain it first. This place is only accessible with Gate……

“W-wa-what!? It was day just now!”


The elf group lightly panicked. Lily sama quickly pushes herself at my side.



Ann turned on the light.

“O……what the, this place was just dark.”

“As you can see, the Gate won’t allow us to know the condition of our destination. That is why, I’ve created this room where it would not be affected by day or night. It is far from the entrance and it is enclosed, therefore making a safe transfer point.”

“I see.”

After saying that, she takes a look around and finally realized that she was clinging on my side.

Oh, her face boiled really fast. It’s apparent contrast to her white skin.

I gently separated her from hugging me tightly.

“Let’s go to your room.”

“U, umu.”

Now that I think about it, this is the first time I’m having direct contact with Lily sama.

When this is her first response, I feel like I need to take everything slow. What should I do.

“Well then, I’m going to report everything to Olba.”

Ellie went out together with Sati as her escort.

The other thing left is to assign which room belongs to Lily sama.

On the third floor, there are two free rooms across the corridor to my room. Both are as big as a 10-tatami size room.

Before I take out her luggage, I need to remove the wall between the room first.

I put my hands on the wall and activated Earth Magic.

The wall separated from the building. In the meantime, I quickly stored the wall inside my Item Box before it crumbles.


The end result looks as if the wall has disappeared. No, the wall did disappear.

The combination of the Earth Magic and Space Magic seems to have been a neat surprise even for the foreigners who were accustomed to magic.

I clean up the part of the wall that was cut off with Earth Magic. With that, the cleaning up process for these rooms are completed.

It takes less than 3 minutes to make complete renovation.

I took out Lily-sama luggage in this enlarged room.

I think it is fine to leave this to Lily-sama now. I still have another thing that I need to do.

This is a chance to redeem my castle making skill. I’m going to make it a good one this time for sure.

First, I need to cut down all the trees beside the tower and level the ground.

By cutting down all the surrounding trees and flattening the mountain, I will be able to gain considerable space.

I immediately cut down the tree with my newly gained elven axe.

The blade is sharp enough. One swing, and the blade chirps through the tree.

Nonetheless, cutting these trees is not an easy task. It is a fairly hard physical labour.

Even for Sati, she need to exert her utmost strength with her sword. In term of labour, it doesn’t matter if we do it slowly or quickly.

After going for my third swing, I finally gave up and switch to my magic.

Honestly, I wonder what comes to me to make me think that my body can handle this burden.

I can just do this with my magic like Ellie.

At first, I came up with an idea of having the Golem manhandle the axe, but that solution is too boorish. A more direct magic approach is better.

Initially, I dug out the root of the tree with Earth Magic.

However, the root was stretched beyond what I expected. If I don’t plan this well, it may get tangled with the nearby trees.

If I want to take it out completely, I need to dig deeper. This way, I need to spend more efforts.

I can summon out Matsukaze (large), then let him take down all the trees with force, but it will end up in a mess. I wish to use the trees later. Using fire is pretty much prohibited. I cannot use water either.

Wind Magic, Air Cutter. It is a magic that I have not used much, but it will serve well as a wood “cutter” replacement.

In fact, the superior Windstorm will cut down the trees nicely.


With that, a crack can be heard from inside the tree.

I tried it on the biggest one among the bunches, however, I failed to get it down with a single shot.

Not to mention, it isn’t much different compared to when I was swinging my axe. It is a stage 2 magic, so I was left speechless.

I imagine the cutter to become thinner and make it sharper——【Air Cutter】 Activate!

All the unnecessary excess is reduced……

Then, I maintain it with a lot of mana, focusing on my inner power ——【Air Cutter (strong)】 Activate!

Although the cut gets more depth, there is little to not much surface that the mana can latch onto.

I will reinforce the magic further with more mana.

The targeted tree was cut cleanly, but the trees on it side get caught and was damaged.

I cannot cut them down without power, but if there is too much power, the surrounding trees will get blown away. There is no way it is possible for me to adjust the strength on each individual tree perfectly.

It does not matter when I work alone. I am afraid this will become a hazard once I start doing similar work with other people. The power is a bit too strong for daily job.

Will the risk decrease if I aim the magic to the ground?

Even so, considering that this is a reinforced magic, the mana consumption is stupidly high.

Is there a summoned beast that is a dedicated woodcutter, a lumberjack……a mantis-type monster?

But, of course, I currently don’t have one available. I need to look for a summoned beast who specialized as a lumberjack. In the end, I was overwhelmed.

Yeah, a good idea just came in my mind. Let me tell you what I have planned for the time being.

I summoned out a 3-meter class Golem, and had it hold the old axe.

It has the power, so it makes a very good lumberjack.

“Go, Golem!”

Even if I ordered it out loud, it would not move arbitrarily. I need to have it under control for it to do subtle work.

I bring the axe out. Then I made it hit the tree which I used for the experiment previously with Air Cutter carefully.

A beautiful noise resounds and the handle of the axe broke. I put too much power……

I need an equipment dedicated for the Golem. Letting it use equipment meant for a human is asking for too much.

Let’s ask the blacksmith to make a huge axe.

Equipment for the Golems sound nice.

No, isn’t it possible for me to make it myself? I can use the Earth Magic for it as well.

I collect the soil and make a gigantic stone axe that matches the Golem’s size.

The Golem’s hand imitates a human hand and moves properly, however with zero dexterity. I readjust its grip a few times with trial and error so as to not let the axe slip.

The shape of the axe is on point but the it was made of stone material. I make sure to harden it properly by curing it with magic so that it will not break easily.

Next, I made it swing at the tree while checking the strength of the axe. Overall, good feeling. The pace is not as fast as when I cut them myself, but it is efficient since I don’t need to take a rest. I just need to oversee its work in comfort.

Besides, having the Golem equipped with a weapon is a good idea by itself. Since it is capable of handling the axe with a single hand, I can make it hold a shield with the other hand. This way, it might be able to compete with an Orc King.

During the break, I made an earth shield and let them have it.

It was nice. The problem is a considerable amount of mana is required to make the weapons and I spent too much time while making them.

Besides, if I don’t operate them myself, they will not move properly. The bad thing is operating them feels quite sluggish.

Whether it will become practical or not depends on how you use it. If this weapon wielding Golem is used for sieging the enemy, then we might be able to broaden our range of tactics.

Should I ask the blacksmith to forge the weapon for me?

But, if I reduced the size of the Golem, I will gain more flexibility to——

“Oh my, Golem?”

Ellie and Sati returned while I was deep in thought, thinking about how I can utilise the Golem with a weapon.

“Yeah. I tried making a weapon for the Golem with Earth Magic.”

I got used to practicing on moving them. If I managed to gain more control, it might be possible to deploy them in real battle soon.

“It looks very strong!”

A 3-metre class Golem waving a sword and a shield sure gives an imposing figure.

“Are they usable?”

“Depends on circumstances.”

As it turns out earlier, the attack power it possesses is too high, so it will take time to adjust their hitting strength. Though, its offence has clearly increased. It also consumes too much unnecessary mana. Since it takes too much time and effort to be operated, for now I can only control a single Golem.

It is easier to arrange the golems to a specific formation to enhance their strength, but I can see any ordinary earth mage having trouble doing so.

“So, what happened to your house building project?”

I forgot. I was in the middle of cutting the trees.

“……at first, I planned to cut all the nearby trees to make some space for our home. But, after a while, I found it to be a drag……it was just not efficient. I thought that if I have a golem and let it wield the axe, I might get the job done. However, I cannot let it use an ordinary axe, so I created a new one for it with Earth Magic. While doing so, I’ve come into an idea of strengthening the golem further, hence the shield.”

“In other word, your work has not progressed an inch at all, right?”


“I will lend you help. Let’s get this over with.”

“Yes, Elizabeth-sama.”

It was a mistake on my part to do this alone to begin with.

It will be quicker with more people. Especially with Sati.

Now that the space is cleared, and the ground was levelled, I began laying out my plan for the house.

On the first floor, we will have the entrance hall, living room and inquiries. Alongside that, I will include a dining room and a kitchen.  (EN: Not sure what kind of room inquiries is supposed to be so I left it as is.)

On the second floor, I will make a study room and visitor room.

The third floor is reserved for our living space.

Then, the basement. I will reuse the excess soil made from the hole. I can bring some earth from another place, but that will be troublesome. I should do the same for the warehouse.

Make the image stronger. It is going to be large, but I am already used to building large structures from when I built the wall. I should be able to finish it in one go.

Instead of a wall, this time I imagined a simple box shape and divide the interior layout to the desired design. There is no entrance nor windows, but that can be made later.

“Oh, that was neat.”

Everyone came down from the top of the tower after they finished unloading the luggage. They came down from the second story of the tower.

Now that the elf accustomed elf has come down, thing has turn into a bit of a problem. After I build this, I need to get back to the entrance……  (EN: I’ve got no clue with this one, I was tempted to just delete it entirely.)

I roughly explain to them about the room arrangement. Since there are no objections in particular, I decided to start building.

I asked everyone to step back. Then, I put my hands on the ground.

I began to concentrate the enormous mana required.

The mana fills the earth channelled through the Earth Magic.

The earth starts to shake as the magic began.

I concentrate on the image and my mana. Especially this time, the image is more important.

Everyone has come to witness me. I cannot fail.

No, I can’t let them distract me. More concentration.

——before I noticed, I have channelled out mana comparable to when I killed the Earth Turtle King.

Crap. Any more than this is bad.

Even though it is currently winter, a cold sweat runs down my cheek.

The mana consumed has already gone beyond my expectation. Should I cancel it now?

It is not an offensive magic. Even if I cancel out the magic now, the misfired mana will only affect the ground in front of me.

I maintain my control to the utmost limit——

My long concentration bears fruit. The ground quietly vibrates.

That was dangerous. Why did I suddenly get caught in a pinch, especially now in a place like this?

Nonetheless, the chant was completed. The end result will be gorgeous!

“Fortress Construction!”

After calling out an appropriate spell name, the ground started roaring and a big chunk of it rushed up. The flying dust covered our vision.

After the dust settles down, a huge box appeared.

The overall structure looks like a cardboard box due to the brown earth material.

I put my hand on the wall to check its structure——the strength and the thickness of the wall perfectly matches what I had in my image.

The increased sturdiness of the wall might be the result of my excessive mana. As expected, spending this much mana in battle is a bad idea…….

“How was it, you guys. This is the might of my Earth Magic!”

Putting aside the cold sweat pouring down my body, I tried to show off to my audience.

“That was amazing, Masaru-sama!”

Right, praise me more.

“He pulled it off just like how I told you, Titus.”

“Yes. I can only say that this is truly amazing.”

I don’t know what they are talking about, but it feels good to be admired.

“Can we already live in it?”

“As you can see, there is still no entrance. It’s hard to arrange the furniture inside.”

“If that is the case, please leave the interior decoration to us, the elves. I will arrange a craftsman for this shortly.”

What should I do. I planned to do it myself to some extent, but I think I already managed to save some face.

Even if I outsource the job now, I think my dignity won’t be compromised.

“Yes, please.”

But I will make the entrance myself, at least.

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