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Dark Magician as Hero 1: Chapter 3.3

Heroic Woman

Right after we get up on the next morning, we went inside the bath. I’ve been having sex for all night long yesterday, so when I woke up this morning I was all sticky. It’s quite awkward when our employees caught our after-sex appearance, but as soon as we get down the stair, we straight away rushed to the changing room.

The hot water in the bathtub was boiled since last night, so it is still warm. Although I’m still drowsy, this is a very good moment to rest my body.


Soaked in the bathtub, Olivia’s healthy hairs are drifting towards me while reflecting the sunlight that shines through the crease in the window’s sill. Thanks to her carefully washing them a while ago, her hair is glossy like a jewel.

“It’s hard to notice it during night time, but your hair is extremely beautiful. Looking closely, even your skin……you even smell really good.”

I eased to my wife’s hair and tried to comb it. Her hair is as smooth as silk, there is no resistance whatsoever.

“This is all thanks to the soap and shampoo that Dianne has brought for us. Her household was focused in research on hygiene and make up for many years.”

I remember she said something like Dianne family is the owner of the brothel in this country. It’s no wonder that this household focus their research in this kind of thing.

“In order to be loved by men, women need to pursue for beauty. It has been like that since the dawn of time. That’s how you get the ‘bees’ to get intoxicated, by being beautiful and alluring them with good fragrance. Don’t you agree?”

*splash*, opposite to Olivia, Dianne slipped into the bath to my side. She quickly wrapped herself around my arms and lean against my shoulder.

Dianne proceed to wash her hair and a flowery scent drifted in the air. The bubble created are slightly different in colours compared to what Olivia used. Even her soap has a different fragrant. Her hair has a slightly faint smell.

“What a nice smell……. if people inhale this a lot, they might get intoxicated, just like what Dianne said.”

“Chris sama is the only exception that I’ll make.”

Dianne creeps closer with a knowing smile. I already did it a lot last night, but this tool of mine is still lively.

“Oh my. Dear, you are…….”

With a bitter smile, Olivia reached to my cock, followed by Dianne at the same time. My cock quickly sprang ready for action after getting stroked by both of my wives.

“I’m still exhausted from having sex non-stop last night till morning. I am going to ejaculate inside both of you once, then I’m finished bathing.”

Getting out from the bath, I start caressing Olivia’s pussy while she is lying down on the floor. Her pussy is covered with silver pubes, now trim more carefully under Dianne’s guidance. Her honey pot which I have lodged plenty of semen last night taste sweet as nectar as I pressed my tongue inside.

“Chuku, muchu……you smell really good. Did you put on a perfume?”

“Ha~a n! Y, yes……that’s because, you always come up to me for sex during bathtime……n hha~a! Ah~ ah~……. isn’t it good that……n fu ~u……. I’ve cleaned up before…….”

When she smells this good during cunningulus, it gives me a good feeling. As a matter of fact, I always keep my genital clean──I wash it carefully with soap──so that when there is no strange smell, not only it will be more comfortable to have sex, even our loves will deepen.

── Kucha picha picha.

“Ah~ ah~……. uhn!”

When her honeys overflow from her pussy, the scent of her love juice mixes with the perfumes, changing the quality of the smell. There is no doubt that this perfume is ‘specially crafted’ for this purpose. In the midst of cunningulus, the fragrance of flower turns into a whirlpoon of stimulating sensuality after getting mixes with the love juices.

“You’ve gotten really wet……what a lewd smell coming out off your pussy. Olivia who was once innocent has become very slutty after being embraced by me.”

“Hiu! I, I’ll only get this horny……. for my husband……this is exclusively for my husband only……”

Olivia who refutes while her face turns beet red, got her legs squatted mid-air’s while I pushed my tongue inside her pussy lips.

“Nmn~nmnnn~~~~……puhaaaaaaaa! that, I’m weak there……hiaannnnnnnn!”

As a young couple, we have sex every night. I can easily know her favourite spots by examining tension on her skin.

Olivia, for example, she loves when I mashed my face in her pussy. She also likes to have the sixty-nine positions. As for me, I love to fuck her doggy style while grabbing her breast from behind.

By the way, Dianne seems to like doggy style the most. Based on her character and during the time we have sex together, I can safely assume that both of us have a matching preference. Somehow, to match the preference of her partners are technique that a woman can master.

Regardless, I continue concentrating on Olivia. Holding her knees, I raised her bottom and placed it touching my cock. This is Olivia weakest point. As soon as I stick my dick inside, she was left to my mercy.

“N ha~a! Nnnnn’n n’n n ~u~u~u~u! Hi ~a~a~a~a!!”

I feel warm and comfortable inside her vagina. But that is not enough to distract me from her big tits shaking in front of my eyes. I grabbed them with both of my hands and attack her nipple.

“Yaaaaaaahnnnnnnn! N, nooooo! Not my pussy and my boobs at onceeeeee!”

──*nibble* *splosh* *splosh*!

I swallowed her nipple and start sucking. At the same time, I reached my climax and came inside her pussy.

──Byuku byuku byuku…….

“Haaaaaaaaaaaannnn!……..haaa…haaa…dear……. haa….”

After we both reached climax at the same time, we kissed. Sorry, gotta leave you soon. After losing her support, she lied on the floor, weakened. Alright now, I’ve kept you waiting.

“I’ve been waiting for you. Please shower Dianne with Chris sama loves too.”

She is already on all four, shoving her ass towards me invitingly as if showing off. Her pussy is already in fire, so it doesn’t need any more foreplay.

“nfuu~……I was touching myself while looking at Chris sama and Olivia’s making love……. please grant this hot and bothered Dianne mercy……. master…”

Dianne looks at me with eyes full of lust while shoving her pure white ass over. Of course, there is no need for me to hold back since she is my wife.

I grab her thin waist with both of my hand and proceed to sheath my unrelenting cock which wasn’t satisfied even after ejaculated once. Since she is taking a bath, she wrapped her hair with a towel. With that combined with her slender white back and neck, her image has turned unreal.

──Zu pu~u zuryu zuryu panpanpanpan.

“Aah! So good! Even though you already cummed so much inside yesterday. Right after you have ejaculated inside Olivia, even! Such……so hard and rough…!”

Dianne unconsciously tighten and wrapped me softly depending on my thrust. She is adjusting the strength of her grip, which felt really nice. When I’m nudging her weak part, her vagina contorted in a way that is more pleasurable. If I’m not careful, I can easily lose focus.

I move my hand from handling her waist to her massive boobs. Then, I start to pound her harder.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhh! Ge, geez, dear. You really like boobies, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I love them a lot. Any men that don’t like this sensation must have something wrong in their head!”

I moved my hand around and position her waist for better thrusting. On the same time, I licked her whole body. As Dianne voice lose in ecstasy, my feeling for climax get nearer.

“Guuuuuuuh! I’m cumming! Dianne, I’m going to bless your uterus with my child!”

“Haaahaaaahaaaaaa! Haaahiiinh give your sperm to Dianne please! Spray my inside with your love, my dearrrrr!!!”

──Dopyu dopyu pyu…….



I got a little overboard. After that, the three of us continues to have sex in the bath because it felt too good. Just a little bit more, I’m still fine, I can still do it one more time……while we continue to have sex, both of my wives turned into groggy state at the end. I was having a hard time wiping them and putting them in their clothes afterward.

“Chris sama, since you’re still young, I will not ask you to hold back, okay? But……Martha hopes that you can think about your partner condition more in the future.”

Therefore, before we get to eat breakfast, the representative of the maids, Martha san (age 55) who is also wife of the tailor ask me to sit in front of her sermon.

My two wives are sitting on the sofa while being lectured by the aunties.

“Good grief! I know how an 18 years old boy is insatiable, but there it’s impossible for the growing up woman to keep up with your pace! Please reflect on your action!”

“Y, yes! I swear, I’ll reflect on my lack of care for Dianne and Olivia!”

Afterwards, the sermon continues well past the morning. Although it’s already late to have breakfast, it’s still halfway before the afternoon, so the day is still early.

Even though both of them are still young, they still haven’t recovered enough to go out for dates. Isn’t it better to recover by magic? So, the aunties asked, but if we relied on magic too much on daily basis, our resistance to magic will conventionally lost.

Even if I explained to them in details, it is hard for a normal person to grasp the concept behind the magic. To simplify it, I told them that relying on convenient tool all the time is bad for one body, and they are convinced.

I sat on the sofa, planning to read some books when both of my wives beg to lie on my knee. Alright, now to have some relaxing time to read some books…….and that when it happened.

“Chris sama, there is guest waiting for you. She is Salema sama, head of the mercenary group, the [Hot Sand Dragon].”

Unfortunately, I didn’t recognize the name of the mercenary group. I don’t know them, but since they have come all they way to visit, I wouldn’t mind seeing them. Anyway, I slowly walked around the mansion.

Carefully, as not to wake up both of them from their nap, I headed to the reception room.

When I heard that the head of mercenary group has come, at first, I imagined a muscular man, but Salema is a female name. Therefore, when I tried to mix the name and appearance……no, let’s stop. It’s bad for my mental health.

While opening the door to the reception room, I regretted not asking the aunt’s what kind of the person the guest is. Inside, there sit a beautiful woman in 30’s waiting.

The woman has her curly hair bundled together at the back of her head, giving off a lively feeling. Salema san, a tall woman with a good style stood up and greet me with a smile.

“Hey~ nice to meet ya. I’m Salema. I’m gonna live in a mansion nearby here.”

My first impression of her from our handshake is of a dangerous two-legged beast. Even with her ordinary cloth, she has ripped limb which suit her catlike feature. She most likely able to swap me to death before I managed to cast a single spell.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Chris, a wizard. For some reason and another, I came to live here.”

“No~ you are a great hero. Yesterday I already saw it at the lord’s house. Man, that demon wolf Mao-Shu corpse is something else! If I have not past my 30’s I’ll already pushed you down on my bed! Wahahaha!”

I got smacked at the back. It hurts quite a bit. I thought the matter of Mao-Shu subjugation were already well known yesterday, but it seems that all the gathered mercenaries and adventurers were already informed.

“Nah, nah. Those stupid guys, they are grunts that I collected across the battlefield……thanks to you, our big family didn’t end up fighting the Mao-Shu. I’m indebted to you for saving my foolish henchmen.”

In this pioneering project, the first obstacle is to kill the Mao-Shu terrorizing the plain. Although they are prepared to face the tough battle, the mercenary who is fighting at the front line are the one likely to get killed. That’s how she told the story while sighing.

“If this pioneering project succeed, for me, even for all the kids, they will finally get an honest achievement. They will get to accept an official request. Actually, now we are treated to the best hospitability in our life, living together in that big mansion.”

Mercenaries are often treated as something disposable in a battlefield. Such a group are now offered a home and a land, plus if they played their hand correctly, they might even attain a nobility rank……. hence the reason for high moral in her group. However, if they are to come squared against the Mao-Shu, the chance that her troops are going to suffer severely are high in possibility. Hence, the worry that is bothering her.

“So, you see, kukukuku! I found out about it when we went to sell the raw material from the hunted monsters! That Mao-Shu is already dead! I thought I was in a dream, so I asked my subordinate to pinch my cheeks! Dahahahaha!”

*slap**slap**slap*. Hey, don’t hit my back while you laughed! If you think this is a dream, why don’t I help pinching your cheeks!?

“Hey, great hero. Would you like to take my daughter as a gift? She is my tenth daughter, not married and still nine years old.”

“If I married such a young girl my reputation will fall to the ground! No, wait a sec, Salema san, how many daughters did you have?”

“Let see, in the beginning I gave birth to around 14 children. Then, another 45 came from the other 23 people……then I fostered another 50 children who has lost their parents in battle. They are broke, so at that time those kids were more like stupid thugs……”

Although she has an appearance of a 30 years old woman, she might be around 45, no, considering her big family, she might be far older than that. By the looks of it, the mercenary group [Hot Sand Dragon] is made up mainly by her own bloods.

Based on what she said, all her child might have different father. In her case, she was probably having a one-night stand with a guy she was fighting together perhaps as rewards. The man that she slept with usually became successful so sometimes, they are exchanging letter. With that kind of connection, she can find someone to become a foster parent, or introduce some jobs to her subordinate.

“Aren’t you 18 years old? My daughters around that age are……. well they are taken by court magician and a scholar. Marfiza is the only single one, but she was together with her father, so I wonder how she is doing right now……. I send letters to them occasionally, but there is no response. Well, he has no reason to now since I’m just one of that noble’s old flings.”

She has slept with many men, some of them are taking care of their child as sign of their love, but most of the men were separated with her before their child birth due to circumstances. While she was carrying her child, she got sympathetic with war orphans thus taking them under her wing. In other words, that is the origin for the members of [Hot Sand Dragon].

The truth is, her children are the one most motivated for this pioneering project. In order to make their mother life easier, they are ready to take on even the Mao-Shu.

Her most favourite son, Mahendra san, is a 30 years old man who leads the mercenary group [Hot Sand Dragon] with a direct subordinate of around 3000 mercenaries. He is a strong warrior and a good commander. Salema san talks proudly about how he currently is leading the mercenaries group.

“Always being surrounded by your own bloods. That is a good thing.”

“Those brats that I’ve breastfeed during the wars end up being trained to become my subordinates in the group.”

As if hiding her embarrassment, she resorts to crude language and drinks the tea that was served.

After defeating the Mao-Shu, I was scolded by various persons, but I’m glad that she doesn’t have to sacrifice any of her subordinates or her children. She is a nice person in heart. If a person that I deeply cared for died, I’m sure I will feel sad too.

“So, the reason you visit today is to say thank you?”

“No. I’m going to meet my friend later, so would you like to join me? If the legit hero himself came with me, it will be the best.”

I don’t think people will easily trust me during our first meeting. However, it is easily understandable that trusting the temple = trust in me. Furthermore, it is safe to give me trust since I’m the once chosen by the Goddess.

“The client said that if he can meet the hero, he will make the time limit for the round trip for around 2 weeks.”

“You want me to separate from my wives for two weeks, even though I’m newlywed?”

It’s another story if it was when I haven’t met Olivia, but now that I’m aware of the pleasure gained from my wives, having to go out for such a long-time outing will be a torture. I have a good impression on Salema san, but this one I will refuse.

“Calm down~ relax~ we are just going to talk. It’s totally alright for you to bring along your wives. The quest this time is to escort the Princess of [Crater Island Union] kingdom who came to negotiate with Prince Carl. We are supposed to send her to one of the hiding ship on the west coast. Why don’t you have a talk with your wives first regarding this quest? I think having someone to talk with the lady will be for the best too.”

After all, it is impossible for my foolish subordinate to initiate a conversation with the princess, eahahahahah! She jokingly said……but is this the kind of quest that I can refuse once I’ve heard about it? If I refuse, wouldn’t Salema san get punished for some sort of information leakage?

Later, I heard that the moment her son got this quest, for no reason, her instinct caught a bad feeling and that lead to her effort to get me in board somehow. And her intuition as someone doing mercenary as career came out as bullseye’s.

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