NEET Hello Work 6: Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 ~ Lilia

As usual, I take a bath with Sati, then we went ahead to our rooms.

I write in my diary first before I hit the bed. I couldn’t write any yesterday, so today I’m writing plenty.

Everyone takes a bath in turn and then chilling in the living room. It is also fun having a mixed bath and play with everyone, but not for today.

After a while, someone knock the door of my room.

“It’s me, Lilia. Can I come in?”

“Please com……huh!?”

Right after Lilia enter, I was stunned.

She wears a thin, see through white negligee.

The room is moderately warmed by fire magic, so it is okay to wear a light clothing.

I want to take her into my bed right away, but I am a man of patience.

I was always reprimanded by Ellie for not setting up the mood first.

“What are you doing?”

Lilia comes to my side and looks at my hand.


“This is the writing we use where I was born. I’m using this diary to write a journal report to God.”


As she approaches closer, I caught a sniff of her fluffy soap scent.

I was sure that I am using the same old soap. I wonder why it smells so good on her……

“J-just a little while longer. I will finish writing this up soon.”

Rather, I cannot wait anymore. But writing the report in this diary is actually very important. I cannot slack off on this one.

“Can I watch?”

“Yeah, no problem.”

Lilia sits on the chair. It is a large desk and three chairs are aligned near it.

“It’s a strange letter. What does it say?”

“Yesterday and today’s event.”

“Does it include about me too?”


It is just like an ordinary diary.

“And everything written here is transmitted to God?”

“I’m not entirely sure, but I think he is properly looking after me. Whenever I’m in trouble, he will come to my aid. Umm, just like this.”

Since I already finished writing, I flipped over the diary and shows her the response that I’ve got before we all leave Siory town.

“Oh, how beautiful and divine…….”

Divine. I can’t see anything remote to it. Although I write with care, my character is not beautiful. I’m not used to feather pen, so my ink is not distributed nicely.

Compared with mine, the reply from God is beautiful and perfect. It looks like it was printed. No matter how, the reply doesn’t look like it was handwritten. Looks like a Minchotai font.

Lilia study the reply from God carefully.

I can see Lilia’s important part through her negligee, but at the same time I cannot. Still, her body lines are accentuated, so it has done a pretty good darn job.

Lilia raises her face and then, our eyes met.

“I come here tonight to attend to you. But here I left my husband hanging.”

Thanks to that I get to appreciate her wonderful appearance tonight though.

“So, umm, I don’t know if you are okay with that, you know, suddenly you need to tend to my needs…….”

Before I took her as a wife, I came to the castle with the intention to attend the ceremony party only. Although her loyalty was high after she showed her trust from the start, when it comes to this ‘thing’, I think it’s better if I confirm it first with her.

“I don’t know how it works in human society, but for an elf, we are obliged to conceive children once we are married. My mom always reminded me severely about this.”

Children, huh. I want to stay this way until everything is clear, but just like expected, I need to return back home to Japan while I live. I don’t want to have any lingering regrets.

“I make sure everyone uses contraceptives to ensure we can continue adventuring as a party, but……”

“Do we need to absolutely, without other choices, but to use contraceptive? For an elf, that is blasphemy against life itself.”

So, for an elf, birth control is no good after all? It will be difficult to proceed with adventuring if one of us gets pregnant. However, as of now, Lilia is not counted as our fighting forces yet, so I say there is no problem.

From what I know, the elf women have difficulty to get pregnant, and this case is more apparent if they are interracial couple. Figured, why don’t I go for it, while I can? I will consult with everyone regarding this matter again.

“Then, my Princess. Please come over here.”

“O, okay.”

Then, Lilia sinks into the freshly installed king size bed.

“I’m putting off the light.”

In order to create a suitable mood, I switch off the [Light] installed on the ceiling and switch to indirect lighting.

This is a kind of magic light as well, but I enclose it with paper and adjust it to the extent that the light leaks vaguely.

I lie on the futon besides Lilia and turn my face to her.

I’m getting nervous. Now that I think about it carefully, today is only the third day that I get to know her. Is this really okay?

“Lilia……do you want children?”

Alright, why don’t we talk first. In any case, I will not sink in yet.

“Let see. I’ve never have a partner so far, so I never put any serious thought on it, but I want them.”

“Oh, but what about your fiancée? How is he like?”

He is from the royal family, so I thought there must be something interesting about him.

“He is the only handy suitor that I have at that time. Well, I might do something about it once I’ve reached 100 years old.”

Elves have a long time to think about their choices. Might as well go slowly about it.

A suitable suitor must not only be from a great family, he must have great abilities too. From what I can tell, in this world the elves value people with abilities highly.

That’s why, even if a human with an unknown origin like me is considered as a potential marriage subject. This does not only apply to Lilia alone, but to everyone looking for a love partner.

I move my face back to a comfortable distance and we start talking a lot. A story about when Lilia was born and a story about what happened before the battle at Elf Country. Then we talked about what happened after she comes here, especially about her meetings with everyone.

It seems that she has spend enough time with everyone and they have obtained a certain sort of mutual understanding. I’m happy to get a beautiful elf like Lilia as a new companion. The same could be said for Lilia. I was shocked to hear her sudden confession, so this situation might be the most ideal.

“Do you get it? Masaru is at a level where an elf would need 100 or 200 years of training to achieve. Not only that, you guided me to a height that only a few can reach, even if the elf trained for their lifetime. And you’re telling me that this is the beginning? It is a wonderful blessing.”

Her great appreciation is not uncalled for since it went to this direction. But, by the looks of it, it seems that she is favourable at me so much that she wants to bear my child.

Then, I wait for a good moment to interrupt our talk and suggest her to start our baby making session soon.

“In fact, how do you actually make children?”

You don’t know about that, yet you dare talk about contraceptive!

“I heard the baby is brought by the spirit, but I guess I was greatly mistaken?”

From where I am, there are stories about how the baby will come sprout at cabbage field and whatnot.

“I used to ask Titus about it before, but I was told that it is still too early for me. My mother tells me to ask about it from Masaru himself since the way might be different for human.”

I think it’s natural to assume that she has graduated from formal education, but I guess health education is not included. As a princess, she has exclusive bodyguards who are with her all the time, so there might be no person brave enough to bring up this topic with her.

But she should know the basics of baby making.

Lilia seems to possess enough knowledge to understand the implication of meeting and staying with a man in the same bed.

“For now, how about you do what you always do?”

If you say so.

I start to kiss her lightly. Coiling my tongue with hers for the first time is no-no. My hands start to explore over her covered body lightly and from there I gauge her reaction.

Does it tickle or is that place sensitive? Every time I touch her, she lets out a small voice. She is getting excited.




“Do something like that!? Are you joking……?”

She said that after both of us are in our birthday suit. It hurts a little. Looks like the royal family children don’t practice bathing together with their daddy.

“Emilio’s one is more……”

Ah, her younger brother.

“When he grows up he will become like this.”

For the time being, I will explain the procedure to her. I decided to proceed with it because it is only natural to do that to conceive a child.

“H, it hurts.”

I fell from bed as the spirits shield activates and blow me away. I was surprised when the wind gently pushed me, but I was not harmed.

“S, sorry. The spirit reacted without my permission.”

“Yeah, all good. I don’t mind.”

“But……why aren’t you forcing it in?”

I try to do it as carefully, as gentle as I can but it looks like the preparation is incomplete.

“It hurts a bit at first you know. But I heard the pain will lessen once they are treated with Heal……”

“It hurts a lot.”

Alright now, what to do. I cannot continue because she feels half dead.

Maybe I can try again once she is ready? But I get the feeling that the same thing will happen.

I have the same feeling too. I received huge damage mentally when I was blown by her wind.

I will not hurry. I might even consider doing it later.

I wonder if Sati is still awake. But I like to be with Tilika. Anyways, we are already halfway, so it’s terrible to leave Lilia hanging for now.

I’ve sweated a little. Maybe I can invite her to bathe with me. This will be our first time taking a bath together.

While I gently pat Lilia’s head who snugs herself comfortably in my arms, I think about my next course of action.

“Hey, do you want me to demonstrate the act first?”

This is my chance to promote my Harem plan.


“It’s a normal thing done by everyone, nothing to worry about.”

She agreed. I was fortunate she has little to no knowledge about this, then I decided to call Sati. I lightly strike my hands and created a sound. It is the signal to summon Sati. She will leap to me as soon as possible from wherever she is in the house.

If she is already asleep, she will not bother because she is already sound asleep.

Seems like she is still awake. Soon, she arrived at the room together with Tilika.

I invited them to the king size bed and explain about the situation. Tilika while looking at Sati unsure about herself, in turn volunteered to do it.

“Well then, Tilika will proceed to do the demonstration with me. Sati, you watch together with Lilia. Please teach her a lot.

“Yes, Masaru-sama.”

Sati swiftly moves and sit besides Lilia. However, she looks to be a bit distressed.

She is unsure what she should do with her watching partner. She just doesn’t know what to do.

“It’s just like our usual threesome session. Ah, this is the first for Lilia, so I’m counting on you.”

“Y, yes.”

Now I’ve got the agreement from these girls.

Alright, everything is now primed and ready.

“My bad, I will leave things to you.”

“No worry. Baby making is important.”

Tilika also wishes to have a baby since that is the advice from her organisation.

“I told you to wait for another half a year, but if you really want it now, I……”

Lilia is not a special exception.

“Don’t mind. Just do like what Masaru think.”

A good wife like Tilika is kind of wasted on a man like me. Well, if I seriously think so, each one of them will be like an unattainable flower.

What about Sati? She was raised by me. And I will continue to develop her. She is the youngest among us, so in about 2 to 3 years, not only will her battle ability raise, I will make sure she grows to became one of those unattainable flowers as well.

“You know what, I must be the luckiest man alive to meet a cute and nice girl like you, Tilika.”

“I……even for all of us, we all think that we are blessed to meet you, Masaru.”

……the two of us stares at each other and smiled.

“Ehem, should we start now?”

“How do you want to do it today?”

“The usual is good.”


Looks like summoning both Sati and Tilika here is a correct decision. There is no way she can handle a threesome for her first time.

I spend a lot of time to love each one of them. At the end, we all took a bath together. It was a lot of fun.

Furthermore, Lilia’s feel was also not bad. Her loyalty raised a little again.

Sati and Tilika left us, so now we are alone together again.

“I’m convinced that my selection wasn’t a mistake. I believe we are destined to be together right after I was born.”

“Another story about fate again?”

“Correct. Do you not believe them?”

“Regardless of what is happening recently, I was born as common people and I lead an ordinary life.”

“I can never imagine Masaru being mediocre.”

Can’t blame her for that.

My life has been hectic for the last 6 months. From now on, I……as expected, I need to do something.

In this world where it is predestined to ruin, I can’t selfishly wish for my own peace.

With that said, I want to at least ensure the happiness for the one in front of my eyes.


——an elf’s ear feels slightly sweet when I lick them a bit.














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