NEET Hello Work Volume 7, Chapter 8

Chapter 8 ~ Sati’s Intensive training ②

We went back to the Kingdom’s capital once everyone finished having their breakfast at our home in the village. Sergeant dono will arrive later. Since there is a small training ground inside the elf mansion inside one of the corners of their garden, we’ve decided to train there.

Sati practice squad is busy during the morning of the first day of the festival, therefore she is having a free session in the morning.

And I alone did three set with Sati yesterday. It is too physically severe to serve as Sati’s opponent all day. Even after getting the maximum cooperation, it is hard to work until you can’t stand on your own feet.

But even so, about half of them decided not to go sightseeing at the capital. Instead, they stayed to observe the training session with Sergeant dono. So curious.

“First of all, let me see both of your skills after not meeting you guys for a long time.”

Looks like he wants to observe my skills, too. I was nominated to be Sati’s opponent. Before Sergeant dono arrived, I did a little warm-up exercise. Turn out, not being fully equipped is a blunder.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to have a practice session with Sergeant dono. Just, if I were to face against him seriously, I rather be prepared for it. If possible, I wish that I am going to practice with Sati alone.

I faced against Sati. I think it is about time to get a win by using the transition sword, but Sati has a very high ability to respond thus making it easier for her to block it. As like all other hidden blade technique, once it is shown, the impact will be lesser the next time it is execute. There is no choice but to attack her straightforward.

I screamed, boosting my fighting spirit. Even if I cannot win, I will never show everyone my uncouth sight. By some chance my training is lacking, I will be left with no choice but to attend that special training again.

I made a great leap. Yesterday, I wasn’t in the ‘mood’ yet. In Sati’s word, I’m not at my strongest.

Remember, that hellish special training with Sergeant dono! Right now, this is the time for my true power to shine!!

I focus my attack entirely in that swing. I completely ignored my defence. I entrust my defence to my passive skills and my instinct. Whether it can be done or not, this is still wooden sword against metal armour we are talking about. During our simultaneous attack, Sati is more vulnerable to damage.

I concentrate my strength on the sword. However, not with all my might, I create a fine and compact swing.

Again, and again, our swords met. The gap between my ability and Sati’s are not so big. Sometimes, my strike hit, and even Sati cannot handle them that easily.

But, as always, I am the one who received the victory strike. I got a light blow from on top of my plate.

“Sati, you need to put more strength in your attack. During the tournament, your fight will not stop from that degree of attack.”

Sergeant dono told us while we are taking a break from attacking.

“Y, yes.”

“Continue until I stop.”

I fix my breathing.

There is also a way to do it while taking some damages. I feel like the training has become a step harder, but it is still within my tolerance level.

Our discussion continues.

“Stop. Sati.”

He immediately restraints her.

“Yes, Sergeant dono.”

“Use your legs more. Get familiar with this entire training ground and make use of it.”


We resumed. Sati increases the use of her footwork. It is getting harder to keep with Sati now.

“Move faster! Lower the centre of your body! Swing your body to left and right!”

Sergeant dono continues to give his advices and Sati’s movement improves as she listened to it.

My sword——can no longer reach her!?

Her body barely swam through my swinging sword. *Clang*. I received a big strike on the tip of my shoulder. My balance got completely destroyed.

“Stop! Sati.”

“Y, yes.”

Sergeant dono called her and proceed to give her plenty of advices.

Her performance just now was good. Her strike would surely hit my bone if not for the metal part of my armour.

“You okay, Masaru?”

“Yes, I can still go.”

The match continues again and again. Sati’s eyes teared a little. Although this is just a practice, for the first time ever, she landed a clean and effective hit. Maybe she was moved by that.

“Sati, your previous attack doesn’t leave a long-lasting damage at all. You have to put more power in your strike. If you don’t, you can never win the tournament.”

“Yes, Masaru sama.”

With a serious face, Sati nodded.

The match resumes. Sati who keeps her centre of body low quickly goes for an attack. This is bad, my defence is——her strike landed on my head. I fall on my backside.

Her initial attack is a feint when her aim is to strike my upper part all along……I couldn’t read it at all. Perhaps, this is a technique that was taught to her by Sergeant dono.

“Just now was really good. I mean your move.”

I tell it to Sati while she is giving me a hand to pull me up.

My head hurts a little but still not enough to warrant a Heal.

“I’m fully equipped. This degree of attack is not enough to leave a damage.”

Again, I eased her off her concerns.

In fact, compared to that time when I was training with Sergeant dono without an armour, this kind of hit is no big deal at all.


She was called by Sergeant dono, and again, received his advices.

After thinking about it for a while, Sati might overwhelm me completely at this rate.

Should I start using more footwork like Sati?

That is a bad idea. My footwork will be an inferior version of Sati’s, so without adequate preparation, mine will become a poor man copy.

I have to firmly planted my feet in the ground, so that I will not get misled with Sati’s movement.

I sharpen my senses. Do not depends on my eyes alone.

Draw out strength on both of my hands.

I need to defend against Sati’s incoming attack at all cost. If I am hit by Sati’s attack again after this, she is going to cry.

No matter what kind of movement she has, there is only a single sword. Unless she gets into the effective range of her sword, her attack will never hit. That, I should identify. That is how it should be in theory……

We resumed. Again, Sati uses her footwork, but this time with faster tempo. Oh? So, I thought, but her movement is unrefined. Is she forcing herself, hence making all her movements crude and unnatural? Well, this is Sati, I’m not surprised if anything suddenly happened.

But this is my chance. Taking advantages of this opening, I——

Sergeant dono declared the end of the session, and in about two hours, our training is over. Sati looks like she still has some energy to spare, but I’m already at my wit end.

From that point on, my attack landed on her properly and Sati is shaken. I don’t feel that weak yet to avoid using more offensive battle style. But in the end, her movements get better and we become equal.

I may not be able to win anymore tomorrow.

“Tomorrow, the same time, okay?”

“Of course, we are fine with that arrangement. But is the Guild fine with it?”

“Don’t worry. It is natural for the guild to concentrate on those who have a chance to aim for victory.”

Looks like Sati is acting as the guild representative.

“With that said, I will depend on you again tomorrow.”

“Umu. By the way, are you sure you don’t want to enter? It will be a good experience.”

“I think that is a bit……”

I don’t want to train the way of the swords. An ordinary training is good enough for me. If you simply want to measure strength, it is understandable that Sati is coming up top to some extent. I don’t need the prize money nor the fame. There is no reason for me to go out.

Besides, the competition will be held in a big stadium, enough to hold an official baseball game. The spectator’s numbers will be in tens of thousands. Absolutely impossible.

“For the last few years, the champion has always been the guild representative.”

That means the guild always recommended participants that are likely to win.

“Since Sati is already participating, there is no sense for me to do the same.”

“There is affinity factor to consider about too. Personally, I don’t think your ability is worse compared to Sati.”

“By the way, Sati told me how my power is fluctuating. Although, I was also told how there is not much difference in my ability……”

“Certainly, your power really is uneven.”

“Was it that much.”

“Most of the time, a person can only muster up to half of his potential ability. It is training and experiences that make their power more stable.”

Because of that, this competition will serve as a good experience to you, says Sergeant dono.

Well, no matter what he said, I will never enter.

It is essential to become strong, but it is not strictly bind to the way of sword alone. My swordsmanship skills are raised to the max. In order to do that, I have no choice but to do more training, more arduous and more laborious compared compare to one during my magic training. They are very hard. Very painful. Yet the results are plainer than magic.

“There are many ways to become strong.”

Will Sergeant dono able to see through my Transition Sword? I want to try it out. He is already aware of how good I’m at Space Magic, I think it is okay to show him a short-range transition technique.

“If only you are not that competent with magic, then perhaps you can pursue the way of the sword……no, there is no use to talk about it now.”

My heart hurts after hearing Sergeant dono evaluation. I cheated a lot for my own strength specifications this time as well. However, the way we are strengthening ourselves, we are going to hit the ceiling soon after……

“I will leave it to Sati to master the way of the sword. Of course, I will never neglect my own training.”

Afterwards, there is no reason for Sergeant dono to overstay his welcome, so he returns back to the guild. Perhaps he is busy coaching all the participants.

“I’m going to take some break, what about you Sati?”

“I want to continue some more. I finally understand how to use my footwork.”

“Let’s go back to the village, then.”

For the time being, I will pick up everyone here to the village. Ellie will transport the rest.

Ellie is very cooperative during this event since this is one of the steps to raise the fame of our party and our family. The people who is taking care of our house is also coming to visit us here at the Kingdom’s capital to show undivided support.

The elves unit is already in standby at the village. The elf has managed to gather a splendid amount of people. Some of them are as skilled as Titus, so each session takes sometimes to finish. Whenever someone got injured, Sati will stop, lend a hand and take a break too while watching the treatment.

Shira, who had been watching Satie kicking the elves around, said.

“My Lord is really strong. I never expect your strengths to be to this extent.”

Shira chan is from a very rural village in the frontier. She had never gone out from her village until the time she was taken as a slave, hence she only has the villagers to compare.

Although I’m also training myself, I wonder why my strength is not rising to par with Sati.

I had matches with Sati yesterday and even today, but when I finally see she kicks around the invited trainer is when things finally go through my head.

“Are you charmed?”

“If that is what you wished, my Lord, then I……”

Shira chan was still a little shy about it when I try to incite the topic. I guess her view is still not very favourable to me. Determination or raising flags alone are not sufficient. I need to have a fateful encounter like that time with Lilia.

“Ah, they have finished their round. I’ll be back.”

I tap on Shira chan’s shoulder and head toward Sati. She neither answer “yes” or “no” to my advance. I wish there is a method to measure the likelihood whether someone can be granted protection or not.

Since we have a large number of people, we decided to have lunch at the Elf Mansion in the Kingdom’s capital. At the same time, Crook and Silva came to visit. I bet they are here for free foods. It was said that during this festival, the meals prepared inside the Elf Mansion is more delicious than usual to honour the princess.

They are entering the noble district for the first time, and it can be said that the stars were aligned for them to have these meals prepared at the same time.

“We really have a good friend!”

Silva nodded, agreeing to what Crook had said.

As soon they finished enjoying the meals, they went back home.

They don’t intend to disturb our training. Only one, they left us a souvenir.

“Lazard san wishes to see you.”

“That is……”

A business that person has with me is……I cannot think other than a sparring match.

“Yeah. He just wants to have a little match before fighting in the tournament for real.”

“Sati will serve as his rival if he aims for the championship. Please tell him that it is impossible.”

“If you cannot do it during this competition, then afterwards is fine, too.”

“You serious.”

According to Sergeant dono, my ability is on par with him. Words of gossips are damn scary.

“Is that so……I will come to visit you again next time. So please don’t refuse it next time.”

“Even if you told me not to refuse—”

“The meat of the dragon that we’ve defeated is coming out…”

“Alright, leave it to me!”

But that is a mistake. I noticed Shira chan is looking at me with a frown. I’m disqualified as warrior when I try to escape the duel.

Everyone knows me well, that is the feeling that I got. I am trusted, in that sense.

“I’m willing to settle any score with Lazard san. Just, not now.”

“Okay, should I tell him that?”

“W-well of course. Right now, I’m busy with practice. I will visit him when the suitable times has come.”

“That is so reckless……but I will convey what you said properly.”

It’s better than having Shira chan approval for me fall.

If our swordsmanship skills are equal, then I should be on top when I add my magic. Also, right after the festival end, I will be departing to the Empire, so there is no time to meet him.

I can watch how Lazard san fight seriously during the competition. There is still plenty of times to think of countermeasures.

“My Lord, is this Lazard person that was mentioned earlier strong?”

Shira chan asked me after those two went back home. Since she is always busy working as security at our home, once she is allowed to go outside, her schedule suddenly become free. Now she mostly sticks with Sati.

“His swordsmanship ability is pretty much on par with mine. In the past, not many can stand to him as an enemy, though.”

“Why don’t you settle it with him immediately?’

“Just being equal is not good enough. It is not good unless I win.”

“Un, you are right. Losing is no good.”

My words managed to convince her.

Leuven also came to our practice in the afternoon. Ellie brought him to the village.

It’s fine to let him know about the Gate since she believes on him.

Olba san and Nania san are delighted to unexpectedly be reunited with Turks san. Then he comes to talk with Sati.

Indeed, he truly is a B rank guards whose level is approaching A rank. Sati’s sharp attacks were almost nullified by his skillful defense and strong heavy armor. Although Sati is using a wooden sword, she didn’t manage to land a single clean hit. However, Leuven has no means of attacking, so the pursuit to victory continues.

When it was my turn to try the offensive, I was overwhelmed by Sati. I was overwhelmed by a lot.

Leuven is good at following Sati’s movement. Unlike me, Leuven didn’t let Sati to stray away too far from him during their battle. He always put obstruction on the right place. Sati also didn’t let her opponent, Leuven, do whatever that he wanted.

If we are wearing leather armour, she needs to accumulate a pile of small effective strike in order to win. However, in this competition, even if she landed an effective strike, the rule allows the battle to continue. As for Sati, she cannot receive a blow from us at all, since it will be resulted to a heavy injury.

We have won and changed place for several times. Each battle, Sati has made some changes in her tactics. Clearly, she is building more and more effective strike. She repeated hit and away tactic in order not to lose.

It seems like she is progressing well at first, but she still cannot get through our sword and shield cooperation. I wonder if she can find a weak point after fighting us over and over again. Sati’s footwork has also been refined during this difficult training.

It is not possible to capture her. We cannot conclude the battle. When the battle got prolonged, both Leuven and my stamina has run out and that is reflected on our worsen movement.

On the contrary, Sati is still energetic.

We begin to leave some opening in the midst of our fight. Naturally, that is cause by my fluctuating strength.

When the dusk approached, we finally left a good single hit.


Next day. Just like previously, in the morning we received coaching from Sergeant dono. Afterwards, we repeated the long training until we reached the limit of our stamina. The elf compensates their lack of stamina with more numbers of personnel.

In the end, she didn’t manage to master recovery magic before the qualifying. However, she already did intense training over a short period of time.

All beaten up, inside our house’s training ground, after everyone has exhausted their strength to near death, only one person is standing up. Sati, who has never stop until the end, never let her knees on the ground. Just like that, the first day of gladiator tournament started.

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