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Izure Shinwa Vol 2: Chapter 2, pt 1



Friday and Saturday nights went by without any problems.

Since Leon’s intuition doesn’t return any respond, there is a probability that Osiris is hiding without doing anything. 

The reason is unknown.

More or less, that act is creepy by itself.

But I am still relieved knowing that the number of victims has not increased.

On the other hand, I spent the last two days interacting with Leon.

Although we exchange a few words, it’s not as if we are talking about anything important.

Stuff like what happened in the last class.

Or how is your study.

Or is there any place you would like to visit.

Or how about the pool plan for tomorrow?

Some silly stories like that.

Just like that, Sunday morning arrived while we continued to do so.

“Forbidden”. They have decided for Sunday to be a Sabbath during this war. To be precise, from Sunday morning sunrise to Monday morning sunrise is a period of no-combat.

For those who has stayed overnight inside my room since Saturday night, this is a moment where they can finally stretch, relax and relieved from tension.

“Well then, I’m going back to my room.”

“O—kay. See you, Leon kun.”

“You go back too, Ruirui.”


I see off Leon and Ruirui returning to their dormitories from the veranda.

Taking a glance at the east sky, I can see the morning sunrise has slightly ascended.

“Now, we too shall get ready soon.”

“I guess.”

So, said both Maria and Brünnhilde whilst they stand up.

“Today’s noon at North Ward third station, right?”

Maria asks before returning to her room.

Today is the day I promised to go to the comprehensive Leisure Land at North Ward with everyone.

“Another thing. Considering the train time, we are going to meet everyone at the dormitory entrance 30 minutes earlier. I’ve already told Kunisaki.”


Maria nodded.

“Is your body okay?”

This time I asked something contrary to her.

“If you can’t make sure to tell me first. I’ll tell everyone.”

“No, I’m fine. Thank you for your concern, Raika senpai.”

Maria flashed a bright smile, in attempt to show her recovery.


Despite her bad injury, the colour of her complexion isn’t bad at all.

This is probably due to her [Healing] miracle and some assistance from blood-forming medicine prescription.

Still, her body condition recovery should be around 70 percent so far, so I wonder if it’s a problem if she’s going to pool now.

For the time being, I will pay attention to her surrounding indirectly.

“Is that so. Then, see you later.”

“Yes. Good night.”

“Good night.”

Maria and Brünnhilde leave my room.


『——Yo, tired already? 』

After hearing the sigh that I leaked, Bálor start talking to me.

『——nothing happened today, wasn’t it? 』

Not really, I’m not tired.

I started to put away the sleeping bag that everyone used to take a nap in turn, while replying inside my brain.

『——then, what was that sigh for? 』

No meaning. If anything, I felt relieved.

There were no victims tonight.

Leon is blending well with his comrades.

Feeling such relief, a sigh escaped unintentionally.

And today is Sunday, a no combat day. My mind is at ease, more or less.

『——uhihihi, that’s correct. You just need to sleep for several hours, and it’s time for me to witness swimsuits! 』

Bálor laugh happily.

『——hey, let’s have a guess who will wear what kind of swimsuits. 』

Pointless. I’m going to sleep so don’t talk to me.

『——as cold as always, Raika. Are you not interested on what kind of swimsuits Sharo is going to wear tomorrow? 』


I don’t know what makes this Evil God so interested in this pointless topic.

I’m going to sleep.

I head to the bed.

『——don’t sleep yet. Keep me company. I think Freyja will wear an obscene swimsuit fitting to her but, I bet the only place that will be covered with cloth is… 』

You’re so persistent.

I disregarded Bálor mumbling and lie down to sleep.

Click, the sound of door getting unlocked.

Just who, and I turn vigilant.

“Raika kun……can I come in?”

“Sharo senpai? Please come.”

A few seconds after I replied to the entrance hall, Sharo senpai appeared inside living room.

I get up from bed.

“Did you forget something?”

“Umm……no, it wasn’t that.”

Sharo senpai rubbed both her index fingers.

Perhaps it was something that she picked up once she arrived at her room.

“Then, what’s the matter?”

“Well actually, yesterday at noon, I went to buy today’s swimsuit with everyone.”


Speaking of that, yesterday after class,

“Today we’re going to shop with only us girls. Raika kun and Kojirō kun stay at home, alright?’

I’ve been wondering where they have been to, so they went to buy swimsuit.

I don’t really mind that.

But why Sharo senpai came to my room?

“Well, you see.”

She is fidgeting.

“You see, I bought two swimsuits, and now I’m wondering which one I should wear. I would be happy if Raika kun can help me decide.”

“Is that so. Okay, I understand.”

It was an unexpectedly simple request, so I am willing to accept it.

Then, Sharo senpai laugh happily with her cheeks dyed red.

“Thank you! I will go change my immediately, then.”


“I’m going to borrow your shower.”


Before I managed to stop her, Sharo senpai already scurried to the bathroom.

Was it necessary to change clothes? She just wants to decide which swimwear is better……

Or so I thought, but I just go with the flow regardless.

『——uhihihi how great. Raika, peek, peek! 』

You……I’ll never let you go if you use clairvoyance again.

『——what. Why can’t I. 』

Because it put me into tough spot last time.

Because of this reckless idiot, I was left with only two uses left for Evil Eye during the previous fight with Osiris.

He doesn’t know how much it has affected my strategy.

I haven’t heard your apology for getting us in a pinch last time.

『——then why don’t you go peek by yourself. That way, I can enjoy it too. 』

Rejected. Fool.

『——wait, even if the Evil Eye is wasted, it doesn’t matter since tomorrow is Sunday. 』

How foolish, put it to rest already.

I’m quarreling with this Evil God noisily inside my brain.

“So— sorry for making you wait.”

After finished changing, Sharo senpai peeked into living room.

Her body is hidden behind the wall, so I don’t know what kind of swimsuits she has changed into.

“D- don’t laugh.”

“I won’t.”


Sharo senpai timidly revealed her whole body.

“W-what do you think?”

Surprisingly, Sharo senpai is wearing a bikini type swimsuit.

Coupled with her proportions, the small fabric area appears to be even smaller.

To be honest, I was thrilled.

I thought she chose a more reserved style.

I take a small, deep breath to limit my heart rate.

“I—I think it look good. They are, beautiful.”



Bálor screamed at the worst possible moment, and that surprised me.

“It’s beautiful, blurgh?”

“No! You’re mistaken! Just now, it was Bálor who’s acting foolish, so……”

I get up and fired off excuses.

In no way I choked after looking at Sharo senpai in her swimsuit.

I don’t want this girl to have that misunderstanding.

“That……I never expected to see senpai in her bikini, so I was a shocked……”

“O-okay. I tried to become more adventurous myself, so I tried it……it, doesn’t look good right?”

“No, that’s not it at all. It suits you very much.”


“Yes……frankly speaking, umm……”

I’m embarrassed to say the following words, so I hesitated.

But, after looking at Sharo senpai anxious face, I let out my honest thought.

“They’re beautiful, I think.”

“T-thank you.”



Both me and Sharo senpai gone silent.

Both of us, our cheeks turn red.

Thinking about it calmly, both me and her are alone in this room.

Inside a closed room, I’m together with Sharo senpai.

When I think about it, my heart started to beat again.

“Umm……yeah! I have another one! I’ll quickly get changed into the other one!”


Sharo senpai escaped to the bathroom again.

I didn’t stop her and let her go.


I feel tired for some reason.

I sit down on the bed and take a big breath.

『——meeting between brats. 』

“Shut up, Bálor. It was you who spouted nonsense in the first place and now the atmosphere has turned weird……”

Although, it was I who lost my cool.

Now that I think about it, I can merely brush it aside.

It’s enough to explain the reason properly.

So why, what’s the reason I’m panicking so much and gave excuses……

I put my hand on my forehead and cool my head.

In any case, I’ve been acting uncouth.

For the next one, I should give her my opinion calmly and objectively, and I’ll persuade her not to be ashamed of wearing it later for today.

“S-sorry to keep you waiting.”

After saying the same thing, Sharo senpai once again peeked into the living room.

“This time it’s a bit more reserved than before.”

“I see.”

She introduces by lightly nodding her head.

As expected, senpai has plain disposition……in other words, she prepared a swimsuit with low exposition as well.

I can’t see it well since she’s still hiding behind the wall, but I bet the one that she prefers is this one.

As long there isn’t a problem, I should recommend this one for her.

That’s what I should do, I thought.

“H-how is it?”

Sharo senior in the “low exposure swimsuit” came out from behind the wall.


I’m surprised to see her swimsuit.

Rather, I tried to react.

“A school……swimsuit?”

If I remember correctly, a school swimsuit is adopted in Japanese school only……

“Yeah. I think that was what they’re called.”

As expected, Sharo senpai is not familiar with school swimsuits.

It’s one part of Japanese dilletante favourite, but of course, she wouldn’t know how unusually popular it is among them maniacs.

“That swimsuit, where did you buy it?”

“It was in the corner store that I went with everyone. Tenka chan and the others say it look good, but……”


After listening to her story in details, I conclude the flow as below.

Yesterday noon, Sharo senpai went to a swimwear specialty store with everyone.

She wasn’t very familiar with swimsuits, hence she asked for helped from Tenka and Ruirui to choose.

However, she received a harsh criticism from Tenka and the other.


“I got so harsh a criticism that it broke my heart……”

“What kind of swimsuit did you choose?”

“The type that cover most of your body. Basically, very low exposure.”

“I see.”

I had no comment on senpai’s sense for choosing a swimwear.

Afterwards, she proceeds to search for other swimsuits while half-crying. And it seems she found the swimsuits covered in dust in the corner of the store then.

And that was when she stumbled across the school swimsuit.

Well, this island is filled with student centered shop. So, it’s not strange to find any swimsuit teaching material related, especially the school swimsuit type.

Anyway, she tried it on and once again she is assessed by Tenka and Ruirui.

As for the result, she passed.

The two highly praised Sharo senpai taste.

They encouraged Sharo senpai to purchase it, and that’s what happened up till now.

Either way, she is being teased.

『——honestly, I don’t know whether to give her huge applause or laugh. 』

I don’t know about the real situation, but Bálor is probably right.

For now, lets set aside Ruirui and the others idiotic antic.

“So now, I was wondering what should I do? I don’t know which one suits me……”

“I’d say this one.”

“Eh? But.”

“I think this one is better.”

I insisted Sharo senpai to follow my choice.

Foreign students don’t know about school swimsuit. They should look like any ordinary swimsuits when we go to the pool, or so I thought. There is Kunisaki inside our group.

Most probably, he will make a fuss once he saw Sharo senpai wearing a school swimsuit.

There is a great chance that he will make a fuss for any swimsuit, but if he has a look at a maniac swimsuit, he will be more excited.

In that case, a bikini will suit better.

In fact, they look great.

……but then, if I’m really that eager to see my senpai in bikini, won’t that make me a pervert?

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