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Izure Shinwa Vol 3: Chapter 2, pt. 2

Northern ward Leisure Land.

It is an enormous establishment with an amusement park, movie theater, outdoor indoor pool, and many other facilities.

As a result, the name turned out being longer than usual, but that is inevitable if they want to differentiate themselves with the competitor.

Well, aside from the name, the facilities are pretty decent.

The indoor pool is not lacking with entertainment either.

Things vary from orthodox entertainment such as water slide and flowing pools, to other novelty man-made water attractions. There are also sauna and spas.

During summer, large outdoor attractions are open for use, and it is linked to nearby establishment as well the children play area. It’s fine to walk around the area in swimsuits.

Well, it’s no brainer to see why the Sacrament Control Organization is spending money here.

This may be a precautionary measure provided for students to release their stress.

So, to say, this is what was referred by the church as consideration for fellow human.


Now is currently off season, so the place is sparsely packed with customers.

I am glad seeing as my purpose for coming here is to relax.

I can extend my wings as much as a like, however,


I can’t get myself to relax.

Right now, both Kunisaki and Leon is waiting for Sharo senpai and the others to come out.

And, this strangely making me feels queasy.

I’m not used to these places.

It was the same when we went to the game centre, too.

I think I’ve been to the pool with my family when I was a child, but I’ve long forgotten that feeling.

I reminisced the moment when I carried the equipment’s and swimming like my dear life is hanging on it, oh how I felt like dying that time.

When I heard that we are going swimming, such memories resurfaced first. I really stood out here like a sore thumb.

『——hey, look at that woman’s ass! That’s glorious uhihihihihi. 』

The Evil God inside me looks like he is having the time of his life……

I wouldn’t mind it if he was to drop dead now from being too happy.

By the way, it can’t be said that only Bálor is being overjoyed.

“Woo ~ I hope everyone will come soon ~”

Kunisaki has been doing the same thing since a while ago, and he’s been hitting my shoulder with his elbow in the meantime.

“Can’t you wait silently?”

“Well, of course!? Maria chan, Tenka chan, Ruirui chan, Sharo senpai, and the Kushinada sisters, ugh! I want see everyone in their swimsuits as soon as possible!”

“Don’t scream right next to me. It’s the worse.”

I sigh while looking at my high-tension friend.

“They all are late.”

On Kunisaki other side, Leon was terribly nervous.

In his case, though, he just wants to play in the pool as soon as possible.

Even since a while ago, he has been sneaking glances at the water sliders attraction.

And so,

“Ah, that’s Tenka chan!”

Hearing Kunisaki’s voice, I turn my gaze back to the front.



A swimsuit wearing Tenka was about to come here with a fierce dash.

I was put into observation while she was shouting my way, but I didn’t sense any danger from her dash.


On the contrary, she begin preparing for a jump while I was occupied with my thought, and leaped.


It really surprised me. Her leaps were at the borderline of breaching the world records.

That range and angle.

Her landing destinations would be at my bosom.


I immediately put myself on guard.


Tenka doesn’t even bother to land safely.

I catch her carefully with caution as to not hurt her body.

“This little—!”

One should never run at the poolside.

Do not treat Tenka’s body violently.

I had a lot to say.

However, Tenka keep herself nestled just like when I caught her, and she immediately hug me and entangled her limbs with mine.

Tenka’s soft body wrapped with a think piece of cloth is glued to me.


“Hey, did I made you wait? How’s this swimsuit? I choose it especially for today, you know?”

While I was left speechless, Tenka keeps her posture, smiles and swiftly raises her mouth.


Tenka’s face draws nearer.

Damn, is this one of Zeus pranks…….!

“What I said, get off!”

I raised my tone a little, and forcibly drop Tenka.

“Geez—Raika kun is so cold—. And today we finally at a heated swimming pool, too.”

“What does it matter……”

“Well, whatever! So, what do you think of this swimsuit? Is it cute?”


Tenka’s swimsuit is very fluttery.

Clad inside this frilly swimsuit, her bobbing twin-tails look really great accompanying her looks.


“It looks amazingly cute, Tenka chan!”

Before I could say anything, Kunisaki already praised Tenka fully excited.

“Thanks—Kojiro kun.”

Tenka said with a smile and turned her gaze back at me.

She seems to be expecting something, but I keep my mouth shut.

『——that’s quite admirable. It’s the truth that she’s been taking good care of those body. 』

And that doesn’t mean that I should praise Zeus for it anyway.

After all, that’s a boring obstinacy.

Not minding that at all, this time Tenka grab my hand.

“Al—right! It’s time to play!”

“What? No, I mean Sharo senpai and the others are still—”

“Eh—everyone is taking too long time to prepare~. I’m tired of waiting!”

Tenka said something selfish and start pulling my arm.


Just when I was about to rebuke Tenka, someone grabs my other hand.

“Raika kun, Raika kun~, I want to ride that water slide!”

It was Leon.

He glances excitedly and points at the waterslide.

Apparently, he seems to have put up quite patiently and just like Tenka, he just can’t wait anymore.

“No, like I’ve said, we need to wait for everyone first.”

“Today we’re going to play indoor only, so it’s okay.”


“Then, Kojiro kun will be on waiting duty. Bring everyone here once they finished.”

“Eeeh mee!?”

“Alright, let’s go Raika kun!”

“Go, go!”

“Wait, you two!?”

Tenka and Leon dragged me, then we left Kunisaki while he was screaming from pain and ran straight for the water slider.

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  1. Just a question: are you sure you got the volume number right? Volume 2’s chapter 2 was already done (by you) and it looks nothing like this… (there’s, however, the fact that the last release before coming to this site was volume 3 chapter 1.)


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