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Izure Shinwa Vol. 3: Ch. 2, Pt. 3


Thanks to the small number of customers, we were able to get on the waterslide immediately.
We were guided by the staff to the elevator, then we arrived at the top of the waterslide at once.
Up here, there is another attendant waiting for the next surfer.
“Hey there. With whom you are going to slide with? This float can accommodate up to two persons at once. Two people can slide together.”
The attendant raises a boat-type float with both hands.
“I will take a go first then!”
Leon was the first to answer and he immediately head to the slide.
“In that case, I will go together with Raika kun!”
When Tenka clings to my arm, I can only make a difficult face.
Leon cheers and slides down the waterslide.
A few seconds later, he reached the end goal of the slide, and made a huge splash of water into the pool.
I can hear Leon’s cheerful laughter even from afar.
“Next person please!”
“Come, aren’t you going, Raika kun?”
Tenka pulled my arms, and we head to the slide.
The waterslide here is not a completely enclosed cylindrical type. The upper part is quarterly opened.
The slide twists and turns a lot before it reaches the ground. The amount of water that flow is massive in order to make the boat float smoothly.
“Please have a safe ride.”
While holding down the tip of the boat at the slide entrance, the staff member urges us to get on.
Probably, after the passengers get on, the staff will push the boat and leave.
In other word, it means ‘that’.
I have to get on the same boat with Tenka.
“Then, Raika kun please take your ride first?”
I hopped onto the boat as innocently as I can.
“Well then, I’m taking a ride too!”
Without any hesitation, Tenka slid to my body in between my legs.
It is true she can do it since her built is small, but this……
“Hey, why don’t you take the front side?”
The boat has front and rear placement with handles for grasping.
“Why~? This way is more fun.”
Tenka nonchalantly said so, and she entrusted her body to me.
It was as if she was sitting on her chair.
Just now, it was from the front. This time, it was from the back.
Why is this girl trying to get in touch with me as much as she can……?
『——Ooh, her skin is kind of puffy. This kind of thing feels good too. 』
Silent, and calm your lust, Bálor!
『——uhihihi, don’t tell me you’re also lusting after your little sister body. 』
I am not!
“Then, I’m pushing, a’right.”
The staff pushes the boat thinking that me and Tenka are ready.
I tried to stop him, but it was already too late.
The boat on which we were riding had already slipped down the slope beyond the edge of the slideway.
Tenka shout happily on my chest.
“Hey, onii chan shout out too. It’s so much fun.”
“Shut up. Just don’t fall over and injured Tenka’s body.”
I instantly shut down Tenka’s silly joke.
The boat turns many times around the curve of the winding slide.
Each time that happens, Tenka body come into close contact with mine.

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