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Idle Talk 1 ~ Titus san Melancholy

Once Titus reached the Elf Country, she received information from the reconnaissance team, which gives her a good understanding of the current situation in the war. The monster army was greatly reduced in numbers and the Earth Turtle King was already knocked down. However, that means the elves must have fought hard at the front line. The elves most probably will lose all their fighting forces anytime soon.
Once she receives report saying that enemy has deployed large species, she immediately commanded everyone to start attacking without hesitation, and the adventurers responded to it. It’s a big job to control the influence in the battlefield. By defeating the enemies last preserved strength at the right moment, the monsters might have given up on the Elf Country.
The matter in hand now is that Masaru was the one who greatly reduced the enemy armies till now. That information is hardly believable since they are just a B rank adventurers party.
“——with that said, I would like to reward them handsomely for their courageous service.”
“Of course, I promise to reward them sufficiently. It was truly at the last moment. I shuddered on the fact that what if Titus couldn’t make it here on time.”
That would be the scenario that we all refuse to imagine. But Masaru and his party were not defeated in this war, is what Lily sama tried to convey to Titus, but what I see is adventurers who have relief expressions.
“Hear, Titus. If the story about Masaru and his party exploits is leaked, things will be awfully bad. Please keep that in mind.”
“Yes. Leave it to me, Princess.”
Once entrusted with something, Titus will definitely do it. Without further ado, she quickly relayed the message to the departments involved. All information regarding Masaru party were somehow fabricated during the confusion time in this finishing war. She made it to all elves involved in short time.
Beginning by defeating the Earth Turtle King, he continues to charge into different battlefields, killing many of the monster’s force, finally summoning out a dragon, Masaru truly is an important piece in this war. Not surprised that information about him are to be controlled. I didn’t bother to inquire about the reason.
The oblivious Titus, without any clue, doesn’t realize that Masaru is the one giving instructions to keep his secrecy.
“Garcia dono, everyone! Introducing my lord, Liliane sama.”
The moment a real Elf Princess makes her appearance, all the adventurers expressions went livid.
“During this emergency time, you lots have rallied to this Elf Country, and finally saved us. This Liliane Dora Pettycoat, hereby devotes the utmost appreciation to all of you and the adventurers!”
As the sun has set, we let all the adventurers stay inside the residential dormitory. The next day, they were all invited to the royal palace, given the word of gratitude and hospitality directly from the King and the Queen, overall given a pleasant hospitality.
Titus proudly sings about the adventurer’s achievements in this war. They were then recompensed with moneys, accessories, the elf handcrafted items and many more.
Based on the discussion with the participating adventurers, I tried to make sure their rewards are worth ten times the market value. It’s a quest involving their lives in the risk, so that amount is forgivable.
Under Titus thorough arrangement, the adventurers get to enjoy sightseeing the Elf Country, participating in ball party at night, lodging inside the luxurious guest rooms inside the royal castle, being served by the elf maid, they all happily went back to the fortress on the next morning.
“Are Masaru and the others still not here yet?”
After the adventurers were all sent back home, the Elf King inquired Titus. Titus is the one handling all the matters related to the adventurers.
“Those folks are capable of using Gate. Anytime from now, I’m sure they will come back to claim their rewards.”
“I’ve been told that they will wait until the situation in this country has stabilised.”
“Where do they residing?”
“That……perhaps at the fortress or place nearby it. Should I inquire the adventurer guild if you like?”
“We should absolutely not do that. If you really did then make sure to make it confidential, we should not expose their state of affair.”
“But what is the harm if we just keep waiting for them?”
“We already prepared the rewards for them. I’m sure they will be pleased.”
Titus told the King and Lily sama about the gift rooms that were prepared for them.
“Originally, these were all remunerations that I have prepared for the adventurers that I hired. Since there are considerable amounts remained, as it is, I decided to include this for their rewards.”
She explained while showing off all the items.
There are several pieces of Elf handicraft and armours left, but the jewellery and other precious accessories were pretty much left untouched, with not less than 1000 units left. Accessories are not popular among the adventurers, that is why most of them are left here. However, since Masaru party is consisted of all women, Titus believed that it will be popular among them.
“My deepest apologies, Princess. I know this sound bad, but these are all that we have left.”
If they decided to sell all these, far from mansion, the worth of money they will gain is enough to buy the whole village, if it is small enough. Titus believed that this is tad bit too much, but since everything was prepared with an intention to be gift as rewards, so there is no problem to give them all these. Besides, they get all the respects and affections directly from the princess themselves. She really should think about her status as a royal member.
“This isn’t sufficient.”
“What Lily said is right. This much isn’t enough. Even if they demand for half of this country, there is no way we could refuse it.”
Lily sama realized Titus puzzled expression, which indicates that she doesn’t understand what the King said.
“……Titus. Did you ask anybody about Masaru’s party achievement?”
Thinking carefully, Titus remembered that neither Lily sama nor Masaru has explained the situation to her at all. Titus had to manage the other adventurers, so she hadn’t any time.
“I’ve heard that they defeated the dragon.”
“Is that all?”
“Doing enough merit as your Highness Princess escorts……”
“First, Masaru beat the Earth Turtle King.”
“Wha? They are the one who taken down the Earth Turtle King!?”
“Masaru did it all alone. Besides, he has a large reserve of mana. Even compared to everyone else, nobody has as much mana as him.”
The elves failure during counterattacking. Lily sama also told her about how Masaru wield five Flares.
The King must have been informed by the other. this is the first time I hear the full story from Lily sama. The question has come during eating time.
After Lily sama talked about it for an hour, Titus was left with a blue face.
“That……my attitude toward Masaru and his companions…….no, I’ve been rude to them.”
After Titus think carefully about it, she realized that she has been looking down at him ever since they met. Even when they bid farewell, they way she acted was unacceptable.
They seem to be a polite bunch on the exterior, maybe……no, they are definitely upset. What did I tell those bunch?
[You guys did well.]
That is not the only thing that I said.
[I will give you my thanks in the future for sure.]
That was what I said but I didn’t even ask them for a method of contact. If they want it, they would have come to claim for their rewards at any time.
It’s been two days since then. With their Gate magic, they can come here anytime from anywhere they are.
“What did you tell them?”
“My deepest apologies, my King……”
Titus kneeled on one leg, then explained about what was happening.
“As expected, let’s go to the Adventurer Guild at the fortress now.”
“I can’t do that, father. It can lead to careless disclosure of their information.”
Right now, Titus, she finally understood the reason why Masaru is asking them to keep things about him silent.
“Then what else should we do?”
“Nothing. Masaru he, that guy has been worried about this situation for a while now. I don’t want to do anything that will make things worse.”
“If that is what you’re feeling.”
“Don’t worry, father. Instead of that, why don’t we rethink about the gifts for Masaru party before they came here any moment after this.”
“You are right. Titus, go and help Lily. As the proudful Elf race, prepare suitable rewards for them.”
“Yes, leave it to me!”
In her mind, Titus thought that she was fortunate since her mistakes were pointed out before the bunches decided to visit. If she proceeds like this without being aware of her mistakes, her rudeness would be over the top.
I wish Princess is right. They won’t feel offended, I hope.
After their meeting with the King is dismissed, Lily sama invited Titus to her room to have a talk.
“What is the matter, Princess.”
“Actually, there is thing that I didn’t tell my father about.”
“T, that is……”
Titus face darkened again. Ever since the war has ended, Lily sama was in cheerful mood for a long time, but now she is wearing a grim expression.
This must be related to my problematic behaviours. During that situation, Lily sama keeps silent to protect me……
Titus can feel a cold sweat on her cheek.
“What I said was wrong. Unlike what I told him about Masaru party just now, they actually couldn’t be bothered by the rewards.”
“I, is that so?”
“Umu. They wouldn’t complain even if they receive zero compensation.”
“They are adventurers, aren’t they?”
Even for the adventurers hired by Titus, albeit there isn’t a way to rewards them with their payments if the country gets destroyed, at least they were promised with rewards once they are successful. It is unthinkable that there is someone out there who doesn’t care about rewards even after fighting with their dear life.
“They are not an ordinary adventurer. In my opinion, Masaru might be a hero.”
“Hero……you said?”
Certainly, Masaru who single-handedly defeat the Earth Turtle King must possess a terrific power. A high priest, a Truth Official who use Summoning Magic, user of Gate magic. This group of adventurers hold too many talented people.
“Based on his ability alone, I can say that he fit the role of the hero……”
The oracle is what matters the most. For several hundred years, there were many powerful people, but no one who was certified as a hero existed.
“Angela dono keep on insisting that these are all God guidance many times over.”
But for a priest, that are just their generic phrase.
“Of course, that alone is a weak argument. However, what if they received an oracle?”
“Did they hold the oracle!?”
“There is no confirmation. That is why I want to ask for Titus opinion.”
“Yes, Princess.”
“How did an oracle generally be given?”
“If not mistaken, words from God will echo directly to the heads of priests and shrine maidens.”
“With that said, even if there is an oracle, there is no way for other party to know about it.”
“For that reason, the Truth Official……ah.”
“Correct, that Truth Official. And that Truth Official exactly said that. Masaru will not lose to anyone.”
“But even if the priest and the Truth Official were there, we don’t know if the vital oracle was there or not.”
“As soon both Titus side and ours have defeated the dragons, Masaru let out that the [The quest is clear], so what I’ve heard.”
“Quest, you said?”
“Correct. The quest is cleared, we have won. When I observe the enemy troops, there is mistaking that they were starting to admit defeat.”
“I don’t understand about the quest, but he said that, and the monsters were withdrawing?”
“His timing is very suspicious. The Demon force in front of us has admitted defeat. But there are also other battlefields, so how can he know the situation without seeing it himself? However, Masaru seemed quite confident, when he said the quest was completed, he didn’t even observe the battlefield. As if he has other methods to observe the other part of battlefields. After he said that, we say the demons admitted defeat, thus ending the war.”
“So, that is the moment he received oracle?”
“Masaru said that it was already too late for him to return. Afterwards, the messenger came into contact with me. Then we received reports that the monsters are appearing all over the place.”
“That is……”
Hero? If those people are legit heroes……
“Witnessing Masaru party power first handed, I become a bit terrified. During our break, everyone changed a lot, like this, I asked indirectly.”
“At that time, Masaru said. [We have come far to save the Elf Country. Other than that, we won’t ask for another thing. This is the only thing that we wish for.]”
If they aren’t in a good mood, I have no choice but to apologize by dying……
“Just like what he said earlier, he didn’t ask for a reward till the end, and just like that he went back home.”
“What do you think, Titus?”
“In an unlikely event, please include my neck together with their rewards. I hope that is enough to serve as apology.”
“Wait, wait! We are not talking about that kind of thing!”
“But, Princess.”
“I’ve told you. They will not demand anything and will absolutely not condone to such act. I’ve been observing them for a whole day long. They mutually help each other, worried about the elves from the bottom of their heart, fighting while risking their lives.”
“If that so, then I’ve been extremely rude to them.”
“Then, Titus think that they are heroes too, aren’t you?”
“Now that I’ve heard about their story, I think so.”
“That is enough. With this revelation, your determination is not needed. They will never want your head alongside their rewards.”
“But, what should I do then……”
“Masaru want to hide his identity as a Hero. We should respect his decision.”
“That is……you are absolutely right. To make a fuss is……”
“Titus doesn’t have to do anything. Please keep preparing for their gifts. What, don’t worry. When tomorrow comes, we will get along.”
“Yes, Princess.”
“There is other thing. I have a good idea. Personally, I will enter Masaru party, lending him my help. They will appreciate it, even if they are angry at Titus, they will——”
However, Masaru party’s silhouette couldn’t be seen for days.  Lily sama declared that she will pick him up and bring him back here.
While waiting for them, Titus questions whether she should present herself their slave, but as Lily sama said, Masaru not only declined her, he also declined all the rewards given by the elves, he humbly said that a soap is all he desired.

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