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Looking for an editor

To ensure full satisfaction for my readers, I need someone to have a quick check on my English.

Our dear friend, Crywolf641 is currently busy and unable to lend his help.

I don’t mind waiting. So, if anyone is interested, you can email me.

Thank you.




14 thoughts on “Looking for an editor

      1. Hi again neeto-san,

        I can’t send you a direct message through twitter.
        I think you have to change your settings to allow anyone to send you a direct message.


  1. I have the ability to aid with English. dont expect too much from my japanese though. 異本語を話しません。英語を話します。


  2. I can help if you would like. I’m a native English speaker and am pretty much a NEET at this point so I have lots of time.


  3. Is there any way to contact you other than Twitter? Like Steam or Discord maybe? I have a lot of time on hand, i’m not a native English speaker but i’d say it’s decent enough.

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