Hello Work 6: Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 ~ Spirit Song

While examining the furniture and the weapon carefully, my Detection caught a lot of signs of people coming inside the castle.

They are the elves who are participating in the ceremony.

“Um, Lily sama. Is it necessary to hold a ceremony? I already received enough rewards as it is, if possible I would like to avoid word spreading about us.”

While Lily sama is waiting for us to appreciate the gifts, I called out to her.

“I’m sorry, we’ll be troubled if you refuse to celebrate this victory ceremony. Everyone would like to thank you. Would you rather make it separate?”

Certainly, it’s leagues better to wrap everything up in one go, instead of going through them one by one.

“Regarding the information about you, I have issued regulation to keep everyone from talking about it. The information will never leak from the elves side, so Masaru has no need to worry.”

If that is so, then I’ll need to brace for myself. During the ceremony, I will hide behind Ellie and kill my presence.

“However, there is something that I would like to clarify with Masaru before we start the ceremony. What is a ‘Quest’?”

Quest. Exploration, mission. In this context, a mission is more appropriate. Although the meaning is considered common, the word doesn’t seem to be used much here.

When the war ended, I unintendedly said “Quest cleared”. Did she remember it from that time?

I was wondering if she had forgotten about it amidst the confusion. Even if she remembered, I thought she would have put much more thought into it before asking about it.

“A job from the guild, something like that I guess……”

“The adventurers guild was only informed of the news once your party had departed from the fortress. Masaru shouldn’t have had enough time to take on the newly requested job. Besides, why did you say ‘clear’ at that time? Clearly enough, at that point, you might have seen our enemy’s defeat, but there is no way you can foresee the ending of the whole battle. Perhaps that was just temporary and then they will start regrouping? Yet, when you judged the situation, you sounded awfully confident.”

If not mistaken, the timing when I said it was weird.

“The quest, too. I heard it from the adventurers guild, usually they use the term ‘request’, and none of them has used quest before. Just who is the one who gave you this quest? What was the content?”

Do I tell her everything and ask her to keep it silent, or, should I exercise my right to keep quiet……?

But, I wonder what the intention behind this interrogation is.

“The power that you have shown, it’s far beyond extraordinary. Even the former hero in the story doesn’t have such flashy power.”

Hero. Just like expected, that word will come out in this conversation.

“You see, Lily sama.”

What should I do? Every time we are having discussions, it’s my duty to make the final decision.

Regardless, Lily sama continues.

“The elders are saying that the demons are currently militarizing themselves. Perhaps, the Demon King really was revived.”

“We have been handling massive monster assaults since before I was born. But this time, they have included the Earth Turtle King as well. Even the elders in this country have stated that, the demons have once again united under the Demon King. It sounds stupid at first, but after hearing the story from the Princess, I couldn’t be surer……”

Titus supplemented the explanation in more detail.

Demon King. I wonder if a Demon King was truly borne.

Noticing that something is weird between us, Sati and Tilika both came to check.

“Hundreds of years ago. For the first time, a Demon King was born. God sent us a hero, and at last, he defeated the demon.”

“Why did the Demon King resurrect?”

Bad. A little puke came out. I feel sick.

Anne and Ellie are both coming here as well.

“I don’t know. If Masaru is the hero, it’s reasonable to think that the Demon King has returned too, is what I thought.”

“That way, the order will be the opposite. Besides, I’m not a hero. Right, Tilika?”

“On this day, Masaru is not the hero.”

Good, nice follow up, Tilika.

This is a Truth Official saying it, Lily sama will cease her doubt soon.

“It’s too fast for you to label someone as hero just because that particular person is tad bit stronger than average. Not only that, why me? Isn’t everyone else abnormally strong as well?”

Tilika, who can summon a dragon, and Ellie, who is a hero maniac. I believe both are qualified to be the hero.

“The one who said the word ‘quest’ is you, Masaru. All the decisions were made by you, too. That’s when it came to my mind, how suspicious you are.”

During the war, I was forced to display all my power. At that time I didn’t have the leisure to think about the repercussions. Moreover, today is the day I decided everything.

“If you compare Masaru’s power to the hero of the past, I can say this for certain, that you are mistaken, Lily sama.”

Ellie who has returned steps up and makes a follow up.

“Nevertheless, no ordinary adventurer will refuse to take the rewards, especially after risking their lives. Other adventurers will delightedly take up the request once they are promised rewards. In addition, why must you conceal your strength? Together with you are a priest and a Truth Official. You claimed them to be your wives, but that doesn’t dispel the fact that it is suspicious.”

“But, I did try to run away. The only reason I stayed was because I was persuaded. I don’t need the rewards because I get enough from the guild as well from the two dragons that I’ve planned to sell later. I conceal my strength because things will get messy once everyone knows about it. Both of these women became my wives by coincidence.”

Rewards, huh. The experience that we accumulate from the battlefield are enough. Moreover, I’ve got rewards from clearing the quest, two dragons, and more than anything, I just wanted to get back home at that time.

Besides that, the other adventurers were willing to risk their lives for nothing too, weren’t they? The ones hired by Titus.

“Is that so……I thought the reason you are asking me to keep the information about yourself secret was because you are afraid that it will spread to the demon side in the worst case scenario.”

“I know you have pledged to keep this a secret, but have you discussed this with other people?”

“The only people I have talked to regarding this matter are Titus and Patos. Confirming it is my utmost priority.

Then, I’m still safe. But if the demons are moving behind the scenes, although I’m not a hero, if the fact that I’m an apostle were exposed……anyways I really did spectacularly during the previous battle. It won’t be funny if people are keeping their eyes on me now.

“Is there any possibility that I’m being marked by the demons?”

“I was going to consult with you about that too. We’ve spent a great deal to make sure it isn’t being talked about. There is no worry on the elf side, but since many have seen you on the battlefield, you should watch out.”

They should have seen me shooting large magic, but I was hiding behind the wall. All the enemies within the visible range should have been dead by then. Logically, there shouldn’t be any eyes keen on observing me during that battle. Even among the elves, a Flare class user isn’t that uncommon.

“Do the demons exist?”

“They do. Didn’t I tell you guys about the traitorous elves? Quite a long time ago, there seems to be elves who waged a war. They are dark-skinned elves with big breasts. They have almost the same appearance as humans, so they are often mistaken. Sometimes, they invaded human settlements too.”

After this defensive war, I encountered lots of stories about demons.

“Isn’t that bad?”

“I don’t know. There is only a little information about the demons. We kill the traitors immediately upon discovery. We’ve never caught them alive. But, are we truly mistaken? If you are a hero, then I can become your ally.”

I see. Just like Ellie, she wants to become a hero companion.

“As a princess, is it possible for you to become an adventurer?”

Our own hero maniac, Ellie, questioned her.

“If Masaru sama is a hero, a person with a hero qualification, then it’s possible to entrust the Princess to you.”

“Masaru already declined our rewards. I thought this time I wasn’t wrong. Besides, Masaru saved our lives. A debt of life must be repaid with another life.”

Perhaps it is a bad move to outright refuse everything from the start.

Any normal person will be awfully delighted by these rewards, but not me. All I want is for them to keep my strength secret from the public.

Our lives were almost forfeited when the dragons came out. I’ve decided to stop resorting to suicide attacks.

“If you are a hero, the King will give his permission for me to accompany you.”

“Sadly, I’m not a hero.”

“Moving on, Masaru sama, what about the quest?”

Argh——Titus san is as perceptive as ever!

“Right! That’s what made me doubt you in the first place!”

Where did I recieve the quest? I got the order from some mysterious organization directly in my mind. Or perhaps, everything was just my delusions? I can tell them that I’m just a Chūnibyō.

“The quest is……”

Think. I need to think of an answer now.

“What is the quest?”

“Um, they are, uhh…”

I know. I can say the ‘quest’ is just a dialect from where I’m from. Then, I know the battle has ended because of my detection skills. But, doesn’t it sound a bit forceful……?

Tilika dislikes lies. If they ask me to display my skills, they will immediately know my range doesn’t cover that far, which in this case I’m just digging my own grave.

I’m not a hero and the quest is a top secret. I have no intention of saying anything further. This is good enough.

I won’t be cleared of suspicion right away. Since I’m not going to do anything bad, they will lose their reason to pursue this matter not long after.

Just when I have come out with this brilliant idea, Patos san came to call us.

“Princess. The ceremony is ready. I’ve come under the King’s command to guide Masaru and his party in.”

“The ceremony! You guys were anticipating it, right? Let’s hurry!”

Once the ceremony is done, I’ll gloss over whatever is left and hastily escape. We can postpone the talk about the pioneering project. Perhaps I will observe the situation first.

There is no problem to keep silent if it was just some conversation. But to do it during a party is another story.

The elf Princess, nothing but a meddlesome foe.

“Oh well. But, let’s have a fine discussion after this is over?”

I wish the ceremony will continue for the whole day.

I’m fine alone, but how about the other four?

The window…….no, I will use transition magic.

Ellie has noticed me behaving suspiciously. Our eyes meet.

She found out that I’m looking for an escape route……

“Masaru, you are still here?”

Still here you said. I haven’t ran away yet!

“Oh man, I don’t feel that well.”

“Ann, the other side.”

That said, Ellie quickly grabbed one of my arms, and Ann grabbed ahold of the one on the other side…….

“If you feel sick, do you need a Heal?”

My sickness is on the mental side…….

“Are you okay?”

Lily sama became worried and asked.

“Masaru is really weak against ceremonies or being prominent, enough to make him run away.”

“Even now he is planning to escape. No chance will be left unexploited.”

“I just thought of waiting!”

If possible, let’s get back home soon.

“Sorry, I would like to get home for a while.”

“Of course, we are. Now, Masaru. Let’s go!”


Both of my arms firmly held by two people, we slowly go down the castle corridor at Lily sama’s back.

Usually, getting crushed on both sides is an extremely delightful event, but today I sigh at my impending doom.

“Say Masaru, Titus san is extremely close, isn’t she?”

Ellie brought her face closer and said. We are in considerable distance behind Lily sama, so our talk won’t be heard.

“Perhaps there are some intentions behind her offering to become your slave.”

“That is that, but isn’t this your opportunity to increase your harem? That person would be a fine addition to our war potential too.”

“I can increase my harem!?”

“I wouldn’t say I’m against it. The previous battle was pretty brutal.”

Our firepower is overwhelming when the five of us are combined. At first, I believed that we are enough, still, it was not enough during that battle.

“What is your opinion, Ann?”

“I also think that it is necessary to increase our number. Didn’t I talk about this with you before?”

For real. I wished I already found someone…….is it okay if I said I want it now? But, I don’t want to force someone to be my slave without any love between us.

“A slave with combat potential.”

“But if he increases the number of slaves to about 10 people, then we can finish things quicker.”

I already thought about this before. A normal group of slaves, suddenly transforming to an unparalleled combat group. There is no way that won’t raise suspicion. I won’t do it unless it is the last resort to gather strength.

“If it was a cute little girl, then can I get my hand on her?”

“As long you look after her properly.”

“If it’s absolutely necessary, then it can’t be helped. I already know that your divine protection will not just cover the four of us forever. That was because Masaru don’t want a man.”

Ann said, wispering during the ‘divine protection’ part.

I’m rather sick of a thought of having a male party member.

There is no choice if no other alternatives are present, but I’ll avoid it to my utmost capabilities if I can.

“Are you guys sure? You wouldn’t get mad?”

“I’ll feel something about it, yes, but this is a life and death matter.”

“I’m fully aware that Masaru will take care of all of us fairly.”

“What about Sati and Tilika?”

“I guess they are fine with it? The four of us have already had this discussion many times.”

Ann answered.

Hmm. But this is a story for later time. I want to enjoy my newlywed’s life that I currently have, not to mention that the four of them are enough for me. The world will not be ruined anytime soon.

“For now, maybe not. It’s not like I’m in hurry or anything.”

This isn’t a topic that can be discussed while in a walk like this. We will discuss about it properly later.

Going around the corridor, we saw that the entrance to the hall is two floors down the stairs. At the other side of the entrance, there is another huge door. The guards are on standby at the door. On the other side of the door, I can detect a lot of signs.

“The amount of mana is amazing.”

“That is because every elf together with their spirits are gathered here.”

Still, what is this? The mana is astir.

This is different from the accumulated mana during casting. Is it caused by the gathering of many magicians, or is this the true nature of the spirit?

Titus and Patos opened the huge door for us.

The huge hall is tightly filled by a massive crowd of elves. The passage remained clear and at the centre, ahead, we can see the elf King.

The room filled with hustle and bustle instantly turned silent. All their attention is focused here.

From here we walked and go to the King……

More than that, why do I get the feeling that the mana inside this hall is getting awfully excited?

We stepped into the hall, headed by Lily sama. Both of my arms were released, but at this point I can’t run away anymore. I have depleted all my energy from worrying alone.

We are walking through the hall and the mana concentration is increasing exponentially.

I’m capable of seeing a spirit like being, but there are too many now and they are mixed, so I can’t pinpoint an individual that well.

After a while I noticed that the mana accumulated in the hall indeed got stronger.

“A sound……?”

Sati muttered. Correct, even I can hear something now. Some tune ……like a song……. after we reached in the middle of the hall, Lily sama finally stopped.

“A song?”

Ellie said while looking around.

“Song……. this is the Spirit’s Song. Even my own spirit joined the choir as well.”

Their mana pulsates in some manner, which results in this song?

The spirits gather steadily towards us. All the eyes of the elves inside the hall are focused on us.

“The Spirit’s Song……I’ve only heard it once. During Lily sama’s birth, many spirits gathered and sang a blessing song.”

Titus said and Patos continued.

“But, even when the Princess was born, there wasn’t this many spirits present.”

As the hall is filled by mana, a pale light starts glowing around. Although the mana is increasing, there is no sense of uneasiness or danger, instead, we are channelled with emotions of delight from the spirits.

“This is the first time for me. So, this is the Spirit’s Song…….”

A song like the orchestra’s performance, which is akin to the grand symphony, but neither with instrument nor voice, created by mana reverberates directly to the heads of all the people gathered in the hall.

When the song began, the noises ceased. Inside the silent hall, only the complex and beautiful song of the spirit can be heard. The emotions and thoughts from the spirits come into us directly.

Thank you, thank you! Thank you for rescuing our country!

The voice, it was so pure, as if the voice of a child.

Our hearts tremble from receiving the direct gratitude from the spirits surrounding us.

Like us, all the elves gathered inside this hall also listened to the spirit’s song directly in their mind.

Soon, the Spirit’s Song culminated, gently weakened, gradually stopped.

At the end, the voice of the spirits echoed.

Our thanks are towards those who received the God Protection——

“I knew I was right!”

Lily sama look back and told me happily.

Lily sama, don’t tell me you can hear their voice too? Rather, maybe, all the elves inside the hall too…….

After listening to the spirits voice, the hall which was silent until now starts to buzz with noises.

The elves are talking with each other, asking whether anyone heard it just now or not, confirming whether they all were experiencing the same thing simultaneously, then proceed to talk about us.

““To think that the song of the spirits is reverberating inside us.””

““At the end, the spirits said……””

““With God protection?””

““Towards those who received the God protection, is what these ears captured.””

““Did God dispatch his hero?””


““It’s a hero……””

““God protection, as well…the hero!””

““That power, it’s not for any ordinary person.””

““The hero has descended among us, the elven race!””

AAAAAAHHHHH!!! How should I deal with this!?

Starting from the elves nearby, as they all were moved by their emotions, all of them get onto their knees one by one.

We are not only together with Lily sama. Now, there are also the King, Queen and the other two princes.

While all the elves get moved to tears, the King slowly walks towards us.

“O’ hero, the person who has saved the Elf Country! The one who was blessed with God protection! Our gratitude is yours for all eternity!”

Afterwards, even the King get on his knees and dropped his head.

I really should have run away.

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