NEET Hello Work 6: Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 ~ Liliane Dora Pettycoat

First thing first, let’s talk about the situation surrounding Lily-sama.

Lily-sama, or Liliane Dora Pettycoat, is the second child of the royal family from the current reigning King. She is the first Elven Princess and second in line for inheriting the throne. She is a beautiful princess who brings no shame to the royal family in public. She is 30 years old. Still quite a young age for an elf.

Having reach adulthood last year, Lily-sama is currently leading a life of idleness, in other word, a NEET. Naturally, even I didn’t grow up simply to become a NEET. I’m sure that Lily-sama is actually in the same situation.

The story goes back to during the birth of Lily-sama.

During Lily-sama’s birth, a lot of spirits gathered and celebrated her with a blessing song. It’s rare even among the royalty to be born with the spirit’s blessing, so it was a great honor. In fact, Lily-sama’s two brothers were not blessed.

During the same time, the spirits gave a premonition that Lily sama will be involved in something special in the future. In later years, during the ceremony for contracting a spirit, she formed a pact with a powerful wind spirit as her companion.

The spirit was a gift as God’s grace. The elves who become companions with the spirits boost their magic ability and turn into great magic users.

Even among the other spirit users, Lily-sama is an outstanding magician.

There are many factors influencing her growth as a spirit magic user such as genes or education. Because of that she ends up growing up with a strong sense of justice and a straightforward outlook on life.

However, it’s not Lily-sama’s fault for thinking that she is a special one. She was treated that way ever since she was born, you can say she was raised that way.

An elf is normally considered to be an adult after reaching the age of 30. The reason is not because they are lazy, more like it’s because they are still too young. Apart from general education, when an elf reaches 10 years old, they start to help around the house. After reaching 20 years old, they will start looking forward for their future as in job hunting, further studies, training, etc.

The most common jobs chosen are either being a soldier or a hunter. Since the Elf Country is on the border with the Demonic Realm, they encounter monsters on a daily basis. Albeit dangerous, it’s a very rewarding occupation that brings both money and respect.

The next most common one is a productivity related job. In other words, a craftsman.

The closed Elf Country can produce their own items, thus being self sufficient. There are all kinds of craftsmen from weapons to everyday common items.

The elven race has devoted their entire life manufacturing home grown products. Even if it is just a pot, they are well crafted, reaching the level of being fine arts in their own league. Normally, selling them outside will provide you with a tidy profit. These items have an active role in foreign exchange and trading.

However, since everything is crafted by hand, the volume produced rarely exceeds that of the requirements from inside the country itself. Therefore, the products are rarely sold outside, thus creating a huge demand and massive prices are offered for any elven handcrafted products.

Naturally, there are other jobs beside these major ones, however Lily-sama is not going to work in the kitchen or on a farm, so those choices are omitted.

As for her social standing, her position as one of the royal family allows her to participate in the country’s management work. Yet, due to her inability to document paperwork, the only choice left for Lily-sama is either a productivity job or combat.

Lily-sama chose to enter combat. It’s natural. She is the strongest among the other young spirit magic users.

However, she encountered a problem. Although she is a capable mage, there is no way people are going to let her participate in any dangerous battles at all. After all, she is the special princess who is supposed to be doing something great in the future as prophesized by the spirits.

She is not allowed to participate in any dangerous missions. Even if she was assigned one, she will only be given an easy duty. She is treated as esteemed princess even by the guests.

Her duty is boring, but it’s understandable due to her standing as the princess in prophecy.

Even after she reached adulthood last year, she was still not allowed to go to any dangerous places.

Nevertheless, she is not motivated to work on paperwork nor as a craftsman. Since the Elf Country rarely exchanges contact with the outside world, her role as a princess is only required on rare occasions.

The lack of impetus in her everyday routine makes her lead a lazy life.

At this point, she is slowly turning into a NEET. The fact that she is only great at magic and not at other aspects of life is not helping either.

Being a NEET is not an inconvenience in the Elf Country.

Despite being located near the dangerous Demonic Realm, ever since the solid barrier surrounding the country was completed, it has been safe to stay within the country.

The are exporting goods at a stable rate, therefore making the elf race very rich. Finding food in this country isn’t that hard.

In exchange for a very long lifespan, the birth rate of children is extremely low, making them take care of their children very carefully.

As far as working is concerned, the adults have let their kids have it easy.

This has lead to a major social problem once the elderly noticed it.

A variety of countermeasures were devised. In the end, they finally came out with a training regime in the outside world. The elves who decided not to work after reaching 30 years old are compelled to go on a journey to the outside world as training for at least 10 years.

This may lead to a decrease in elf population, but if they don’t make changes they will only increase the amount of NEETs. They are elves who live for hundreds of years. The social burden brought by the NEETs are going to be huge.

Therefore, the elves set their empathy aside and sent their young ones to the outside world.

Formally, it was said to be life training, but the actual conditions were not so dangerous or harsh by any means. Some elves with more aggressive natures tend to become adventurers. They go out for a life searching trip and most of them rely on the elves who reside in the outside world. They are tasked with ordinary jobs and learn how to tackle some common tasks. The situation regarding the training was understood, therefore the outside elves are strict in coaching.

Several elves were defeated halfway on the journey while others fell in love with it. Most of them turn out to be excellent workers after returning in 10 years.

Even for the elves who take permanent residence outside, usually after 50 to 100 years they will return to the country. Mixing with another race who has a shorter lifespan has proven to be difficult.

Of course, even Lily-sama is not an exception. There can’t be a NEET coming from royal lineage.

She is participating in the magic unit which resides inside the Elf Country. They are responsible for defending the country as stated in the defence agreement with the human kingdom.

Although it is related to battle which Lily-sama specialized in, the strong army is more formalized. It’s the sign that the Elf Country and the human kingdom relationship is going well, in other words, a symbol.

All the members are mages. They are a powerful corps, but they are smaller than the human troops. Even if they weren’t allies anymore, it won’t hurt the overall human war potential at all. As for now they have a better image as the beautiful elf guardians.

There is almost no war. Instead of going to the Kingdom as a mage, Lily-sama suits the role of princess way more.

To be honest, Lily-sama doesn’t mind it that much. In her mind, she believes that this lifestyle is way better than being a NEET.

The thought of forcefully running away from home did enter Lily-sama’s thoughts once in a while, but the truth is she holds no disdain for her country and her subjects at all.

The elves lead a very long life.

They tend to take time to make an important decision. They wont simply decide on something just because they have reached adulthood. No rush at all.

However, she is extremely conscious of the surrounding eyes. Should she go back to the Kingdom or should she think of something different? While she is contemplating her choice while leading a NEET life, the Elf Country fell into a crisis; then Lily-sama met us, thus saving her country.

In her mind, this is the special role and fate that had finally arrived.

“I’ll get to be in your party. Masaru will get another wife. A win-win situation, no?”

Lily-sama uttered it happily as if it was the greatest idea.

“Aren’t your family members okay with that too? You already have four wives. Adding one more won’t hurt.”

“—no-no-no—you’re the one who is insisting to join my party even though it was ruled out, understand?”

Honestly, I was thinking of adding one more person to the family. I let out my thought just now and the girls don’t seem to mind either.

Everyone had their level increased exponentially during the defensive battle here in the Elf Country. Increasing our number will further strengthen our party which might be important in the future.

Moreover, it’s much better when the new member is a woman due to the requirement to receive Protection. I don’t want a man in my harem.

But, there must be love.

That’s the reason why I declined Titus-san earlier thinking that it is a waste.

“But I’m in love with Masaru too you know? Otherwise, I would never have said something like this.”

Is that so? I glanced back at Tilika and found out her desire to enter my party is strong enough that she is not lying.

Wait a sec……. if she loves me, then is it fine? Taking her as my wife? Even if I asked her to do erotic stuff with my harem?

A little bit of my heart is attracted to the offer, but this matter isn’t as simple as it sounds.

“Besides, isn’t today only the second time we’ve met?”

“The number of time people meet doesn’t determine whether they fell in love or not!”

I don’t understand her reasoning. Why jump straight away to marriage anyway?

No, previously when they presented Titus-san as a slave to me, I wondered if I hurt her pride as a woman when I outright reject her……

“L-Lily-sama, I’m just saying that I can’t simply take your offer when your feeling isn’t that strong.”

Her face is so serious that I was almost swayed away. There is no doubt that she is not joking. Whatever my excuse now will probably not be accepted.

I am put into quite a difficult situation since Lily-sama isn’t an ordinary elf.

Based on how she acted during the previous battle, I know Lily-sama possess great courage. She might have an idea or two how dangerous is it living a life as an adventurer, but by becoming my wife, she more or less becomes directly involved with the destruction of the world.

The others have already accepted it.

They are already involved. If one of them is missing, I’ll die.

Based on the series of the quests given, it’s clear that Ito Kami intends to actively intervene during a great crisis.

If I end up rejecting the quest, or we don’t manage to arrive in a timely manner, I wonder what kind of misery will happen. I’m sure something terrible will occur instead. Even though Ito Kami clearly mentioned that I’m not obligated to accept His quests, I don’t think I can easily decline them in the future.

With that said, even if I want to increase the amount in my harem, I need to carefully select the eligible people.

Something like they need to be ready to put their life at stake at any moment, or similar?

No, its fine to leave them house-sitting too I guess. No need to bring all of them together with me. If they can’t join the battle, I can make them work as our support.

The problem here is Lily-sama wants to join the frontline. It’s hardly believable for her to stay at home house-sitting. Even after I explain the danger, she will happily join together in my journey.

“I’m sorry, Lily-sama.”

Even after disregarding the danger, having an Elf Princess as my wife is a big hurdle on its own.

They can call me hero of the country or a prophesized hero, yet I can’t find any common ground between me as an adventurer and Lily-sama as the princess. Even if I too love Lily-sama in exchange, I wonder if the surrounding people will forgive it.

I don’t want to create unnecessary trouble. Especially in front of her parents.

The King watched over our exchange without opening his mouth. His face however is showing a kind of reluctance.

Won’t you stop your daughter who is trying to run away?

Hearing my refusal, Lily-sama’s face distorted.

“D-do you hate the idea of marrying me that much……?”

Lily-sama suddenly shed tears.

“Uh, no, that is not the reason……”

“W-well, it’s true that we’ve just met twice. But, I’ve seen how courageously Masaru fights with my own eyes. Your magic, your sword, your appearance is just like that of a hero……”

Earlier, the King kind of glorified my battle achievements. Now that I think about it, since he heard the report from Lily-sama, then it’s no wonder since Lily-sama heralded me as her hero.

“Our meeting might just be a coincidence. However, when we first met, I was convinced that Masaru can defeat the Earth Turtle King. This is an encounter of fate!”

Wasn’t that the suspended bridge effect? Besides, I never thought of using the Flare to defeat the Earth Turtle King at first.

“When the dragons suddenly appeared, I was honestly prepared for death. Even though Masaru was clearly depleted of mana, when I saw you defeated the dragon with just a sword, I was……I was……”

This is……is she this serious? It was my fault to tell her something like she is just having a temporary crush.

“If you accept Lily’s proposal, I will bless you. Of course, everything is up to Masaru-dono’s decision.”

The Queen who was watching our exchange quietly at the side said so.

“At the current time, it’s a very rare situation since the Elf Country doesn’t interact much with outside world. However, in the past there are many cases where a human and an elf got married.”

Sati is a beastman, but nobody objected when I got married to her. Perhaps interracial marriage is normal in this world.

An elven princess is like an unreachable flower for me, but if I could get the permission……

She is already an adult. Her parents are here and not opposing. The King doesn’t say anything, probably he doesn’t mind letting her enter my party.

Today is only my second encounter with Lily-sama. But we already fought arm in arm for a whole day. Her ability, the spirit magic will be useful for our party. We don’t have a compatibility problem. In the time I’ve spent together with her I’ve noticed that her personality is very good.

Her basic living skills might not be very good, but that is because Lily-sama was never required to do any housework on her own.

If anything, she is an extremely beautiful elven princess. That kind of girl, can I bring her home to do this and that?

Imagine ordering her to take off her clothes……oh, not bad at all.

Yes. Very good. Take it off right now! I’ll tell her.

While giggling to myself, I take a sneak peak at the crying Lily-sama. I wish to answer her feelings…….

If I acknowledge them here…….no, I need to ask everyone first ……

I neglect the crying Lily-sama for now and gather everyone in the corner of the room. We all face each other.

“What do you think?”

Ellie who understood Lily-sama’s feelings said that we should put her in our party. Accepting her will prove to be an addition to our party’s strength.

Ann said Lily-sama is a good girl. She will do fine even if they are all living under the same roof.

Sati is excited. She is the elven princess! As expected, Masaru-sama is amazing! She gave out such a feeling.

Tilika is welcoming. Sati looks pleased. I wonder if that is enough.

“The rest is up to Masaru.”

Ellie told me that at the end.

No one is opposed to the idea. Based on their reply, it’s fine if I take her home right away…….

No wait. Don’t be swept away by the temporary desire for the princess.

I need to think about it very, very calmly. Be cool.

For Sati and Ann, I already had a sexual relationship with both way before we got married, so there is not much choice. As for Ellie and Tilika, we both did it right before the wedding to consolidate our relationship. As for Lily sama, perhaps I should refrain myself this time. However, if she becomes my wife then there is no problem.

Okay, so now what is the disadvantage……right, she is the elven princess.

She is not a mere elf. As a princess, if she enters my party and becomes an adventurer, there will be many problems coming along together with her.

In other words, it’s clear here that the problem isn’t with the dangerous situations as an adventurer or her becoming a member of my harem. Lily-sama as a person is the problem itself.

Hide her identity…….no, it’s required for her to discard her identity as a princess if she wishes to be an adventurer. Otherwise we couldn’t fight together.

Later when we returned to the table, Lily-sama still had a sorrowful face, but at least she appears to have calmed down. She is waiting for my reply anxiously.

“If……let’s say that Lily-sama is required to abandon her identity as a princess, what do you say?”

I want to see if she is prepared to go that far.

“Do you mean my identity as a princess is unnecessary?”


“Just like the test before, my power is still lacking.”

“The role I’m currently assuming is extremely dangerous. Survival is not guaranteed unless you’re powerful. I want to know if Lily-sama is prepared for such consequences.”

“I am! If it’s for Masaru, I’ll devote my body for anything that will come! I do not need my status as a princess!”

“We are adventurers. We are far from being wealthy. There will be lots of hardship that will follow. You know that?”

“No problem!”

“If Lily-sama is prepared for at least that much then……”


When I want to give Lily-sama my answer, the King suddenly chimed in.



“If you are taking Lily away, not to mention the rewards, consider your friendship with the elves severed.”


Your highness……. seems like your cute daughter is too much for you to let go away.

However, in my case, if I can get Lily-sama, I wouldn’t have any problem with letting go of the other things. The money and the other things, I can get it myself with my own effort.

Regarding our friendship with the elves, based on what the King is implying, I don’t think it will turn into a hostile relationship.

“I’m the one asking Lily-sama to abandon her position as princess. Therefore, I’ll return all the rewards.”

Even though I get a feeling that I’ve received nothing in the first place.

I still have one dragon left. Our discussion regarding the pioneering project is gone now, but I’ll find another way.

I’m sorry, everyone.

Sacrificing all the rewards in exchange for Lily-sama. I think this it’s worth it.

I’ll think hard for an alternative with everyone.


The King was silenced after hearing my resolute answer while Lily-sama expressed a face full of joy.

Everyones attention is gathered on me now. I guess this situation won’t move on unless I state my decision.

Now is the time for an official proposal. Let’s get married then. Otherwise, I can’t bring Lily-sama back to my home.

A proposal is different to a declaration of love. Lily-sama wishes to fight with us, therefore, I will swear my love to her right here and right now. I won’t tell her a lie, but I will not tell her the complete truth either.

Something that sounds cool or inspiring will be suitable for this scene……

“”Before the people who are gathered here, I will grant myself and swiftly swear to God. Even if we are born in different places, as a different race, we will become a family, the best of friends, for better, for worse, together through the best and worst of what is to come.”

I stand up slowly and declared my oath while looking at everyone present, to Ann, Ellie, Sati and Tilika.

My pledge is a reference to the Oath of the Peach Garden from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. We are people born from three different places and times. We are family until death do us apart.

Just that even after I’ve lived my whole life, Lily-sama will only have reached the starting point of her life by then.

“O’ Princess of the noble Elves. By joining our family, we will share everything together and fight side by side. Can you promise loyalty to each of us?”

“……I swear. I, Liliane Dora Pettycoat, swear to God and the Spirit to fight and cooperate alongside you as your shield.”

She didn’t have time to prepare her speech beforehand, however based on the surrounding reactions she seems to be doing good.

A first I thought this kind of development is too early for us, but I guess that fate won’t let us be apart any longer.

I may regret this soon; however, I really do want to make Lily-sama mine.

“Welcome aboard, Lily-sama.”

“M-my pleasure.”

I remove my own mana ring from my finger, take Lily-sama’s left hand and put it on her ring finger.

“This ring is the symbol of our oath.”

Immediately after I put the ring on her, Lily-sama’s menu appeared.

Whoa……has her loyalty reached the minimum mark already?

She is the second person after Sati to have their menu open before we are doing it. Maybe it was this ring, or maybe it was due to my speech earlier. However, I’m glad.


“The marriage of you two, I’ll approve it.”


“Masaru-dono, sorry for testing you before.”

I see. That was the reason. It’s normal to assume that I want the benefit for betrothing a Princess like Lily-sama. I also leered quite a bit at her body, which I take it was a bad move especially right in front of her parents.

“Masaru-dono, if at any point you’re fed up with Lily and her selfishness, it’s okay to kick her out anytime you want, alright?”


I know she meant it as a joke, after all our marriage will also serve as Lily-sama’s training. I don’t think it’s fine to kick her out just for a little misbehaviour.

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  1. I have to admit, I’m getting a little annoyed with Masaru. Does he think he is going to be able to save the world without standing out at all?

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