Hello Work 6: Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 ~Mess with The King of Elves

Both sides are still in confusion. It is necessary to organize the situation at once.

“Let’s have a meal and continue our conversation,” said the King.

As to wait for his daughter’s preparations to finish, the King is moving to the next room, with Lily-sama left here of course.

Before that, the King came to Lily. While saying that he has something to talk to her about, he gently ushered me away.

“I would like to say that I’m ready to follow him from today, but I need to make a bit of preparation. I’ll take care of it so that I’m ready to leave tomorrow.”

“I don’t mind but, are you that eager to leave here?”

Maybe that is the topic the King wants to discuss with her.

“Don’t worry. It is just training.”

It was decided that she is going to go out training since the beginning, therefore she already made several preparations. Usually, when an elf is leaving for training, people from the country won’t celebrate or throw a festival for them.

In this world, wedding ceremony like what I did is not common amongst the people. As for the elves, their decision usually is based on the individual preference or their economic situation. In this area they aren’t that much different compared to the Japanese. However, since she is a princess, she is expected to carry that obligation.

Of course, it’s fine if that is what Lily-sama desired, however her priority right now is to become an adventurer. She doesn’t seem to hold much interest in such ceremonies.

From what I heard from Titus-san, it takes at least a week to prepare for a proper wedding ceremony. If possible, she wants to stretch it to at least a month.

I know the winter vacation is already around the corner, however I refuse to get stuck in a house arrest.

“By the way, how big is the mansion that the Princess is currently staying in?”

At one point of discussion Titus-san asked me regarding the size of Lily-sama’s new dwelling place.

They are preparing for tomorrow’s departure. They are asking about the room size because they have prepared a lot of packages.

“About a quarter of this room?”

“……Princess, we need to make some readjustments to what we should bring.”

“You can dispose of the unnecessary. I’m going to become an adventurer. I can made do without those items.”

You claimed that you want to become an adventurer, so why did you leave all the preparation to your attendant?

I mean, I have no qualm regarding this girl’s power, however I am uncertain whether this girl is ready to become an adventurer.

Don’t tell me she is going to bring Titus-san on tow?

“For now, I will prepare two rooms for you. If it is not enough, we will think of another solution.”

Ann suggested to them.

At present, all rooms are located in the tower. The first floor is practically an empty space. The second floor consists of dining hall, living room and bath. Both Ellie and Ann are staying on that floor as well. As for me, Sati and Tilika, we have our own room on the third floor alongside another two unoccupied rooms. On the roof top there is a room for tea time.

I planned to make an entrance on the first floor on a later day. Aside from that, I also planned to add a reception hall and a guest rooms on that floor, but at this rate, I might need to add an extension next to that building.

The current tower is mostly focused on defensive aspect akin to a fortress or a rampart. It’s far from a lord’s house. I feel like it’s not in a state to invite guests in, plus the number of rooms are far too few.

Even when compared to one of the village chief’s house during our travels, ours is on the small side. Their homes are more spacious because it also acts as the meeting space.

“Putting that aside, what are we going to talk about after this?”

While I was preoccupied thinking about my house, Titus-san has left to prepare for Lily-sama. Then, Lily asked me a question.

Things that we are going to discuss. Let’s see.

Since we don’t have much time left before dinner, I need to think on how to behave in front of the King soon.

Lily sama will be at my side during our discussion. It’s difficult to ask for a private talk, however I’ll have time to personally talk with Lily-sama anyway.


Their intel on us is obscure, however things like Protection are known to them. Even Lily-sama is eligible for it now.

Even if I keep my mouth shut, they will catch on.

Rather than getting all awkward when our little secrets are exposed, I’d rather spoil them on our secret.

“That is fine and all, but I hope you will not act rude this time, Masaru. We are going to form a long-lasting friendship with them.”

I understand that notion, although vaguely. Although I’m getting Lily-sama, she is going to bid farewell to the people here.

From a Japanese perspective, people usually call me as someone who is chasing after money and status, but I wonder how the parents in this world are handling their in-law in this case?

Based on what I have heard from both Ellie and Ann, that is not a usual case in this world. However, seeing that they are a royal family of Elf lineage, I wonder if they have a different perspective.

“What do you mean with ‘everything’?”

Sure enough, Lily-sama asked with an ‘I’m lost’ face.

“Ah, we are going to talk about the Quest.”

“Oh my. Finally, you are going to tell me about it!”

“Just that, a small leak on this matter will prove a huge setback for me. I only spoke about it to a handful of people. I always ask them to swear to keep the information confidential too.”

“The elves honor trust. They will absolutely never break something that they have promised. Why don’t we give them full explanation?”

“That is nice thing for the elves to do——”

After discussing lots of things with Lily-sama, I found that here marrying into rich is exactly what it means. There is no difference regarding how the parent treat the in-laws and all other. It’s fine to apply the Japanese sense in this matter.

However, I need to learn the correct ways to greet my father in-law. I don’t mean to brag, but I know next to absolutely nothing about this matter.

All my life I’ve believed that I need to treat my father in-law the way people in dramas do, but I was mistaken.

Even the King pretended to give me a hard time in the beginning.

Gah, somehow, I can feel my stomach churning…

Not long afterward, the meal is ready. The time is mid-afternoon. Although my stomach is better, I can hardly start eating. Plenty of luxurious food was prepared, but I’m so nervous that I can hardly registered the taste of the food that I had in my hand.

Usually, I’ll leave all the troublesome negotiations to Ann or Ellie. However, today I am the main focus.

I am sitting next to the king, El Dorado Dora Pettycoat. It is a special seat. There is probably no veto right and I can’t expect any help from others too.

At first, he tries to familiarize with me, the bridegroom. Afterward he insisted on hearing about my recent adventuring tales.

When I tried to tell him the stories, I have trouble how to address him, since I felt like he is far too different than a common folk like me.

Therefore, I am having trouble responding to his questions. Calling by his name feels like I’m being overly familiar. Its too soon to call him my father in-law. In the end, I settled with calling him as a king.

Sati who is sitting next to me is unable to cut into my conversation with the King. Although it looks like she is being selfish, she obediently eat the luxurious meals that was prepared till the end of the day.

Ellie and Ann are talking together with the Queen and Lily-sama. They look like they are having so much fun.

Apparently, it’s clear that I’m the only one in a pinch.

As a hero of this country, I’ve received nothing but their best hospitality, however my mind condition would beg to differ.

According to what Lily-sama said, elves in this world don’t seem to have much difference compared to mine in terms of parent to child relationships. At the front, I might be having a dinner with the Elf King from another world, but actually, I’m greeting my to be father in-law.

How is your job? How much do you earn? What is your future plan?

That is the questions thrown at me by my future father in-law. The truth is I don’t really care about getting along with the King, however, since I’m aiming to have a good relationship with the elves, I have to bite my tongue and answer him honestly and politely.

The King is talking to me while enjoying his meal and here I’m still having trouble to have a bite.

Isn’t this like, very bad? Even though I initially thought that this kind of scene is easy to pull off.

I’m a man in difficult situation, despite being favored and approved by my future father in-law. I have no choice but to focus on the mighty enemy in front of me.

The King opened a conversation about my ability. He seems to be interested mostly in my magic. In the end, he asked quite a fair amount of questions.

I’m highly specialized in Fire, Earth and Recovery Magic. My Water and Wind Magic is on intermediate level. Besides the Summoning Magic and Space Magic, I also have an extensive amount of mana that is impossible to be recovered with Mana Potion including the Elf’s Spirits potion. My bow and sword skills are also well beyond advance level.

I didn’t tell him about my Detection and Covert skills since he didn’t ask about it. Still, based on my stories alone, he can guess that I’m a much stronger and versatile mage compared to what I displayed during the defensive battle. The King seems to be very impressed.

It’s good that my standing among the elves has seen some increase, however before I noticed it, I’m the only one left talking and the crowd had gathered.

“That kind of power……how?”

Although I successfully evaded the topic till now, finally the King gets into the core of the matter.

How should I start explaining, I wonder? Perhaps, telling him the stories since the start would be for the best.

“First, my birthplace is called as Nihon (Japan).”

“Nihon? Does anyone here know?”

The other elves shake their heads after getting asked by the King.

“That place is far away from here. I was brought here by God, so it is impossible to explain where that place is located.”

I don’t know where it is exactly, but it is very far from this world. It is a super complicated thing to explain. Talking about another world will make this discussion more complicated.

“My goodness……then, for what reason did God send you here?”

My role is quite difficult to be distinguished. I got a feeling that my role is not like the first hero in the storybook, however this time I was issued a command which fell to a heroic like role.

“I have no way to know what God’s true intention is. I was just looking for a job. It would be much better if He gave me a normal job in the first place though.”

I was under the impression that the job involved something like game testing at first, then I was brought over to a real battlefield. When you think about it, it’s a terrible event.

“With your current power, isn’t it possible for Masaru-dono to choose whatever jobs that he is interested in?”

Said the Queen.

“Ah……how to say it, my hometown is very peaceful. That’s why both swords and magic aren’t that useful in that country.”

“But that is no reason to put aside such powers to rot.”

“I only got the power after arriving here, thanks to being blessed by the Divine Protection.”

Afterwards, I tell them the story that I have repeated many times before. I went to Hello Work, was brought over here by God, then pointed to the Adventurer Guild. I never tell them about my attempt to hunt the Wild Rabbit. It’s not important. Just another trivial thing.

After I fought some battles, I gained new magic and skills through the power of Divine Protection. At the same time, I got my wives too.

An oracle was issued when I was about to go on a journey to the Kingdom. After two weeks of travelling, we arrived at this region.

I encountered Lily-sama and others at the fortress. Then I received another oracle. “Go save the Elf Country”, it said.

From there on, I did my heroic achievement.

“Oracle……so the oracle is the Quest all along!”

“That means you are truly sent here by the God to save all of us……”

“The oracle and Divine Protection, plus that power. Now that everything is known, its hard to see you anything other than a hero.”

I’m having trouble to continue, so I stopped frequently in an attempt to keep everything under  wraps, but I can’t see it going so well. Now that the cat is out of the box, I know this news will become huge someday; and that pretty much kills my appetite.

I don’t feel like I’m going to be treated as anything significant soon, so everything is still fine. It was mentioned that there is no chance this information is going to be leaked outside of the Elf Country too.

“Only a handful of people from the shrine and some Truth Officials know this information. For that reason, please keep this secret guarded close.”

“I will do just that.”

Hearing all my activities satisfies their curiosity, now we discuss about the current pioneering project ongoing in my territory and my plan on the future as an adventurer.

For the time being, I planned to stay here until spring, even though I have nothing planned yet after the spring has arrived. After I explained to them again how we can go back here anytime with the Gate, they all show a relieved face.

They didn’t say much, but it’s stupid to think that they aren’t worried in the slightest after entrusting their daughter to us.

Basically, the elves will play some role during the development phase of my territory. We will receive some fighting power from the elves so it’s fine for us to skip help from the adventurers. In return, I have agreed to give everything that I’ve got if the Elf Country gets threatened again.

“The weapon prototypes to counter the anti-magic metal has been completed. Even if we’re under attack again, we will try not to bother Masaru-dono.”

The King has a very optimistic views, however, I can’t help to be pessimistic since I was foretold about the incoming destruction of this world.

This isn’t an issue unrelated to them either. It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t issue them a warning beforehand.

“I can’t say it for sure……. there may be a huge crisis coming in the future.”

The whole table get quiets after hearing my words.

“I heard that Hiragis was destroyed. If the Elf Country didn’t receive Masaru-dono and the others help on time, we would likely have been destroyed this time as well. Are you telling me that this kind of crisis will continue in the future?”

“I don’t know. God will never answer me. It will happen soon……still, there might not be anything for the upcoming 5 to 10 years. Nevertheless, I believe that it’s wise to get prepared for when anything happens.”

The only thing that I know is the deadline is in 20 years. Anything further than that, only God knows. Without a doubt, I highly believe that this world will experience a huge scale invasion from the Demon Realm or the Demon King himself. But there is no evidence to support my conviction.

Other than that possibility, the only one left is an alien invasion, or an attack by the subterranean. Perhaps there is a mad scientist somewhere in this world, trying to develop a bomb which can cause a planetary explosion.

“I already drafted a plan in mind on how to further strengthen this country’s defence………I should give it more serious thinking.”

After several small chats, the meal is finally over. In the end, I got too caught up and end up unable to finish the meal.

The elves cuisine is slightly different and tasted delicious, so Tilika told me.

“What do you mean by the story just now?”

Right after we get some time to be alone, I was confronted by Ellie. Go figure.

“I would also like to confirm it with you……”

“If you have something hidden, don’t you think now is the time to come clean?”

“I already explained a lot about my skills, but would you like to hear about the production technique too?”

“Well, that.”

“If, we settle down and open a shop or something, will we live a prosperous life and out of  danger?”

“That actually sounds fun.”

Ann agreed.

“But, when I first arrived, the God warned me. Rather, I was advised. You should never settle down in any town, He said. It’s dangerous.”

“You clearly mention something about a period of 5 to 10 years afterward. I would like to hear something concrete.”

“Didn’t I tell you that my return deadline will be around 20 years? In other words, something will surely happen by that time……. what is going to happen, that, I don’t know.”

After hearing my answers, Ellie glanced at Tilika. Tilika remains unresponsive. I thought my answer is borderline dangerous, but it seems to be okay.

Well, when the times come, I’ll still get exposed. Eventually, I’ll have to talk about it with everyone.

Something that will bring destructions to this world.

As long I don’t get any concrete information, I’ll not get alarmed.

For example, if my own worry makes me trigger something that I shouldn’t, I might accelerate the destruction.

Regarding the possibility of Demon invasion, I’ve already done enough preparation.

If there is an alert on a large scale, I’m sure God will contact me or another person that is related.

Anything that I do now might be a premature action.

“Well, if something is going to happen, I’m sure God will notify us about it, right? Just like this time around.”

After saying that, it seems that everyone is convinced for the time being.


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  1. He’s leaving things up to luck too much… But I can’t really fault him on that because that’s what I often do as well, postponing things, thinking too optimistic about something so bad undoubtedly coming closer.
    He’d be hit hard if he thinks what little he did is enough.
    But I guess for now amassing trust first is for the best.

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    1. I find that in real life that kind of thinking is asking for trouble. I have no idea why anybody would hire a guy to work on a problem that he spends all of his time denying. The sad part in most of these stories the author spends so much time in denial that they have to deux ex machina to save the storyline. This makes the story very very boring near the end. The author is basically fluffing the storyline with all of his doubts and all of the characters Dallas over and over again when he knows he was told that in 20 years this place is going to destroy you that the choice whether to save it or not and you making all these people who have faith in you just sit there and not anyway prepare. It makes for a very sad and selfish storyline because everybody who has friends and family if you know that I’m putting this place going to destroy you going to preparing them to fight save the liable to tell them I want to this I want that I want to enjoy my free time with the woman I want to always fun things because in 20 years of places all be gone so I want to see it in her phone right now that’s just wrong. I’ve read a lot of these stories and in the end is the author of folly guess the main character some back bones and he followed us something but it takes forever.

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    2. I think he pointed out that he’s afraid he’ll trigger something if he worried about it too much. Sort of like a self fulfilling prophecy. Taking actions to prevent something might actually make it happen instead. But its not like he’s pressed for time at the moment. 20 years is a long time, well its about 19 years now? If anything, he needs more information about the world.


  2. i do like this serie a lot but gods sake.. i COMPLETELy hates how wip he is..
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