Hello Work 6: Idle Talk 2

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Idle Talk 2 ~ As the King of All Elves

This is a desperate situation.

My country is completely besieged and there is nowhere to escape. The fact that Lily and Emilio managed to escape itself is a miracle. Now, no matter what happens, the elven royal family will survive.

I concentrate all my wisdom to find a way to break through this situation, but as expected, there is no way such a convenient thing will happen easily in real life.

Every method that I can think of involves a mighty magic and requires mana. It is my own blunder, for not focusing on anything that does not involved magic.

The Earth Turtle King nullified all magic. By taking magic away from us, in the blink of an eye, we are struck into a dilemma.

Their battle forces are tens of times more than us. We are ruined if we face them head on.

Although I do intend to escape at the last moment, I do not think the probability for my survival is higher than 10%.

I will not survive. I could not. At least, for the time being, I’m going to let as many of my countrymen to escape.

The monsters are now latched on the wall, scraping the wall to make a foothold, climbing one step at a time.

They are coming from everywhere.

I want to preserve my mana and use it to defeat the Earth Turtle King, however this situation cannot be ignored. If they managed to break into one location, the situation will turn fatal. We must defeat all of them before they managed to trespass the rampart wall.

I am short-handed.

Should I ask for help from the humans?

However, stopping the Earth Turtle King in its tracks is just a momentary measure. We cannot hold it for long. The moment we realized that it is impossible to defeat the Earth Turtle King, everything was already too late. If we send the envoy shortly after the attack of the demon army, we might have made it on time. Who could imagine our failure in stopping a large species?

The problem right now is the marching of the Earth Turtle King, as well the usage rate for elves mana.

I need to determine the minimum fighting forces for defence and save the rest to defeat the Earth Turtle King.

At the moment, all departments have been depleted of their mana.

The elves are familiar with bows. However, their physical strength is limited.

Our mana can be recovered with time, but that option is not available since the monsters are incoming indefinitely.

There is no damage yet on this area. The solid wall is preventing the monsters from reaching this place. Even then, I cannot make the decision to abandon the country.

But, if we could not stop the Earth Turtle King’s advance, the wall will certainly be destroyed.

If only we could defeat the Earth Turtle King──


Lily brought back a group of adventurers. A user of Gate Magic is among their rank.

Nonetheless, knowing the country will fall, there is no way I will be comfortable with the idea of escaping and staying alive. Lily, despite being a child, must feel the same way. This child closely resembles me. Plus, she is a genius compared to me. People will sing praise of her as the strongest Spirit Magic user in the future. I cannot let her die here.


“Your majesty, the turtle has started moving again.”

“I’m coming now.”

After getting a short sleep, my head  has cleared. I’m worried about Lily; however, I need to focus on the enemy in front of me.

No, if anything happens she can escape through the Gate. Regardless of the young man who claimed to have the power to defeat the Earth Turtle King, having a Gate user at this time is a blessing from the God. I’m sure Lily would not escape even if the situation became worse. When that happens, I will forcibly send her away by my own self.

“How are the preparations?”


The five most powerful Fire Magic users. Along with that, there are dozens of high-level fire mages. Some retired elderly who have passed hundreds of years old are also mixed in. They force themselves to move their clunky bodies, coming out from their retirement for their last service. From the oldest men to the youngest child, we are all fighting for our life.

Even so…….my home country, will it become like Hiragis, wiped out and destroyed…? O’ God and Spirit, please save the elves.

The turtle’s anti-magic shell managed to withstand our previous saturated magic attack. However, it was revealed that there is a  limit to its defensive power. Another saturated magic attack concentrated on that point is needed. That way, the anti-magic shell can be penetrated for sure.

If possible, I will order the remaining spirit mage to strike down the Earth Turtle King.

There are many enemies in the Earth Turtle King vicinity. As long we can reach them with Spirit Magic, all of them will be annihilated for good.

I cannot participate in this attack, despite being a Spirit Magic user myself. As a King, it’s necessary for me to live on till the end. It’s my task to witness my own brethrens deaths.

“In the name of the God and Spirit protection. Start your chant.”

“In the name of the God and Spirit protection. Start chanting. Three, two, one, shoot!”


The Earth Turtle King is still alive. Our plan is a complete failure.

Although a little, we managed to scrape the anti-magic shell. We just do not have enough mana.

“──forgive me, everyone.”

I could not say anything else.

Our demise will come when the Earth Turtle King has arrived near the wall. There is still plenty of time to enjoy our last drink, together with everyone else who are going to be dead. Perhaps, a little bit of Sake……

“Yur majesty, look!”

My gaze is shifted to the location pointed at by my subordinate. There, a single flare is about to be formed. I recognized that face, it is the human male who was brought here by Lily. He must be an excellent human mage if he can use Flare.

But, even with that, it is still a single flare……

“That guy is still chanting.”

“That thing is massive.”

A powerful mana that was never felt before is transmitted until far away.

A massive and scalding hot fire ball unseen before was formed.

No way, is that guy human?

After he finished casting, while all the elves are gawking over the fireball, he finally shoots the Flare──after the shockwave ended, the upper part of the Earth Turtle King has clearly gone.


But there is no time to think. Right afterwards, the monster’s invasion began.

“Consolidate your defence! Messengers, go!”

As a matter of fact, the crisis is not yet gone. The monster’s forces are overwhelming while the elves have exhausted their mana and yet to recover. It’s a good thing we are free from the Earth Turtle King threat, but this is a critical moment.

This opportunity brought by Lily, I cannot let it go to waste.


A long-range magic was activated once more from the place where the Flare was shot.

Once, twice, three times. The enemy has recognized that place as where the main force is located and concentrate their attack there.

Wind Magic and Water Magic. That Wind Magic might be from Lily, but is there a Water Magic user there as well?

The enemy’s attack gradually becomes weaker, all thanks to the adventurer’s efforts.

“Lily and the others who were brought by her, please call them here.”

“Yes, your majesty!”

The messenger brings a message saying Lily is headed to relieve the Southern Gate. However, it seems the adventurers are the ones who unleashed the long-range magic after they defeated the Earth Turtle King.

There is no room to think. If they went for relief then I won’t hold them back.

“We need to send a message to the fortress.”

The situation has changed. If we request for reinforcement now, the relief troops might arrive by early tomorrow. This will be the dividing line between life or death for the elves.

Although it is shameful to ask for something that we have once refused, this is not the moment to dwell on that matter.


The Elf Country is vast. It is not a place were Fly is enough to cover. There is no easy way to relay a message quickly. Even so, each time the messenger came, news of the success of the adventurers were told.

He killed the enemy with Meteor. He is chanting a large-scale magic with tremendous mana in rapid succession. His mana is bottomless.

Apparently, there are two mages who defeated the Earth Turtle King, a fire mage and wind mage. Both of them are powerful mages even by Elf standard. There is also a report saying that one of them is giving support to the frontline alone by himself.

There is also a report stating someone from beastman tribe is driving away the enemies with a terrific bow skill.

The enemies are still aggressively attacking us, aiming for our head. Our side’s forces were already depleted of mana. Still, there is a hope left──


And then, when it was over, all the enemies disappeared.


Not long after, we are reunited. The spirits sang a song about God blessing. A marriage discussion for Lily.

If you asked me what my impression of the man who received an oracle from God is, he is a person who confidently claimed that he can defeat the Earth Turtle King; overall, a young man with a reliable atmosphere.

However, I can sense his honesty.

It goes without saying, people will be quick to lower their head, “your majesty,” they will say. Yet he is making me feel like a father.

It does not matter whether I blessed them or not. Lily resembles me in this way. Once decided, she will never bend.

The Elf race has a long life.

She will live for 100 years, even 200 years maybe. For now, I will let them be together.

This is a thanks from me for giving other elves a second chance for life.

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