Hello Work 6: Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 ~ The Elf Evening Party

Finally, our dining together with my father (planned) is over. That is the hardest task I’ve ever done so far, however there is another event available for today.

A party. An evening party to be precise.

Honestly, I don’t want to attend it. But I cannot be absent even if I wish for it. I simply cannot refuse them since they requested us to be present as their guests of honor.

In the first place, I am the only one reluctant to it.


I gave up on resisting early on. Maybe I should groom myself to be presentable for the party.

My hair has grown a little, so when I told Ellie that I want to cut it, she went asking for help from an elven barber. In the meantime, I refreshed myself in the bath.

This is the first time I’m taking a bath alone after a long time. The elves frequently come and go from our room. By the time I finished cutting my hair, everyone else is done bathing.

Right now, everyone is setting up their hair at the other side with a partitioned mirror. The elf has been staring at me for a while. Me, the husband…….

The others have their garment prepared by the elves.

I was taken to the other room and was showed a lot of outfits. I chose an outfit that looks like a suit because I don’t want to appear rude.

It was shocked to see costumes with various colours were lined up as if they are normal. They look like a stage costumes rather than for a party. Plus, the costumes look comical. They might suit the smart and handsome elves, however I will surely look like a clown if I wear one.

I chose my outfit and got dressed up. Then, I returned to my room and waited. The first one to finish their makeup, Ellie, came out and showed it off.

“What do you think?”

An adult looking dark dress with an exposed shoulder line. The hem of her skirt ended around her ankle. She put more effort on her makeup than usual and she got her hair curls redone. A fragrance different from her usual perfume also drifts on the air.

Those glittering necklace and hair ornaments, seems like she is already wearing the accessories that we received earlier today.

“Wow! You are looking real stunning!”

“Right? Hey, don’t touch them!”

I embraced her, and I got told off when I sniffed around her hair.

I planned to touch her lightly at first, however since there are other people around, even if I have a sudden craving, I will keep things in moderation.

“Are you borrowing that dress? Or did you receive it?”

I want to take them home. I want her to wear it in our room.

This dress gives off a “what!” and “look at that” kind of feeling absent in her ordinary clothes.

“Take it home. I want you to wear it at home as well–”

“Masaru is completely hopeless. Once we are at home, we will do it properly.”

Seems like my request has been transmitted successfully.

Although Ellie has uttered something like “it can’t be helped,” her face has a tint of rose on it and she looks very happy.

When I can see something like this, I feel like the party is not that bad at all.

“Your suit looks nice too, Masaru. Even your hair looks smart now.”


Right, right. Even Masaru can look handsome if he tried.”

While I was flirting with Ellie, both Sati and Tilika were done changing clothes.

“Both of you are absolutely cute.”

Both of them are wearing the same white dress which accentuates their cuteness. They are wearing a light pink and blue colour ribbons respectively to match with their clothes.

“Please turn around, Sati. Here you go.”

Sati turned around upon my request. Her skirt was uneven. I’m used to this incident since Sati has done it several times before. Tilika also turns around and looks at hers.

What is with her underwear? Did the elves prepare that too?

I have a right to check it, but now is not a suitable time for that. So disappointing.

“Where is Ann?”

Even after I have ogled these three in their outfits to my heart’s content, Ann has not come out yet.

“Angela sama has her dress prepared late.”

“Her breasts cannot fit in the clothes.”

“She needs a custom tailored one to fit those breasts.”

Since all elves have thin bodies, they don’t have a dress that can fit big breasts.

After listening to everyone, I am wondering if I need to check on Ann’s situation, and at the same time an elf came while holding a cloth. Bet the dress was tailored now.

Shortly after, Ann came out. She tied her hair up, and this time not only her shoulder is exposed, even her back was barely covered.

Even her breasts were emphasized. Hey, isn’t this a bit too erotic?

“This dress feels a bit racy, I wonder if it looks good?”

Not only was she unused to the dress style, she seems uneasy with the unfamiliar hairstyle as well.

“This attire is quite normal for an evening party. It looks very good on you, Ann.”

“Yeah, it really suits you.”

What a waste to show this off to the other guys. I want to bury my face in her breasts right now.

I don’t care about the party anymore. I want to take everyone, in this appearance, back home right at this instant.

But, since our preparation is completed, I have no chance left to have a little skinship with Ann as we are urged to move to the venue immediately. We were told that the party has already begun, now waiting for us.

Oh well. Those breasts belong to me. I can do whatever I want to them once the party is over.


The party was conducted in a small hall. There are about 100 elves inside. This is fewer than what I previously thought. Unlike the previous one where the king was announcing their victory, this time it is not as crowded.

The venue was filled with colourful costumes, just like the one previously shown in the changing room.

I can hear music flowing and there are people dancing. Don’t tell me I need to dance too?

We are led inside by the King and the sound of applause echoes.

This is the party where you need to stand. As soon as I entered the hall, I stiffened and am unable to eat, again.

Lily approached me and gave her greetings. There are a group of elves standing nearby. All of them seem to be in a bad mood.

The dress Lily sama is wearing fit nicely with the party’s theme, however I cannot afford to leer on it too long due to being in a public place.

They haven’t announced anything about my engagement or her training, so there isn’t much I can do at the moment.

Her training will only be announced during spring. Because of that I’m planning to stay here during that time period. The news of our engagement will be kept for the time being.


I stick beside Ellie to remain unnoticeable as much as possible. With Ellie’s help, we managed to pass through other people without a problem.

The elves who came to talk with me keep coming and going. In order to deal with this situation, I am going to borrow the power of alcohol.

Fortunately, all of us are the main highlight in this party, including Lily-sama. I’m not the sole target of their attention. It sure feels nice when this pressure is shared equally between us.

Still, I was introduced to the whole lot of King’s relatives and others civilian. Though, I can hardly remember their names and the alcohol is not helping me in any way. Perhaps Ellie can remember them all.

Ann is spreading the word of God and her shrine to the elves.

Sati and Tilika are together. Both of them are accompanied by the elves.

The music is flowing in the background, but will I ever be released from these greetings and have a dance?

Unlike Ellie who has received proper invitation from the elves, this is just a typical evening party with dance.

If they asked me to dance, I will flee for real.


After a while, Lily-sama brought with her a female elf with a calm demeanour.

“Masaru, do you still remember the time when you borrowed a bow during the battle?”

Oh, that’s right. I still have to return the bow to its owner.

If I am not mistaken, does this miss elf know the owner?

I took out the bow from the Item Box. I already cleaned it from dirt. A bit of scratches can be found here and there, but it is apparent that the bow has been maintained and used for years even by a glance.

The bow that I used was the one I bought early on when I was still just a beginner. At the end of the battle, my mana was depleted, hence I switched to my bow. Sadly, it cannot endure the abuse and broke. During that time, I was lent this bow.

“I really appreciated it when you lent this bow to me. I will return it to its appropriate owner now.”

Lily-sama took it from me and gave it to the owner.

“This……if only my son had survived, I can return this bow back to him.”

While saying so, the female elf longingly gazes at the bow.

Her son……if he managed to be alive, there is no reason for this lady to pass this bow to other people.

“That……your son, is he……”

With their healing technique, even if he is seriously injured, as long he survived, his treatment must have ended, and he should be here now.

“He bravely fought in battle. I heard that he fell down.”

“This is the best bow I have used. I bet he was a wonderful owner.”

“Yes. This bow……if possible, I want you to continue using it, Masaru-sama.”

“Is that okay?”

“This bow was made by the best craftsman even among other elves. I should not let it sleep as a decoration and give it to those who need it more. I’m sure that is what my son would wish for too.”

I graciously received the bow handed by the elf.

“This bow fit nicely with me. Even in previous battle, I’ve used it to defeat many enemies. I’m sure it will be a great help in my journey from now on. I’ll humbly use it.”

“I’m sure my son can rest in peace after hearing that.”

I tried not to think much about it, however there were lots of deaths during this battle.

This is a peaceful party. The elves barely spoke about the casualty.

I am a weak-willed man. That time during Harpies attack at Siory town, even that time during defensive battle at Gorbas Fortress, my will easily got shaken after witnessing the death occurring in front of me.

Even this time, I didn’t really think about it. I simply swept everything under the rug.

I shouldn’t meddle when others consciousness is focused on that matter. To have fun, that is the most important thing in the world.

It may be unscrupulous, it may be self-denial. People might even accuse me of being irresponsible. However, I don’t think I can live in this deadly world otherwise.

When I asked Lily-sama about it later, she said the dead was sent away properly. I mean, a week has passed since then.

Aside from some private talks, it has officially ended. For the elves who are in constant conflict with the demons, although this time the causalties are larger than usual, it must not feel different to them.

“May the spirit continue to bless you, Masaru-sama.”

The elf did not whine or anything, instead she quietly walks away from me.

“You must be tired, Masaru. Why don’t you take a rest now?”

Ann talked to me while my mind was still racing on the thought of the bow in my hands.

Less people came to greet us now. After witnessing the current interaction, the other elves start giving us some space.

“Maybe I should. I’m tired……but I think it is important for me not to be absent in a greeting party like this. I will try to stay here until the very end.”

Just like the previous elf, if conversing with them will relieve them of the pain of their dearest one’s death, I think that would be very meaningful.

“Let’s continue, then. there are many others who wants to greet you, Masaru.”

“Please, Lily-sama.”

The people continue to greet me, and the flow resumed. This time, the topic was not as heavy unlike those who were directly involved in the battlefield.

Numerous lives were saved as the result of our interference in the battle.

I want to change my mindset. Therefore, I will answer them seriously.

However, my interaction skill won’t improve just because I have become more motivated. I stumble on my words and my words came out clumsily, but the elves don’t mind that.

Just like that, the flow of the elves continues forever and ever……

Forever and ever? I thought it was about time to finish based on the amount of people attending the party. After I look around with Detection, I found out the queue kept on being replaced by new people.

When I asked Lily-sama about it, she answered there is a larger second venue opened to the general population. These people are coming from there. “The initial plan is to let you engage in a light greeting with them. Nevertheless, there are lots of people who wish to have a talk with you. I was saved since Masaru himself said he is going to continue until the very end.”

The party lasted quite a while until late evening.



Today, we are staying at the royal palace.

It is not like we are not allowed to go home, just that not only myself, everyone else was dead tired. Going back now is a pain since we also need to do housekeeping. Anyways, I’m planning to go back soon. Even so, the life in the elf castle is easy plus, we got fed good meals.

“You really did your best today, Masaru.”

I got a word of compliment by Mrs. Angela. I wish a reward came attached with those words, but it is impossible with the five of us here.

Today we get to spend our night in a twin bedroom. The other bed was taken by Sati and Ellie, with Tilika following suit. I am right beside them.

The neighbouring group started taking off their clothes and switch to their sleeping garments. Looks like they fell to sleep right after hitting the futon. We were busy since sunrise so I am not surprised that they have reached their limits.

“That is what I think too.”

I have done my best without any rewards. I wonder what has come to me today.

Although she is within my hand-reach, I was refused from touching her despite her enchanting body being covered only in a single piece of underwear. A little skinship might be alright, but I can sense her guard has increased. Maybe it’s due to the fact that everyone else is here plus we are spending the night at another place.

She will probably forgive me if I forced her, but in the end, I don’t think it is good to break her mood just to satisfy my temporary lust.

In the time like this, it’s better to be straightforward.

“Reward for my good job.”

I speak it clearly while turning my body to face Ann.

“You’re right, Masaru really did a great job. Good boy, good boy.”

Ann turned her body here too, and then she stretched her hand forward and gently stroke my hairs.

This is not what I was expecting, but it feels comfortable. Soon after, I got sleepy.

It is impossible to demand for more skinship and now I already reached my limit and feel sleepy.

With the help of the alcohol, I fell asleep not long after I bask in the good feeling while my head was stroked by Ann.


I was awakened by Sati. At that time, everyone else was already awake. Soon, we are going to have breakfast together with Lily-sama and the king. That is the last thing I want to do if I was still at home. If possible, I want to extend my sleep until the last moment.

Our menu for breakfast today is steak and salad together with bread and soup. Apparently, the elves eat a lot even early in the morning. Or was it simply due to oversupply of meat after the battle?

Either way, I am thankful for this since I didn’t get to eat much during the party yesterday and I went to sleep right after that.

“What is our plan today? I think Olba will get worried if we don’t return soon.”

“It’s fine, I don’t think he will make a fuss after a day without a contact with us. But I agree that we need to come back soon and report things to him.”

Ellie replied. The only thing left is to report back to the ruling lord regarding our successful negotiation with the elves.

“I am ready to leave this country whenever you are. But before that, is there anything left that Masaru and others want to do first?”

We need to collect the furniture and equipment from the treasure room, then I need to find a saddle for my horse. Afterwards, we will visit the weapon made from the Earth Turtle King……I wonder if that is all.

“Lily sama, what did you bring together with you?”

“I’m only bringing a bag for the time being. Would it be difficult to use the Gate if the amount of luggage increases? I can always have my things sent later.”

I haven’t told her about my Item Box special properties.

I better tell her now.

“If you want, I can carry them all inside my Item Box, you know? Even the previous dragon was stored inside my Item Box and we went through the Gate without a problem.”

“But we were informed that it is impossible to use the Gate to transfer a large number of items at one time.”

The Queen raised her doubts.

“I hope everyone will keep it a secret. Actually, my Item Box doesn’t affect the transition magic in any way. We can even transfer a large dragon if we wanted to.”

“Oh my. How convenient!”

“Transferring a dragon-scale item freely with the Gate……”

The King is trying to comprehend the meaning.

In this world, due to the nature of Space Magic uncapable of transporting heavy objects, they are mainly used for communication. With the combination of transition magic and my Item Box, it’s possible to cause a great revolution.

“We are not going to make a cargo transferring service and this ability is only thanks to the Divine Protection anyway. With that said, I hope you guys will keep this a secret, please?”

“I understand.”

“Of course, if the elves request it, I will not be shy to share this power with everyone else.”

“Wouldn’t that make us keeping this a secret redundant, though?’

Now that I think about it, my Item Box special property is rarer than Summoning Magic or any high-tier Space Magic. Given its utility value, the effect brought by its exposure might be more dire than I could expect.

“Someday……there may be times when we are required to borrow this power. Lily, remember, you need to provide support for everyone.”

“Of course, Father. Masaru, lets go! Our preparation for departure awaits!”

Lily sama excitedly declared.

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