NEET Hello Work 6: Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 ~ The Dragon Return to the Party

“We can use that hall to hold a party.” 

Ellie said while looking inside the interior of the unfinished mansion. Lily-sama nodded, agreeing to what Ellie has said.

A party……

Having a home party is a neat idea. I can bring Crook and Silver here and show them various things. That sounds like fun.

But what Ellie means by “party” perhaps is something like the celebration at the Elf Country.

“No party, please.”

I need to emphasis it right now, once and for all.

Because this house is going to be my personal space for relaxation, just like now, relaxing together with my family.

A place where outer disturbance is nil, a place where we can all rest while flirting together as one big family.

Hosting a party at my own home is hard enough. Please spare me from inviting the outsiders as well.

Ellie became an adventurer to cleanse and regain her family’s former glory. While I do share her sentiments, we do not have neither territory nor citizens yet. Even after becoming a noble for few years, I will still remain as the lowest quasi-Baron.

I don’t think I will do much. I cannot seem to muster my motivation.

“Umm, let’s do it.”

“But you are still busy, aren’t you? We are going to continue our pioneering plan, and during the spring, we are going to visit Ellie’s parent at their house in the Empire.”

It is true that I’m busy, but to be honest, I still have plenty of free time. If we work properly, we can get all the cultivating jobs done after half a day. Working an interval of one day is considered a relaxed schedule for an adventurer.

Even if we are travelling a long distance, we can still go back easily with transition magic. This way, working in one day interval might be inefficient.

That is the biggest, most perilous problem yet.

I can still dismiss the problem as a budget problem until a while ago. But currently we are getting sponsored by the elves, so we pretty much have all the funds available. I will still continue to earn money in the future, therefore lack of money will not cut it as an excuse.

I am maintaining this place by myself, too.

“But once the village has progressed to some extent, I need to start greeting the people in our neighbourhood, right?”

I wonder if there are other lords or great person in the vicinity. I’m taking things way too lightly.

This is way too troublesome. I hope I can get away by giving them Hikkoshi Soba. If I can visit them separately then I don’t need to worry getting stuck in a party again.

“In my country, we have a custom where we will give the neighbours where we are moving in a Hikkoshi Soba.”

“Hikkoshi Soba?”

“Usually a person who just moved in, like me, will share pack of moving buckwheat noodles while greeting their neighbours.”

“Umm, what kind of dish is this ‘Soba’?”

Anne asked.

“It is something like pasta. I’ve cooked ramen for you guys occasionally before, right? It is close to that.”

“This ‘Soba’ dish might be a rare delicacy, but I don’t know how relevant it is to use them as a door gift……”

“Just hold on. The real thing starts here. I know it is foolish to greet the local nobles and great men with just soba in hand, but remember when I gave the dragon to the Count? Why don’t we hunt something similar at the Demon Realm, and give them together with other gifts, just like an adventurer will do!”

We need to start hunting to level up Lily-sama. On the side note, we can get whatever things we need from the prey.

“That is too adventurer-like! What if someone start a rumour saying “that upstart house is lacking delicacy. They are like brutish adventurers”  and it start flying around? We are going to turn into a laughingstock!”

My plan was rejected. And here I thought it was a good idea.

“First impression is very important, if not the most. If you do not do it well the first time, how do you expect to gain their attention in the future?”

In the future, huh……if we are going to settle down permanently, it’s a given that establishing good relationship with our neighbour is a must, but I wonder if that is the case.

If we think about the incoming disaster that will befall this world in the future, keeping a superficial relationship like this would not matter much in the end. However, we are still going to live here for at least 20 more years, and if we somehow managed to avoid the destruction of the world, we may live here permanently and be continued by our descendants. Taking all these factors in hand, I guess we need to prepare a proper greeting, after all?

“A lot of girls will attend if you hold a party, just saying.”

Oh my? I see she trying a different approach to gain my interest?

“Usually, people will try to hook up during a party. That’s why a lot of young girls always attend these parties while dressed up.”

“I’m a married man, and I am not interested in hooking up with a stranger……”

I thought things are getting interesting, but naturally, I will be accompanied during the whole party. An adventurer with five wives like me will never get to spend a time alone.

“A party…that is a nice idea. Just leave all the preparations to us.”

“That is right. This Ellie right here, will make sure that everything will not be anything less than perfection.”

Well, if Ellie insists on doing it and it seems that she doesn’t mind it either, then I will leave everything to her. She can do whatever she wants.

I don’t dislike the party itself. I just don’t want to be the organizer or the main attraction. I would not mind them if I can enjoy my sake and my food in the corner.

“Eh, you sure? Please let me help a bit, too.”

“Just leave it to me!”

“……fine. Let’s have a discussion about this later. Okay?’

She brings herself closer and whispers to my ear.

“Hmm, hmm~ how should I reward you~”

I am doing whatever I want with my wives every day, and so far, none of them has resisted me yet.

It is clear as day that she has something mischievous planned in mind, but I can’t help but to feel nervous.

My cute little Ellie has gone full seducing mode. There is no way I can keep my face straight. Her body which is pressing against me feel so darn soft.

“Just a little more, I want to ask for Masaru’s help. Please?”

……there is no way I can refuse her.

I wonder what she wants my help for.

Aside from the party, there are other things that we need to do today.

I want to bring Ellie to my bedroom right this instant and redeem my advance payment for the reward, but first, I need to send Titus back to the Elf Country.

I can’t seem to find Patos anywhere. Based on her presence, it’s safe to say that she is working diligently inside Lily-sama’s room. She is sorting out the biggest luggage. It is tough for her to place everything inside a room that small.

Therefore, together with Titus, we activated the gate and went out to the terrace of the elf castle.

It will take a while to finish the preparation. Please pick me up around noon. Then, we returned back.

Next, I need to report to the Earl that I have been granted cooperation from the elves.

Since I’m swinging by at the Adventurer Guild after this, I leave Patos alone at home and together with others, we fly to the town.

I enter through the town’s gate and went directly to the Earl’s mansion.

If this is the other town, I will already incite the towns guard’s wrath and get caught, but here Lily sama face can be used as a free pass.

They were alerted when I enter the premises without prior appointment, but as soon as they saw an elf, we suddenly received warm welcome and were escorted to meet the Earl.

They are still dismantling the dragon at one of the corners of the garden. The soldiers took turn cooking in what seems to be a simple BBQ set and the food was served to the other soldiers.

A soldiers noticed our presence and waved at us with a smile. Dragon meat sure is popular anywhere in this world.

Afterward, we were guided to a gorgeous reception room inside the mansion. Inside, a cup of tea was served for everyone.

“Earl Parks, my father has promised his cooperation for the pioneering project.”

“That is good news. My side is ready to give you permission for your project anytime.”

Great, now we are done here. There is no reason to linger here anymore. We are finished.

“Thank you very much, Earl. Now, if you will excuse us.”

I tried to flee the place quickly, but I was caught by the Earl.

“Ah, hold your horses. Wouldn’t it be difficult to be a pioneer? I’m thinking of giving you support in any way that I can.”

“I already plan to do everything by myself.”

“No, you see……”

“I can do everything with Earth Magic, and I am not planning to increase the village size any further, therefore manual labours are not needed. I appreciate your offer though.”

“I see.”

The Earl was left confused with my words.

Has his mood turned sour because I turned down his offer? But I am not sorry because I am serious with what I have said.

“The dragon, I see you have started dissembling and eating it. Your soldiers seem pleased too. I’m glad that we gave that as present.”

Ellie continue the conversation after I made an awkward stop.

“Oh, everyone is pleased. If you have any troubles, you are welcome to visit here anytime.”

I am troubled. I wonder what kind of advice will I get if I tell him that this world is going to perish in the near future?

That is impossible, right. The Earl will be troubled if I said that. Why is the thing that I want  always unreachable?

“We already promised our support. There is no need for the Earl to come out, you know?”

Well, I don’t really need the support from the elves either.

“That……how much support are the elves planning to give?”

“Everything, of course. Whether it is funds of staff, we are providing unlimited support.”

“No, we are just building a small village, you see……”

Why is she scaling up the project size?

“Better safe than sorry. Fine, we are going to the Adventurer Guild next, right? Let’s go, everyone.”

As soon we left the Earl’s mansion, Lily-sama activated Fly and went to the fortress. On the way to the fortress, Ellie stuck her face close to mine and said,

“Masaru, I wonder about that. Why he didn’t return back the gift?”

“You mean that one? In some cases, it will triple the original amount.”

“Three times, that is terrible. Why aren’t they returning it?”

“They will point back the finger to us.”

“I don’t understand. Was the Earl in trouble?”

Did you forget that he was angry with us just a while ago?

“In other words, if you want them to return the dragon, we need to receive their offer to help.”

For that reason, I turn it down for once and for all.

“It is difficult to pay something equivalent to that dragon, right?”

The Earl is offering to help in our pioneering project in return for the gift. Not only did I refuse that, I also left Ellie’s dragon to them. That will serve as a strong reminder of what I have in mind.

Besides, Lily-sama has declared that the elves are going to help with this project. If the Earl is involved, that might destroy the elf’s interest.

“If you understand……”

“You want to make him feels indebted to you.”

Seems like Ellie is looking to create a network before the party.

If a recently elected Lord is inviting people for his party, I wonder how many people will attend.

Since the elves are semi-isolated in foreign relationship, they don’t maintain any personal connection. Of course, we don’t have any connection to the outsider as well.

“I know that dragon was yours. Was that no good?”

In the first place, there is no restriction in our right to begin the pioneering project. The dragon is just an icing on the cake. In the worst-case scenario, we can receive help from the elves. If they are willing to give us something before we establish a connection, it might be fun to see what will happen in the future! So, she said.

Speaking of a specialty here, most of the products came either from the Elf Country or the Demon Realm.

As for the elf product, we can ask for the elve’s assistance to acquire them. Anything and for any amount.

As for the product from the Demon Realm, even if we send out request to the adventurer to help us hunt a dragon, there is no guarantee that we can get a same prey as the previous big dragon.

“How about we ask for money in exchange?”

“Even if we request for money, that kind of item is not interchangeable with money alone.”

Well, she is right.

We are adventurers. Everything can be solved with money. Even if we received it as a thank you, there will be no problem. We are adventurers, after all.

However, in our case, the Earl was reluctant to our idea at first. And when we are just about to get the permission, the elves arrived.

The elves sponsorship is like stirring up a hornet nest. If it was not for the Earl condition, I would never accept it in the first place.

The negotiation was done roughly that it almost went bad. That time, the Earl’s subordinates and other peoples, they were all focused on the dragon and what Ellie was saying.

The Earl’s subordinate can never get back to their boss, though.

“This is troublesome.”

“That is right, this is troublesome. These aristocrats are usually very prideful, especially the Earl looks like someone who wants to keep his face all the time.”

“Things already turns like this, pushing it any further is not desirable. I don’t want to make enemies.”

“What are you talking about. The other side already expose their hostility since the beginning.”

“Yeah, that is true, but…”

“Even if he makes the offer earlier, Masaru will still turn it down.”

“You’re right.”

I want to hide my ability to use a large-scale magic as much as possible.

If someone came to visit after the project is completed, I can simply think of something to deceive them.

“It’s okay. Did you notice that he is giving off a meek impression today? As long we are with the elves, he will never try anything funny.”

Hey Ellie, you are raising a flag.

“Maybe it is better to have a friend to rely on, somewhat.”

“Excluding the elves, he is the most powerful person in this area. If you can become friends with him, that will make a huge difference.”

I thought our deal is finished, but maybe next time we meet, I should try to befriend him?

I don’t know what will happen during the course of world destruction. It is still unknown  what is needed for the world to be saved, so it is a safe bet to keep all the manpower and military power as much as possible.

Their ‘specs’ are lower compared to the elves, and the Earl is not a friendly person, so I thought he was unnecessary. Connections to the kingdom side and thousands of troops may be useful in emergencies.

Either way, is it premature to shake off the relationship at this stage?

“I’m sure Earl Park will be more thankful to us. The only reason he can save face is all thanks to our hard work.”

“Please don’t say unreasonable things.”

It’s not like I can reveal ‘things’ to him.

I never mention anything about it until we meet the elf. If we want to get into a friendlier terms, it is inevitable but to share all the information that I have. Trying to gain ally the ordinary way would never work, so I am left with no other choice.


“What if……just in case, Masaru doesn’t want to become a noble. Worst case scenario, I can just become one, you know?”

“Is that fine?”

“This is just a small territory, there is no reason for us to stick to it. With my current strength, I can easily become a court magician. It is probably quicker compared to establishing our own territory, albeit how small the size is.”

That is another way. The strongest Wind Mage who can use Gate. That will likely get the other country from aiming for my throat.

“I don’t have the intention to follow through that plan, though. My highest priority is to finish the mission given to Masaru. I can do other things at another time.”

She is already focused on what will be coming next.

There is a slight misunderstanding though. It is not a mission. The occasional quest from God is just a job, and my highest priority is to become happy.

I came all the way to another world for the sake of my own happiness, thus I proceed to choose the life of adventuring. It is not for the sake of the God who transport me here.

For that reason, I find the task preventing the world destruction to be a nuisance.

I can do as much as I can to give support from the side, but I clearly don’t want to accept full responsibility.

“Well, regarding the oracle, I don’t know when will the next one come, so for now, we will just do whatever that we can do.”



First thing first, I need to make sure to bring happiness to my wives. That is my top priority.

If possible, I hope God will keep this peaceful time for a little longer.

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  1. I don’t get it, when he already has family in hands, why is he still unconcerned about world’s destruction?
    Did he thinks that in 20 years the world will just suddenly collapse or something? Hell no! It’d probably started with a massive attacks and then years long resistance by the natives until last blood.

    The time limit isn’t as lax as he may think it is… People will die during that, and his family doesn’t necessarily get a safe passage during all that.
    At that point, anywhere would be dangerous.

    Also, there’s still no guarantee that God will let him transport his family back home with him. Is he letting that fatal problem lay in back burner?

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    1. Masaru is one of the most incoherent/dysfunctional MCs I’ve ever seen.

      If he wanted to have an isolated happy life he shouldn’t have created any bond with anyone from that world and gone to an isolated and unpopulated island in the middle of nowhere of some ocean and wait for the world to end.
      However he got 5 wives! Then he should already have understood that his option of an island is no more. He might not care for this world, but the wives do and try their best for their own dreams and objectives.

      And he still doesn’t understand what an adult is supposed to do. He should return to the first city and look in the guild some classes on “How to be grown man” since he acts like a horny 13 year old that doesn’t want to talk to adults.

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