NEET Hello Work 6: Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 ~ Family Meeting

I need to start thinking about the final concept while this mansion is being built. To make it a proper residence, I need to have a gate, a garden, and a passage to the mansion.

There is no gate nor an entrance because we usually fly over into our house. As expected, this is a problem.

The elves are going to continue their work tomorrow afternoon. I need to think of something and prepare the foundation of the gate before then. The process will consume a lot of mana, so once that part is done, I can do the rest of the process on my own. I’m recovering my mana during the daytime.

By the way, the elf chief looks like she is in the middle of her 20’s. Even though she might pass as a high school girl once she put on the uniforms, in reality, she is a 120 years old woman.

That is still an early age for a chief, but she said “I have done this job for over 100 years! My skills are legit!” so, I was told.

I don’t know whether she is joking or being serious.

While I’m consulting with the chief regarding the gate arrangement, Sati came over and call me for lunch. It is already a tea time, but since everyone is busy decorating the mansion, it has gotten quite late.

All the necessary discussions are done, so I’m heading out to eat.

I get down from the tower to the first floor with Sati. In the end, I find it more natural if the entrance is at the ground floor, and it is less complicated.

“My stomach is rumbling. Let’s eat.”

“All praise to the God who graces us with food today. Thanks for the food.”

““Thanks for the food!””

After I get seated, Ann started with her daily simple prayer.

Today’s menu is dragon steak with Orc cutlet, deep fried rabbit, bread, salad and many more ingredients. Tartar sauce for fried chicken and mayonnaise for salad. Everything was in heap and the room was filled with the delicious smell of fried food.

It was already late afternoon, and I am okay with a simple lunch box. However, since we are welcoming Lily-sama today, they went with classic menu.

“This is Orc cutlet. You can eat it the way it is or dip it into the sauce. This, here, is a deep-fried rabbit.”

Following Ann’s instruction, Lily-sama followed the others and stretch out her hands towards the dishes. During the previous battle, she was offered the same thing once and she ate them without problem. It seems like she holds no particular like or dislike and she happily eats them all.

Based on my observation, the elves or the elves royalty in particular seems to somewhat use the same seasonings and recipes like us. They are not a picky eater too.

According to the story that I heard later, since they are importing some foods from the outside, the elf’s diet become not much different compared to ours. Rather, since the fortress receives a lot kind of ingredients, sometimes the elves will come out to buy them.

A different atmosphere lingers around our dining table today. When I think about it, her eating habits are actually beneficial to us in the future. I will be troubled if our diet doesn’t match.

“I know we are still eating but please pardon my intrusion. Welcome to our household, Liliane-sama.”

After everyone’s pace has slowed, I take the opportunity to give her the welcome speech.

“I see. Thank you.”

“And another thing, we cannot refer you with the honorific ‘sama’ all the time, so I was thinking if it’s time to, uh, you know……”

I have no problem to continue giving her the princess treatment, however since we are going to adventure and fight together, it will be way easier if everyone can refer to her more naturally.

“That is my intention. I’m starting my training, after all. This way, it sounds nicer.”

“True. So, should I call you Liliane, or Lily?”

“How about Lilia?”

“That sounds nice. Lilia, Lilia.”

The nickname given by Ellie actually sound cute. It sounds somewhat different compared to a common nickname like Lily, so it is convenient.

“I see, so be it. Calling me Lilia sounds more intimate. If you have anything to say in the future, please don’t be shy to share them with me.”

“Well, everyone is equal here, so I’ll be relieved if you all can be friends. Everyone has their own specialty, it’s natural if we depend on each other.”

“To be honest, my power is still much inferior. I don’t know how much I can be a help to everyone……”

That included Lily-sama’s housework skills as well, but there is no way she has thought that far. Well, I’m sure Ann has all the job distribution in her head.

“Well then, Lily-sama……Lilia, let’s see what skills you have.”

From here on is my responsibility.

“Isn’t that still a bit too early?”

“Since you are already level 8, I’m sure enough points have saved up.”


Ellie, including everyone, is surprised.

“What? Doesn’t that mean……Lilia has received the Protection……but, just how come……?”

“I’ve never heard about this!”

Her Protection was enabled when I put on her ring, then we headed to eat……I thought of explaining about it afterwards, but then the party started………then, I fell asleep…….

“I totally forgot to explain!?”

“Fine, you forgot to explain, but what is the meaning of this?”

“Seriously……this is a very important thing.”

“You see, it happened when I gave the magic ring to Lilia. Her Protection was enabled at that time. After that, I was caught up telling about ourselves to the King and the party started……I am sorry.”

As for the details regarding the ‘divine’ Protection, since the King didn’t press the issue too much, I ended up giving him a bare bones explanation. Perhaps, he is respecting my secret, or maybe he doesn’t want to be nosy.

“I see. It was that time.”

“Masaru-sama’s proposal! That was cool!”

Now that I think about it again, it was pretty embarrassing. But it certainly had an effect, I mean, Sati was clearly enamoured by my proposal. Well, Sati do praises me all the time.

“I received the protection? I don’t feel any difference.”

“First, let me explain what this Protection does. There are these things called “skills”, and theyーー”

While having meal, I start explaining about the alternate skill system. Lily-sama, or rather, Lilia stop eating and start throwing questions in between explanation.

“How do I say.”

After the Q&A session ended, while the pudding was served, Lilia turned speechless after taking a look at her skill list that I have noted down in my notebook.

Lilia also took down her own note while staring at the menu. By the way, Lilia’s loyalty is 51. The loyalty point is private. Various problems will occur if the difference in love is shown.


As we can see, if we take MP as comparison, mine is 13475, about 30 times higher than Lilia. Lilia’s mana was already doubled due to magic ring effect, so actually my mana is 60 times higher than hers.

For Liliane who would have been on the elite upbringing, this disparity may be shocking.

“30 times more mana than mine……I had an inclination that yours is much higher, but this…….”

Lilia was involved during the second phase of the previous defensive battle, but her level is unexpectedly low. Was the difference caused by the availability of Protection, or was it due to the difference in the number of subjugation? Since she didn’t have a guild card, I have no way to confirm her subjugation number. And even if she does have it now, I cannot check the difference.

Still, it is an enormous value of mana which is much more superior compared to Ellie or Ann in their early days. She just needs a little more training to become a great mage.

Yeah, she can serve as a rear guard. No matter how I think about it, she is not suitable as vanguard or scout.

“No way……this much……”

“Umm, Lilia-san?”

“So, this is what my husband is like! What an amazing power!”

After I opened up Lilia’s menu, her loyalty suddenly increased by 4.

She is genuinely happy. Well, it’s good that she isn’t overwhelmed.

“So, the Protection gives us this kind of power!”

“Just like how I explained before, originally, I’m a powerless guy. Everything was given by God.”

I always emphasize this after such a reveal. Although their respect might drop a bit, I’ll be troubled if I’m being treated as a hero even at home. I want them to see the real me.

“What are you talking about. If you put it that way, then our spirit is also a thing that was given by God. Heck, if you go further backwards, even magic, even this world itself is something that God has created.”

“My Demon Eye too.”

“It’s not like you sit around and get the Protection, do you?”

“Yeah, I guess so. Even with all the luck and blessings, I could still die.”

In retrospect, I started out with Wild Rabbit, then a large boar, a dragon, a pack of harpies and lastly an Orc King. Together, the battle at the Elf Country. I face such life-threatening crisis many times. I even took the training with Sergeant-dono.

Even though I did my best to avoid danger, in less than a year after I arrived here, I was put into life and death situations at least 6 times. Geez, that was like a monthly occurrence. Terrible.

“Don’t let it bother you. What matters most is how you use that power.”

It was painfull being told that because so far, I’ve only use this power for my own safety and happiness.

“We will leave it at that for now. Let’s think about what to do with Lilia’s skills.”

“Umu. Lets raise my spirit magic first, afterwards……what does the numerical value next to the mana value mean?”

“Ah, it shows the amount of your mana is doubled with a magic ring.”


“Naturally, you never explained about the ring, did you?”

“I cannot help it because I was busy yesterday and today too……”

I admit that I tried to postpone all these troublesome things. My priority is to enable withdrawal from any town.

“Your original mana value is 206, and it is doubled by the magic ring.”

“Is that so! So, it is this ring.”

“Magic ring. Its effect is to double the amount of your mana, as well to double the recovery rate of your mana. I got it as a reward for completing the Quest.”

“This is a genuine sacred treasure that we received directly from God. Amazing stuff!”

For some reason, Ellie proclaim proudly. Ellie also told her about the tale of Wild Rabbit and the ring to Lilia. I’ve been told by God that He is just lending it to me, but I wonder about that since it has been a long time since. Well, I don’t think He will ask me to return it now.

“Sacred treasure……I see. So that’s the reason why you don’t need the elven treasure.”

“I already checked it before and it seems that the effect doesn’t overlap when you equip multiple rings.”

“Fumu. However, since I have received this ring, should I take the bracelet too? Wouldn’t it be nice to have more mana?”

She is right. An increase of 50% more mana will mean more Meteor that can be cast.

Well it depends not only on the ring, but also my skill. There is no need to rush since I can still think about it.

“You still need someone who can play the shield role. Just leave it to me.”

“Well, regarding that matter, are you sure you want to do this? Based on your stats and skills, I think it is wiser if you act as our rear guard.”

“Spirit magic is very good for defending, and just because it is focused on defence doesn’t mean the attack power is reduced. Having a balance of both offence and defence is the greatest strength of spirit magic users.”

Certainly, it is convenient if you can shoot out offensive magic at the same time. Erecting defensive magic and shooting out offensive magic simultaneously. Using attack magic while you are in the air with Fly. This will drastically change the power balance on the battlefield.

Even so, the likes of Sati still manage to penetrate her defence. That anxious feeling still remains.

“As you can see, my spirit magic is level 2. That means, there is still room to grow.”

So, first I’m going to increase her spirit magic level. Then, we will see how well it defends against Sati’s attack.

We clean up after the meal and move to the living room.

“I pray to God, to bestow Lilia with part of our Protection. For the spirit magic, is our wishーーnow, Lilia, close your eyesーー”

I put my hand on top of Lilia’s head, who is in front of me, then I operated the menu.

“I make a payment (with points), to strengthen the power of Lilia’s spirit magic.”

“O, woah……I get, I get it! The power of spirit magic is gushing inside me!”

This might look sketchy, but there is a reason why I am doing this. It is to increase the loyalty. By making it a ceremony, it becomes easier to acquire the skills.

Sure enough, loyalty increased by three points. It’s a wonderful effect.

““Congratulations! Congratulations!””

Afterwards, everyone congratulates Lilia.

“Woah, thanks!”

Well, it’s troublesome to do it every time, but doing it at the beginning will add a nice touch.

“That’s why you want to keep it a secret. If such power comes to light……I wonder how much chaos will ensue?”

I am glad you understand.

“But, if that is the case, why are you increasing your ‘women’? Don’t you want to keep this confidential?”

“It’s not a matter of simply adding wives. You need to meet a condition before you are given Protection.”

Regarding slavery, it is still unknown. When I think carefully, even though Sati received my Protection as soon as she became my slave, it was premature to think the enslavement was the condition of protection. I need to run a test.

“It’s love. If you don’t love Masaru from the bottom of your heart, you will never gain the Protection.”

So, Ann said. It’s embarrassing to hear it directly, though.

“Yeah, to put it simply, you need to have a certain level of trust or love for me before you can gain my Protection.”

“Then, was it that time……indeed, at that moment, I pledged a heartfelt loyalty to Masaru. I was already in love with him at that time, but I don’t think that alone is enough……perhaps, it happens because I’m entrusting my life in his hands.”

That time, when Sati became mine, she told me that she was very happy.

That is the beginning, before everyone else got their Protection.

“That’s right. Everyone here, myself included, are here because we chose Masaru ourselves. It is not the opposite, you know?”

Sati doesn’t have the right to choose, but she still shows her trust, her favour right from the start.

“As long as I own this power, I……no, that is not right. I honed my skills with my own ability. I’m just an ordinary man……”

“Correct. When we met, I found you to be ordinary compared to the other outstanding mages.”

During those days, I wonder if Ellie felt the same.

“Eh? I thought he was pretty good. He learned Recovery Magic in two days, and he managed to master both Wind and Water Magic quickly too.”

“Masaru-sama was amazing right from the beginning.”

“Wild Rabbit……”

Tilika, that is one thing you just can’t.

“The story won’t finish if we keep talking like this! Let’s test out the spirit magic and see how strong it has become!”

Afterwards, we all move to the tea room at the rooftop to test out the magic. This room is suitable because it has plenty of space. Sati shows her brilliant swordsmanship.

“What do you think!”

“It’s getting harder. But the difficulty is lowered once the wind shield has reach its limit.”

“Right……not difficult!?”

“Yes, since there is a time gap after the hit when the shield is repairing itself, if it was attacked in succession……”

“Let say, if everyone shoots their magic simultaneously, will the shield disappear?”

“I don’t think it can withstand that.”

It’s become strong, but it is still worrying. A self-restoring shield is interesting, but it is wind element, so it might be weak against earth and water.

“Muu……how about I wear armor and wield a big shield?”

Will that be enough to compensate for the weakness? She would only need to bear it for a fraction of second until her shield is restored.

I’m also concerned about her physical strength. After her physical strength level is increased, the armor wouldn’t be too unbearable for her. To be honest, any adventurer in general will benefit from strengthening their physical ability. It’s not the perfect solution, but that will alleviate her burden from her shield role. It is necessary for all of us. I’m putting my hope on her.

For the time being, she will occupy the vanguard position temporarily.

I proceed with the work that is planned for today and after everything is finished, I sent the elf workers back home.

What left is my night time enjoyment.

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