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Hello everyone. First of all, Merry Christmas! I hope you have a great holiday during this blessed day. So, today I have several news to mention to everyone.

Firstly, I haven’t received a single reply from our friend Nergal yet, and that makes me worried. So, if you read this message, please reply me back! I am worried!😭

Secondly, I was notified by our friend Creris that someone has been stealing my translation, and turns out, he was right! Not only that, he purposely only stealing my translation, and no one else! This sadden me, makes me hesitate, and most of all, is discouraging. Please, if you read this, I hope you reconsider your choices.

That’s all for today. I wish it doesn’t turn into a rant, but some things need to be clarified. I hope you all enjoy your holiday.🎄🎊

10 thoughts on “Latest News

  1. Hey. Wishing an awesome holiday to the team.

    Nergal, hoping you are well and will be showing your face around again. We are really worried.

    As long as the novel updates page links to your updates, there will be no other translator for the people who want to read Neeto. It’s really hard to find other translations if it’s not widely known like yours is. Even they guys I’ve seen that made epubs of the volumes, linked your old page and gave credit to your translations. While there are a small amount of scum out there; there are many more people that appreciate your translations and are thankful

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      1. Great to hear you’re getting some well deserved rest. I tend to absorb myself into these fantasy novels when I don’t have much happening. It lets my mind wander about what they’re going to do next, how they’re going to do it, the comedy skits that happen in between.

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  2. maybe is bucause you´r are a good translator, well i hope this stealing end, is diference for some one perspective yet everybody has his or her own problens like me that i am spanish translation and thanks to some one who put dark magician as a hero in patreon i have to star translate the raws(i´m not blanning you……..just a little)


  3. Sorry, work was really busy leading up to Christmas and then I was busy with family gatherings. Things should be calmer now so I can get back to editing the chapters I have.

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    1. I know, right? Imagine, literally all my efforts, rendered useless. Makes me depressed as hell. I already find my life less meaningful except for few things like this, which I love, but this guy makes me feel like a living corpse. Thank you, Richard Dachard. Thank you, random Netherlands guy. I will wait for you, in Hell.


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