Lost Motivation

Should I continue?

14 thoughts on “Lost Motivation

  1. If you find yourself burning out, then you should always take a break. Hope you’re able to come back refreshed and even more passion for the novel. Thanks for your awesome work throughout the series.

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  2. please continue but take a break first to do something else you like. it will help relax. plus, I can understand that the protag here’s attitude is tiring. well tiring for me to read him complain.


    1. It’s not the MC attitude. Just that, having someone spit in your face, telling me that all my effort for the last 2 years amount to nothing, being told that my effort is worth less than shit, makes me more depressed than ever. Makes me questioned my life.

      Hey tell me, is life something you should hold dear?


      1. If you’re feeling that there is something empty, then it’s probably because you feel like there’s something missing. Most people feel that during their lifetime. That’s why so many people have destroyed themselves chasing after; meaning, fame, romance, money, power, etc.

        (I personally found meaning in Christianity, but YMMV)

        All in all, it’s about being true to YOURSELF. About being able to look back at the end and say, “Yeah, I’m alright with how I spent my life.” I have a fiction blog that I’m getting back into, with one full volume on it at the moment. I produce content on it to satisfy my own hobbyist desires. And I produce it on my own timeline. Life got in the way for a while, and for my own sake, I had to stop updating content.

        I’d say, do what You need to do to recharge your batteries, including finding a person to take over the series IF You Need Too. Do what is good for you, because no one else will. Real Life will always come first.

        By the way, whoever told you you’re wasting your time producing something that people are grateful for is just a jackass.


      2. Who the hell blasphemed like that? Do not take seriously when some asshole spill some shit around; it’s what they do.
        Your effort was made because you like what you do and wanted to shared the thing you like with other like-minded people. You don’t need other’s approval, but you have mine anyway.


  3. Regresa a tus inicios. Por que comenzaste a traducir esta novela?
    Te molesta que alguien ocupe sin tu consentimiento tu traducción? no sera el primero ni el ultimo, personalmente me agrada la idea que las novelas traducidas se esparzan, pero adjudicarse un trabajo ajeno como propio o no darle el crédito a quien con su esfuerzo nos trae la felicidad de leer estas novelas, es definitivamente odioso e incorrecto.
    Si no puedes soportarlo no te amargues y toma la decisión que te haga feliz, ya otro tomara el relevo, ya que a quien le gusta algo siempre deseara compartirlo.
    Lector de Google translate.
    PD: Me encanta tu traducción muchas gracias.


  4. If this post was prompted by what I think it was then I would ask you to continue translating. I read the chapters that were posted because I like the ‘Hello Work’ series but there were more then a few times when I wasn’t sure what was being said because of their translation. Particularly in a scene where I think sex was implied, but maybe it wasn’t. I’m not sure and when I read that scene I remember thinking to myself that it would become clear when I read your translation.

    If the person I’m thinking of just wanted to practice translating then there are plenty of great series that don’t currently have translators they could work on (Otoko Nara Ikkokuichijou no Aruji o Mezasa Nakya, ne? comes to mind) but they chose ‘Hello Work’. I think that person did what they did because they like ‘Hello Work’ but they’re too impatient. But they must have started reading and liking the series because of your translations. If they were just reading and enjoying the raws then they would have never cared about your translation. But I don’t think they know enough Japanese to do that when comparing their translation to yours.

    You got people liking this series, your work is what allows us to enjoy ‘Hello Work’. Yes one of the people you got hooked on the series turned out to be an impatient asshole but they’re just being ungrateful because it’s your work that got them hooked. It’s unfortunate that one of the people enjoying your work is an obnoxious, impatient, ingrate. But there are plenty more of us who are patiently waiting for your next release and thankful for the chapters that you give us.


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