NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 ~ If Winter Comes Can Spring be Far Behind?

I, Yamano Masaru (23) wake up early in the morning.

Sati wakes up right after dawn. Still, it’s fine to wake up late and none of us would mind it. However, today I woke up awfully early.

Sati, Tilika and Ann already started doing housework and making breakfast by the time I get up.

When Sati came to wake me up, I pulled her inside my futon for a little skinship in the morning. In the end, I let her go after some slight touching. It’s hard to do any work if I got excited right from the morning, plus that would incur Ann’s wrath.

Sometimes, Ann will accompany someone else and come wake me up. Taking both people at once is a bold act.

During my day off, sometimes I will lay down on the futon till late day.

Naturally, I’m not alone.

That is the second happiest moment in my day.

Inside the mansion there is a large dining hall and small dining hall. The smaller dining hall is located on the third floor together with our family’s communal space. They come together with a kitchen as a set and we usually cook and eat there. The large dining hall is yet to be used.

A considerable part of the housework was undertaken by Lufutuna-chan, but we are still cooking for ourselves.

After I dressed up and get prepared, I went to the dining hall. Everyone is already here for breakfast.

Today’s menu consists of cereals and vegetables, salad with meat-rich soup, bread and fruits. The menu is not fancy in the slightest, however there is no shortage of fod.

I start to eat while checking the schedule for today.

“The village’s development is proceeding according to plan.”

Ellie oversees the village development project together with Olba-san’s group. The construction is left to me and the elves, however the interview and admission for migrant workers seems to be quite a difficult job as well.

People who have enough funds to purchase homes and farmland are easier to manage. We will listen to their wishes and proceed to address them to the vacant lot. They are capable of living on their own.


However, most of the immigrants don’t possess money. Some people can be put inside the repayment plan, but some people are starting the agriculture work for the first time. In order to put the village on track, we need to put extra care into our selection and we are in the stage where we do need to refuse some applicants.

We also need to have minimum commercial facilities set up. Inn, restaurant and sundry shop. Not to forget blacksmith and carpentry too. We need to ready all these facilities appropriately based on the amount of resident we have, also just enough to attract outsiders.

Just in case the number of residents fluctuates, we need to fine tune the construction plan based on that assumption.

Normally, this kind of project will take years only for the preparation. Yet, since Ellie is aiming to finish everything by spring, she was busy every day.

Ellie even made a request to me to advance the village pioneering project ahead of what is scheduled.

Originally, the plan was to build a small village before spring arrived, however the number of migrant applicants has sharply increased.

Although this village is equipped with a great wall and fertile lands, due to it being constructed mostly by magic, there is zero construction cost and because of that we are able to keep the price low. The story about the elf involvement in this village construction has also spread wide and the spirit fountain installed beside my manor managed to boost our popularity.

At the earlier stage of village pioneering, water had become a problem.

It doesn’t possess a problem for the farmland, however the planned village is located in a high area due to where my mansion is located.

Even if we want to draw the water out, how can we take it from the underground? Do we forcibly pump it out with a water mill? Or should we build a well?

Should we relocate the village?

Having a well is enough for a living, however the more comfort the better.

A timely help was offered by Lilia.

“You should make a wish to have a water spirit for this village. I’m sure Masaru’s wishes will be granted.”

I was informed that all the water in Elf Country are sourced by the water spirits. Since there are many spirits around, if I make a wish, one of them will surely heed my call.

So, I immediately went to the Elf Country and have an audience with the King to get his permission, and when I make a call at the fountain where the water spirits were gathered, I heard a chatter and the spirits descended. The surrounding suddenly feels damp.


“Aren’t you the popular one.”

“What is the next step?”

“You can choose any one of them.”

She said I can choose, but I don’t know what the difference among them is, except for their mana……

Then, I pointed out to the spirit who exuded the strongest mana among all that gathers.

Was it a mistake. Or was it the correct choice. I should have tried to consult with the others before choosing the spirit without thinking.

In response to my choice, the water in the fountain swelled repeatedly until it reached several meters. The water spirit that I selected revealed its enormous true form.

Lilia and the King’s spirits are immensely huge.

“Err, what? Isn’t this fella a big one?”

“Y, yeah……somehow. Isn’t he the eldest spirit that resides in this fountain?”

The elves who are spectating us at the back also break out into noises. It is a powerful spirit that is usually lurking inside the fountain depths, and it seems that it rarely shows up.

“Would it be fine to take such a thing……?”

“U, umu. There are many water spirits residing here, so in respect to the amount of water required for the whole country, if all of them banded together, there should be no problem for them to provide supply.”

“An exchange……”

“You shouldn’t, not after you have made your choice and get an approval. We don’t want to risk the spirit getting angry.”

The bubbly giant water spirit drifted this way towards me. Its body is drenched with moisture, but it’s moderately warm and not cold.

I got directly wrapped by the spirit and a happiness was transmitted to my heart.

Such a big thing suddenly came out, but that wasn’t bad in the slightest.

Just as I saw it earlier, it is usually docile and not imposing, however it is said that it will participate in defence against foreign enemy. In the future, even if the village turns into a huge city, we will not have a problem with water supply.

The clean water produced by the spirit is very high in quality that people will purchase them with money. These waters will be sent to the village and farmland.

Regardless, whether it is about the elf or about the fountain, the information spread out quicker than I thought, although I never mind about them much.

A migration is different than moving out. They are choosing their one final abode. It’s a given that they will give all-out during information gathering.


Thus, it was decided that the spirit fountain spring will be located beside the mansion and as a result this increased the workload tremendously. The farmland is fertile, and the walls are wonderfully built, so I’m tasked with setting up the spirit fountain. Even so, I can’t complain about it.

“I work in the afternoon.”

“Tilika, Sati is following you for work today, so I’m leaving Matsukaze to you.”

With the help from the Truth Official organization, Tilika is selected as a part time Truth Official for this place. We are making a business trip at the village outskirt. It was a request from the Truth Official residing in Miyaga town scheduled for today and the details of the job are top secret.

Sati is acting as Tilika’s escort.

Ann is holding two posts which are as the representative priest from the shrine and as an escort.

The shrine side intends to cooperate. Although she is a lower ranking priest, she is still the lord’s wife. At the moment, it might not be beneficial to the shrine, however in the long term, there seems to be an incentive for their support.

The trip for making a survey might possess no danger, but even for Tilika, if her back is exposed in an unfamiliar place, she might run into a danger.

There will always be dangers in this line of occupation. Even though an escort was prepared from the Truth Official side, I still can’t calm my uneasiness, hence I’ve decided to add an escort from our side as well.

My construction work in the village starts in the afternoon, however since I have Matsukaze coming alongside Tilika, I’ll still be aware of the situation even if I am away. It makes travel more convenient, and if that guy starts running seriously, it will be a cinch to escape from the monsters at that area.

The strength of the summoned beasts is depant on their summoners mana reserve. The further they are from the summoner, the harder it is to maintain them, and, in some cases, they might disappear. If the person is a high-level summoner like Tilika, they will have no problem maintaining even hundreds of beasts and they can be materialized in this world for long periods of time. By the way, I’m not capable of that yet.

“I will practice throughout the morning just like planned.”

Most people will have the morning for themselves, and in the afternoon, they will go run their errands. Training, hunting, during these holidays these are the 3 top activities that we are doing.

Since it isn’t easy to strengthen our selves through Divine Protection, I need to take urgent measure to strengthen the current members.

“Umu. Today, I’m going to acquire the shield skill!”

The training ground is located at the mansion’s castle tower’s fourth floor, lower level. The so-called dojo, that is.

It has a sufficient height and space, so we won’t feel claustrophobic as long we don’t practice with spear.

The dojo is within the wooden planks and the weapons are arranged as in swordsmanship dojo. Since I’ve got a small Ito Kami idol in my possession, I take this chance to enshrine it.

That is for the sake of atmosphere, but as a Japanese I’m a person who respects God.

“Wahahaha! Witness my true power! My beautiful techniques!”

“Yes. You are amazing, Lilia-sama.”

Titus who acted as Lilia’s partner praised her.

To be frank, both her swords and shield skills don’t reach level 1 yet.

You’re pampering her too much, don’t you think? After I asked her, I was told that their policies are to praise and stretch.

She doesn’t have much opportunity to participate in a training outside for the magic one, so first of all they need to get her used to moving her body.

Originally, Lilia’s physical strength is so meagre, she never thought about physical shield skill, but after she obtained Physical Reinforcement skill once she levels up, she now works diligently to strengthen her body and train for close combat battle.

Both sword and shield are in her hands, then her figure wearing full plate armour, she totally nailed the female shielded knight style.

Lilia is not currently bound to any jobs, so she is in full time training. Her training menu included, close quarter combat and vanguard position rotation, magic and spirits manipulation and housework. There are many things that she needs to remember.

Well, since I’m not weak physically, I take things slow and have a relaxing day.

Olba-san and Nania-san were also present during training day. The two knight elves were also pretty strong.

Titus, especially. During dojo session, her skills are on par with me and Sati hence making her a good sparring partner. On the other hand, once she is paired with Patos, I couldn’t get even a single victory. Sati won several times.

Weird. I’m supposed to be super strong now after my training drills with Sergeant-dono……

But I have figured a way to win against Sati. With magic.

I found it out when I tried fighting her during our free time. We go to the dojo alone.


“Let’s compete with one magic blow, Sati. If you win, I will listen to everything you say.”

Everything, if she wins against me……is that okay? Sati usually listens to whatever I say.

“I’ll do it!”

We have wooden swords and armours. Light weapon, but effective to take a person out.

“But are we going to fight in the dojo?”

“Yeah. I will not use a magic that will destroy the dojo.”

We soon face each other.

Even after I give the starting signal, Sati was alerted and not going for close confrontation.

I release my mana. Sati reacted and move.

A sword feints. Sati hesitates for a moment. With that one opening——

Invoke, 【Covert】 and 【Short-range Transition】.

I instantaneously appeared at Sati’s back. She turned her back, but sadly for her I managed to land a hit.

“Ah……transfer magic.”

“Correct. I name it, the Metastasis Blade. Amazing, no?”

“Yes, that’s amazing! Ah, but, the promise……”

She lost and now she is downhearted. Don’t tell me she is wishing for something? Well, normally without this one strike out rule I usually lost.

“What were you planning to ask?”

“That, maybe something like going for shopping together, or……”

Doing something with just the two of us, huh. That’s true, recently everything we’ve done we do together with everyone.

“So, this is my win. For our next holiday, I want Sati to prepare lunch boxes for when we are going out together, and you are going to hold our shopping luggage.”

“Y, yes! I will do it!”

However, for this Metastasis Blade to work, I need to land a one hit kill strike.

Heck, wasn’t it awesome how Sati managed to react to it first-hand?

My winning rate steadily decreased as I attempted to try various other skills, and in the end, I settled to one win out of three attempts.

“Once I know you’re coming, I can somehow deal with it.”

So, she said.


Conversely, even if the opponent is aware of this technique, it will still remain effective if an element of surprise is added.

For example, after setting up a smokescreen or water curtain, this kind of melee combat. Of course, I need to ensure it is one hit kill without fail.

I also discussed it with Sati and devised a strategy that could be used in various situation. If the opponent is a monster, the need for this skill might not arise since we have many options left.

“Masaru-sama, you are really amazing.”

Right, right~

“I’ve become sweaty. Why don’t we take a bath together?”


My training and strengthening regime are proceeding nicely. I will have a little fun with whoever is finished, so it becomes an incentive for rivalries during training.

Ann is working hard with her training.

Ann’s strongest trait is her experience in close combat battle. However, during our usual hunt, her role is to cast long range magic hence no turn to utilize her skills.

Taiga is acting as her monster-like opponent. It is cute and dependable when it is on our side, however turn that around and it will serve as terrible enemy. From its delivered power in bulk to its swiftness. In term of fighting prowess, I think it would be comparable to Orc King?

I wonder if using real sword is good, but using a wooden sword is no good.

We also had the opponents do the same. It served as a good simulation when shielding against real monster.

The best way to train is by receiving a beating. Blown away, beaten to pulp. Taiga is very strong……

Ellie and Tilika both have combat training, but sometimes, we all practice magic together aside from training.

Ellie is practicing her dagger handling skill. Tilika is practicing with a whip that she has procured from somewhere. Seems like it is the type of weapon often used by beast tamers. Will it function as a tool to manipulate summoned beasts like Taiga?

I have decided to increase the number of slaves.

What happened to Lufutona-chan is not enough to make clear of what effect enslavement will have upon the Divine Protection. Whether or not it was a coincidence, the reason why Sati was granted Protection is yet to be determined.

With that in mind, I arrived at the same slave merchant store, again.

“My, my, isn’t that Masaru-sama. How is Lufutona doing?”

“Umu. I leave her to my wives, but I’ve received feedback that she is doing well.”

“If you say so.”

“I’ve come today to take another one. What I want is——”

She needs to be cute and aggressive during night duty. Also, housekeeping skill is essential.

This time, the slave dealer brought out five people at the same time. Each and every girl look great.

Then, I spoke to each of them, and proceed to choose the girl who is likely to be the most proactive.

“I work hard at night as well! I am the type that do so!”

She proclaimed with big smile.

Her name is Tamara-chan. She is a beauty. The price is also quite high.

Indeed, it is impossible for her to acquire Protection on the spot. Maybe, slowly once we are at home……so I thought.

“I’m sorry. It was just an act! Really awfully sorry. I already have a lover back at my home town……”

She quickly spit out the truth in the present of a Truth Official.

Certainly, I never asked her whether she has someone that she likes or not……

Tamara-chan’s home town is not that far, hence I decided to go there and confirm the story with the so-called lover.

Tamara-chan’s lover is the third son of a poor farmer family and he is a year younger than her. He is neither resourceful nor has an influential position. It was said that he can only rub his fingers when his lover was sold. This is not a sweet world where you can retract to your safe space and being prepared to die at any moment is normal. By being a coward, a mutual destruction is imminent.

Once I introduced him a same working place with Tamara-chan, and when he reached our village, I ended up employing him as our gardener. Tamara-chan is of course a maid in our house.

On a later date, we held a wedding ceremony for him and Tamara-chan at our mansion, hosted by Ann and they officially become a couple.

Once he has prepared enough money, he will properly pay out and buy Tamara-chan back from me.

They seem happy. I was also thanked. That guy is working hard. Yet, he has not acquired the Protection.

“My, oh my, isn’t this Masaru-sama. How is Tamara working?”

Although I’m disappointed with the most important aspect, there is no way I can voice it out at the slave trader. Since she is doing her job properly.

“Umu. She is a hard-working girl. She is definitely doing well.”

“If you say so.”

“I’m here to find another one, again. What I want is——”

This time, three girls were brought out.

If I failed this time, I will give up for good. Today, I’m bringing Tilika along with me.

However, the fact is things are not that easy. The candidates were brought out, and once their real intentions were confirmed, they said it is sad to be a slave, and they are reluctant to be embraced for the first time by a people like me. They can’t help it since they are doing it for a living. There is not a slave with disabilities that I can cure conveniently like a Sati.

Some girls are digging into the idea of marrying into a rich lord, however will they be able to acquire Protection?

However, the beastmen girl is the only one who has potential. She has no lovers. She doesn’t have any particular negative thought about me. It is her wish as a warrior, that she is willing enough to marry someone if that person is strong enough.

Shira-chan is 18 years old. She is a beautiful woman with sharp features and slender body.

“I’m currently B rank. Soon, I will rank up and become an A rank.”

Shira agreed with my purchase. As for the night job, she wants to ascertain my strength first.

Everything is proceeding nicely this time. Considering that she has good looks and ability to fight, her price is reasonable——




——Shira-chan suffered a complete loss against Sati.

She is small, cute and possess high strength. I am stronger, and she love that more.

As for me, I have no problem taking her as my bride seeing how strong she is, making it a great offer. When I asked her how much she like the thought, her rate is 10/10 in love with Sati and 3/10 for me. No, honestly, she only rates me 2.

Will she acquire protection if I took her as my bride even in such a state? She is not that interested in magic. She is not bothered at all when I use basic magic.

Though, she might be surprised if I showed her a high-class magic……

Still, due to her promise, Shira-chan is offering up her body, yet since it is not ensured whether Protection comes with enslavement, I’m hesitating since I don’t know what subtle moment that will trigger the acquirement. It is because of the premise of Protection that everyone allows me to purchase more slaves still.

She has shown enough love to be embraced, but for now, I neither refuse nor take up her offer.

For the time being, Shira-chan’s night duty is put on hold. When I told the slave trader my requirement, I was laughed at. I told him that I want a slave that is capable of working, but if she is up for night duty then it is a bonus. Somehow, he was convinced with that. Well, I do have five wives already, right?

I will think on how to handle Shira-chan after some time has passed and when she has already made friends. Perhaps, by then she already fall in love with me.

Shira’s swordsmanship skill is around level 2 to level 3. Since it looks useful, I decided to make her our security guard while in training. She will become the gatekeeper.

If she could fight, why did she become a slave, and it is said that she lost a certain battle. The details however, cannot be shared.

A weak beastmen holds no value. Shira-chan told us how she wants to become stronger.

I can agree with that and I would like her to have Protection if possible; but if this is the case I need to hide the matter regarding Protection. If she wants to have Protection for the sake of power alone, then it would be too much.

If she is a person with faith, me being an apostle of God might likely put myself in better light, however she doesn’t seem to be the part.



“She is not a fated person for you. So far, the only person who are granted Protection are those that met you by chance. It is silly to think that you can have the person you bought granted a Protection, simply as that.”

What she said is correct.

I need to raise a flag for an event somehow.

“How about Titus? Once she acquired Protection then she will become hella strong, you know?”

“I will think about it once Lilia-sama bears a child. It would be nice if my child can become a foster child with yours.”

“Hmm. Patos is already out of the question, however I have an inclination that Titus is in love with Masaru.”

“Well, that’s about it. However, based on what we already heard, I don’t think it’s possible for her to be granted Protection, too.”

That’s because Titus loves the Princess above anything else. But she will think about it once Lilia has given birth. I heard something interesting.

“Well, this is as much as we can expect from the slaves for now.”

I’m not giving up yet, but now that I’ve suffered three consecutive failures, I need to rethink my strategy. The first batch of immigrants has finally arrived at the village, so things have gotten busier.

Once it gets warmer, we will start the journey to the capital city through the city of Siory, and next I will drop by Ellie’s home at the Empire and greet Ellie’s parents. It will be a long trip, so by that time we need to take a break from constructing the village.

As busy as we have been, things are rather peaceful now that the God is keeping quiet.

My room has a good view of the village, and from the observation deck, we can see the whole village.

Every day, I will take a look at the village growth during my spare time.

The home that I have built from scratch, my own village.

Creating a village and become its lord, at first, I was at a loss on how thing should be……

Even when I miss Japan, I rarely have that thought when I am here.

This is the home where my family lives, my new home town. I can feel that.

I don’t want to lose them.

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