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Trying On New Thing

Hello everyone! I spend this weekend trying to do something, re-writing a doujin! Choo choo! If possible, I want to hear everyone thought on it.

Warning, only for 18 & above.


8 thoughts on “Trying On New Thing

    1. Are you really using MS Paint?
      You should at least use GIMP, it’s free and you can save your work as GIMP-Project and all text-bubbles are still editable. You have also waaay more options that will make your life easier, e.g. for redrawing.

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      1. I used a picture editor software with multiple layers for when I was typesetting with scanlation groups. It’s really indispensable, especially because it allows you to easily use different, customized fonts for different stresses on words, different character voices, sound effects, and so on. MS Paint will just make your life difficult if you are using it for scanlation. At the very least, use GIMP.


    1. It’s written on the bottom right, Homunculus.
      He should be an author of hentai, I think I read the one with this characters.
      Found it, it’s called: [Homunculus] Yes, My Darling.


  1. Awesome stuff. It’s good to mix things up to stop the stuff from getting boring. Glad you’re having fun with the translating


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