NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 5

Chapter 5 ~ Kingdom Capital Alms

I have decided not to mind Will too much. There is also a thing about the divine protection and him too.

Ellie thinks he is necessary, and even Lilia believe that friendship with Will might prove beneficial for us.

“Even if he doesn’t receive the divine protection, 10 years later, or even 50 years later, I’m sure he will hold a significant power inside the Empire.”

If only he received divine protection, then I’m sure he will hold great power in the Empire.

Regardless of what will happen after 50 years, I sure could use some help towards something that is going to happen by the end of 20 years later. I don’t want a guy, but even if he received the divine protection, there is no actual need to put him inside our party. This guy can remain in his current party.

“O’ wind!”

Once we are outside from the town, Lilia activates her Fly. One of our plans was to summon out my horse and attached it to a carriage, but the downside is the vast difference in speed, plus it is not uncommon for a magician to use Fly.

“Wo—w, so this is the Spirit Magic!”

The wind enwrapped everyone gently and Will is excited when we start flying.

Seems like there is no elf in the Empire.

“There used to be a time when we called the demi human prosecutors in the Empire as an ape.”

They used to call for hatred against demi human such as the elf, beastsmen and dwarf. Then, these demi human cooperate with the Kingdom, who was once another regional territory within the Empire, and fight a war for their independence. Due to that merit, the elf territory within the border of the land is recognized and now they led a life of prosperity.

The beastsmen and the dwarves used to have a territory of their own, but instead they start to disperse and lived in a cooperation with human beings, hence their territory didn’t turn into a country like the elf.

“I never heard about such stories anymore nowadays, though……”

“We lived a long life. There are some of us who personally witness the cruelties during the rough time.”

Because of that, the elf did not interact with the Empire very much, and with the Kingdom located between them geographically, they only keep the most minimum necessary approach.

“How could I say it, sorry.”

“Well, it was something of the past generation that has nothing to do with neither us, or you, Will.”

Feeling bored, we chatted while in flight.

We are still on the lookout occasionally, but there is little danger because we are headed to the royal capital of the Kingdom along the highway which has good security.

Since the highway is well maintained, there are plenty of places to rest and to stay.

Even without any night travel, or without hiring any escorts, we can reach the Kingdom without much difficulties.

“Hey, so I’ve been thinking.”

So, I told Ellie during our break.

“I’ve been thinking, wouldn’t it be easier if I go to the capital together with Lilia alone, and fetch you guys with the gate afterward?”

That way I don’t need to bring Will along.

“In case anything happens, it’s better if everyone is here, you know.”

She has a point. This time the trips feel very peaceful. However, this is still a dangerous different world. Wherever we are, dangers are looming against us. I must make sure to never forget that.

“Besides, isn’t it fun when everyone is here?”

Lilia is in her travelling mood. Then everyone else nod, agreed with what she said.

Everyone is in the mood for travelling right now. Though, we do encounter some monsters every now and often.

Let’s proceed from here with caution……

We can reach the Kingdom by a day if we rush the travel, but I find it pleasant to spend overnight outside in the middle of our journey and that is our plan.

Sadly, during this period, the Kingdom is visited by lots of people so no matter which accommodation we go they are fully packed. We cannot find any satisfactory room.

Will get the straw bedding at the stable. I’m not trying to be mean, just that there are not enough rooms around.

As for us we get a room with two single bed inside.

Nevertheless, Lilia was overjoyed to get this narrow, crumbling room.

“This is what I call the life of an adventurer!”

Though, her face quickly turns complicated once we ordered the cheap set of meals at the lodging.

A diluted soup and hard bread. A sad excuse compared to the meats and vegetables accompanied by grain risotto. The amount is enough for everyone, but the taste is not something spectacular, but they aren’t bad either. Prince Will is eating them obediently. He can barely eat it, so it is apparent that the prince is also having some difficulties. Princess Lilia follows other people example, leaving behind her unwillingness and start to eat.

Well, just like that, we continue to enjoy our trip, and as the pedestrian traffic increases, we often heard “what is that!” from below. The number of fingers pointed towards the sky increases. Right before the afternoon of the second day, we reached at the largest city inside the Kingdom of Alms, Lisur.

A splendid rampart spreads around the whole city for as far as I can see. The fact that there are several layers of wall inside made me think how much rebuild this rampart has seen in its lifetime. The suburbs are filled with spaciously wide farmlands. There is a long queue waiting to enter the big gate.

Of course, I will enter through the gate like normal.

My turn came out after 30 minutes lining up in the queue, and after they checked my Guild Card and collected the admission fee, I was finally let in.

Even after looking at my A Rank Guild Card, the guard didn’t particularly respond, as if used to it. They aren’t particularly bothered with the elf as well. Just, the fact that Tilika is getting the stink eye wherever she goes doesn’t changes here.

Right after passing through the gate, we arrived at a square. It is filled with people swarming over the stalls. There were streets performer and minstrels. Indeed, we are in festive atmosphere.

Sati who just arrived at the Kingdom capital for the first time is curious and restless. It is the first time for Lilia too, but she is still calm. The others have arrived here before.

This is certainly my first time here but compared to the doujin festivals and the city’s hustle and bustle where I have experienced many times before, this amount is still cute.

For now, I’ll hold Sati’s hand, so she won’t get lost in the crowd.

“Which one is the elf mansion?”

We are staying at the elf mansion during our stay in the Kingdom. Plus, it was arranged originally for Lilia to use during her training.

“The area from here on is the heart of this kingdom, home to the nobles and royal palace.”

We walked for quite a long distance while sightseeing and at the end we arrived at the noble district, divided from the general district with a wall and the entrance is guarded with security.

For the normal citizen, without a referral or prior notice, they are subjected to troublesome procedure at the entrance such as body check and answering questions. Even after that, they still cannot enter without the authorization from the noble district inhabitants. It is that strict.

But this time we are not subjected to such troublesome thing. When we said we wanted to go to the elf mansion, we were allowed a permission right away.

“We received the message from the elf. One elf and one beastmens. Five women and two men? There is one extra compared to the message that we received……did you add him later? Are you here to see the festivals? Well, it is not a problem. Let us guide you to the elf mansion.”

The process has gone smoothly due to notice from the referral letter that was sent earlier. Even if there is an additional one person, things like this is common during the festival period.

It is fine to wear equipment and weapon in this district. They are not explicitly alarmed; they are more focused on restricting the civilian’s access.

The noble district is visibly different compared to the general area. It has luxurious mansions standing side by side, and the beautifully paved road extends to the end giving birth to an inexplicable charm for this district.

There are few people on the street and those people looks elegant. The shop in the street seems to be high-class and it looks stylish. The sightseeing guests are surely going to intrude on the shop once the access is open.

The elf mansion is a splendid residence with spacious plot of land even among the other noble mansion in this district. Once the front gate opened, we were welcomed by the elf and they guide us inside.

“Welcome home!”

At the entrance, we were greeted by 30 elves in total.

“It has been a great journey, thank you for your work. We will guide you to your room. Please relax and relieve your exhaustion from your trip.”

It is a long way, but it is far from a great journey. It only takes two days by air travel. Hunting in the forest for days is more tiring compared to this. Well the elves here are not aware of the situation.

“Umu. However, I’m going out of the country to here for training. I don’t need the excessive treatment.”

“Of course, we are aware of it.”

We were assigned to a suite room. There are bedrooms, living rooms, a set of one room for attendant use, and luxurious rooms for guests.

Our room was designed to hold a great number of people at once, as if saying there will be no special treatment, like that.

“Ah, please assign this guy to a separate place. He is okay with either a stable or the garden.”

I asked for another place to be prepared for Will when he tries to enter with us.

“Eh, ah, yes. If possible, not a luxurious place……”

I’ve declared that I won’t give him the prince treatment. I am a man of my word.

“Is he your escort?”

I wonder? He is not a friend, nor a disciple. As far as I can tell, he is just an acquaintance, someone that I saved and a person that I am taking care off. Just who is this guy?

“He is Masaru’s pal. Just an ordinary adventurer who came to the Kingdom to sightseeing together. Please assign him to an appropriate room.”

“Understood, Riri sama.”

I see. Other people perceive him as my pal. Well it is safer that way.

After we settled down in the room, we are meeting with the elves from the kingdom.

There are several precautions and several things that we need to check while staying here. The letter contained highly classified information, and to avoid uneasiness, it says that only Lilia is coming to visit here.

We are staying in the Kingdom until the festival is over. I’ve been busy with the village creation for a while now, so this is a long-awaited vacation.

Lilia is currently in a journey of life lesson so there is no need for excessive entertainment. But, as expected, they are very particular about handling the coming elf, especially since this time they are a member of royal family. They aren’t treating her like some child from a branch family.

The crisis at the country and our work. Lilia got married and dropped the plan from going for the life journey. Gate magic.

“You can use the Gate!?”

“Umu. We are offering it to everyone who wish to go back home during our stay here.”

This is not a simply temporary return; we are going to take this opportunity to consult with the country for the need of changing some personnel.

“Of course, we are appreciative with the offer.”

“Next, there is a movement from the evil side in relation to the battle at the country.”

The God divine protection. An assassination of an S Rank Fire Mage, which might be the works of the demons. Although only the King is aware of Masaru’s oracle, majority of the elves are aware of Masaru divine protection.

“I see. We will take the utmost effort to make sure this information is kept confidential. In case you receive such information while in the kingdom, I hope five of you wouldn’t move on your own; please notify us first.”

The elves residing here are all elite magic units. They were sent here as part of agreement for defense cooperation by the kingdom and Elf Country. Their scope of job covers from exploration to demons hunting.

“What about that adventurer called Will?”

“He is just your run in a mill adventurer that has nothing to do with this matter at all. He doesn’t even know about the Gate. He is simply here for a visit, and he will not be a trouble, so he can be left alone.”

He deserves to get the guest of honour treatment based on his real social status, but I cannot tell anyone about Will’s circumstance.

“Understood. And next,”

First, we are having lunch. Then we receive warm reception from the elves.

Right past afternoon, we will go out to the Kingdom’s capital. We have some errands to run in the capital city.

First, we are going to find a blacksmith.

There is supposed to be a skilled Dwarf blacksmith inside the capital city. Since it took a long time to make a sword, I decided to drop by to have a look first.

Both Sati and Lilia accompanied me. Ann is together with Tilika, while Ellie has her own errand to run. The two of them are going to visit the shrine and the Truth Official office. Will is taking the role of an escort and doing miscellaneous jobs.

“If something happens, make sure to protect your own self, understood?”

“Leave it to me!”

No offence but my wives are 100 times stronger than him, however by having a man presence itself, the chance something will happen is lowered. He is doing a safe job while getting a pocket money, a win-win.

Alright, so this is the dwarf blacksmith.

The shop name is Gualam Smiting Workshop. Once I’ve heard about the details, I managed to find the shop almost immediately.

It is a small workshop and the shop part is almost non-existent since the weapons were lined up casually and there is no sign of ongoing business. The shop only accepts pre-order. We were introduced to this shop by Olba san. He said this place makes a cheaper magic compatible sword compared to the general manufactured one in another store.

There is no customer inside the shop despite the large crowd currently in the Kingdom capital. Perhaps this shop only needs the regular customers or someone with referral to survive without selling anything to the general populace.

Dwarves are the closest demi human race to a human being. They are somewhat shorter than a human being with a wide body and super strength. More or less.

If they shaved their distinctive beard and mixed with people normally, people will hardly notice even in this town.

But this shop’s blacksmith has a typical dwarf figure. He gives off a stubborn air with a fine beard. His bulging muscle is apparent.

“Huh, so you were introduced by Olba. Is he doing well?”

“He retired from being an adventurer after his foot was injured. Right now, he has returned back to his hometown and is currently governing over a small village. He is acting as the village head.”

Afterward, I straight away go to the heart of the matter. I told him that I want a magic sword.

“Hmm. Then, let me see you swing the sword at your back.”

He wants to see my ability. I swing my swords several times just like he wanted.

“You have Olba referral. I see, that is an elf sword. Show me……yes. It has a fine line, but a good sword nonetheless.”

I initially thought that the dwarf and the elf have a bad relationship with each other, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in this world. In fact, the dwarf engineers were assisting to build defence equipment for the Elf Country.

After that, he handed me a silver mithril dagger.

“Try pouring your mana in. Give it your all.”

“Give it my all……?”

“Ou. Give it your all so that I can measure your capacity.”

Hmm. I never used my full mana for my magic sword, so I wonder what will happen?

For now, I will gradually fill this dagger with my mana and feel how it goes. If things turn bad, I will stop.

I am pouring my mana inside the dagger. Slowly.

The dagger is now engulfed with flame. I gradually increase the heat.

Though, I made a mistake. I shouldn’t go with fire. It’s hot.

But I will endure and pour more mana.

“H, hey, didn’t you pour everything out yet?”

I’d say about 10 percent now. But the heat is getting worse. Seriously hot.

“Stop! That much is fine.”

I stop the flow of my mana and deactivate the magic sword spell.


I put the flaming red hot dagger on the floor in hurry and quickly check my palm.

Did I burn myself a little? 【Heal】

“This is……”

Mr. Gualam pick up the piping hot dagger fearfully and check it up.

“The silver mithril cannot bear the load. Besides, the handle was made by the same material……was that your best just now?”

“Ah, I’d say it isn’t even my half.”

Although it is still less than 10 percent, the amount of mana used is enough to cast Meteor.

“Hmm. I don’t think it can handle it. Look.”

The silver mithril dagger bend a little and the tip has rounded. Did it melt?

“The silver mithril cannot withstand your mana. I see you have good swordsmanship and strength too. In order to withstand both your strength and your mana, we will require the highest grade of orichalcum. I also need to prepare a special made hilt.”

“It’s okay if you make me your usual magic compatible sword.”

“No good!”

“That, somehow.”

“I will never hand you a sword that will break upon using.”

“Oh my, I heard you are skilled.”

Good grief.

“Don’t listen to that damn elf cheeky mouth! My specialty is just different. There is a special manufacturing process for unique metal. As for myself, I can only handle the silver mithril.”

“That’s why, I’m telling you to give up. We are a bunch of busy——”

But if I put a lot of mana, I will fell that sensation. I wonder how it will feel like with wind.

I leave the dwarf and the elf to argue with themselves. I picked up the silver mithril dagger which was placed on the desk and try pouring my mana in.

Hmm. Even after I poured additional wind mana inside, I don’t feel much changes. Just a little more———


When the mana begun to sip into the crack, the dagger let out an uncomfortable clacking metallic sound and it break apart after I left it alone.

The elf and the dwarf stopped their quarrelling, right now they are watching over here with disbelief.

“No good, the sword basically snapped into half.”

“That, you need to pay for it.”

Go figure.

In the end, he decided to introduce me to another dwarf who specializes in magic metal.

Provided that, I am willing to go to the Empire. For the time being, I’m left with no choice but to settle down with a normal sword.

“At least, my skills allow me to temper any average type of sword and although there is nothing special, it will at least come out decent. Well, if you wish to have a normal sword, you are welcome to come here anytime. I will temper you any kind of sword you want.”

On the other hand, there is no other blacksmith in this Kingdom Capital who can handle magic metal. Processing of magic metal is one of the arcane of the Dwarf.

I will certainly find another sword for sell if I search throughout the capital, however they will be nothing more than the mithril dagger that I broke earlier. Truth to be told, I am satisfied if it is barely usable. Right now, any normal sword that I used will be crushed at once. I don’t need to force myself to find one and buy it.

“I want to introduce you to the dwarven village, but……right now they most likely have move out, well, you will understand once you go.”

“What do you mean?”

“It is meaningless to stay at a place where there are no ores to be collected. After the mines are emptied, people will look for new place and move on.”

Since the last time he returned was more than 30 years ago, it is not surprising if the village has already moved. If that is the case, he wishes us good luck to find it.

“Well, since they are not hiding their village from other human, you can just ask people who are living nearby.”

Is he aiming to get a lot of money from this information and referral?

At first, I told everyone that I am going to use my own pocket money to pay, but I think Ellie has managed to cut our expenses, therefore I wonder if I can ask for party’s fund to cover this?