NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 4

Chapter 4 ~ Return to Siory

Although the amount of works is piling like a mountain, the residents have begun living here without trouble and the farmland cultivation has started.

Next, Olba san serve as the village head, and we also receive supports from the elves.

The presence of the elf is somewhat problematic, but the merit of their presence here is high.

When the village was finally open for migration, we were improving the roads for the sake of convenience when, we were spotted by onlookers.

It’s uncommon for the elf to help constructing a building (my castle), the elf also helps producing delicious spring water flowing from the spirit fountain for free. When we are short of people during the process of land reclamation for the village, we asked for elf manpower to guard the gate and for security. Unlike the fortress where the elf is sparse, their whereabout can be easily spotted here, hence the increase of visitors.

Whether it be the migrant’s acquaintance or visitors, many people are considering settling down here.

Admission fee to enter the village is something that is unavoidable, however there are too many people beyond our expectation, so we put a restriction upon admission which emphasize on people with “talent” only, and thus the collection begins.

I didn’t charge the Adventurer Guild to start their business in this village. I also decided not to take any money from members of the Commercial Guild who comes for business.

Ever since I stricken the rule, many guests refused to leave early since they feel like it is a waste, and their number is still increasing. This causes shortage in inns and dining places.

Then, the number of merchants has increased. A lot.

Including their bodyguards and loading personnel, we allow two people per one member of Commercial Guild, but many has come under the guise of trade to evade the admission fee, and there are also tourists who come for sightseeing and at the same time acting like peddler bringing in merchandise. Even so, the proper merchants are conducting their business properly. Due to the condition imposed on the Commercial Guild, the number of actual merchants are smaller compared to the guests because only less people actually care about paying the admission fee.

We were preparing a dedicated place for those merchants and few days later, a small market under the blue sky was completed. The market is attracting more customers, which resulted in the increase of application from other merchants wanting to open small business and the number of applicants from migrant.

At this moment, I’m seriously glad that I’ve made the village slightly larger.

Anyway, thanks to the elf, the income and expenditure of this village has seen a positive boost just from the entrance fee alone. It is an unlikely amount for a village that has just opened up.

“There are various things that I’m worried about, so I’m going to come back here every day. It will be fine even if I’m gone for a long trip.”

My plan is to use the Gate to come back to this village and sleep in my mansion at night.

Since I’m officially not here, I cannot show myself because I need to maintain the consistency where I am away. For the time being, the Gate is a top secret.

Ellie agreed that we should avoid being seen as much as possible. They were shocked when I told them the story about what the dark elf is doing in secret.

Especially Drago, we should avoid summoning him at all cost if we don’t want to be exposed.

“Well then everyone, please do your best during my absence.”

In front the entrance hall stood our housemaids and the elves, Olba san and Nania san in a row, while my party members are obviously following me. The others are watching over the house.

“Yes, please take care.”

Both Titus and Patos are reluctant to watch over the house, but they relented since this journey act as life lesson for Lilia. But the plan is to take everyone to the Kingdom once we have reached there. The reason is because that is when the festival is going to start at the Kingdom.

““Take care.””

“Alright, we are leaving!”

The Gate activated, and we arrived at the cellar under our house in Siory town.

Thus, Lilia first ever journey ended in less than a second.

We are staying here for two days, and on the third day we will embark to the Kingdom.

On the way to the Kingdom, we will fly there with Lilia’s magic. We are expected to arrive there after two days, a day before the festival commence. The festival will be held for 10 days.

“It’s too dusty in here. Let’s clean up first.”

Under Ann’s command, everyone began cleaning.

Nevertheless, we are simply required to do a basic clean up and finish. If we plan to stay long, of course we need to clean up properly, however, this time we are just staying for two days and at night we are sleeping at our mansion at the village. Simple clean up.

I am in charge of cleaning the bath and the toilet. I also put out everyone’s bags properly, taking out two days’ worth of food and living utensils, and overall my works finished in less than five minutes.

When I searched around the garden, I get a response from my Detection. Maybe this is around the time when Will is having his rest for today.

I went out to the garden and called out Will.

“Big bro! You are back!”

“Only for two days. I am going to attend the festival at the Kingdom.”

“Wow—, that sounds really nice.”

“Are you having an off day today?”

“You see, one of our members got hurt. Since it’s just about the right time, I decided to take a vacation for a while. So, I decided to leave out while they go to the Kingdom.”

“You can go with me then.”

“But the money……”

There is renting a coach and lodging so it must cost some money. Even I don’t have that much excess money to spare.

When asked, he said that his income is covering his living expenses and also his equipment, so it is not easy to save money.

In the previous subjugation request, they are teamed up with a veteran party, hence the risk is minimal, and the reward money is good. Unfortunately, his party member was injured so the profit margin from the reward is reduced to cover up treatment cost. Things doesn’t go well.

Well, it’s wonderful to see him taking it seriously.

“It’s not like I really care about the festival anyhow. I have always been watching a big festival like it in the Empire. Even if I go see the festival in the Kingdom now, I……”

“You, just now, did you say about your friends going?”


It is the biggest festival in the country and even if he cannot afford, why would they leave him behind?

“Are you going along well with your friends?”

“Just……we got into a small fight.”

Seems like the quarrel has something to do with the injured person.

“Well, you can help watch over the house for now, and don’t forget your training.”

Their head will cool off as time has gone by.

“Please take me to the Kingdom’s capital too—”

“If the number of people increases, the fly movement will turn bad, so I rather not. Plus, this is a family trip.”

Our final destination is Ellie’s hometown, but after we finish seeing the festival at the Kingdom, we are going to see the Empire next. This plan is like a holiday trip for us, so an acquaintance like him is going to be a bother.

“No way—”

“Besides, you have been living in our garden for forever now. When do you plan to grow up and stand on your own feet?”

“Wuu……I’m trying my best…”

“Hm, you are a little dirty. The bath……no, how do you go to toilet in the first place?”

The garden only has a well in it. Since the house is locked, not only he cannot use the bathroom, he cannot use the toilet too.

“As for bath, I’m wiping myself with a wet towel and as for toilet, I share one with the neighbour who has the big one.”

You are a nuisance to our neighbour……no, what did he said? A bigger one?

Then, the one here is the smaller one……

“Will, from today onward, you are permitted to use this house bath and toilet. You can use the kitchen once we leave to the Kingdom. But you can only use it when necessary and use them cleanly, okay? You are absolutely forbidden to step foot on the second floor. You can continue sleeping here.”

This guy will never go near the Gate, so it’s fine. He is usually outside for request and by night he is staying at the garden.

As far as it goes, he is another candidate to receive divine protection. The others will not be opposed to it.

“Dang, you serious! Thank you, big bro!”

“Make good money, and afterward search for an inn.”

“O’ course I’ll! But then, does that mean big bro is not coming back home yet?”

Not for the time being.

“After this, what I’m going to do and what I’m telling you is a secret.”

This is a thing that I’m only willing to tell close acquaintance and I usually asked them to keep it with themselves. Though they can easily discover it once they investigate a little. They will be more suspicious the more I try to hide it anyway. As long the information doesn’t spread too much and doesn’t attract some unwanted attention, it’s good enough.

“O’ course I’ll.”

“I’ve created a village outside there. And I’ve decided to become the lord.”

“Eh, you’ve made a village? But you have only been there for three months at most, right?”

Minus the travelling time, I think around two months.

“At first, I was asked to assist with making some houses and farmlands by using my Earth Magic, but afterward they asked me to make a similar village. Well, it is a small village.”

“As expected, you’re the best, big bro!”

“So that’s it. We already paid the rent for this house in advance, but after that we’re thinking of terminating the contract.”

Truthfully speaking, I want to keep this place for the sakes of the Gate, however I don’t want to pamper this boy too much.

“Then, after you went to the Kingdom, just like that you’re going back straight to that village, big bro?”

“We are going to the Empire next. I have to greet Ellie’s parent at their family’s house.”

“Do you know where Ellie neesan parent house is?”

“If I was not mistaken, they should be nearby Pisco’s region.”

“Woah. Isn’t that on the opposite direction from the Empire? They are awfully far away.”

Well, distance is not a problem. It is a one-way trip and we are going to fly.

“Oh really? You see, I don’t really know about the Empire’s geography that well.”

One thing that I know about the Empire geographically is that it is nearby the Kingdom. Perhaps I should prepare a map soon. I’ve found a map before, but I don’t consider buying them because they are sold roughly pricier than the source material.

“Erm like this, the Kingdom is here, meanwhile the Empire is……”

While explaining to me, Will drew a huge map on the ground. Truly what you can expect from the noble’s family young master, very well educated.

“Oh my, that is one quite accurate map.”

I don’t know whether Ellie did finish her cleaning properly or did she escape outside, but now she is here in the garden.

“Hello there, Ellie san. I’m currently explaining the location of Ellie parent’s house.”

Ellie joined in and completes the rest of the map. The map is quite a good one since it covers major town and highways.

“It turns out quite well. Let’s show this to everyone.”

Ellie came back after calling everyone and then she explains the location of her parent’s house, and what route should we take to go there.

“Now that you mentioned it, where is Will parent’s house?”

“In the middle of Imperial Capital.”

“If not mistaken, you told us that you hail from an old noble’s house, right? A placenta (法衣?) noble?”

Roughly said, the placenta (法衣?) noble is an aristocrat who does not own any territory and is working in bureaucracy.

“No, I mean, we have territory…….”

“Territory nearby the Empire Capital……you, what is your family name?”

“That is, uh, kinda.”

“What, is it something that you cannot say?”

“Err well.”

Is he a big young master from a big noble family?

Must be awkward for him. Or perhaps they are in big debt with mafia or a bad household.

“No matter what your identity is, you are still you. That’s why tell us.”

This is interesting. Let’s make him spill it out.

“Will you keep it a secret even after I tell you?”

“Definitely, neither I nor anyone else here will tell anyone. Right, Tilika.”

“I guarantee.”

So, Tilika said.

“……it’s Galley.”


Of course, that name is new to me. It sounds like a fish name.

“Eh, is that all? That is a lukewarm response. I thought it’s more……”

“That Galley household, was it a big noble?”

“Eh!? Don’t tell me you seriously don’t know them.”, Lilia shocked.

Even if you said that.

“Ellie, do you know?”

“Yeah, I know them. By “Galley” do you mean that Galley?”

Looks like Ellie recognize that name. Although it feels like an interesting thing until a while ago, for some reason, the atmosphere has turned serious right now.

“It’s just a Galley.”

“In the end, what is this all about?”

“Masaru, what is the Empire called?”


“It is Galley Empire.”


I hit my hand now that all the pieces are here. Will, so you are a prince. Damn amazing.

“Only direct descendent of the Galley emperor are eligible to bear that name. If anyone name themselves as such carelessly, they will land into a big trouble.”


“Are you for real, big bro.”

“No, you see, everyone keeps on calling it Empire this and Empire that. Nobody called it Galley Empire until just now you know?”

“Even if it was like that……”

Ah, now I feel like a clown. But more importantly now, Will!

“I was born in a very faraway country. It’s still recently that I have come here. If I tell you that I came from Japan capital, Tokyo, you will not understand too, right?”

“I certainly don’t know where this JAPAN and TOKYO is.”

“Yeah, yeah, we are all aware that Masaru is not familiar with the geography in this neighbourhood.”

“No, no, this is important too you know? Listen, Will. Even I was——”

“Our discussion is not progressing, so keep silent please, Masaru!”

“Ah kay.”

Ellie lost her temper. Rather than focusing too much on Will sudden prince development, you should prioritize my sanctity more.

“Even so, it seems that you were forgiven.”

Although he has been away from home, it seems like he has been in contact with his brother recently. Yet after that, there is no effort to bring him back, so I’m thinking if he is here with the connivance of his brother. If there is search party for him then things will be unpleasant.

“Actually, I don’t have that much right for throne inheritance.”

“How long were you in the line?”

“I’m the eight princes, so umm, if not mistaken, twentieth place?”

“You have nothing to do with the throne anymore, don’t you? Right now, you are an inspiring adventurer.”

Even with this reveal, noble or not, it doesn’t change who he is in this neighbourhood.

Lilia is in the second line for the throne, too.

“That’s correct!”

“Right now, this guy is simply a poor, budding adventurer. He has no time to worry about his household.”

I can understand the hardship of hiding one identity. For him to be frank with us shows how deep his trust is. Suddenly changing how we treat this prince will be a poor decision.

“Big bro……”

And it is painful for me to change my attitude just because right now I am aware that he is a prince. I will absolutely, never do it.

“Will is Will. You are just fine staying that way.”

Will is the grandson of the current king, and his father is currently the one in line for the throne succession. That’s what we get to know from him. If a person is acquainted with Will, that guy can use that connection to execute whatever scheme that he wants.

So naturally, I will keep this a secret, and I decided to interact with him just like ordinary. Casually treating him just like usual is good enough. Plus, even the person in question is pleased with that.

By the way, since it is an Empire, why is it ruled by a royal family? While I’m having this doubt, the descendent of that emperor is right beside me, and he seems anxious.

When the talks finishes, Ellie pulled me to the shade a little away from everyone.

“Masaru, Masaru. Keep winning over Will. We can use him.”

“What are you going to use him for.”

“He is going to be our “pipe” to the royal family.”

“Hm—m. I thought you dislike that guy.”

“Let’s put that aside for now. So far, there is nothing special between you guys, but for now he seems to be attached to Masaru, and I guess it’s possible for him to receive the divine protection too, right? That’s why be gentle with him.”

“Especially his household, isn’t that your target?”

“No way. Not now. I admit that kind of thought did crossed my mind, but for now I’m thinking for our sake. I think it’s better to have more insurance in case anything happens to us.”

Indeed, if there is some trouble brewing during our time in Empire, the situation might be able to be resolved quickly if Will is there.

“I’m in the same boat too, you know? For running away from home. I will never think about forcing him to do something for us.”

“Well, since he is going to be useful, I just hope he will kindly comply when the times come.”

Anyway, as for Will, he only has today and tomorrow to spend some time with me, and there is also this thing about protection.

“Ah, so this person is your latest wife……woah, an Elf!?”

While I was talking with Ellie, Will finally recognized Lilia.

“Ah, that girl’s name is Lilia. She is my new wife.”

“I am the first princess of the Elven royal family, second in the right of succession. Liliane Dora Bettycoat Yamano!”

“An elf Princess!? Big bro, you truly rock!”

This guy, is he really a prince?

Lilia too, you should not carelessly throw your real name away. Maybe this time she has a sense of rivalry with Prince Will.

For the time being, I will approach Will gently later during our bath time, but for now we are going out. I have to greet the people in towns.

On the road, Ellie tells me about the Empire. I read about their history from a book once, but that is on paper, so I don’t know about the current affair very well.

The Empire is the second oldest surviving state and they are the largest and the strongest state in name and reality. Its national strength is ten times stronger than the Kingdom. Their military forces are just as strong. From a magic university to higher institution for noble to Empire Theatre. They are the centre of the world where academics and culture are developing.

With both Galley royal family and Truth Palace there, other than the last demon invasion which the hero has repulsed, no other big crisis has happened. The strong and excellent pedigree of righteous royal family has governed the state into stability.

Currently, they have no intention to expand their territory and their relationship with the neighbouring state is flourishing.

So, even if his chance of succession is low due to him being the eight princes, as the prince of the world’s largest nation, he still retains enough power to blow away neighbouring lords. He can do it anytime he wants to.

The Galley Empire has a strong military and enormous territory. Compared to the country on Earth, would it resemble the USA or Russia?

“Hoho. So, he was saved by a hair breadth when he was attacked by the monsters in the forest, and it turns out that he is the Prince of the Empire. Don’t tell me you think it is a simple coincidence?”

When she put it that way, my encounters with Will sound like something like a destiny.

“It was fated!”

“Correct, it is fate. Perhaps, this is not something that you can sever, you know?”

“You serious……”

“As soon as you calmed down, someone will teach him magic. I mean, Masaru.”


“There is also the divine protection. Can Masaru do it?”

“I don’t mind if a guy like him receive the divine protection.”

Once they received the divine protection, even if they learned only some skills, they will be very strong.

“Apart from Will’s family household circumstances, we honestly need more people who possessed divine protection.”

Since my slave experiment failed, without a doubt, a candidate person like him is very precious to me. Even if they are a guy.

“Guess what, let’s think about it later. I am currently busy right now.”

When troubled, withhold it. Postpone any trouble that don’t require immediate resolve. Think about it later.

First, I visited the shrine.

As soon we arrived, Ann was surrounded by the orphans.

And since Lilia is too eye catching, she was also surrounded.

Lilia seems accustomed to this situation, saying “Hey, hey, no touching. Only see.”, properly keeping the kids at bay.

Not wanting to lose, I take out a pile of souvenirs. Naturally, they are foods and the monster’s meats. Drawn by their appetite, the children quickly swarm over.

“Sister Angela! Sister Angela—!”

“It’s an elf! There is an elf!”

“Amazing—! Meat! There are so many meats!”

They welcomed us with big hands and now there is chaos.

I decided to settle down and hold my solo appreciation for the time being. I will talk with the adult afterward. First, I will win these excited children respects first.

The story that I told them, well, half is truth and half made up.

During our journey, the merchant groups that we travelled with were attacked by bandits and monsters and we defeated them, and after we reached at the destination, we helped the elf to defeat the terrorizing dragon.

“Due to all that achievement, I was promoted to A rank.”

I show them my guild card.

““Oooooh, amazing—!””

These children are local inhabitants of this world. They have better understanding of how great rank A is, compared to me.

Then, I ushered them to the garden.

“Yes. I’m taking out something awesome, so you young kids make some space.”

Once I finished evacuating the kids, I took out the dragon neck. This is the one that was defeated by me and Sati, the one with its neck severed to piece.


Even after the warning, some pissed in their pants, some broke into tears, but that can’t be helped. This earth dragon, even with its neck severed, they are as big as a house.

“Is this really big brother doing!?”

“Yeah. With a single slash of the black sword that I’ve shown to you guys before. Well~, this guy was really tough. That sword got broken, and I was even prepared for death. However, to save the elves, I braced myself and stood up.”

“Woo—! Woo—!”

Among these kids, I wonder if someone here have potential to receive divine protection? If possible, I want a cute girl……but naturally, I am well accepted only among the boys.

After that, I have a serious conversation among the adults.

And Ann, she explained how we cannot remain in this town since we are moving our base.

“Wherever you are, we are all family members connected with the shrine. Sister Angela, as the member of our family and our shrine, please do your best to remain yourselves at the new place.”

“Yes, Sister Matilda.”

Next, we went to the Adventurer Guild and greet the receptionist. Sergeant dono is currently absent. He went to the Kingdom. Both Crook and Silva also went to the Kingdom. So, everyone is going to the festival, huh? And those two, they leave a memo on which inn they are taking at the Kingdom. In this case, it will be easier to hook up.

Then I meet the well-acquainted guild vice chief. Since the news about my A rank assessment inquiry has naturally reached here, I was celebrated for my promotion.

I also visited Sati slave’s associate who went to our wedding. Since they are closely related to me and Sati, we two parted with everyone at the Adventurer Guild and went there alone.

We arrived at a big shop. They seem to be in various trade, from groceries to miscellaneous goods.

We told them how we have just created a new village and how I have become the lord, and we also talk about how we are going to settle down over there. The oneesan who taught Sati plenty of stuff, Selma san genuinely delighted with the news while the fourth girl, Adria was surprised and asked about a lot of things regarding the village.

“I see, the village is nearby to Elf Forest. Doesn’t that mean you can get elves made items?”

“I don’t think there is anything that we cannot get, but……”

Currently, the Earl is monopolizing the trade for elves made items. Even if he is not, the exports are currently stalled due to the difficult situation faced by the Elf Country. Personally, I can get as many that I want, but as for trading items……

“Even if you are the lord, doesn’t mean you can make that decision, huh. Does your village have any special product?”

“Tasty drinking water, I think.”

“……sorry to hear that. If you have any indispensable materials, feel free to reach out here. It might not be affordable to me, but I will study the price.”

“Thank you so much.”

It’s the correct decision to leave Lilia at the guild. If she met the real elf, I doubt she will hesitate to gobble them up.

I lightly greeted the inn manager. She was the one who offer an assistance when I just arrived here. Finally, I greeted the soldiers who are guarding the gate. The captain is precisely at his usual spot nearby the gate. This is the first different world person that I have come into contact. It is nostalgic when I think about it.

“You are already an A rank now huh……it feels like yesterday when you came back here every day, losing to the Wild Rabbits.”

When I remember the first time I arrived here, it feels quite impressive. Well, my level was very low at that time.

“This is a present for you.”

With that said, I take out a big lump of meat with a size of a cushion. It’s 50 kilograms worth of dragon meat. The meat worth about one-month salary for ordinary soldier and they are very delighted to receive food as a present.

“It was taken down by two people only!? And by a sword alone, too! You run out of mana, again? Even after you get stronger, the way you do things never change……hey ladies, make sure you take care of your man very carefully, understood?”

I was the one who took the dragon out in that battle, yet these people are still worried about me……but hey, it’s understandable since the situation will turn deadly if Sati didn’t manage to save me on time.

In the evening, I cooked Will a meal and listen to his recent stories and tell him about mine too. I tell him not to tell anyone, and I believe Will can keep a secret. Although the part about the Elf Country was largely omitted, I tell him in great details about the other.

“Wow, big bro, you really are awe—some!”

His impression on me that went low during the incident where I’m not aware of the Empire’s name the other day is recovered now.

“I will not be surprised anymore even if big bro turned out to be a big shot.”

Well, it is just a talk. I wonder if our interaction would change if this guy didn’t throw away his identity as a prince.

“I was born in a distant country. At my country, the royal system was abolished, and the country was managed by a citizen elected parliament. That is why even if one is a royalty, they don’t have much authority.”

I think the princess is wonderful but could care less about the prince.

“If not mistaken, the country run on Tōhō Kokka-gun parliament system……”

“Of course, the former royal family, as well their family line of nobility remains, but more importantly is their ability as a person, their true merit.”

“That sounds like a nice country”

“Yeah. It is a nice country.”

Recently, the thought about returning back to Japan never hit me much. Well, I got married and I built a house. Moreover, I have my own maids. I couldn’t ask for any more happiness than this.

“But life in this place is not bad either.”

Except for the oversize landmine called destruction of the world.

“You’re right. There are some painful things, but I feel more alive here compared to the time spend at my home.”

This guy almost died when I found him, and even during his training he was half-dead. I don’t get how he can feel so lively.

“But unlike me, who is busy arranging my own equipment and crying, big bro hones his ability and made a village……”

I really wish that it was only due to my ability alone. The others, even with the divine protection, I’d say they put their own hard work. When told by those who are unaware of this situation, my heart aches a little.

Even this guy, if he got a hold of divine protection, he might end up better than me. He has a social status and his basic specifications seems higher than me, plus he is still young.

After thinking about it for a moment, I concluded that I’m not that good, but I cannot say it.

“Hm. Now, you see, I was always saved by the others, and I say fighting with your own is not easy.”

“Do you really think so?”

“Correct. Will, you need to take care of your partners too, okay? A trustworthy partner is the most important treasure in this harsh world.”

“Yes, big bro.”

Giving advices as a superior while sipping alcohol is quite enjoyable.

The rest of the day, I brought Will to the garden, and properly turn in the bed after returning to the village.

A large bed in a large room without any worry of being disturbed. With my beloved bride.

This is my house. My new home.

The next day, I went back to Siory town earlier and took breakfast there. After that, I oversee Will’s swordsmanship, then I took Lilia around town.

After a long absence, I went out to hunt Wild Rabbit in the afternoon. The village is surrounded by forests, so there are not enough meadows to attract the Wild Rabbit.

And after all that I’ve said, the decision was made. Will is going to follow us to the Kingdom, and no objection.

I talked to Lilia about it before, and it seems that Ellie has some money stashed.

Though, a fate, him and me.

If something like destiny really existed, there is no way the story ended after I finished helping this guy.

Ellie planned to use him, but there is a high chance that we are going to get involved with his messes.

Though, from the story that I have listened so far, the Empire has found it peace……

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