NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 6

Chapter 6 ~ To the Gladiator Competition

“Alright. Now, what do you think we regroup and look for Sergeant dono?”

“Yes. Masaru sama.”

“It was awful that we visited there for nothing.”

I won’t go as far as saying it is a waste, but the money spent on the broken silver mithril really is. I’d say the price is reasonable, but they still hurt. Why are they so expensive?

Since the metal was broken due to magic, his policy won’t allow him to reuse them to make new equipment. So strict.

“Excavating rare material from earth is an immensely difficult task, you know.”

“You excavate them?”

“Then let’s excavate them ourselves.”

“Do we hire manpower? Our do you plan to use magic?”

“Either way is fine. Isn’t it easier if Masaru can start excavating by using your magic?”

“Can we fine the ores with Earth Sonar?”

In case we managed to dig out some silver Mithril, do you think it’s possible to turn it into a big profit? Hmm—although, if it can be so easily done, I’m sure other Earth Mage would have done that long time ago. Besides, I think starting a mine takes as much effort and free time as making a village. I wonder how many parts can actually be done with magic?

Regarding this matter, even Lilia is not aware of the details. I guess the person who is familiar with Earth magic is that one elf chief I worked with. I will ask for their advice next time I went back to the village.

“A mine is……a dangerous place.”

Sati who was listening silently at our back suddenly muttered it strongly. The unsold slaves are threatened to be sent off to the mine to die.

“You are right. It is wiser if we can avoid the danger. Let’s leave it up to the expert and buy the things that we need.”

“Yes. Me too, I will do my best to obtain it!”

Sati is a lovely girl. If this world is not heading to its end, I’m sure she will lead a good and satisfying life.

Our next task is to visit the capital’s Adventurer Guild.

They are a tad larger compared to the one at Siory town. The adjoining Commercial Guild is the same case, too.

Just like in Miyaga, this is a big town with a strong military presence, hence there are less adventurers around to take on the request.

However, as expected, during this festive season, this place is currently filled with adventurers. I’m struggling my way, pushing through the crowds to the receptionist desk and after an inquiry, I immediately found Sergeant dono location. I was told that he is teaching at the training ground.

“Sergeant dono!”

“Ooh, isn’t that Masaru. For you to be at the Kingdom’s capital during this season, don’t tell me you are actually interested to join the gladiator competition?”

He was in the middle of teaching, but after I called him, he stopped and come here right away.

“Eh, well. I told you before, doing that kind of thing is a bit too much for me. How about I let Sati enter in my place?”

“Is that okay?”

“Just give it a try. You can be the representative of our party.”


“What a waste. I have a feeling you can go far in this competition.”

“Well, if we are just talking about swordsmanship, I wasn’t able to beat Sati for sometimes now. By the way, why is Sergeant dono here at the Kingdom’s capital?”

“Every year, I came here to coach the contestants.”

I see. Even in this guild there is no person that is as skilled as Sergeant dono. I mean, when Sergeant dono come forth, I get the feeling that everyone is in rush trying to finish their task, so I might be correct.

“I’m on my way to the Empire, so I thought I can stop by here to enjoy the festival. I will be staying here during the festival period. I’m currently staying at——”

We move to one corner at the training ground to avoid someone overhear our conversation, then I introduced Lilia, and afterward I managed to explain the situation briefly.

“I have no doubt that you are going to gain an astounding feat someday, but this……”

The information was handed to him after I got promoted to A rank, but he never thought that I’m going to become a lord anytime soon, and it is truly unexpected that I am wed to an elven princess.

Since Sergeant dono is busy, I will only trouble him this much for today.

I promise him that I will come again, and I was told about the lodging he is currently staying in.

Next, I decided to go to the gladiator competition reception desk.

The gladiator competition will be held at the stadium, and the qualifying round will start during the third day of the festival for two days. The competitor will rest for a day in between, and they will proceed to main battle for another two days. The stadium is an enormous circular building made of stone, the same as the one you can find on planet Earth.

“Masaru sama, it seems that an A rank is exempted from the qualifying round.”

Sati reported the main points after she gives her all to read the rules and application guidelines for the gladiator competition stuck on the competition signboard. But I don’t think that applies to an A rank mage, but I’d say myself as more of a mage. It’s not there. Impossible.

It is a given that magic is prohibited in a gladiator competition. However, healing technique for oneself is still allowed.

As long it has blade, you can use it as a weapon, be it spear, bow or buckler. Body armour is required to be made of leather. Only the helmet can be made of metal. Basic supplies can be used, but you must bring your own.

Winning or losing is determine either if the contestant faints, give up, or sustain enough injuries deemed by the referee.

There were other fine regulations, but the rules are roughly like that.

An organized group of well-trained healers are always on standby during this competition, but sometimes people still ended up dying. There is even a warning about upcoming bloody battle. Yikes, so scary!

“Sati, are you really going to enter? It sounds dangerous.”

“I want to enter.”

“Then it’s fine.”

“Is there no requirement to enter this competition? Then, I’m entering, too.”

“You can’t, Lilia. At the very least, you should wait until you are able to handle shira decently. And not to mention, magic usage is strictly prohibited.”

Once she is in a pinch, her spirit defence will be automatically invoked and that will lead her to her defeat. Even during her training, that happened.

The only combat skill that Lilia possessed right now is Shield level 1. She is going to gain Swordsmanship level 1 on her own through her training. Her training is moving along considerably, however the elves live a long life; therefore, a period of two months is seen as short by them.

“Muu~. Even though it looks so interesting.”

Perhaps she heard about it or maybe she found it fun because there is sword in them. She might be a little bit muscle-brain.

“Well, let us cheer for Sati.”

Sati filled in the necessary information on the participant registration at the reception desk.

She can write things easily now and not only her name. She has grown.

“So, you are a B rank adventurer from the Adventurer Guild at Siory town. Next is appeal point from your career history.”


“Let see, this is Sati’s first debut in this competition. Appeal point is meant to show her strong forte, that said, she is an all-rounder, good with sword and bow.”

“Her first appearance, and she is an all-rounder, good with swords and bows. Thank you very much. The qualifying pairing will be pinned on the billboard nearby the entrance gate in the morning of the competition day. Please confirm it yourself. Besides that, there are betting tickets available to buy to anticipate the winner of each match. If you do not mind, please feel free to buy it.”

“Is it fine to buy for myself?”

“Of course. If you have the confidence, I’d say go for it.”

Ha! If I bet on Sati, then I might be able to make tidy profit.

The betting ticket is prediction based on the breakthrough during qualifying round. In the main battle, they are determined by winner of the match. There seem to be several other types of predictions for the winners. Though, I will bet everything on Sati.

“Sati, aim for the first place.”

“Yes, please leave it to me!”

What a reliable way to gain pocket money!

Just like this, the matter with gladiator competition is finished. What left is to find Crook and Silva.

I only know the name of the establishment where they are staying and its rough location, so I asked the food stall owner where I bought my food and while listening to him, I was greeted by a boy whose face is unfamiliar.

“Hey mister, are you looking for someone?”

“Yeah. Do you know a lodging name Amatsubame no Tsubasa?”

“I know! This way.”

For a moment, I got a feeling that we are being led to a strange place and that is bad, however there is hardly anyone who can win against me right now, and we have Sati here. It’s hard to get used to being stronger.

Following the kid guide’s, we walked for a while and soon we find the inn.

Here it is, thus the kid holds out his hand. He is asking for the guide fare, huh.

For the time being, I give him one piece of copper coin, then he said, “Thank you!” and left us. Initially I thought he will demand much more, but he is actually fine with a 100 Yen worth of coin. As usual, child labour is always cheap.

I made an inquiry at the inn about Crook and Silva whereabout. I learn where their room is, then I tap their door.

“Hey, this is me, Masaru.”

Crook came out right away.

“Masaru! It’s been long time since we last see you!”

Honestly, it feels like forever too since the last time I’ve seen their faces.

“Sati chan too. Let see, this girl is”

“I will introduce her to you shortly.”

I grin.

I entered their two-bed small bedroom and sit on their beds.

“This is Masaru we are talking about. No matter what you say, I will not be surprised.”

Yeah, yeah, Silva nodded his head in assent.

“I bet that girl is your new wife, am I right?”

“Hou, truly what I expected from Masaru only friends.”

Lilia swiftly removes her hood.


“I am the first princess of the elven royal family, Liliane Dora Pettycoat Yamano.”


“Just like what Crook said, she is my new wife.”

“You serious!?”

“I’ve reached A rank, too.”

“No kidding!?”

“Then, I became a lord of a small village. After a few years, I will become a noble.”


Crook mouth was left open wide from astonishment.

“Congratulations on your marriage.”

Silva lightly congratulates us.

“Thanks, Silva.”

“Just how……. what happened?”

“Briefly speaking, I went for a winter vacation, then the Elf Country got attacked by monsters. Then, I lend them my help.”

Just like that, I repeated back the same explanation. However, since they got surprised each time I get to the good part, I find it more fun to talk with them.

“If that is the case, we can’t continue speaking to you casually anymore, huh……”

“Hey man, come on, stop it. Even if I become A rank, even if I become a lord and a noble, even if I have five wives and maids in a mansion, our friendship will last forever, isn’t that so?”

“Fuck you! Back then, I really should have gotten rid of you!”

“Hahaha, I will serve as your opponent anytime you want. Although I’m three times stronger compared to back then.”

“Three times stronger……hey, don’t tell me you are entering the gladiator competition?”

“No, it’s not me who is going out. Sati is entering, though.”

“Sati chan is strong, too.”

“If you bet on Sati, you could make a tidy profit.”


“Sati chan, do you think you can win the first prize?”

That is to be expected. Until now, I have never seen any swordsman better than Sati except for Sergeant dono. But when it comes to big event like this……

“I think I can do it, but……since Sergeant dono is also here, I don’t know the level of other participants in this competition.”

“Lazard san is entering too, you know.”

Unfortunately, Lazard san no longer can win against Sati.

Hmm……no……how should I say it? He never confronts Sati directly head up. He didn’t fight me seriously before, even then he managed to measure my ability accurately. Even though he is C rank, he has experiences taking down dragon before. He already has the ability, so if he has more achievements, I’m sure he will be promoted to B rank easily.

“This tournament, if she can win then it’s a serious chance for me to make good money.”

You want to use it for your life after retirement with Liz san, huh.

This is worrisome. I should have been stronger by now, but I don’t feel like I can win at all.

“You guys are not participating?”

“No way, not a chance. I surely going lose my first qualifying match. Since you can get good prize money just by qualifying, the level of contestants is very high.”

Grr. Now I’m worried if Sati can win at all.

Especially now when my pocket money is depending entirely on Sati.

“Alright, Sati. We are going to practice until the day of the tournament.”

Three more days to go until the tournament start. I will train her thoroughly. She is going to fight in preliminary round while retaining her fatigue from her special training. If she cannot win the preliminary round with the degree of fatigue from the special training, she cannot fight in main battle anyway.

I will train Sati as much as possible during these three days. We can enjoy the festival to our heart contents after the tournament end.

“Yes, I will do my best!”

“With that said, we are leaving. We are staying at the elf mansion located in the noble district during this festival period, so please come and visit us anytime.”

To enter the noble district, first we need to notify the name of our visitor at the entrance, and afterwards they can show something that can identify them, like the Guild Card, and they will be permitted to enter.

“Umu. You guys are welcome since you are Masaru friends.”

“The elf mansion in noble district! We will gladly take up your offer!”

I stop by the guild again on the way back and asked Sergeant dono. He said not for long, maybe around 1 or 2 hours as her sparring partner but that much is enough experience for Sati. Next, she will take on a group.

Should I ask some help from the elves? There is still some elf swordsman that I have not meet yet, so it would be the best if there are several Titus class swordsmen among them.

I’ll use the golem too. I will let them wear equipment, thus, the golem fighter. It movement is dull, but it has high defence, and I don’t mind it if they were destroyed.

When I asked for his favour to train Sati during my visit at the guild, he immediately said that he will take the responsibility.

“Sati has the capability as one of the winning candidates, however her experience in one on one combat is lacking. I will teach her some technique that will be useful for one on one combat tomorrow.”

Lazard san actual merit lies on his tactical prowess, and compared to mine, he is 5 level above. I predicted Sati ability to be higher than him, but her lack of experience in one on one combat will hinder herself from winning easily.

Well, I’m not the one that is fighting, so there is no need to bother. Let’s wish Sati the best.

Once we get inside our room at the elf mansion, I found everyone is already there. First, I reported our participation in the gladiator competition.

“With that said, we are going to train until the day of qualifying start.”

“Let’s aim for the overall victory!”

“This tournament has a pretty high standard. But I think Sati might be able to win.”

“I wonder if Olba san has ever participate in this tournament?”

“This happen long time before we met. That time, I heard he lost in the first round of the main battle. After that, he specialized in monster hunting and aimed to be an A rank, and during that time he is no longer interested with the tournament.”

So even during his youth, Olba san lost his first fight.

“Oh yes. I met Leuven. If you are looking for a special lesson, why don’t we ask Leuven?”

He was in the same party with Ellie, a shield user for Dawn Battle Axe. Right now, he is studying the best he can to be a mage at the magic school in the Kingdom’s capital.

“Isn’t the magic school class starting soon?”

“I will offer myself to be Leuven magic instructor if he is willing to accept our request. Maybe he can take a day off.”

Good, good, it feels like we are on the right track. Even Sergeant dono is supposed to come here tomorrow morning to help her practice.

What should we do on the afternoon? The garden here can be used as a training space, but it is quite small. The ground in our mansion is bigger, and the elves are coming from that side, too.

Should I give Will some pocket money and drive him away?

“Will, from what I’ve seen, you have done an excellent job in your escort duty today. So even though it is a little, I’m giving you a reward. As you are aware, we are going to be busy with special training from this moment, so why don’t you hook up with your friends in the meantime? You can bring the money to make up with your friends. When you are fighting with your partner, you need to reconcile.”

“I want to assist you in your special training too, big bro!”

“Ah, but that is……”

“You see, I was not able to be of much help to you today. If I can watch the instructor closely then it is enough for my training.”

Should I let him do that today? Or else, should I tell him about the Gate, since he is no longer a nuisance? Otherwise, it is impossible for us to make round trips while keeping it a secret, unless I kick this guy out.

My Gate is probably not as big a secret, compared to his real identity as the prince of the Empire.

“Will, I’m going to have an important talk, so can you please step outside for a while?”

“Ah, sure.”

Once I make sure that Will has gone to the hallway, I begin my discussion.

“I think we have to tell him about the existence of the Gate.”

“Guess so. It will be hard for us to use it all the times otherwise.”

Ann agrees immediately, while Ellie let out what in her mind.

“If Masaru is fine with that, I have no objection. Now that the elves have our back, even if it gets exposed, it won’t be significant.”

My original plan is to announce it once I became an A rank, but the problem is when an individual can use the Gate. If any nation starts offering us the position as a transfer mage, we might have difficulty to enter new place. But if I said that we are working with the Elf, even if the Empire or the guild are aware of the Gate, they would not pursue the matter anymore.

“Will is going to be fine. He is genuinely attached to you right now.”

“He is honest and trustworthy.”

Lilia and Tilika has no objection to raise, so I’m calling Will inside.

“Absolutely never tell anyone about what I am going to tell you from now on, understood?”

“Sure, big bro, if you ask me to never leak it, then I will do just that. So, what is it?”

“I’ve decided to return back to the village right now.”

“Huh? But big bro, your village is far away, isn’t it? So, no matter how fast Lilia neesan flying speed is, you—”

“It will only take a moment. Since I can use the Gate.”

“You serious.”

“Do you know how dreadful things will be if this was known to public?”

“I’d say, super bad.”

“You said ‘super’, but would it be that bad?”

“Big bro, you are a free adventurer……but what about the elf?”

“I’m not being hired; we are just cooperating.”

“You should still keep it a secret. You will land into trouble, yo.”

“But Ellie said it would be okay as long I have reached A rank……”

“The Adventurer Guild will protect you. Does your guild do this?”

“No idea.”

“Even if you don’t know, I think they will protect you, but they might want to use you too as well.”

The latter is most likely the case. The Gate is convenient, after all.

“Long time ago, there were practices where they branded the transfer user with slave crest. So, if they got used by the enemy, they were assassinated.”


“Well, right now the international relationship has stabilized, so it won’t be like back then, still……”

This is more dangerous than I thought!

“But I mean, this is not something foreign to a prince of the Empire, right?”

“If a gate user can be acquired in exchange to my life, my grandfather will never hesitate to do it.”

“Are you serious.”

“Not only that, there is no way he can manage the big Empire.”

“I can use the Gate too. Don’t tell anyone, okay?”

“Both of you!?”

“We are a group of talented people. The destiny has guided us and gathered us together.”

“Wha, so it was fated?”

That is a bad response. As expected, if it is my destiny to be with this guy, I will like it more if he is a girl.

“Me and everyone else think you are the same like us.”

“Me too!?”

“Masaru, the owner of special power, an elven princess and the prince of the Empire happens to meet. Do you really think this is a mere coincidental?”

“Well, that is.”

“When I was born, with the blessing of the spirits, I was given a prophecy where I’m going to do something big in the future. With our power, it is not impossible to save the world.”

I’m glad, seems like she is unaware of the prophecy of what will happen after 20 years. She is just bluffing. She is simply following the flow of the story……

“Me too……?”

“That’s correct. We were all handpicked by Masaru. That included you.”

This Lilia. Is she that desperate to raise his loyalty? Though, this might be the best timing for that.

His eyes met with Lilia and they stayed locked like that.

“Do you understand, Will?”

“I, at that time when big bro saved me, big bro, he truly looks like a God. So, I thought something will definitely change if I follow big bro around. Exactly, I changed after attending the beginner training course.”

“That much is only the beginning. Believe in Masaru.”

“I believe in him. Even Sergeant dono said the same thing. That big bro and Sati san are special.”

“I used to be a beastmens with no redeeming merit. But after I was found by Masaru sama, I was awakened to my talent.”

“Even your magic?”

“My magic and my sword, they were all power given to me by Masaru sama.”

“Me……me too, can I use magic?”

“Believe in Masaru from the bottom of your heart. And your wish, will come true.”

Still, how should I say this. It feels like a meeting for cultists.

“I will believe! But my magic is……”


“Yes, big bro.”

I stand up and stand in front of Will.

“Power, do you wish for Mana?”

“I want……”

The most important part is his current state of mind.

“You see I, can only give power to those who believe me from the bottom of their heart. That is how I give magic to Sati, who is a beastsmen.”

Start casting 【Light of miracle】——

The room is filled with light from my mana. For those who witness it for the first time, the light must appear to be mysterious.

“This is……”

“Believe in me from the bottom of your heart. If you can believe me, the power will be yours.”

“I believe it deep inside me. And that is how I gained my power.”

“I believe in Masaru sama power too, and that’s how I got my magic.”

“Me too. Gate, and my utmost wish, Space Magic.”

“I got a great power too. Enough to change this world.”

Hey Tilika, what do you mean by that.

“Me too, Masaru has given me power enough to rival the great priest. This is the God divine protection. We are receiving God graces through Masaru.”


“So, Will, what do you want? What will you do?”

A quiet and gentle question was asked from a beautiful elf illuminated by the light.

“I, I, I believe in big bro!”

“Will you sacrifice your life for Masaru’s sake? All of us here are prepared that much, you know?”

“Me too! I will gladly sacrifice my life for big bro’s sake!”

“Well said, Will!”

I increase the mana output further. The room is filled completely with light with me at the centre.

I can hear the menu popping already. Are you serious?


“In that case, let the power flow through you.”

【Light of miracle】activated, then the light burst.

I operate his menu and choose general magic and mana sensing.

“Aa……a, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!? Feel it, I can feel it!”

“Correct. That is your mana. Right now, you are capable of controlling magic.”

“A, aah……big broo……”

“Try it. You should be able to use light up magic by now.”

“O, okay.”

Will activated his 【Light】

“I-it’s true……my own magic……uuh *sob*……”

“Yeah. Good for you, Will.”

Looking at him weeping overcomes with his emotion, I lightly tap his shoulder.

“I thought he needed another last push.”

Lilia murmur in a small voice that cannot be heard by Will.

Don’t tell me, she sees Will as someone who is easy to coax over, and that just now has confirmed it……

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