NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 16

Chapter 16 ~ Main Battle, First and Second Round


After I returned to everyone, I was tightly hugged by Ann. At the same time, Lilia hugged me from behind. This is it; this is the one. It was worthwhile to put up the effort.

“Geez! Stop being so rash!”

I wanted to win smarter, but my opponent this time was not someone that I can afford such luxury.

“That person, he is very strong.”

Now that I think about it, there might be some other way available besides clashing sword with him head on. My speed and power are greater than him. But I couldn’t come up with new strategies off the cuff.

“You gave it all you’ve got!”

So, Ellie said while tapping on my shoulder.

“Masaru sama, what should we do with this?”

Satie brought me a treasure chest full of gold coins.

“Wait a second. Masaru, what are we going to use this for?”

Ellie opens the treasure chests and look inside.

Hmm, what should I do with them?

“These gold coins amounted to 1000 pieces……”

And, Shira chan eyes widened whilst she is peeking into the treasure chest.

Our household is quite prosperous. Combined, the amount of cash and property that we have can reach 1000 gold coins. But since the guild is keeping our reward, this is our first time seeing this much money on hand.

It’s a man romance to have this large amount of gold. And not to mention that these are my pocket money. I can spend it on whatever I wanted.

In addition to that, all our necessities during our stay in Kingdom’s capital is provided by the elves. Currently, I’m preoccupied with Shira chan, our latest slave. I don’t want to add more. Our territory management also is doing well and there isn’t much demand for more resources. It was just until recently that we received many gifts from everyone, so thinking of giving a present to everyone is out of question. There aren’t many things that can compare, at least from what I have obtained.

Recently too, Ellie has stopped complaining about money. All Ellie’s share of reward from our battle in the Elf Country was already sent to her parent. Furthermore, once we reach at her parent’s house, we will help with the reclamation of the land by using my magic and that will surely help her family to grow.

To be frank with myself, I don’t have any current need for these monies. Well, just by having it, doesn’t mean it will turn into a hindrance.

“For the moment, there is nothing that I want. Hence, I’m keeping this money.”

I don’t know how much the Orichalcum magic sword will cost me, so I better save for it.

And then, as for the match just now, since I was betting on myself, I was able to make a profit. My one gold coin bet is now multiplied by five times, earning me four gold coins which amount to four hundred thousand Yen. I also bet one gold coin on an overall championship in our block for both Sati and I respectively. Sati is right, I’ve just landed a big and an unexpected winning.

There is a limit on how much 1 coin per bet can continue. I can make a lot of money by betting on Sati and myself, but if I do, the tournament management will catch on. Doesn’t mean that they will conduct a check each time the betting counter is opened. Since it’s categorized as a crime to bet above the upper limit, everyone is trying to protect themselves by betting normally. Though, I’ll be exposed easily in front of the Truth Official.

“Did you managed to make money, Will?”

“Sure thing!”

It appears that all elves were betting on me.

Thank God. I’m truly glad that I didn’t lose……

“Still. I can’t promise that I’m able to win through this block. If you really want to make money, then put it all in Sati.”

The prediction for each block’s winner were already closed, so it’s kind of too late to tell them. I didn’t have any time to tell them this morning since we already parted away before I went to see the pairing.

“Just how strong is that person called Lazard?”

“Around the time I was still a novice, even while using magic, I got beaten thoroughly.”

“For real!?”

“Well, I don’t think I will lose now that my skills have improved though……”

I said that because I want to retain my good image, but I can’t see the ending where I can actually win.

Sergeant dono mentioned that we are about even, but I don’t think I have enough strength to overpower him, nor did I have longer reach. Will I won if I have superior speed? However, the only time I have witnessed Lazard san being serious was during the dragon hunt, and that was only at a distance so it’s unclear to me. I can’t shake off my uneasiness.

The next match begun while we were still talking. Then Tilika has finally return.

With regards to George dismissal, Gustave has been nominated again as a person responsible.  Gustave is planning to temper George bottom up military style. 232

“George will mostly be sent out to the armed forces stationed at the frontier as a private.”

The frontier is, in other words, the area nearby to demon realm. As a young master from a noble family, serving as a private will prove to be difficult especially in that environment. He will survive though, since he is a capable Earth Mage. His appointed post came handy for us. His disposal is highly unlikely; hence this decision might have been made with us in mind. We don’t mind it, as long he was sent far enough so he will never bother us again.

Sati’s turn finally came around. Her opponent passed the preliminary round as well, so they cannot be weak, but still Sati managed to snatch an instant win.

Francesca won her round successfully, too.

It’s finally the turn for my block to start their matches and Lazard san turn came.

My matches come after this; hence I get ready and went down to the venue.

There are 64 participants in the main tournament. They are divided into 8 blocks with 8 participants each. Only a single contestant who has won 3 victories in succession may advance to the final round tomorrow. I’m in the seventh block. My match is the eleventh for today, on the second stage.

The combinations were made based on drawing lots. No one is pulling the string from the back. It’s just by mere coincidence that he was placed as one of the eight contestants.

Lazard san opponent is……no good. He can still trade blow decently against Lazard san; however, Lazard san is still overpowering him. The match was over soon. the match isn’t shedding any useful information at all.

My match is coming up next. I can’t shake off my nervousness. The knot inside my stomach is getting tighter and tighter.

“Sati, please root for me again. Your voice is faint, but I can still hear it.”

It’s convenient to have Hearing Detection skill. If there is anything that is bothering me, we can still converse during the match.

The previous match is over. The matches often finished short. Once the blade is drawn, the match is decided with a single offensive move. It takes less than a minute to end.

Other normal contestants don’t seem to have the same level of evasive manoeuvrability as me. Also, I couldn’t find a single person who can use Recovery Magic even when there’s an opening created by their opponent.

There is a good chance to win if I’m able to capitalize in this area.

I cautiously went onto the stage while listening to Sati’s voice.

Unlike the first match, this time several matches are ongoing simultaneously, so the attention was dispersed. Since there are several other matches other than mine, there isn’t any specific excitement on us. If I concentrate on Sati’s voice, the nervousness is controllable.

I received an information mentioning my opponent this time isn’t that strong, however it would be good to not let my guard down. It won’t be funny if my opponent turn out to be a disciple of Sword Saint in disguise.

I positioned myself at the starting position. Good, this time there shouldn’t be any problem. I can feel my fighting spirit rising.


The match has now commenced. My opponent doesn’t make any move. Looks like he is solidifying his defence.

I advanced with full caution——and a small feint. I made it so it looks like I’m stepping to the right, while I quickly step to the left. Naturally, I activate Stealth and utilized Stealthy Step. It is one of my favourite combination.

First, I’m going to take a good look on him. So, I thought, then I landed a clean hit. And my opponent was on their knees.

What? Is he finished?

“We have a winner!”

Looks like this match is over. This is how it will be. This is their level.

I get down from the stage feeling unsatisfied.

I get ready to watch the next match which will begin shortly together with Sati. The winner from this match will compete with me next.

The next match soon turns out to be a mess. Both parties managed to inflict large wounds on each other. While both clearly looks completely exhausted, they continue to desperately fight.

They were giving their all, but honestly, they seem to be weak. No, certainly they are more skilful compared to the other participant in qualifier, but……there is no way this is the level in the main tournament?

“Is Sati’s block filled with people of this level, too?”

“I don’t think there are any strong people.”

Unlike the qualifier, there are lesser people, so the stage where Sati’s block is having their bout is visible even from here. If there aren’t any problems with Sati’s pairing, we can still make a profit even if I lose.

The match is finally decided.

The winner is waving his hand in joy after he finished his treatment. When the audience applauded, he gets off the stage in response.

I, too, am applauding him, when our eyes met. In an instant, his happy face turned cloudy and his eyes look distracted.

When you are delighted to secure a painstakingly hard win and your next opponent turn out to be Sergeant dono……I understand that too well.

But I’m not too sympathetic. He is not someone who is fit to fight against Lazard san in a fight. At least, I’ll make him exit so that he wouldn’t need to suffer.

Honestly speaking, I would love to exit right here at this moment, but there is still Sati.

I’m very worried that she wouldn’t be able to compete if I let her know of my intention of quitting right here and right now. I gulp down all my complaint and will not show anything on my face.

Each block has finished their first-round match.

For second round, the match betting odds were updated in between recess. I asked Will to go see it and turns out both Sati and I have the lowest leverage, that there is almost no profit to bet.

Second round. Sati and Lazard san match ended without any difficulty.

Then, comes my second-round match.

Since this is already my third battle, I no longer feel out of place. As for my opponent for this match……his facial expression shows his preparedness for death.

Surely, I have the same look whenever I’m facing off against Sergeant dono too.

I thought of the possibilities of him laying out some traps, but he lunges directly at me right after the start signal was released. He swung his sword down and I intercept it as it is. With his seemingly poor physique, I thought I would’ve blow him away.

Our sword collided. Only when I take on his attack do I realised how solid his strike is.

Surprised to see his attack was unexpectedly stopped, he easily lost his balance when I pushed him back. I smashed around the area of his temple with my sword’s handle. It may be from above the helmet, but it is at least strong enough to cause a concussion. Then, after he get on his knee, I laid my sword on his shoulder.

“I give up……”

My third match was over without a hitch. It was an easy win compared to my previous fight with Gustave.

Getting off the stage, I noticed Lazard san gaze is directed to me.

The triumphant feeling inside me dissipated in an instant. I nodded and return to where Sati and everyone else is.

Before the final match in each block start, there was a long break that also serve as a meal break.

While I was in the middle of digesting a good soup and eating fruits, the stage was remade by the Earth Mage. They were combining two stages into a large stage. It appears that the final match will be conducted by turns.

At last, I’m going to fight Lazard san. He was grinning.

Thinking back, no matter whether it be training or actual battle, when it comes to Lazard san, I will feel like fainting right away. Although, my experiences have accumulated over the last time, and I have perfected my evasion skill.

It would be nice if I can use Recovery Magic, however chances are I would get crushed by him if I’m not able to time wisely.

The question now is whether my strength is competitive with his. If my power hasn’t grown much, then this match will turn out like our past battles where I couldn’t put up much fight.

Also, it is rather unknown whether I can win over him with my speed. I lost in term of experience too.

“If it’s Sati, how do you planned to fight against Lazard san?”

“I will put a dent on him with my feet. Never receive the opponent’s attack, I’ll try to whittle them bit by bit. That person’s sword looks like it’s heavy, hence I think it’s easy to be evaded.”

The speed of his swing is relatively slow compared to the other swords which are swung by one hand.

Only relatively, still……

“I think Masaru sama will have no problem evading that kind of sword.”

However, I still need to be careful of his variety of attacks. Lazard san is a strong person even bare handed. He is also capable of strong kick and huge jump. Everything combined, they will prove to be an overwhelming power which I couldn’t do anything about.

In the end, I have no idea how strong Lazard san really is, so I have no choice but to experience it on hand during our battle. Honestly, it’s too risky. I want to go home now……

The final match for each pair starts.

Sati’s match is starting soon, so I decided to get off and go nearer to watch them.

The first match is featuring Francesca. Huge cheers are coming from her match. She is a member of royalty and a beautiful woman, truly a flower who is well versed in fighting in a battlefield. Her popularity is throughout the roof.

Her opponent is a beastmens. Although their physical ability is high, they aren’t just fast enough. They were driven to the wall in the blink of eye and defeated.

“Sati, give your best shot!”


Sati’s opponent is a Dwarven warrior.

Although he is solidly built with wide body, he is not any bigger than Sati in stature. He is wielding a two-handed weapon called Halberd, a long-range weapon that appears to be a spear with an axe attached on its end.

That long-range weapon looks like it’s a hassle……but Sati seems to have taken a like to it and after a short battle, her opponent was easily defeated.

He attempted to attack with the handle, but they were firmly grabbed by Sati and it got completely stopped. Then she hit that place with her sword. As expected, power is important.

The next match was won by an excessively gargantuan person.

He is as big as a Troll. The power of an ancient?

The fourth, fifth, and sixth matches went on smoothly, and finally, my turn has come.

I climb up the stage. This is no longer the time when I can get bothered by the audience.

Worst case, it’s possible that I might die from his sword.

Hearing the “Start!” signal, Lazard san mouth distorted with a grin.

“Now, let’s the fun start!”

Well that, without a mistake, I think you are the only person having fun here…….


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