NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 17

Chapter 17 ~ Main Battle, Third Round, Fight Against Lazard

My final match started on the first day of the main battle.

So, why am I putting up with this painful thing the best that I can?

Partly, it is for the sake of Protection.

Will was overjoyed. The already high evaluation from the elves towards me are climbing. Naturally, the same can be said to Shira chan as well. Alongside that, I also received a great reward. So, I thought……

I desperately evaded the incoming great sword. It is a large-sized sword that is usually handled with both hands, but Lazard san easily wield it with a single hand. They are heavy; hence people usually have an insufficient speed to land a hit. Packed inside it was pure violence, a feeling that I’ve never felt from Sergeant dono nor Sati.

If I am fighting against a monster, I can simply defeat them and retreated, however this time I’m fighting under rules and restrictions.

I can feel death creeping closer to me than ever. No, does not people normally die if they got hit by something like this!?

Like usual, I activated Stealth and utilized Stealthy Step. Not only that, the sword has an irregular movement……I evaded it. He continues attacking but I evaded most of his attacks. Either that or I received it with my sword or shield.

Damn. I am on the defensive spot.

He avoided my counterattack by leaping to the back. I try using a Hit and Away tactic, but he can perfectly see my movement. Even with his large body, he managed to dodge them with high dexterity.

My legs halted. When I can’t defeat him with a single hit, it’s a matter of time before we exchange blows face to face.

I took on Lazard san attack with my sword. The sound of iron hitting each other echoes. The aftershock is immense, but I could stop them with both of my hands.

Our swords immediately get locked with each other. Whenever I tried to push forward, Lazard san pushed back stronger.

“Was that, the extent, of your full……strength?”

In response to his provocation, I start to push back harder. Right, I’m going to let him taste my true strength.

Our faces are close to each other at a breathtakingly close distance, then I push our interlocked swords with full strength.

Both of us struggle to gain an upper hand from each other. There isn’t much difference in our strength!

“My……strength……will overcome, you.”

However, as I was getting closer to the limit, I was pushed down. Due to the gap in our physical size, I’m at a disadvantageous position since I’m being pushed from above.

I gently sweep the sword sideways and break our deadlock. There is no pursuit. Lazard san was left in a state of disarray with his face red while he is trying to control his breathing.

If there is no difference in our strength, that means the only thing that differentiate us in this match will be either our skills or speed. Since his sword is longer and has more reach, my only chance to win is by getting closer to him. Once I managed to jump right to his front, then the advantage should be mine.

I slowly walk……and leapt forward.

I commence my offense. I throw in together small continuous attacks. Occasionally, he counterattacks but without avoiding, I received them with my shield, then I ward off his sword. His attack was strong, but not enough to stop my rush.

The power that he carries in his blow is terrifying and I’m forced to firmly receive it. Each time I received a hit, I already let out at least 2 to 3 blow myself.

If my memory serves me right, it has been a while since I last have a go with Lazard san. It should be around the time before I departed to Gorbas Fortress. Since then, my skills have increased, and I have undergone numerous training. There isn’t a reason for me to be fearful of him.

Without a mistake, he is strong. His attack carries a power that will end this match right away even if it only managed to land a hit once. But, as Sati said, I can dodge them as long I remained calm. Though, not as if my attack is making any difference as well.

Once I have put a distance, I rearranged my breath. Then, I start chanting [Regenation]——I must go one step further if I wish to win.

It was the same as Gustave, their defence are just too hard to penetrate. Otherwise, there is no way they can survive in this dangerous world for many years living as a warrior. Truly bothersome.

Even if I used magic, Lazard san will not quiver. He seems to be waiting for me.

Casting, completed. Like this, it’s fine even if I sustained small damages.

I grip my sword with both my hands. I decided to give up my defence.

I step forward and hammer into him with all I’ve got. He intercepted my blow with all my strength behind it with his sword. There is no counterattack incoming.

Lazard san was forced to be on defensive to withstand my barrage of attacks. However, he has precisely blocked all my attacks.

If I don’t end this fast, my Regenation will soon worn off……the next attack needs to hit for sure. Lazard san is changing his stance. Now, he is holding his sword with both his hands. That alone is enough to change the whole atmosphere in this battle.

His swelling bloodlust is suffocating, and I am left unable to take a step.

Here he comes. But it’s a long sweeping stroke. I evaded his first strike. I received his second, returning his swing with my sword. At the same time, the screeching sound of two swords meeting each other resounded inside the entire hall. My hands are numbed.

The third swing. Again, each of our swords are interlocked once again.

It’s coming again……but, this time they are coming faster!?

There isn’t enough time to intercept his attack. I dodged it at the last moment.

Lazard san attack is coming again, and I block it with my sword. However, I’m unable to take it. I’m completely being pushed down.

This time, I’m pushing back against him with all my strength. But Lazard san is a step faster than me. I was unable to catch up to him beginning from his second shot. And each time our swords met; I was defeated.

Our strengths are supposed to be equal, and yet there is a gap in our offensive power. Other than the difference in our reach, perhaps there is a gap in our skills. Whenever he is making a huge swing, there isn’t a wasted movement produced at all.

His attack while he is using both hands are faster and feel heavier. I don’t think I can defend against it with the small buckler attached to my arm. Either I take it on with my sword, or I dodged it.

While I was enduring his attacks, Lazard san suddenly changed his movement. He started to use some kind of footwork.

No……he is covering our distance with a long leapt. The force behind his sword is getting stronger.

I’ve seen this. This is the move that he used when he defeated the dragon.

A technique used to defeat a larger enemy. A deadly blow that landed on the dragon’s neck.

This attack is utilising the hit and away tactic. I’ll likely die if one of those attack landed on me. Nonetheless, there is no mistake that he is going to continue making those great swing.

I continue to dodge his attack, and occasionally launch a counterattack whenever the opportunity present……and my move was predicted. I defended with my shield, but then he changes his grip to one handed and launched another attack.

I got a cut at my flank and bloods are pouring out. The blade should be round, but it seems that the tip of the accelerated sword has shaved my leather armour and tore through my body. I don’t have the leisure to confirm it on the spot. I stop the blow from his following barrage of attacks. The wound is shallow. I can still properly move. The pain is being supressed by my Regen recovery.

He is distancing from me in another attempt to make those huge leapt, but this time, I’m chasing him. There is no way I’m going to allow him to do those huge, dangerous sweeping swing again.

He is defending against my two handed, full swing attack. He is capable of changing from one handed to two handed at will without breaking his rhythm. It isn’t something that I can skilfully reproduce. Seeing an opening, he immediately distanced himself, and then he lunged forward with a powerful strike embedded with a deadly might driving behind it. Ps. 243

Our sword met again, but this time a different sound other than a clashing metal arises.


I wonder, how many times have I pushed my sword to the extreme to meet his attacks. The sword got broken around the handle.

I brought it together into this tournament thinking that it’s better since I’m used to using this sword. Thinking about it, I already used it thoroughly even before coming to the Royal Capital. This sword was abused very frequently.

I was ready to dodge Lazard san sword, when my stance suddenly broke.

Ah, this time I’m dead. Aren’t I full of opening right now!?

His pursuit……never arrived. Lazard san has stop moving and lowered his sword, while taking a distance. I’m saved. If he was going for other attacks just now, I would have suffered more injuries.

However, there is no way I can continue this match anymore. I cannot win. It’s inevitable, but I have to give up.

“Lazard san, I guess this make my loss……”

“Referee, please let this man change his weapon!”

My words were interrupted by Lazard san loud voice.

Eh, I’m fine with losing.

“We will prepare a new weapon soon”

So, said the referee.

“It’s a festival, after all. If this fight ended this way, I’m sure you wouldn’t be satisfied, don’t you?”

Probably, the person who is going to feel dissatisfied the most is him……

All in all, I wonder how I should planned move now. There really is no win over this. Like it or not, I will have to withstand that attack again. While I was waiting for the replacement sword, I think over Lazard san previous move.

First of all, my two-handed swordsmanship was a mere imitation of Lazard san. The real thing was different, our moves were not comparable. Our body flow, including the pace of our foots. Can I do it too?

The replacement swords have arrived. I pretend to make my choice in order to gain more time. There is only a single match left for me today. I shall be fine.

I just have to find a good sword and hold it to ensure that I have a good grip. I test-swing it. It doesn’t appear like they were in hurry; hence I’m taking my sweet time to make my choice.

Originally, Lazard san is a two-handed sword user. In addition to that, he has those step-work that he used during our match. I’m always there when Sati was doing her intensive training with Sergeant dono. I even got involved with the experiment-like practice. I can do it.

“Sorry for making you wait.”

“That was an awfully long time. Were you planning to show me something interesting? Or were you simply taking a break?”

I cannot tell him that I’m going to imitate his move from this moment on, hence I stay quiet. I drop my waist a little bit more than usual and pull the sword back, almost an identical stance like Lazard san.


It’s unlikely for me to win the match this way, however I have run out of other ideas. Worst case scenario, I’m going to fail, and everything will end in one stroke.

Seeing that I was ready, they released the signal to begin. However, Lazard san continue to talk without moving.

“Did you use Recovery Magic?”

I don’t feel well. If there isn’t any hope of winning, I will only be prolonging this heighted pain uselessly if I get defeated in one shot.

Chanting 【Regenation】.

But I cannot wait any longer. Cutting corners any longer and I will incur the other’s wrath.

Seems like he is giving me the first move, so I made an approach run……then I swing down my sword. He readily evaded them. However, my assault starts now. I muster all my vigour and killing intent available in my body throughout the continuation of my barrage. Even those got evaded.

I created a distance between us. It just wouldn’t connect. I’ll try one more……and I failed yet again. Coming for my third attempt, this time Lazard san also made his move.

A counterattack……I was unable to dodge it. The attacker become the attacked. The pain goes away quickly with the effect of Regenation skill.

I tried to back away again. And, this time I distanced myself quite far from Lazard san. I prepared in advance and coincidently, we both did an approach run at the same time. Our swords clash up front right in the middle of the stage. Without minding my chafed hands, I went for a subsequent attack……but it was useless. I was too slow. Proceed to defence.

Again, I get away from him. We ended locking swords directly this time, but out of fear of getting injured, I stepped out. This will not do. I need to be faster and put more power.

I took a distance two times further away than our starting position and again face against him. I re-chanted Regenation spell. I enveloped myself with power. My speed too……I need to become sharper and faster, like Sati.

I started running. Due to the sufficient changes in my speed and attack power, his timing was all wrong and got slightly off point. Lazard san sword went off course for the first time, and his stance was slightly broken.

My following attack will be my first real strike. It’s nothing more than a faint touch from my sword tip, so I cannot expect it to deal a damage.

But I also suffered damage at the same time. It was quite an intense pain. Quite a profound cut, maybe it was due to his long reach. However, it won’t become a hindrance to the battle. The injury will recover soon.

Everything is proceeding quite well right now. I will put up more speed, and the faster my sword move, the more chance I can disrupt the timing of my attack.

Our swords clashed again at the middle of the stage. We exchanged blow several times and get separated. One more time. I can do it. I can face him head on. More, I need to go faster and stronger……

However, despite us being evenly match……I wonder why I manage to hit him with my previous attack? My aim was misplaced……since there is a moment difference in our swinging speed, if I managed to take advantage of this situation……

Almost simultaneously, we both drew our swords……and for the first time, I won. I finally thwarted Lazard san sword for the first time ever with my swordsmanship.

Now that I’m in more favourable position, I launched my second strike……when we simultaneously striking each other. However, I get too close and neither my speed was on point. My leather armour has reduced the damage received by half. It is not in a degree where I cannot recover.

Again, both of use collided after an approach run. This time, Lazard san has shifted the timing. However, I still move faster than him. I amend the timing to cope with him……and again, we simultaneously strike each other.

No, I managed to defend with my shield. The damage that I received is also light. I will recover soon.

More. I need to move faster. I need to step further inside.

And I stepped too deep inside. Evasion, I couldn’t make it on time. I received his attack with my sword……but I lost. Whether to evade or receive the attack head on, my sword has lost the power driving it due to the broken momentum, and there is no way I can block Lazard san sword like this, so I ended up suffering a shock through my shoulder. The damage that I received is……fortunately not fatal. It felt like my bones were broken, and I couldn’t move my arm. It’s a searing pain that made me feel like dying, but I can still continue the battle. Plus, the severe pain heals completely while he hesitates to pursue.

After each time I endured Lazard san attack, my body recovered to the original state.

“I should have brought you down by now……”

No wonder he was surprised, my Recovery Magic performance is broken. Whether it be recovery amount or casting speed, mine has surpassed the level of any professional priest. Thanks to the blessing of skill, I have eliminated any probability of failure.

Besides, I can feel the pain subsides thanks to Regenation skill.

Usually, people would have broken into sweat by now. They would be rendered immobilised from trying to bear the pain. However, immediately after I received a damage, the intense pain is soothed on the spot with my recovery rate. The pain is manageable somehow given if I endured the pain for a second.

“Sadly, I have run out of my Recovery Magic just now.”

Unfortunately, my over reliance on Regenation has worn it out.

There is no way I can afford another lengthy cast anymore.

“Fine, I’ll wait.”

Chanting 【Regenation】.

“You’re truly curious.”

My wounds healed, but Lazard san wounds remained. So far, the damage that I inflicted is small, but if it’s piled up……plus, more or less there is some stamina recovery.

“I love smashing an opponent with perfect condition right on the front. Don’t you think that is fun? To tell you the truth, I wish you are allowed to use magic too.”

I wonder how I should deal with him with my magic. I cannot use a large magic because our commencing distance is not that far away. My elementary level attack magic packed quite a punch, but I don’t think they are enough to be a turning point. Besides, whatever I decided to do; this is a true battlefield. One mistake, and I will be cut into half.

As expected, it’s better to wrap up everything soon.

I finished chanting. Then, I dropped my hip very low.

Our attack power is equal. My speed is greater than his. However, whilst my move looks like the real deal, it’s nothing but a replica……I couldn’t land an attack at all.

After we exchanges several offense and defence in turns, at an instant, Lazard san body seems to have wavered.

During the opening created when his balanced was destroyed, I……without wavering, took my sword and……ah……it was a trap.

Even while losing his balance, Lazard san proceed his attacking motion. I was lured.

It is impossible to dodge. My shield may potentially hinder his sword, but at this rate I just swing my sword down. I cannot afford to lost my way.

I’m in an overhead position above Lazard san shoulder. Meanwhile, Lazard san sword is at my body level. My attack needs to hit.

————both of us got blown off and rolled on top of the stage.

I hardly felt my body. My consciousness is……

“Masaru sama!!”

Sati’s frantic voices made me regained my consciousness. Right, if I fall here, wouldn’t it make this the second time after our fight with those Harpy? If that is happening again, then……

When I raised my face, I saw the referee is looking at my face.

“Recovery, magic.”

After hearing the referee word, I start coughing violently while facing him. My entire mouth is full with the taste of blood.

I lifted up my upper body……my sword, there it is.

I grabbed the sword. Lazard san is……he was about to stand up from being on his knees.

It seems that my attack connected properly. Now, I only need to wait to recover……my recovery has stopped. The Regenation skill has worn out.

My Mana. With my Mana……. activate【Small Heal】. Just when I was finally able to raise my whole body, Lazard san was already swinging his sword down on me. I lifted my sword above my head and blocked it somehow.

While I was blocking the sword coming from above my head, I got kicked at my defenceless stomach. I couldn’t dodge. I took it head on. I was sent flying again, rolled over and collapsed. A sharp pain ran through the area around where my stomach was kicked and I was sent out of breath.

Mana……My mana. Gather!

Chanting 【Small Heal】. The pain has lightened. I can still move. I haven’t let go of my sword yet.

Chanting 【Small Heal】. I stand up. Right in front of me stand Lazard san.

“Unbelievable. I was sure the kick just now was perfect.”

So, he said and his next attack follow shortly after. I possess a skill that enhance both my will power and being sturdy. I have never realized the effect so far, however the only reason I managed to endure might be thanks to them.

I took on his attack. He tried to kick again but I dodged them. Since it isn’t a surprise attack anymore, there is no way they will hit. 【Small Heal】.

I cast another 【Small Heal】while being on defensive.

I slowly took a small breath. I don’t feel any pain at all. Lazard san breathing is already ragged and he is sweating bullet. His injured shoulder should be very painful.


“My wounds are cured. I don’t think Lazard san has any chance to win anymore?”

I wonder if he is going to give up. Over his dead body, I guess.

“I guess my win will be seen as cheap too if I were to defeat you, who only has a single usable hand left.”

I don’t intend to win this the easy way.

“Well, it appears that I might not be able to see proper conclusion to our battle……”

Lazard san made a stride forward. He cannot continue to fight long with those injuries that he sustained.

Maybe he is planning to wrap everything up.

My opponent is a person who has one of his arms disabled.

I couldn’t say that this is going to become an easy win……however, I would like to thank him for letting me see this battle to the utter end.

For that, I accepted the challenge upfront and rise————


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