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Izure Shinwa Vol. 3: Ch. 2 Part 4


“Ah, so here you are!”


When I climbed up the pool from the waterslide goal point, I was greeted by Maria and Ruirui.

Ruirui is wearing a sexy type black bikini.

Maria is also wearing a bikini, but hers is a cleaner image in contrast to Ruirui. Her thighs extending from the floral motif pareo wrapped around the waist are dazzling to me.

“Oh geez, please don’t go ahead on your own—”

“So—rry, Ruirui. I just couldn’t wait.”

“I don’t mind Tenka going alone, but don’t you monopolize Raika.”

When she was scolded by Ruirui, Tenka laughed and apologize.

“Raika san. I finally found you.”

“Maria. You are exaggerating.”

“Why shouldn’t I, when there is only Kunisaki san at the entrance.”

Maria angrily remarked with a cute voice.

As for Ruirui however, I do not think she is truly angry.

“By the way, what about Kunisaki?”

“Sharo senpai and the Kushinada sisters still need more time to prepare. With that said, he apologized in advance since he is going to wait for them.”


『——what a pitiful fellow. 』

I cleared my throat and get a grip.

“But still, putting Sharo senpai aside, aren’t both Kushinada sisters awfully late?”

That kind of situation is imaginable for Sharo senpai, but I do not think Kushinada sisters does actually need all that time for changes.

“You see, she was giving hand to her little sister at her arrival station. She goes to sleep right away, so it took time even to undress her.”

“Oh……is that so.”

That Susanoo fellow……even in a place like this, he is still being a hassle to Kushinada senpai.

As expected, there is no good guy among the Gods.

“Hey, Raika. You already played with Tenka just now, so why you don’t play with us next.”

“Eh, are you snatching Raika kun away from me!?”

Tenka complaints at Ruirui suggestion.

“You’ve monopolized Raika earlier, right. With this, we are T I E D.”

“Hngh ~ no helping it ~”

Tenka is still reluctant but she nodded slightly.

When she pulls backs, Ruirui happily laughs and snatched my arm.

“But I still need to wait for our senpai here.”

“It’s okay. I saw Leon just now, and he went straight to the waterslide again. He will slide down here any moment now.”

Speaking of which, Leon is still not at the goal point.

He is having a lot of fun with the waterslide, it seems.

“Still, I think it’s ideal if we all were to meet up with the seniors at once.”

“Oh geez, it’s fine, I tell you ~”

Ruirui said so and hugged my arm.

She holds a volume that is incomparable to Tenka.

“Please? I want to play with Raika like, right now ~”

Based on her expression, I know clearly that what she does was in purpose.

『——uhihihi, as expected of a fox. Do it more. 』


Bálor fell for it so easily, but I am not that easy.

“Hey, Maria chan wants to play with Raika as well, don’t you?”

So, I thought, then Ruirui turned her points toward Maria.

“Um, um…”

“Here, Maria chan pulled this one too.”

Ruirui urged the wavering Maria.


Maria glanced at my face.

“E, ei!”

This girl proceeds to mimic Ruirui, and she clung to my other hand.

“Ma, Maria?”

“I’m sorry. But even I…….”

Maria turns her eyes away from my perplexed gaze.

“Alright, let’s go this way, Maria chan!”

“O, okay!”


With both my arms restrained by Maria and Ruirui each, I was dragged to another place.

These girls do not seem to have a goal in mind either, so we continue to walk for a while.

However, I cannot let go of my restrained arms. Each of my arms remained stuck at both of these girl’s possession respectively.

『——uhihihi, Maria chan is bigger than the fox by a better mile. And they are soft. But the fox’s one are firm and honestly I like both breasts! 』

Bálor is getting way too excited.

He will not shut up no matter what I say, so I decided to leave him to his device.

“Oh, what is that?”

Suddenly, Ruirui points to one pool.

It was a small circular closed pool.

At the centre of the circle is a silver pillar surrounded by a fence, but nothing else.

“I wonder what it is. A pool for people resting?”

“It seems too deep for that.”

When I peeked into the depth of the pool, I find that the water depth is one where one can barely tiptoe out of the water.

“Was this one of the attractions……[Maelstorm]?”

Ruirui read the attraction name written on the signboard beside the pool.

“Well this is fine. Let us get in!”

“Ah, hey!”


Pulled by Ruirui, me and Maria both fell into the pool.

And part way, both have let go of my arm.

Now that I am free, I can stroke the water with both my arms. I go to the water surface.


“Puha! Keho!”

“Fwaah! That feels good!”

All three of us surfaced at almost the same time.

Maria coughed a little, but Ruirui looks as comfortable as what she proclaimed.

“Ruirui, why you, so suddenly.”

“Well, well, it’s not like you end up drowning, right?”

Ruirui says indifferently.

“I mean, this pool is just a little deeper than others. What kind of attraction is this?”

“Wasn’t the explanation written on the sign?”

“Ah~ I don’t really read them.”

“Read them properly.”

I sighed in amazement.

But still, what exactly is this pool?

It is circular in shape and the size is not so big. However, it is clearly not for children since this pool is deep.

Moreover, if anything else, the silver pillar in the centre of the pool draws the most attraction.

Is it a device that causes something?

And so, that time when I was stuck thinking,

Unexpectedly, an alarming high pitch sound coming from the centre pillar.

It sounds like a signal.

“Eh? What?”

“Something is rotating?”

It is already too late when we finally noticed something was strange. Just like Maria said, a stream of water is gushing into the pool in clockwise manner.

The flow was unexpectedly intense, and we were swept away without being able to do anything.

At this rate, we are going to get swallowed in the whirlpool……


That when a thought crossed me.

The name of this attraction is MAELSTORM.

Perhaps the central pillar is a device that creates a spinning water stream in the pool.

And, it is an attraction where you can enjoy the rotation while being on top of a floating ring.

“U ~, wa~ppo ~”

By the way, they are hard when you do not have a float.

It is not at the rate where I risk drowning, but to be honest, I find no enjoyment like this.

“Ra, Raika san!”

“Raika ~ grab me ~”


Maria and Ruirui who were also tossed by the flow, clings on my body.

Unlike the way they both clings to my arms just now, this time, they both clung on the from and back.

In other words, that feeling is directly transmitted to my chest and my back.

『——uhihihi! Getting sandwiched from the front and the back! This must be the best attraction ever! Don’t you agree, Raika! 』

I am begging you, just die!

This erotic evil God is jeering in great delight.

Afterwards, until the attraction stops, for three minutes straight, I had to swim while being sandwiched by these girls to avoid drowning.

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