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Dark Magician as a Hero 1: Chapter 4.1

Chapter 4 ~Having a Hard Time to Show my Wives my Heroic Side, Somehow the Princess get emotionally attached~

                   Wolf Princess

If both my wives give an okay, there is no reason for me not to take it up. Therefore, it was decided for me to accompany the carriage. Well, even if it’s an escort job, aside from guarding the food stock, I just need to accompany the princess who came to negotiate with Prince Carl. Overall, it is not a dangerous mission. There are a lot of demons who are targeting the food, however none of them possesses a threat to me.

“First, we have 500 horse’s worth of food. His Royal Highness want us to export hundreds of items out from this district. Out of 3000 mercenaries commissioned by [Dragon of Hot Dunes] group, 2000 of them are going to carry the goods. Their main task is to deliver all the goods to the Crater Island Union’s ship hidden at the west coast.”

The kingdom of Crater Island Union is located at the west of Laron region, separated by the sea. It is a maritime state composed of over 50 small and large archipelagos.

The truth is, the kingdom of Crater has not been in much contact with Magny Kingdom. That was because they mostly relied on international trade with Ritenbu Empire. On the other hand, both Magny Kingdom and Ritenbu Empire has bad relationship. However, recently the empire has start oppressing them──the biggest reason is due to their involvement with wars──and they raise the food price without any notice.

The only reason they are putting up with such tyranny was due to their long history of relationship. But it is natural that they are afraid of the future when the trade price will be increased until the level of an unilateral exploitation. For that reason, the leader of that kingdom prepares an envoy to be send to Magny Kingdom as a messenger.

The second reason is that they are heavily dependent on imported foods. They have a cold climate all year long especially during winter. The temperature is too cold, enough to hinder them from hopping to the nearby island. On the other hand, the temperature during summer is cold and comfortable enough for them to open business in tourism. However, that kind of climate is hardly suitable for cultivation. For that reason, they are depending on the exports from the empire.

Instead, the kingdom of Crater Island Union is specializing in shipbuilding and magic tool unique to their own country. Therefore, despite being a small country, they have a high standing. Their item can be bought at Magny Kingdom, fetching a high price due to being imported and redistributed by the empire.

With its current condition, it’s hard for them to not keep eye on this rapidly developing region with abundant of food. By sending their princess together with their negotiation team, the weight of their offer can be felt. Fortunately, Prince Carl is not someone who will miss such opportunity, hence the negotiations were conducted as smooth as possible.

“As for the representative princess……Princess Lefay’s escorts, we can leave it to the knight. I’ll protect the foods and the goods inside the horse carriage.”

Princess Lefay, who has reached adulthood by this year was appointed as the representative for this negotiating team, although only in name. Based on what Salema san has said, she is an adorable princess who wore a smile all the time and has a comfortable atmosphere surrounding her. She already has a fanbase inside Salema mercenary group.

“Some says the reason for her visit was for a matchmaking. When it comes to marriage with a royal family of another country, even if that person is a royalty, the decision couldn’t be made by someone who is only managing a remote region. Carl sama however looks to be quite impressed……he noticed how both the Princess tail and ears are quivering. I don’t think he acknowledge her as a woman.”

“I don’t know much about Crater except from rumours, but I’ve heard how it is a country made up of multiple tribes and races. What kind are they?”

Now, the third reason as why the empire has turned into tyranny recently is because, the locals are disgusted with non-intangible tribe that have shown up recently. Most of the people in this continent──all races refer to themselves as humans──is a native.

For a kingdom which are consisted of humans of various forms like cats, dogs, birds, and various other, raising the staple food prices of course will raise an issue.

“If I’m not mistaken, the current King is a birdman, while the Princess is a wolfman. She has a pink, shoulder length hair, while her ears and her tail have the same colour. Overall, she is a petite person, even among others who have short stature. She was brought up well, you can see by her kind behaviour and friendliness.”

Aside from that, it’s normal for the parent to be from different races. The children borne usually follows their mother’s traits. For example, if the mother is a birdman, all her children will be a birdman as well. If a birdman male makes a child with a spirit woman, all children born will be a spirit.

That is the reason as why a mercenary group was employed even though there are other Craterian people. It’s a normal occurrence where a certain tribe or race is rejected in any country. They are just being alert as not to get stab at the back by the non-intangible tribe.

For that reason, rather than leaving the princess alone with her companions, it is safer to leave her together with a group of 2000 mercenaries. On the way to the coast, we are required to cross a large forest with a lot of monsters first. Although the forest at the west is included inside the development plan, they are focusing on the plain area first as it has higher priority.

We need to spend a week inside the forest before we get out at the other side. Since I can erect a barrier that will keep us from monsters with a radius of 2 kilometre, we will be safe spending our night there. If I utilize my Storage Vault, I can even put out an outdoor hot tub.

“Understood. Since both my wives can tag along, I’ll join this mission.”

After confirming with Salema san, I left her waiting in the reception room. Then, I went to my private chamber to meet those two.


“……with that said, I was asked to join the expedition for two weeks starting from tomorrow. How about the two of you? I’ll refuse the assignment if you two don’t want to do it.”

Olivia and Dianne who were just recovered from groggy state were shocked when I asked. They took their time thinking about it.

If we can have a tie with a royalty from different country……. our husband is a hero; however, he doesn’t have a big supporter…….

Salema sama is that person with thick muscles, a respected female mercenary. If we can form a friendship with her over this mission, then……

Will it be tough for my wives to spend the night outside for two weeks? If we go with the golden carriage brought by Dianne, I think we can spend our night comfortably inside.

“I will happily accompany you. This is just like our first meeting. I’m looking forward to it.”

Diane nods at Olivia’s word. Now that both of them agreed, I’m going to tell Salema san. Our discussions were made urgently, however our luggage can be shoved inside the Storage Vault, therefore we can prepare ourselves in short time.

“Speaking of which, I’ve heard that you are going to be awarded 20% of the commercial district as a reward for defeating the Mao-Shu. Have you negotiated about it?”

Remembering that suddenly, Dianne, who are on the way to return to her room to make preparation, stopped walking and asked me.

“Oh yeah, since the Prince has gone back to the capital, I’ve decided to consult about it with the other great leader. Since we’re getting busy, is it okay if I settle it after we came back?”

Early in the morning, Prince Carl went off to the kingdom together with his supporters. I heard he worked for the rest of the day after I went back. I’m worried he might break his own body.

Trabant san is busy preparing for a celebration. The Great Temple is holding a festival to celebrate the defeat of Mao-Shu. It’s my bad for not visiting. I will entrust the delivery of this message to Salema san. “I know I have made you worry and got scolded by you yesterday, however this time the famous Salema the Mercenary and her 2000 underlings are together with me. Therefore, everything will be fine” is what I wrote.

“I’m sure that this matter was decided beforehand. I think it’s better to leave the plan to people living here. If you don’t mind, I’ll write a letter to my house at the capital first.”

Even Prince Carl suggested to me to keep on consulting with Dianne’s parent. As for me, since I’m no expert, I’ll leave this matter to my wives.

“Got it. I’ll prepare a bird familiar for you. I’m going to write a letter to him too, as his son. However, I’m not familiar with noble etiquette, so I hope Olivia will help me on that.”

“Yes, please leave it to me.”

Afterwards, I went to inform Salema san regarding the matter of the job, then I decided to sleep early for our departure tomorrow, despite my struggle to write a letter to my father in law, whom I’ve never met.


Now, tomorrow I’m joining Salema san to escort the princess. Olivia and Dianne are still busy with preparation. Since I have the Storage Vault, I can carry all my luggage inside, even the bath and the camp.

Olivia is instructing the aunties on their duty while we are out. In the meantime, Dianne wrote many letters and sent it to various place. After that, we’ve done some work in the room.

I don’t quite understand it myself, normally when I have gone in a long-distance travel, I usually don’t bother with bath. Since water is a priceless asset, it is necessary to prepare them thoroughly. Suddenly now I was told how it’s not necessary while my wife is changing clothes and preparing her cosmetics.

“Both of you? I can separate your stuff with others in my Storage Vault, there is no need to rush……”

“That is not good, my dear. We must take care of our cosmetics by our owns self. We will never bother the men in this matter.”

“Fufu, we are just enjoying ourselves packing day before the journey. I appreciate your concern, though.”

Oh, is this ‘that’? A craftsman will never let an amateur touch his tools. A bowman will always conduct self-maintenance on his bow without letting others touch his arrows or whatnot.

Well, there might be other reason. Looking at both of them arranging bottles of cosmetics inside their bag, it sure does look fun.

Ever since Dianne arrived, I can feel the weight on Olivia’s shoulder decreasing. It’s a bit frustrating, but I understand how there are limits to what people with different sex will know as oppose to the same sex.

In preparation for my job tomorrow, I planned to have a date together with both of them to cultivate my motivation. But I don’t know how long they will take to prepare. I entered the living room and when I was about to take a nap, Martha, the tailor’s wife stopped me.

“Chris sama, the item that you’ve asked before, my husband has finished tailoring it this morning. This is the item that you have ordered.”

“I honestly thought that it couldn’t be completed before I went out. You have my thanks, Martha. Please send my greetings to your husband.”

I receive the goods from her. Looking inside, I confirmed that this is the item that I’ve ordered. Fufufu, I’m looking forward for tonight.

“I’m grateful for you. He was extremely thrilled after receiving the order from the hero himself. He just went to sleep a while ago.”

“Your husband is Allan, right? From now on, I’ll keep imposing myself on him, so I hope he will take care of his body. I hope Martha will take good care of him too.”

I already paid for it earlier, however it won’t hurt to tip them for their willingness to make it. I handed a piece of gold to Martha. She was surprised, however since rejecting it is akin to shaming me, she took it obediently.

Fufufu, a gold coin is a cheap price compared to the fun that I’ll relish myself tonight. Now, to take a nap for tonight amusement.


“Umm……my dear, this is…”

Before, on my way to this city, inside the shelter that I took during the rain, I’ve found a white shirt and a dark blue pants…….at that time, I don’t know that clothing is called as gym cloth yet.

Dianne said, due to the princess of Magny Kingdom hobby in sport, Prince Carl invented this outfit so that the princess can exercise without concern.

The rumours say that the princess is exercising together with her maids inside a no man area located in the city. She is forbidden from exposing her identity.

“By using the piece from the hut back then as a sample, Martha’s husband manages to finish it.”

Olivia’s flushed red body after a bath became redder when she put on the outfit. Her body shivers while remembering the event that happened when we took a shelter during rain. Dianne wears it without doubt despite knowing that it functions as a sex spice.

Wonderful, just like what I have imagined. The clothes were design to emphasizes their breasts, making the size tad bit smaller. The area around their chests are stretched, while there are still plenty of room in their waist.

The dark blue pant──also known as ‘Bloomers’── is tightly digging into Olivia’s ass. As for Dianne, the fabric hugging closely to her soft skin makes me realize how tight her body is. God damn.

Anything that will come out from my mouth will sound very criminal like. Yeah, can confirm, this is definitely out of this world. I must strictly confine this piece of cloth within this bedroom inside this mansion.

These two lines up, both have their legs spread in an M letter-like. Before I know it, my head has turned blank and I jumped into their lascivious body. Apparently, I’ve lost my reason. Before I noticed, I’m already kissing Olivia.

“Kya ~tsu! N mu~tsu…… geez, dear, n fu ~u, n ~tsua ~a~a~a!”

Our tongues stroke each other during our kisses. Meanwhile, my right arm actively seeks her plump breasts. I positioned my left hand at Dianne pussy, my fingers gently caress her inside.

“Chris sama, this……ahiiii! Ya-yaaahn~ my clitoris, over my cloth……. Aahhhhnn~ you’re stroking them so hard…we’re just beginningggg!!!”

Still, when the bloomer is digging through Dianne skin, her pussy lips are clearly visible through the clothes. This is amazing. When I pushes in, I can get inside the vaginal opening together with the fabric as it is. I don’t dig too deep inside, however, a clear wet sound is produced whenever I move my fingers.

“Fuuaaah! Chris sama, your fingers……I can feel it deep inside! Aaahhh~ aaaahhhh! Feels so good!”

“Chi ~yu~tsu, n mu~tsu………puhaaah! Dear, not only my breasts, my pussy too please, I want you to make Olivia’s slutty pussy feels good!”

I don’t know whether the stimulation is too much, but while nibbling Olivia’s nipple through the white shirt, she has turned sluttier. If you think about it, since the outerwear is a thick fabric, is it not the same as rubbing over clothes?

I move my right hand which is currently playing with her breasts down inside her bloomer, then I insert my finger directly inside her pussy. Olivia’s vagina is wet with nasty juices while making a sloppy sound. It was burning hot inside here.

“N nn n 〜〜〜 ~tsu~tsu! A~tsua~tsu! N fu ~u~u~u!”

Olivia face contorted after receiving my fingers. My fingers are already wet with Olivia’s love juices. At the same time, I sneak my fingers inside Dianne bloomer. Guh, this one is hot too.

As I caress their inside rougher, they raise their voices louder and their love juices start to overflow.

“Nfuuuu! Dear, your fingers feel so good……”

“Ahaaa! You’re making me come!”

I inserted my finger further deep inside and rubbed their vaginal wall violently. Suddenly, their vagina tightened around my fingers……

“Ahhn! Waaaaaahhhhhhnn!!!”


Both of them reached climax at the same time. No matter how many times I look, my wives aroused face never fails to excite me. The proper Olivia, the bewitching Dianne, it feels awesome to know that their intoxicated faces are made by me.

The weakened girls both lays on their face flat. Their asses are clear, their pussies are wet, the reflected light from the lamp shines glitteringly in my eyes. They are in a nastier condition than being stark naked.

I want to enjoy this view longer, but my rock hardened erection doesn’t allow it. I wonder which one should receive my love first.

“Haaah~ haaaaah~……come, insert your strong dick and indulge in me, Chris sama…”

Dianne shifted her bloomer’s aside, exposing her secret place and asked me to insert it. Of course, my wives wish are mine to fulfil.

“A~a! Hot! A~tsuan’n n 〜〜〜 ~tsu!”

Her pussy is insanely tight this time. Her insides are scalding hot. Her pussy softly accepted my cock. Her dripping nectar further help me drive my cock smoothly. Her wet pussy makes it easy to increase my pace.

At the same time, I didn’t let Olivia go. I grasp her waisted and pulled it close. Then, I raise her white shirt and start digging into her spilled boobs with my mouth.

“N hi ~i~i! Gre-this feels so greeaaaatt~~~! A~tsua~tsua~tsu! Sooo fuccckiiiinnggggg gooood~~~”

“n mu~tsu! Ya, ya~a! Th- I’m sensitive there! Wa ~a~a don’t touch ittt~~~!”

Dianne beautiful face is filled with lust, now facing down while she was on all four. Ahh, that face, I’m the only man permitted to see this girl making such lewd expression. Perhaps, in her view, my face must look like a beast enraptured in lust.

I couldn’t imagine anyone else not going crazy looking at her beautiful face, her sex appeal, and above all, the goodness of her vagina. Furthermore, these bountiful breasts that I’m currently sucking on, plus her supple skin that I’m going to bite later, I’m the only one privileged to do this as her husband.

My excitements are as intense as the movement of my waists. Her splashing love juices, the sound of bodies slapping each other, then…….

`Fu a ~a~aaa! A~tsua~tsu, a~a you are too rough! Chris sama, Chris sama, Chris samaaaaaaaaaaaa~~!!’

Now lost in pleasure, Dianne shouted my name while shaking her beautiful red hair. I can feel her coming close, therefore I pushed my cock deeper inside her vagina…….

“Hi a ~a~a~a~a~a~a! ! IT’S THE BESSSTTTTT~~~!”

As Dianne trembles, I ejaculated inside. I continue to shoot my sperm inside while she is having her orgasm. After my sperms is overflowing from her pussy, I pulled out my cock. I don’t know whether the bloomer is substituting for a lid to close her vagina, but my sperms has stopped coming out.

“Fuufuu…….my body is glad to accept Chris sama seeds.”

Dianne smiles happily while rubbing her hands below her belly. What a cute thing to say, I suppose you’re getting extra love from me tonight.

“Dear, please, me next.”

Olivia whose breasts were sandwiching my face a moment ago, is now getting into the same posture as Dianne. It’s cute to see her shakes her ass to appeal to me. I have no reason to leave Olivia alone, didn’t I?

Only after I ejaculated inside them three times each, I decided to call it a good night. Doing it any more will further exhausted them. Even I need to contain my energy for tomorrow.

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