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Hatena☆Illusion 1: Prologue


The starry stars Illuminating the urban city, the moonlit shine on the earth.

In the frosty wind of February, two women are standing on top of a skyscraper.

Beautiful silhouettes can be seen between the sky and the earth, it feels like staring at the picture itself.

“Hey, why can’t I go too?”

The one asking a question is a pretty girl with black hair. She is in her teen hood, wearing a special radiance that is only perceivable during that time. Wrapped around her is a golden muffler, a garment that outlines her body contour disconnected to reality, but somehow, they suit her well. Cheeks flushed red, she doesn’t seem to be cold at all.

While correcting the silk hat type hair ornaments got from her father, she looks displeased.

“Fufu, this job, is for mama.”

The one who answered is a woman with a long blonde hair, a tall beauty. She has a slime silhouette, her bountiful chests shaking when she bends down, poking the girl forehead with her fingers.

“Kana, I brought you here on special occasion. You know that?”

“Why!? I just, want to be help for mama! Besides, I’m a Hatena now too!”

“Fufu, correct, correct. But, I haven’t admitted that yet, right. Kana, I’m grateful over your feelings. However, I don’t want my daughter to be involved in anything dangerous. This, is my job. Finderwill, please.”

The blonde woman gently touches the pretty black-haired girl muffler. The muffler shakes, it spreads and wraps around the girl gently. The pretty girl who has been immobilized, sharpen her mouth in extreme dissatisfaction.

“Mama is a bully! I will never help you, even if you failed!”

“My, that is the worse. I will be careful.”

The beautiful blonde woman smiles, then bring her hand to her mouth. She then talks to the big ring.

“Jeeves, how is the preparation?”

『No problem. Mistress Yumemi already has all the position of the securities grasped. Ready anytime you are. 』

“As expected. I will buy some souvenirs for Yumemi before I get home.”

Together with a blonde beauty who is smiling with admiration is, a pretty black-haired girl who is stifling with regrets.

“……Even I, can be useful.”

“What are you talking about, Kana.”

Without hesitating, the beautiful blonde woman hugs the girl’s body.

“Kana, you will always be the best. Since you’re watching, mama, can finally do her best.”

She gently laughed, then kissed the girl’s cheek. The Kana favourites smell of her mother, tickles her ever slightly.

“Mama, be careful……soon, Makoto is coming. You are looking forward to that, aren’t you?”

“Yes. It has been a while. I will make a feast”


Setsuna, standing carelessly on top of the building, a strong wind howl, enveloping these two-people hairs.

The fair beauty with a long beautiful blonde hair narrows her eyes. When she touched her chests, a unique emblem emerged on the back of her hand. The same emblem with the one on Kana muffler, shone strongly on her will. It’s the light which indicates her resolution to fight for her clan’s destiny.

“Well then, I’m going. This time, the target is something that I’ve made blunder with during the time I was raising Kana. There is no way I’m going to leave it alone.”

“Be careful. I’ll be waiting here.”

Smiling towards her worried daughter, she stepped into the sky without saying anything.

She descends onto the ground at a rate that seems to be a free fall.

“Yumemi, please.”

“Mama, please don’t push yourself.”

“It’s going to be alright. After all, I’m the one and only Kaito Maeve♪”

While humming, her hair continues to spread. Under her sight, the urban light starts domineering over the starry stars.

While staring at her mother’s shadow descending over the target as if getting sucked in, Kana released a sigh.


After rotating several times in the air, I saw mother landed on the ground as if a feather.

Towards her mother who slightly look back for a moment, Kana desperately clasped her hand. She prayed so that the safety of her important person is guaranteed.

Living in the countryside is relaxing, I wonder who starts to say that.

I, Makoto Shiranui, realizes some part of the reality of this world when I become a junior high student.

On TV, the entertainers who are from the urban area, sometimes went to see people living in the countryside to experience that life, often shown in the programme are some enviable idyllic lifestyle, the everyday life of the local. Rather than going to shop for vegetables, in place of that it’s faster to exchange side dishes with the aunties next doors. That means, a labour force is worth more than money. In other words, I’m very busy.

For me, I was asked to help with the weeds on the field during my priceless spring break before entering junior high school. Alongside that, I was also involved with cleaning the barn next door, and various other chores. Naturally, for obvious reason, I have no complain at all. Working to this degree is normal. Rather, I’m puffing my chests in the future to come. After finishing the chores quickly, I get ready for dinner.

Today, we are having wild vegetables tempura with a serving of boiled eggs what we received in large quantities from the lady next door. Together with that, I prepared fresh river fish and miso soup. It is the culmination of the dish that I learned over a year. After the dishes is nearly completed, my parents who have finished their work, my sister who has come back from her nursery school, we finally get united as family. My sister, who already returned, run at full speed and hit me.


Since my body is still hurting from the chores, it feels like it could break any moment my sister exert strength in her hugs. It’s painful, so I released my sister. But, as the long-awaited day finally arrived, I can’t stop my excitement from growing in my chest. My dad, who hugged my sister in return, looks at me and grinned.

“What. If you are going to feel sad, then you can stop.”

“I can’t do that. I have been acknowledged after long last.”

for the past year, in order for me to make dad acknowledge my aspiration, I have put plenty of effort. I was required to be able to take care of myself, with that said, becoming familiar with cooking, washing my own clothes and cleaning. Even in my studies, I’ve tried my best to get 100 marks in each examination. At the athlete meet, I got at least second place in all competition that I’ve participated. That is the moment when I finally understood. I don’t feel like backing out now. Thus, today is the day I received answer from dad.

“I still think that it’s too early for you.”

My mom, smile bitterly, worried. Mother, who gave birth at young age is still very beautiful. It’s feel like I’m going to get a new little rother or sister while I’m away.

“That is to say, it is better to start as soon as possible.”

I declared before my parents changed their mind while arranging the tempura and freshly made soup. My mom smiled after taking a taste. She looks slightly sad.

“Delicious. Fit my palate. Like this, you can be fine wherever you go.”

Mom, as if to gloss over, turned on the television.

Suddenly, a scene of Tokyo popped out. That is the big city where I’m going.

“……. from the result of investigation so far, the identity of criminal organization which was active in the whole region of Kanto is becoming clarified. In series of cases of organized crime by these organization which even the authorities are incapable of grasping the actual situation, although the criminal claimed to have [Stolen], the actual item could not be identified. Also, the suspect is making obscure statement at this point, which……”

Recently, the program that I usually listened to always talk about news on the street.

In recent years, the news about female Kaito who mainly aimed at criminals hits the society every now and often. Each time, this organization who get centre lead around the female Kaito always take advantage of uproar caused by the crime to away from being captured by the police. She was praised in the news as an ally of justice, with a headline like 『A beautiful female Kaito, makes appearance once again』.

“As expected, the city is always bustling.”

I shook my hand towards my mother who has a worried face.

“It’s fine, I’m not going to be involved in any crime. I’ll also attend the school diligently. Hateno is also there.”

“That’s too, I’m a bit worried, so I wonder if things will be fine.”

“The person said it so himself, so things will be fine, no? Well, he is the perfect guy, though.”

“Makoto, don’t worry yourself too much for being a thief. You’ve said it long time ago. There is only one thing that can be stolen from others. Even that guy said the same thing.”

While saying that, dad put an envelope in front of me. Inside, there is a one-way ticket and passbook.

“Promise me. Do not be a crook. Do not get worry from falling and do not be ashamed when you do so. Next, do all of your chores yourself. If you are in trouble, get help. Then——”

My father, who is also a farmer, bring his hand closer and strokes my head strongly.

“This is your once in a lifetime decision as a man. Don’t throw up the towel easily. Never mistake what is the most important to you.”

“Thanks dad. I will do my best.”

My parents, together with my innocent sister, smiles at me. The day of departure is already close.

Noticing a sign of someone else, Hoshisato Kana perks up. With a faint anticipation, when she gets up, her black hair that seems to spill from the bed flows seamlessly.

“Good morning. Young mistress Kana.”

She turns her head towards the familiar voice.

“Morning, Emma san.”

Hiding her little disappointment away, Kana smiles.

“Young mistress. Please, call me Emma.”

The young woman who is greetings while holding up the hem of her skirts is wearing a maid clothes. That kind of dress can be found mostly in an area like Akihabara, but to see it inside this room is weird.

After getting off the bed, she changed into the clothes Emma has prepared. In timely manner, she starts grooming Kana long hair. While Kana is getting groomed, the corner of her mouth lift in tamed dissatisfaction.

“I, even if I was told off, I can actually do it. I’m no longer a middle school student.”

“Is it necessary? Young lady Yumemi and master are already at the dining hall. Young mistress Kana is the only one left.”

While she continues assisting, Emma waits until Kana finishes changing clothes then proceeds to opens the windows and ventilate the room. A refreshing April wind blew inside the room. Kana inhale the fresh air. Spring is coming closer to this mansion located at the corner of this city.

“Emma san, have you eaten?”

“A maid will have their meal after their masters.”

“No one is going to mind.”

“I know. But that is aesthetics.”

Looking at het talking seriously, Kana smiles without saying anything further.

“From which manga that line come from?”

“I created this line myself, young mistress.”

That said, Emma smiles broadly and the both of them proceeds to the dining hall.

In this table which can fit eight people, usually occupied by four people, today there are only three.

This is not an unusual occurrence. Kana hid her sigh and have a seat at the table.

“Morning, Yumemi.”

“……em, morning.”

Kana greeted the girl sitting next to her who is drinking milk.

That girl is muttered expressionless. As usual, she didn’t mind Kana at all. A golden hair and fair skin. A pair of clear blue eyes and cherry colour cheeks. Unlike myself who has black coloured hair, this girl has all my mother’s beautiful traits given to her by God. The difference between us is that she doesn’t like to express herself more than few words. And, she doesn’t like to go out.

“Good morning, father.”

“Hmmmm~ you can always call me papa, you know, like you always been, my precious!”

A black-haired dandy looking man sitting across the table stopped and spread his hands with gaudy gestures. However, playing hard to get, Kana turned sideways.

“I’m going to become a junior high student, so that is a no.”

“Ooo……honey, how can this be.”

Saying that, the man makes an abnormally darkened face and his shoulder dropped. Looking at his act make Kana a little bit irritated inside. To think that this black-haired man had provided her with half of his gene, she doesn’t remember ever approving it. Even if she’s always been told how similar she looks to her father.

“Cheers up, Danna sama. Milady is at her puberty.”

An elderly gentleman siting at the back, while making a gentle face, encourage him while pouring him coffee.

“You are the only one who understands my heart, Jeeves.”

With a remarkable gesture of showing appreciation, Kana, Yumemi, as well father, Hoshisato Mamoru drink the coffee. When the old butler gives a signal through his eye, Emma who is standing behind Kana go to the front.

“Kana sama, would you like to refill your drinks?”

“E, umm, my coffee too.”

“Understood. With plenty of milk.”

“G, geez. Ah, since I’m going to become a junior high student, I’m fine with black.”

“……. certainly.”

Kana who drinks black coffee is embarrassed when Emma is stifling her laugh while pouring her coffee.  ——as expected, it’s better to have café au lait.

Too late to change now. After taking another sip, Yumemi suddenly put out her hands.

“Big sis, milk. There is some left, so take it.”

Presented with my sister’s love, while appreciated it deeply in her heart, Kana take it without saying much.

Two elderly men watched that series of interaction with warm gaze.

“Alright, Kana. Do you remember what day is today?”

That question can never be more foolish. For Kana, she has been counting everyday for this moment.

“Of course, father.”

Looking at that girl broad smile, Mamoru makes a relieved face.

“You look very happy, Kana.”

“Yes. Because, Makoto is my best friend.”

Putting her hands on her chest, Kana shows her most beautiful smile for this morning.

“We are separated for many years now. Today, I can meet him back, that’s why I’m really looking forward to it. Besides……that promise, he remembered it. I want to meet him soon.”

“I, is that so. I’m glad. Hey Jeeves. Looks like everything will be fine.”

“So, what it seems. This incompetent Jeeves has a misread the reading. That time when Mamoru sama promised without consulting everyone else, I thought the opposite will happen……”

The old butler strokes his chest in relieved. Kana absolutely not know what they have been worried about. Emma is giving Kana a strange look, but she said nothing.

“……. I don’t know that man. I’m excited.”

Yumemi is turning to fourth grade in elementary school, so she met him when she is little. There is no reason not to remember. Feeling relieved, Kana smiled.

“It’s alright. I know both of you will get along. Because, Makoto is totally cool.”

Memories when both of them just met resurfaced in Kana’s mind. Makoto become Kana best friend on that day. She has not been in contact with him, but now when they are becoming junior high student, he is coming here. There is no way she wouldn’t be happy.

“……is that so. Then, I’m relieved.”

Kana stroked Yumemi head now that the tension in her face has faded. Her glittering hair is comforting to touch.

“It is very rare to see Kana sama embarrassed face.”

Emma smiled as if making fun of her, then proceed to serve a sweet café au lait.

“B, besides, this is fine already, geez. I’m going to become a junior high student, I can already handle it!”

While declaring it loudly, she took out her golden muffler and wraps it around her neck. The muffler, as if having its own will, continues to float. However, the strange thing is that nobody looks perplexed by this phenomenon which disobey the law of physic. With full of affection, Kana strokes the muffler lovingly.

“……then we’re safe. Next, I hope that person makes it on time.”

Hearing her father’s words, Kana’s mind instinctively floats.

“……mother, I wonder now where you are. You said you will return during my entrance ceremony.”

After saying that, Kana looks at the fourth set of tableware placed on the table.

The person who originally take the seat, after returning from her works the other days, has found another job and haven’t come back ever since. As a Kaitou, this time it’s a big job.

“Well, we’re talking about that person. She is definitely safe. Me too, I need to cheer up myself soon.”

Mamoru laugh as if to make her feels secure.

“Milady, it’s going to be okay. Mother’s safety is confirmed by Jeeves.”

Even after hearing the confirmation from the old butler, Kana can’t help but to leave a sigh. That is because she has been looking forwards to her entrance ceremony. But she also knows how important is that job for her mother.

“I trust her. Also, during my entrance ceremony……I’m not alone.”

Soon, she can attend the same school as Makoto. That fact encouraged Kana.

Spring, a fresh season. At that time of encounter, the reunion between the boy and the girl comes near.

And this is the start of a gentle story weaving small miracles.

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