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Need to consult something with everyone

Hello guys. I hope everyone is doing alright.

So, something bad happened this week. While I was away, my place got flooded and sadly my PC is now wet, muddy and broken. 😦

I’ve tried to bring my hard drive to several shop now, but most of them are asking for 300 bucks to recover the data. Is that price reasonable? Should I pay for it? I had several chapters translated, as well other stuff (my trial with doujin and some games).

I really would love to recover them data if possible. I hope I can hear everyone input on this matter.

16 thoughts on “Need to consult something with everyone

    1. Yeah, that´s more than reasonable, it could even be much more expensive. It´s because the electronic part have to be replaced or bypassed mit a substitute to get the data out of it. That´s hella of a work.

      Ps: In the future I would in your place put the PC on a higher place, even if it´s only a simple crate. At least it wont be flooded anymore, as long it isn´t to bad.

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  1. Man. I feel your pain I had my external 2tb hdd die on me, I managed to salvage my music and anime from it by using the free version of the programm recuva.

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  2. Good luck with salvaging your hard drive!
    I have no clue about good prices. I went through my parents’ friend who fixed it, so the price was more skewed.


  3. Was your PC completely submerged? I’m looking at the waterlines in the picture and as far as I can see, your motherboard was definitely underwater but your power supply, DVD drive, and hard drive still seem to be salvageable. If you didn’t try to turn it on and you dried out your PC a short while after the flooding you might be able to just put them in a new PC.

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  4. That’s a reasonable asking price compared to the market, unfortunately. And it’s this type of reason that I have most of my writing either housed or backed up online. I can’t predict what will happen with a computer and I’ve been burned in a different way before now. And it’s why I like the Steam Cloud for my save games.

    Google drive, my friend. Though it’s a bit late for that advice now, sorry.

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  5. You can get a external hard drive and move things to it. Or even slave your old hard drive to a new one. Most times if you have the same version of your operating system it is easy to move the items. NOW if your hard drive will not function do to the water. Then YES 300 is reasonable. Because they are more then likely going to open ur hard drive and get the disk.


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