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Data recovered, but…

Hello everyone. Sorry for being silent for so long. Was looking for replacement (budget) pc these few weeks, hence no activity.

So, I’ve decided to bit the bullet and paid around 400 bucks to recover back by HDD. The technician was able to recover the data, but the HDD itself is beyond recovery, pretty much. Very sad, honest.

Right now, I’m using an old HP pre-built PC for all purposes. Quite a bit of pain to use, but since it’s one of the cheapest option here, I’m leave with not much choice. Very irritating though since I need to wait a second before the word appear whenever I tried to type in MS Word.

As for other, I’ve tried to contact our dear friend Nergal. I was notified how he is busy during winter. Let’s pray that he finished whatever thing he’s doing safely.

Last, I’ll buy next volume of Dark Magician as a Hero after I get my paycheck next week.

Thanks and have a good day.

6 thoughts on “Data recovered, but…

  1. It’s all good man. I know what it’s like without a good pc. Take your time. It’s better to get things in order first rather than rushing. More power man. God bless

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  2. Many apologies everyone; while workingneet has been delayed by a broken computer I have been swamped by work, family obligations, and a series of winter storms. I’m hopeful that things will go back to normal soon but I can’t make any promises.

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