NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 3

Many thanks to Nergal for spending his precious time to help me. Wish you all the best.

Chapter 3 ~ Omen

“Masaru, your Item Box is not fair.”

After one round of battle, I was sweating so I entered the adjoined bath, and Ellie suddenly blurted it out after I took out my towel from the Item Box. Hearing that line makes me feel nostalgic.

“What are you talking about, now of all times…….”

I wiped down my body and get inside the futon again together, naked.

“When I saw it just now, I just realized that yours really is way different than the normal Item Box.”

“Well, of course.”

“Try taking something out.”

I take out the pudding that I have stored inside and hold it.

“Why a pudding.”

“I thought you are in a bad mood.”

“Surely not! I just want to see your mana flow when you use your Item Box!”

Even though she said that, she still takes the pudding, then she sat on the bed and started eating. She was probably hungry after all the calorie-consuming activities that she partakes.

For now, I comply to her request and show her my Item Box usage many times.

“The flow of your mana is different, and it goes to a different place too. How can I say it, a faraway place?”

She said that while watching me using my Item Box.

“Once the difference is known, perhaps it is possible to recreate Masaru’s Item Box?”

“Hmm, it would certainly be amazing if it could be reproduced.”

Whether the spatial understanding or spatial manipulation is more flexible with Space Magic level 5, or whether there is more potential for the Space Magic itself, I don’t know. For that Ellie is thinking about suitable practice.

“Simply said, it is like I can only use the Fire Magic that is corresponding to my level. I only remember how much output I must channel my mana out in order to use certain magic.”

Level 5 mastery of any magic should not be that shabby, said Ellie firmly.

“I think severing the space is very cool.”

“……what is the space, really, in the first place?”

It is a difficult question. Even from where I come from, there is a similar question regarding space and nobody has clear answer yet.

But I think I can explain it the way I understand it.

“Let’s see. I will explain it to you according to my own understanding.”

“That is fine.”

“First, we are going to see it from one-dimension aspect. It is only one dimension because it is comprised of a single line.”

I took out a notebook and draw a line on it.

“One dimenshion?”

“This is one-dimension. Two dimensions is like this. Unlike the first line, this time it had vertical and horizontal line. So, this is two dimensional.”

I add the third straight line to the first line and draw a complete square.


“Now, the two-dimension become three dimensions. The three dimension is consisted of height, width and length. This is known as three-dimensional space.”

I take out a square wooden box filled with towels from inside my Item Box and shows her.

“Yeah, I understood.”

“And here is where we add time. The flow of time from past to the future is well regarded as the fourth dimension. The world we are currently living in is said to be in fourth dimension, is what the popular belief said.”

“Somehow……I got it?”

“Then let’s go back to the two dimensions. For example, let’s say there is a person living in this two-dimensional plane. Try imagining that for a moment.”

I draw a circle in the box.

“This round two-dimensional person cannot see us. Because they are from outside of our world. But, when we put a finger this way, it can see part of us. And when we raise our finger or move it to another point, it will appear as a simple movement in our viewpoint, however for the two-dimensional person, it just fades away and it will appear as if it has moved somewhere.”

“A……I don’t know if I can see it. No, I can. So, this is Space Magic?”

As expected of her, Ellie catches up quickly.

“Right. Even within this four-dimensional world, there exists a fifth dimension, and I think Space Magic basically manipulates that dimension.”

I tore down the two-dimensional person drawing.

“Right now, the space has torn down. Although from our perspective, we understood that the two-dimensional person is ripped, however there is no way that person itself can understand that phenomenon. That is because the two-dimensional person cannot see the entirety of the notebook, and they cannot see us who is living in a world outside of his, too.”

“That’s mean, we cannot understand the space we are living in, too……?”

“We might not be able to completely understand it, but we at least have an idea. Hence you can use magic to manipulate it.”


Ellie thought for a while and then actively manipulate her mana. She fails to sever the space, though.

Somehow, seeing Ellie’s serious face while she is naked is seriously turning me on. But I’m sure she will get angry if I cop a feel of her boobs now, and it is dangerous to do so while she is using Space Magic.

“That is?”

“I can grasp the space.”

She gets it but couldn’t understand. She knows what to do with her mana, but she doesn’t have the means to feel the space itself.

“Hey Masaru, try using your Item Box one more time.”

I took out an item from the Item Box as she desired.

“……I think I got it a little bit. Thank you, Masaru.”

“My pleasure.”

My explanations were not related to physics or stuff like that, I was just parroting the knowledge that I got from anime and manga. Basically, it is the theory behind the spaceship warp technology.

Hence, I’m not that confident whether my explanation is correct, but even if I admit it now, it will only make Ellie more confused. Does the Ito Kami know the truth? Even if I asked I doubt I will get an answer.

“If you know something new about space, please let me know.”

“Okay. But Masaru really knows about some unexpected thing, you know? Do you know about any other interesting thing?”

“Hmm, let’s see. Inside this world, there exist small substances called atom——”

I tried my best to explain it, but halfway through my explanation, Ellie was fast asleep.

I am already exhausted and after taking a bath alone, I wander inside the futon……I’m already at my limit.

Hunting in this area also serve as a chance to level up Lilia, so we went to subjugate the monsters within Yamanosu village (temporary) border.

However, since we are only going hunting for half a day in three days, it’s hard to do a thorough search since the range is too wide so we are not making great progress. I was planning to go to the Demon Realm if we found nothing, but I think it is impossible for now.

Not only it is a wide area, we are still in winter so there are few monsters. I heard the Earl also regularly takes care of surrounding monster and that is making the monsters harder to find.

I feel like it is inefficient if we continue to hunt this way, so I thought we should discontinue hunting in the surrounding area and go to the Demon Realm, however that idea was opposed by Titus. She is still worried about Lilia’s skill. Well, if she is that opposed then there is no point of doing it.

During this straightforward and non-profits hunt, I’ve decided to increase the amount of my own summoned beasts.

Other than level 3 Matsukaze whom I put on hold, I tried to make the prey that I have defeated during our hunt into a summoned beast.

For level 1, I get myself a small owl that fit on the palm of my hand. It is for reconnaissance and contact. If I exchange mine with Tilika’s summoned beast, then we can keep contact with each other. I named it Fuku. I don’t know how to pronounce its English name, Fukuroo.  [Tl note: Ural Owl]

For level 2, I get myself a black panther. It is smaller compared to Taiga, however in terms of ability I think it is not quite behind. I named it Kuro. Because it is black.

Both I’ve killed by my own hand, so it feels questionable to enslave them afterwards. Although I feel sorry to enslave the monsters after killing them, in this another world, survival is to the fittest, so Tilika says that it doesn’t matter.

Since both of them are nocturnal, I have them in charge of watching our mansion during night time.

Even when I’m asleep, they can look around without my permission and if they encountered a suspicious person, they will directly report to me. With such a method, there is no need for an alarm.

They are only guarding nearby place, since there is a high wall and Shira-chan and the other elves are on the lookout and guarding our house.

Plus, the rumours about the lord who is an A rank adventurer and actively suppressed the monsters in vicinity has flown around and Ellie was pleased to see more people are favourable to migrate here.

If we keep receiving them without restraints, won’t our village quickly increase to the scale of a town?

The first group of migrants has arrived, and shortly after the village began full scale operation, the elf side has sent a squad responsible for patrol.

Those people are within the premise of our house, so I’ve decided to build houses for them within the perimeter of the wall for them to stay.

Olba-san and the others are also coming to this village. So, I’ve built a fine house for them nearby the gate just outside our grounds.

Without further said, he is the village chief.

Most work that requires a lot of mana is almost finished so the rest is to occasionally create the agriculture land. This village is under the protection of the elves. I’m thankful to them for that.

Thus, my work in the village has decreased a lot.


Now, I cannot say that the village is small.

The outer wall of the village expanded twice in a short period.

Ann requested to build a shrine in the future, so I have secured a place for that.

The adventurer guilds and commercial guilds have both sent their requests to open their branch offices.

Putting the shrine aside, I always thought whether I needed the guild in this village, and I was told that they can see future prospect in this village, however in truth they just want a middle-man to contact with the elves.

The Earl also came to greet us once.

His subordinates had come to see how things were going on for a while, but it seems that he wanted to see the progress with his own eyes. Though, if he really wants to come, he should have contacted us beforehand.

The King took advantage of my Gate to come for a visit and to play.

I cannot invite the Earl to my mansion because the King does not seem like he is returning soon.

When I told him that the Earl is coming, he asked me to meet the Earl together.

If possible, I want to hide somewhere I would not be spotted by the Earl, but they are aware of our circumstances, so I doubt they will say strange things……

The Earl came to greet me while overseeing the state of the village from above.

Well, I don’t mind looking at the Earl as someone with higher position. While I’m asking to serve him with tea, I led him to the waiting room which is occupied by the King.

Meanwhile I’m leading him to the room, he asked me how I made the agricultural land for this village, and can I maintain the village of this size or about how small this village is.

Sometimes we stopped and checked the furniture and accessories brought by the elves, but I did not say anything about it.

They are the highest-grade item the elves have chosen as appropriate for their princess. They are definitely more gorgeous than the one found in the Earl’s mansion. You jealous?

And the face that he made when he met the King is truly wonderful. He knows the elves are getting involved in this project, but I bet he didn’t expect the King himself to be here.

As soon as our tea party began, the Earl has awoken the King’s temper.

Seems like he hates it when the Earl is looking down on his son-in-law. Then he tried to put pressure on the Earl.

It was not intended to be a threat, but the Earl is still having a cold sweat. I will take it over from here. Just leave it to me. Hmm, if Masaru-dono himself said that.

What is this farce, I thought, but the Earl managed to save his face? Afterward, we talk a bit and he went home.

Like this, the Earl will not come here for a while and never again will he try to rope me into a strange thing.

Thank you so much, father-in-law.

The new line-up in our household has settled down in peace.

Tamara-chan is happy and in bliss with her newly-wed life.

I finally able to convince Lufutona-san that I’m not dangerous, and although she will not stay nearby me, now she shows up like normal.

Tamara-chan and Shira-chan are getting along well. Based on the follow up that I’ve received from my wives, seems like it happens because they were taken as slaves around the same time.

I personally train Shira-chan myself. There are limits to what I can train her for due to her slave status banning her from attacking her master, so she is just undergoing Sergeant-dono basic spartan training menu.

Earlier, she was pitted against Sati but now that I’ve understood her capability I see that she is unexpectedly strong and re-evaluate my assessment. It can’t be helped if she looks inferior compared to Sati.

At first, the three of us, Taiga and Kuro are struggling to get along, but soon they got used to each other.

Although it is only within our house, Shira-chan enjoys taking Kuro for a walk. She really likes it, plus this makes it more secure at night.

The elves are aware that Kuro and the other are my summoned beasts, but that still makes them an unusual pet in other people’s eyes.

Today as well, Shira-chan came to borrow Kuro.

“Milord, please lend me Kuro.”

I don’t like honorifics, so I don’t mind her casual tone. I prefer it more like that.

“Sure, I will call it out at the front entrance.”

“Thank you!”

Then she proceeds to her patrol together while chatting with Kuro. Shira-chan who is usually tight shows a loose appearance when together with Kuro.

Due to her circumstances as a slave, she never shows her unhappiness, but normally she never shows any feeling and she only open up with Kuro.

She has a little complaint to me, otherwise I left a favourable impression to her. Sati-san is strong and cool. She is always cold toward me.

I should cut off the intuition soon so that I don’t intrude her feeling, but she told me that she doesn’t mind……

I cannot tell Shira-chan that I’ve been listening to everything. What should I do?

I tried to ask everyone about it, but I was told that this is something between me and Shira-chan, so I should settle it by myself. When it comes to divine protection, I guess everyone cannot put any hand in the decision.

What do I want to achieve actually? I want to lend a hand. Shira-chan is a good and beautiful girl. Although she is under me for a short while, there is no reason the affection won’t rise.


Shira-chan isn’t that cold toward me like what I initially believe, so I will carefully take my time and capture her.

Sati insists that she wants to take a look at the guild’s training ground in the fortress, so we went out.

If they have a good instructor there, then it won’t hurt to ask for their teaching.

Of course, the Miyaga town also has an Adventurer Guild, however due to strong military presence there, not may adventurers come and there are less people.

When we arrived at the training ground, me and Sati are the only people there.

Lilia will make an uproar, so she is no good. Ellie is not interested and since she is busy, she already went home. Tilika and Ann are in Miyaga town for business purposes.

We didn’t attract anybody attention in the Adventurer Guild. Basically, only there is only a handful of people who know us. Although I’ve visited here many times to make a report for our hunt, all interactions were done in private room and nobody knows that I’m the adventurer who created a new village and became its lord yet.

“Isn’t that the Wild Rabbit!”

But, as soon I entered the training ground, I was suddenly called out.

“H, heh?”

It’s been a while since I was called the Wild Rabbit, so I was stumped.

When I look at the person who called me out, I noticed that their face is familiar somewhere. They are probably adventurers from Siory town. Why must we meet in a place like this.

“Oh, long time no see, uh.”

“It’s Parga. I don’t know your name too, so we are in the same boat.”

“Yeah. I’m Masaru, this is Sati.”

From now on, I will eliminate the Wild Rabbit.

“Wow. Have you finally formed a party?”

Long time ago, when I haven’t met Sati, I left Siory town alone. At that time, I was engaged in a deadly fight against the Wild Rabbit, and I was still a small fry back then.

“Yeah, my party member and my wife.”

“Your wife, huh, isn’t that nice. So, are you coming here today to train? When did you arrive here?”

“Correct. I came here as an escort for the merchant caravan a little while ago, and since it is winter I’m having a short break.”

While we are talking, Parga’s acquaintance gathered around.

This Parga guy who gave me the Wild Rabbit nickname explained how I’m good with magic and has good hunting skill.

Seriously, it’s about time you stop calling me Wild Rabbit……

My ability is already well known in Siory town and the Wild Rabbit nickname is almost gone. For it to rise again in such place.

“Let me introduce you to an instructor. Are you currently D rank?”

“Based on the recent evaluation I am currently B rank……”

“B rank already! You are a mage, yet you climb the ladder awfully fast.”

“Eh, not really.”

Before I told him that I’m going to become A rank, he went to call the instructor. Whatever. No need to think so much about it.

Soon, we were introduced by Parga to someone who is supposed to be the best instructor here. As expected of a guild instructor, his arm is something else. Even his demeanour is no less.

“I’m Magsil. I heard you are from Siory. Is Vaught-dono in good health?”

Looks like fellow instructors are not up to date within themselves.

“He is doing just fine. We had a lot of company before we arrived here too.”

“Glad to hear that. I heard Siory is involved with horde of monsters too at Gorbas Fortress.”

“Yes. I was also involved in that fight. Mainly as a backup, though.”

He told me that if it’s possible, he wants to hear about the story later.

“Does Masaru know about the battle at the Elf Country?”


Not only am I aware, I even participated in it.

“I participated in that battle. You see, here.”

Then, he shows me a beautifully decorated sword.

An elf crafted one, eh. Does that mean he participated in the reinforcement team. If thats so, you have my humblest gratitude.


I have many at home, but it wouldn’t hurt to act surprised now and then.

“I can tell you all about it later, too!”

I already heard the tales many times from Titus, though.

But this time, it comes from the perspective of an adventurer, so I’m quite curious.

“Alright, for now show me what you guys are made off. Which one first?”

“Why don’t you start first, Sati.”


Sati overwhelmed instructor Magsil.

Well, that’s about right. Sergeant-dono’s level as an instructor is just too out of this world.

And thus, the adventurers who are spectating us raised their own name hoping to become a challenger——

The situation develops into something like during our time at Siory town. I already expect things to turn out this way.

Sati takes down all the challengers, one after another with brilliant moves. Sati’s beautiful moves gradually turn to look like a dance. I’m the type who shows my full strength. Well, even Shira-chan is in love with Sati.

Right now, people are in winter vacation, so many adventurers who came to the training ground are queuing for their match. There are also many onlookers.

Although I’m not preoccupied with anything, I think it’s better if I keep quiet.

“Your wife is damn awesome……”

“Yeah, she is the strongest. More importantly, regarding the story about the battle at the Elf Village……”

“Oh, that one. Where should we start?”

After a while, Sati came back when I was still listening to Parga-san’s story.

Looks like she has defeated all the challengers. She wore a very satisfied face.

“Did you have a good time?”

“Yes, a lot!”

She sweats a lot.

“Even so, Sati-chan is very talented. I was surprised.”

“Thank you so much. However, Masaru-sama is much stronger!”

Sati strongly declares in response to Parga’s praise. Right in front of everyone else too.

“What……did you say……!?”

“That he is stronger that this girl.”

“Have a match with me.”

“Oy stop that, you are going to die, you know!?”

I will never come here again. I swear.

Once Sati is satisfied, I decided to go eat together with instructor Magsil, Parga and his acquaintances.

Then, we talked about the defensive battle at Gorbas Fortress and that I’m going to rank up to A rank, too.

“Seriously, A rank? Weren’t you a newbie who just registered a little while ago? No matter what kind of magician you are, it is too damn fast don’t you think?”

“I am just lucky. I was caught into big battles one after another.”

Or it may be said as bad luck, too. Or maybe, just like Lilia mentioned before, it’s fate.

“Even if that is the case……”

Parga was surprised, however it’s safe to guess that the instructor has probably heard about my A rank which is currently being reviewed.

I’m not trying to specifically hide it, and after today’s commotion things will unfold very soon, so I told them about me becoming a lord right on the spot.

Then, I told them about my participation in the Elf Country battle. With this, I can convey my gratitude properly.

“So, the person who arrived earlier at the Elf Country with another route was Masaru. Titus-san said something similar, but I never heard about the details.

Seems like they managed to put everything under wrap nicely.

“The reinforcement squad that arrived at that time really save our asses.”

“Meh, don’t mind it. I already received plenty of thanks from the elves. More importantly, did you hear about the murder last week?”

“What about it?”

“An S rank Fire Mage who participated in the reinforcement forces to the Elf Country with me was killed. The Truth Official came here in search for the preparator, however they are not caught yet.”

Although crimes committed outside the town is common, it is unusual for murder to happen inside a town. Most of the time, the Truth Official will quickly unveil the suspect and catch them quickly.

“After putting all the info together, they said the suspect is a dark-skinned woman with a bountiful chest——”

The investigation defines the characteristic of a Dark Elf perfectly. They killed the Fire Mage.

Is the Demon revived already? Possibly.

“Their hair colours? No, not much information regarding that.”

Since hair colour can be easily dyed, it’s meaningless even if we know about it.

I listened to Parga and succumbed into deep thought.

There is only a victim, so their aim is most probably the person who participated in the previous war and defeated Earth Turtle King with Meteor.

I never hide the fact that I’m a Fire Mage, however here I’m known widely as an Earth Mage. Even if they did a preliminary research, I will never be included in their list.

Therefore, another competent Fire Mage who also participated in the Elf Country’s war was mistaken as me and got killed.

I feel bad for the Fire Mage; however, I think with this the killing has ended.

No, there I no proof that I’m their aim in the first place……

For now, I’ll inform about this matter to the elves.

It is never too late; so, once they sensed they are targeted by their enemy, the elves, the dark elf will never return to this place again. Martin is the Truth Official in charge of this place. I will listen to the details from him.

From here on the talk progress smoothly. I told how we fought alongside the elves as their escort, but I never go into the specific. I showed him the bow that I received from the elves. All that the dark elf know is that over 100 adventurers were involved as reinforcement. It’s hard to distinguish between them.

“I heard he was stabbed by a knife. He is also an S rank, yet he dies very quickly, seriously.”

Right. You cannot escape death.

As expected I should start drafting a plan to the Kingdom. Just in case, I better leave this place for a while.



“The target, a Fire Mage has passed away.”

When I informed that to the monster, I heard a ripe mumbling, gu~ gugugugugugu~~ as an answer.

Did I make a mistake? Even if he is a King, how dare he order me with that kind of attitude, what nerve!

But I quietly repressed my anger.

“I cannot say for sure. I didn’t manage to double check the suspect identity before killing him. But that is due to your failure to give me the details of his features. It took me a lot of trouble to find him.”

Again, the ripe voice resounded.

“People are indistinguishable from one another. There are not many S Rank Fire Mage around, so a mistake is highly unlikely.”

If only the Harpies were not defeated that time, we were not left with these ambiguous testimonies. If they have relayed the information from one to another, it would not turn so complicated. Thanks to our reconnaissance the report has been fragmentary.

If left unattended, in the future, there is a great chance that this person will become a huge hurdle for us, hence the reason we are putting out that human Fire Mage now. Others were fussing about that persons magic, but at that standard it is pretty normal for an average elf. But, defeating the Earth Turtle King and burning down the battlefield several times with Meteor, it was said that this is the work of a single man, and it is absurd.

Well, the truth is that story no longer matters. Now that he is dead, he will no longer pose as a hurdle and bring disaster to us.

The ripe voice continues,

“To begin with, it is due to the failure of causing disturbance at the other side with the locusts. The practical tests done on the Earth Turtle King were a success and if the adventurers didn’t come there, the elves would lose!”

The locusts were just an excuse. The main reason for our defeat lies in our fault for misreading the elf’s strength. Those years in peace doesn’t rust their strength.

However, I’ve taken a look into the locusts as well, but for some reason there were no fuss or rumours about that matter flying around at all. There is no mistake that it was headed towards a big populated human village.

Should I continue monitoring?

But the result was doubtful from the start, so in the end it is not justifiable since it’s not going to be of use.

The ripe voice protests.

“I understand, I understand. As desired, the Fire Mage that burned you guys was dealt with. We also wish to protect the survival of our clan. Maybe in 20 years, we will have enough numbers to lead into war?”

It is a pity that 80% of the warriors among our clan were grinded for good, yet I feel no remorse. That is a fair price to pay to topple down the Elf Country. Anyway, the number will soon increase again.

A louder voice than the ripe one resounded, and a bigger than ordinary Orc, the monster called the Orc King raised it ugly body that was scarred with burns.

“Hoh? What, if you want vengeance, do not do it by yourself. They are still alerted with me, so we don’t want their attention directed here until my job is over.”

There are too many elves around here. I cannot afford to take any more risks as I still have many jobs left in other places. Although it also serves as a test for the anti-magic shell, I cannot cling into private revenge forever.

After waiting for the monsters to leave, I muttered.

“……just you wait.”

The elves are definitely my family, and they will receive the punishment for the deceased dark elves. During that time, the clan at the hometown will be under our feet, and us the stronger clan will rule over.

Make sure to enjoy the rest remaining of your life.

The end is almost near——

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