NEET Hello Work 7: Extra

Gossip ~ Words About Yamano Masaru Being a Hero

The song has a very good reputation here, and even during the festival, it was sung in a large hall.

It was about half a year ago when I met an adventurer at the town of Shiori, and thanks to that opportunity, I learnt Ani-song from him. To my surprise, I found him competing in the main round when I came to watch the tournament to take a breather.

Moreover, there is a qualifying preliminary round right before the main match, an unusual format. Before the match started, the Truth Officials gathered around, as if there are some circumstances.

“Was Gustave a strong warrior?”

“Yeah. He was considered strongest even amongst the other member of military family Byron. He was a runner up several years ago, and this time he is one of the winner candidates.”

After listening to the surrounding talks, people seem to be aware of the contestant named Gustave, but nothing about Masaru. And nobody seems to know about this about this preliminary qualifying round. But there seems to be something behind this round, seeing as last moment changes are rare for this tournament.

During his wedding, he married all four at once. I heard that he was quite a talented adventurer, maybe an A rank.

Then, regardless of his rank, Masaru has proved to be very strong. Against Gustave and even against Lazard. My hand clasped together is wet with sweats, and whenever he won, I cheered out unintentionally.

I really wanted to talk to him, but I cannot descend to the venue hall. While I was struck in confusion, the drawn lot to decide tomorrow opponents was already finished and people have gradually eased.

Should I went looking at the Elf seating, or instead of asking the elves, should I just ask the Adventurer Guild for Masaru’s whereabout?

When I went to asked around the Adventurer Guild, I immediately found someone who know Masaru.

“Your face is kind of familiar. Oh, wasn’t you the one who sung at Shiori town? You are asking about Masaru? His matches today were amazing!”

The adventurer did not know where Masaru would stay, but since he seems knowledgeable about Masaru, I decided to listen to his story. Now that I think about it clearly, I know very little about Masaru. The only time I did talked to him was during practice, when he taught me new song for his wedding.

After listening to the adventurer’s story, I have come into a vehement regret now that I’ve never actually asked a lot about Masaru before.

His fight with the Wild Rabbit. Him becoming the Wild Rabbit hunter. The dragon subjugation. Harpies raid on the town. The defensive battle at Gorbas Fortress. Taking four women as wives, and his dispute with Byron family over Miss Tilika.

Never would I have thought that much interesting stories happening at the background before the wedding ceremony.

After that, he seemed to spend some time for winter vacation somewhere else, and he seemed to get involved with the elves during that time? A while ago, I hear that the Elf Country was under attack by monsters……

It is possible to compose poems about him. It’s fun to sing a song taught by him, but the main thing about being a minstrel is, to sing tales and stories. Composing songs, especially an original, singing them and spread it throughout the entire world.

The stories so far are interests inducing. No, it doesn’t end with being interesting. By turning them into poetries, I’m sure he will garner more reputation.

What makes him decide to fight Gustav Byron again in an unusual form of preliminary qualifier? What is his relationship with the elf? Moreover, nobody knows about Masaru before he arrived at Shiori town.

There is also that strange song. For me, a minstrel who has travelled everywhere and met vast countenance, has gained lot of insight. However, none of my acquaintances, or anyone know of that song, which made me finally comprehend how far his hometown must really be.

The more you investigate, the more interesting stories about him you will hear.

“Are you instructor Vogt?”

An adventurer asked me to look up this person if I wish to learn more about Masaru. He remembers me singing during Masaru wedding ceremony, and he made some time to talk.

“The truth is, I am looking into Masaru in detail.”

“What will you do after you finished checking up into him?”

“I am a minstrel. Of course, I’m going to compose a song, one telling about his tales.”

“……Masaru will not like it.”

“Why would he? Isn’t it so honourable to be sung by a minstrel, if you are an adventurer?”

“He doesn’t like to stand out. Even now, he actually participates in this tournament against his will.”

“I heard he already duelled George Byron before his marriage. So, why is he fighting again in this tournament?”

“Apparently, the Byron family was not convinced by George’s case. So, for the second time, they applied to Masaru for a duel in the open venue. No, the rest is as you know. The story is concluded after today’s match.”

Speaking of which, the adventurer just now also mentioned about the duel with George, but never tell me about the details. Does it had something to do with Byron family? This makes the story cumbersome.

“I was indebted to him. I thought it would be a good repayment if I could make a good song ……”


I told him about the strange upbeat song, and how the song has garnered popularity in the Kingdom’s Capital.

“That kind of song, huh. He doesn’t mind you writing a song about him, but you should ask him first before releasing them to public. Well, something like a permission to publish. Aside that, isn’t it dangerous to investigate about this duel? Don’t tell me it was already too late, and you already sniffed around?”

“I just talked to an adventurer who seem to be familiar with Masaru, that’s everyone.”

“Then it’s fine. You don’t need to know any more than this.”

“……thank you for the warning. I’m going to compose the song about him anyways. For now, I just want to know more about him.”

“You will not stop investigating?”

“Yes. After listening to your story, my interests have pique.”

If I faltered from this amount of pressure, then I’m not fit to make journey after journey as a minstrel. Singing is my life.

“Don’t investigate about this any further. And if you can keep what you hear about here for a while, I don’t mind telling you a lil’ bit more about him.”

“Wait, for a while?”

“Eventually……no, soon this world will come into light about Masaru, and everyone will know his name. If that happens……”

Even if I don’t write a song, someone else will write their own version of him.

“Will he win the overall championship for this tournament?”

“That, I don’t know. But such an insignificant story doesn’t fit that guy. Masaru has a calibre of a hero.”

“A heroic tale……”

“Correct. A heroic tale is formed, and his name is left for future generation. That’s what I think.”

If he truly has a capacity of making song about a heroic tale of himself, I have the access to Masaru’s life before his fame rises through his achievement, which makes me ahead of another rivals. For now, I hold a monopoly over this information. Over time, I can develop the song.

“I understand. Until he makes more names to himself, I will keep the idea of turning his story into songs deep within my chests. And when the time to announce them has come, I will sing to the person himself first and ask for his permission.”

The stories I heard were an introduction for my investigation, more detailed compared to the adventurer, and with personal episodes, coming up as absolutely interesting. Truly fascinating stories.

His party members are diverse as well. One might think all his beautiful wives are simply his harem, however each one of them is an adventurer possessing a might of hundreds of warriors. Their job varies from a priest to a magician, an elf and beastmens warrior, lest not forget a Truth Official. It is said that the girl who was the Truth Official which caused the duel has also became a party member and is currently working as an adventurer. Why did a Truth Official join an adventurer’s party? As expected, the details of how everyone begin to fall in love was not told in detail. According to his words, it’s possible to understand by examining him. There seems to be no shortage of interesting stories surrounding Masaru.

And the mystery regarding Masaru’s origin is still unknown. Regarding what happened at the Elves Country, neither instructor Vogt is aware of the details. Perhaps the person himself intentionally want to leave it a secret. It wasn’t made clear at all.

Masaru’s territory, as well the Elves Country. Once the festival at the royal capital is over, my contract here will also expire. Should I go to the site to investigate?

“It’s customary not to ask the adventurers about their past, and as for the elves……unless you’re prepared to turn the elves into your enemy, you shouldn’t investigate them too much.”

The topic has turned into the discussion of how dangerous my investigation is, again.

“Masaru’s new elf wife is one of the top-ranking elves. Perhaps it was thanks to his merit during the battle at the Elves Country. The elves seem to hold an immense sense of gratitude to Masaru.”

If a royal class elf joined Masaru’s party as an adventurer, if I tried to sniff around, or rather spread my song about them, surely that will incur their imperial wrath. Despite the elf’s elegant appearance, there are some fairly bloody stories that don’t fit their look.

“Next is how they are related to the stories regarding the duel between him and Byron family. Apparently, the elves were ready to fight off Byron family to protect Masaru. And that lead to Masaru reluctantly entering the tournament.”

Instructor Vogt laughed a little, saying nothing’s wrong with a total war.

The King has great trust on the elves, hence how they maintain a firm position in the kingdom.

Yet, they will go into a total war against Byron family, who are said to be a famous military family, just for the sake of protecting an individual name Masaru?

And that was the reason why he reluctantly accepted to enter the tournament?

There is no way the kingdom can turn a blind eye against a pretext to start a civil war. Regardless of who won and lose, it’s a sad fact that both sides will suffer heavy losses.

“Masaru has a lot of allies. If there is anyone who’s creating trouble with him, many people will make their move, and I am one of them.

An instructor slashes a former A rank adventurer from the guild sent me a stare full of murderous intent, which made me shudder up.

In addition, there are also Byron family and the elf.

No matter how much lives you have, you don’t want to turn them from an ally to enemy. When the Truth Official is involved, it seems unlikely that there is mistake.

It brought out more curiosity from myself, though……

“This information was not announced at public, but after a few months, once the rainy season is over, a large-scale Hilgis recapture troop will be dispatched. The Adventurer Guild will also send their men.”

“Will that include Masaru’s party?”

“After the tournament was over, I was going to request his participation.”

I have heard a lot about Hilgis from various people, about how the almighty Imperial army has given up on recapturing it, and about how large the demons force until they were forced to close the border.

“Would he agree to participate?”

“The rewards will be on the same level as emergency quest, however when compared to the dangerous nature and how long the battle will be, the rewards are drop in a bucket. Furthermore, the battle is at a country very far away. It would be delightful if there is anyone who is willing to participate at all.”

In addition, it’s almost certain for Masaru to gain territory and rise as a noble. He seems to be continuing his adventuring for a while, but there is no reason for him to jump into the tiger’s mouth himself.

  “But still.”

So, instructor Vaught continues.

“What if Masaru turn out to be a hero?”

He nodded while throwing that phrases over to me.

Masaru lost his first match in the next day’s fight, but then Sati take on the noblewoman, and after that she became the winner of the tournament.

In regards for Masaru participation in Hilgis Recapturing Army, he ends up accepting the request with immediate reply.

In the end, I decided not to get into contact with Masaru.

If I indeed write a song for him, instructor Vogt warned saying that Masaru will definitely stop me. Plus, I don’t have much time to work onto it during the festival anyway.

However, I was able to convince instructor Vogt that I was a friend and a follower of Masaru, thus obtaining more details and various interesting information.

Now I see, a hero’s vessel huh.

And I gathered my resolve again.

I am going to write a song about him and sing it.

Hundreds of years have passed since the story of the first hero was written. The name of the minstrel who wrote the song has been elevated to legendary status, and even now there isn’t any sign of it fading into obscurity.

Will Masaru truly become a new hero, and will I become the writer of the new brave story?

There is no way for a mortal who is not a God to know what the future hold, however I wish that by crossing road with him, I pray for the God’s blessing to grace us all.


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