NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 20

Chapter 20 ~ Conclusion

Sati was hungry, so I took out her favourite peach-like fruit. She finally stopped eating after devouring five platters. Well, as long she can digest them, but she took an attack on her stomach……or not.

Afterwards, she went resting while sitting down with both knees in hand.

In addition to fighting a long-drawn battle against Francesca, she also received a lot of damages. Despite receiving a treatment right on the spot, her exhaustion due to her injuries lingered, and they should remain for several days.

How much can she recovers within this short period before the final begin?

Her opponent in the final is the winner candidate, the unnatural giant Borzola. He is a terrible opponent even against Francesca. He mentioned that this year, he is going to beat Francesca and win. Without a mistake, a strong enemy.

He easily defeated his opponent in semi-final. Thanks to that, our time to rest was greatly reduced.

“How will you fight?”

“I will do my best from the beginning.”

Challenging him into a short, decisive battle, then adjust accordingly to the flow of the fight.

Borzola seems like the type to be good at frontal confrontation. However, since he won without showing his true ability, we can’t set a specific countermeasure against him. Well, it’s normal to be on the actual spot without having any plan.

Then again, his speed and skills should be below Francesca, if his power is around Sati’s then she should be able to fight sufficiently.

That’s assuming if she is in a perfect condition.

Right after the semi-final, the announced odds are still in favour to Borzola. Even though there isn’t any mistake with Sati’s abilities now that she has defeated Francesca, Sati is way too exhausted. That is the official take on the situation.

There is a voting ticket sales office for arena spectators next to the stage. Just speak to the staff around there and they will buy the ticket for you. Since there is plenty of time to purchase after the odds are finalized, we can go purchased them for ourselves. The prediction outcome might be rough to some contestants, so they are not recommended to buy their own.

Since both Sati and me have risen as dark horses in this tournament, I’m sure there are a lot of people who have incurred losses.

I don’t have any need to make more money, but both Sati and I were entrusted to buy them. I’ve purchased them for each round. Despite the uneasiness regarding the stamina, if Borzola is weaker than Francesca, then it will make a good bet since the odds are lucrative for us.

An announcement resounded throughout the venue mentioning the beginning for the final round. The ballot will close soon. Hearing the notice, people who hasn’t buy their vote hurried so.

There are still quite a few minutes left before the round start, so in the end the break time allocated was around 30 minutes. Normally, this long break time should have been enough, but……

Sati open her eyes and stand up and slowly stretched.

“How is your body?”

“……they almost recovered. My body still feels heavy, but I can move with all my power.”

Swinging the sword as if to confirm, Sati replied. The break time seems effective despite being short, and her face cleared up. She has recovered enough to fight although, there is no way to know her limit right now.

“If you feel like you can’t do it, make sure not to overdone yourself alright?”  

Her match with Francesca was bad for my heart. I have earned enough, and Sati’s safety is more important.

“No worry, the victory will be mine anyway.”

Do you really want the pass to monopoly me for a day that much? In that case, I can give it right now as the reward for defeating Francesca……

“I’m talking about Tamara chan.”

It’s about stuff when we return.

Tamara-chan, one of the three slaves I bought recently, has a lover in the village. I summoned them from my territory, and this time I brought them to the capital city for their honeymoon. As a matter of fact, they came to watch the tournament and despite the amount of their betting money is insignificant, they still use their own pocket money, nonetheless.

“If I won, they can be liberated.”

If Sati won the overall championship, it will become a big and unexpected winning. Yesterday, they don’t have much money and couldn’t bet a lot, but today both the husband and wife are betting to the absolute limit, or so the rumours that I casually happened to hear.

Any bets made are entirely self-responsibility, but Sati is in good relationship with the slaves. Naturally she wishes to help.

In their case, if they managed to save money decently, it should have taken them 5 to 10 years for liberation. However, if Sati won, they will get the money required at once. If that happens, we will have to sit down and discuss. Maybe they want to go back to their village, but they might like to stay in a city like this royal capital. Since both of them work well, I feel like it’s best to leave the decision to them.

 “I wonder if Shira is betting as well?”

Recently, the atmosphere between Shira chan and me has been good but if she simply gets up and leave, that will make me cry you know?

“I’ve heard that she wants to find a good equipment if she won the bet.”

My God. Thank goodness.

As for the other slave, Lufutona chan, it seems that she returns after encountering the crowds in Kingdom capital city and triggering her man hater. Well, if that girl was liberated before her man hater is healed, she would need to find a place or family with only girls, which I doubt exists.

“In that case, do your best.”

“Understood. Then, I’m going. Please wait just a little while longer.”

Thunderous cheering echoed when Sati went up. As expected, she has truly gathered some fans. Sati responded by waving her hand and smile. Meanwhile, the cheers for her opponent Borzola don’t stand out. Fighting against Sati makes him looks more like a villain.

Yet without minding all those, Borzola talked to Sati.

“Surely you can’t recover fully during the short break. Wouldn’t you just default your losses before watching the pain that’s going to unfold in front of your eyes?”

Sati is being underestimated. That’s what I want to say, but when it comes to this level of fight, even a slight disadvantage can determine victory or defeat. He might have misread Sati’s recovery status but being in disadvantages change nothing.

“There is no problem at all. Keep the idle talk to yourself and come at me.”

Once in a blue moon, you can hear Sati utter such a line. She might have blended in way too much while training with other adventurers.

“That isn’t quite bad.”

Saying that, Borzola readied his sword and lifted his large shield.

The shield is different compared to the one he used during semifinal. Originally, he used a large shield that fit his physique, but this time his shield is even bigger, appearing like a tower shield type of equipment.

That was perhaps his hidden countermeasures against Francesca, but against Sati who doesn’t really know about his tactic, his hidden countermeasure holds less significance.

Regardless, does this mean that he has changed his strategy to going for defensive? He might be trying to avoid a direct confrontation against Francesca, but what about when Sati is his opponent? So, my mind ponders.

That thing looks like bad news. The size of the shield might raise one’s eyebrows, but what’s scarier is the length of its reaches. When the shield is stick out, there is no way Sati’s sword can get through it purely due to its sheer size.

Sati is probably the smallest contestant in this tournament. Compared to her, the opponent is Borzola, the person who boasts the largest physique in this tournament.

Just like how I deal against the Templar Knight yesterday, it would be nice if she could feint her move against her opponent, but her opponent right now is Borzola, a person who is ready to face against Francesca. There is no way such a simple tactic could work.

Usually, a person movement is deterred by the weight of the large shield, but for Borzola, a large shield is well balanced and suited him. There is no way he couldn’t handle it.

Skilfully move and find an opening in between the gaps……ah, not possible. How about his stamina consumption……?

The referee voice signalling “Start!” can be heard.

Sati fall back a great distance. Borzola doesn’t move. He probably intended to observe first.

Sati change her sword grip to both hand and held it low. Isn’t this my, well to say it specifically, Lazard san certain one hit tactic? Did she practice it yesterday?

Sati charged. Fast, but straight ahead.

A huge swing of sword accompanied by a tremendous amount of force from her huge leap clashed against the shield.

Clang. A sound reverberated as if the sword was broken.

Yet no matter how strong the force is applied in the attack, the great shield handled them with ease……

Without breaking the flow, Sati unleashed her next attack with her sword. Whether the technique was copied correctly or not, it’s apparent that they look smoother and better than mine.

Clang. Again, Sati’s attack was slightly blocked by the great shield at a slightly different spot. Immediately, Borzola drawn his own sword. Sati easily took it on and step back at once. There isn’t a pursuit.

Once again, Sati took the same stance.

“The next one will be my full power.”

So, Sati murmured. Seems like the attack just now was meant to be a trial, a mean to check her strength.

Sati made her moves. As expected, her speed is far greater compared to her first attack. Her sword clashed against Borzola’s shield with great momentum.

A great impact ensued. Borzola lowered the shield in his hand. Was he able to defend against that attack? However, it seems that Borzola’s shield is still firmly rooted on the stage.

Sati’s attacks bring an immediate effect to the shield. Borzola’s shield was flipped sideways.

Borzola rushed to counterattack Sati with his sword, yet he was overwhelmed with Sati’s powerful and unmatched strike.

Now that his sword and shield was repelled, Borzola’s large build is exposed before Sati. Even while enduring pain, Borzola facial expression betray any sense of agony. Sati sword hit him beautifully.

Sati unleashed yet another attack. Borzola was down to his knees and slowly collapse.

The venue falls silent.

Borzola collapsed on Sati’s feet. His movement ceased immediately.

“T-the match is finished!”

The stadium was filled with great cheers.

“The Giant Slayer!”

It was a nickname that someone came out with, and they became Sati’s second name.

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