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Izure Shinwa Vol. 3: Ch. 2 Part 5


“Zee, zee……”

“A-are you fine, Raika san?”

“Aah, Maria. I am alright.”

“As expected of Raika! You truly are a boy.”


Even if Ruirui praised me, I do not feel happy.

I need to maintain absolute calmness against this person.

I am getting tired, so I get up.

“Rather, it is time to let go.”

I say it bluntly, seeing as I am feeling a little tired.


“My bad. I can’t”

“……why is that?”

I retorted against Ruirui playful reply.


“Looks like my swimsuit was washed away since a while ago.”


I got a more playful answer than I had imagined.

Then, this feeling on my back is……!?

 『——uhyoohi! This is raw! 』

Bálor raises a shout with exultation.

I really wish he died right now, but that is not what I should be focused on.

“Maria. Sorry, but do you mind helping to look for Ruirui swimsuit?”

Fortunately, this pool is small.

If she looks for it now, she should find it easily before the next whirlpool begin.


However, Maria does not let go of my side.


“In the meantime, Ruirui san, will continue hugging Raika san?”

“It can’t be helped. If someone sees her……”

“If so, I won’t leave!”


I am surprised at her unexpected reply.

“Only Ruirui san, it is unfair! Even I have the right too!”

“No, what rights?”

“Recently, Raika san is getting way too close with this slutty woman!”

Maria puffed her cheeks.

Is she……getting angry with me?

“Sometimes you should give me the chance too!”

“Oh ho hoo? Don’t tell me Maria, you have a burning passion against me~?”

This time, Ruirui let out a teasing voice from behind me.

“What that have to do with anything?”

“Hmm, but you see. My upper part is naked right now?”


“In other words, if Maria doesn’t take off, it won’t be a match, right?”

“T-that is……”

“Hey Ruirui, don’t give her any funny idea now……”

Unable to bear anymore, I break into the conversation of these two.


“I am, I……”

“H-hey, Maria?”

“Even I, for the sake of Raika san, can do anything……!”

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