NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 19

Chapter 19 ~ Sati’s Battle

It’s painful.

My body. They hurt so much.

Before I noticed, my face was meeting with the cold stone floor, and I was already lying down on my face. Then, intense pains run course through my body.  

My consciousness was fading.

Immediately, I cast 【Small Heal】————amid my effort to gain consciousness despite the intense pain, the spell activated successfully, and my body felt easier.

Chanting 【Small Heal】. Based on my Detection skill, Francesca is at a distance and is not moving. I’m still holding my sword. Doesn’t seems like I let go of my sword after losing consciousness.

【Small Heal】——great, I can do it. I finished casting the third Recovery Magic the soonest.

I gritted my teeth, and hastily get up and hold my sword tight. My recovery is insufficient, but if I stay down too long, I might as well be declared a loser.

However, Francesca wasn’t in her stance anymore and seeing that I stood up, a perplexed look appears on her face instead. Don’t tell me, she thought I would stay lying down forever?

“Let’s continue. Ready yourself!”

Meanwhile, I chanted 【Small Heal】 for myself. Yet, there isn’t any sign of our battle beginning.

I’m grateful for her courtesy, but this situation is strange.


When it appears like Francesca wishes to say something, Sati’s voices calling “Masaru sama!” can be heard.

Huh? Why is Sati on the stage? Next to her is a priest who oversees treating the contestant.

“Don’t tell me……the match was already over?”

“Yes. The outcome of this match was already determined.”

The referee agreed with Sati. Apparently, the outcome of the match was declared while I was knocked unconscious……

What a disaster. And right after I stood up withstanding my pain with great difficulty. No, why did I try my best? Had I just waited a little longer, Sati and the priest would have arrived, and I would have been spared from taking such an embarrassing action.

My strength left my body completely. The damages that accumulated remains, and my body hurts. This time, the weariness finally hit me.

I declined the priest’s offer for treatment and chanted 【Regenation】. The pain left my body with regen.

“I’m already fine.”

Sati’s expression eased with relief. In terms of how much recovery I have made, the damages that I sustained were much less compared to yesterday match. The only worrisome factor was that I fainted this time.

“I’m glad. At first, I thought I had gone too far, however things doesn’t seem that way.”

“You’ve gone way overboard! Why did you have to kick him too?”

Sati lashes out at Francesca’s remark. Was I kicked?

“It might not be apparent, but he still held onto his sword that time, hence the act is indeed necessary for confirmation. I did not kick him. Those were just a light touch.”

“They weren’t light at all!”

Francesca is wearing a solid and hard leather boot for combat. Even if they are light, it will still hurt if you are kick by one.

“Not to mention, you continued to pursue after Masaru sama even after he fell down! Don’t you know that he had fainted at that point!?”

I fainted and the referee intended to stop our match, however after witnessing my last-minute revival during yesterday’s match, he hesitated whether he should stop the match or not. Perhaps this is what they call, “reap what you sow”.

“Though, when you see him standing up like this, I can imagine him taking on another two, or three hits……”


Sati’s faces turn bright red after hearing Francesca words. I don’t mind her getting angry for my sake, but I don’t want her starting a fight like this.

“Calm down, Sati. The wounds aren’t any worse compared to yesterday, so that’s enough.”

Even though I was told that I was kicked, I can’t remember any of it.

“……that’s right. It’s only up to this level. It’s not a big deal at all.”

“My, that’s not what someone who lost should say.”

But that’s not what I meant?

“If Masaru sama was serious, you already suffered a thorough defeat by now!”

“Sati, that’s far enough. The next match is starting soon.”  

Next is Sati’s turn.

“Ah, yes. I’ll finish it shortly.”

I got off the stage with Francesca.

“Were you not fighting seriously today?”

This is that moment when making excuses won’t cut it.

“Well, I WAS fighting you seriously, just……”

In regard to our starting position today, the interval between us is enough for me to finish chanting an elementary level magic.

“Just, what?”

Francesca released a strict sounding voice. Darn, I really should’ve restrained myself from saying something unnecessary.

“If I can use offensive magic, then.”

I didn’t claim I wouldn’t lose, but Francesca’s eyes narrow as a result.

“Ah, the match is starting.”

I thought that marked the ending of our discussion, then Sati ended her match in an instant. As soon the winner was declared, she quickly hops off the stage with a quick run. And having listened as if they were a matter of course, she continued the conversation.

“When he is serious, Masaru sama is stronger than me.”

Hearing Sati’s remark, Francesca lightly sneered as if prompting “it’s easier to say it with your mouth.”.

“If you wish to prove it, we can always have a rematch.”

Even if you say that, I think I already have enough fight.

However, magic itself isn’t really an option. Offensive magic is too powerful and not suitable for matches. Take an Air Hammer, right now I can easily destroy a boulder to pieces if I’m serious. Magic is not suitable to use against human opponent.

“If I win against Francesca sama, that should serve as enough prove.”

“Fuun. And what if you didn’t manage to win?”

Francesca shifted her gaze to me, and Sati also look at me with a sad expression.

I don’t want to step forward, but I will only serve shame to Sati if I try escaping now.

“That time, I will serve as your opponent. Seriously this time.”

And that signalled the end of our conversation. Satisfied, Francesca went to the other side of the stage.

“Um, I’m sorry. I just can’t forgive her, no matter what.”

“It’s fine. You just need to win, Sati.”


Whether she wins or loses doesn’t matter, it’s the match. Whatever the result, I’m sure they will be good experiences for her.

However, if it turns out there are many opponents that I can’t deal with sword alone, then I will have to seek the best way to combine magic with swordsmanship

Should I experiment with Will once we are home? He can serve as our practice partner for combatant skill.

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