NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 19

The next match has begun. There are only 2 remaining matches for the first round.

Since today is the final, the elf row seats are filled with people, so I decided to support Sati right next to the stage. Sati has provided me with chair that she has taken from somewhere else.

While I’m watching the match, I was told about what happened at the end of my match.

My opponent continues their pursuit even after I had fallen to the ground. Since I took her attack fully while staying unconscious, the scenery looks as if I’m a doll or similar taking a beating from her. It was a spectacle that’s not for those with faint heart.

The third match ended while I was listening to the story.

Then the last match for the first round. Towering one head over Lazard san was a human possessing the stature of gigantic giant, known as Gigant Borzola. He is another candidate for the championship.

On top of being a giant, he is also very skilled and move very fast. His power was also ranked first according to the tournament official announcement. Last year, Francesca managed to snatch a win. However, based on the story, it seems that it took her a long time to win.

This guy most probably will make to the final.

All four matches for the first round are now over. All that remains are semi-finals and final round and this tournament is done.

I watched Sati at the special seat beside me near the stage, moving her body lightly.

I can feel her fighting spirit, without a single waste on it. She is very calm. Way different than me.

A voice can be heard coming from the referee. Francesca goes on the stage, accompanied by big cheers.

“I’m going, Masaru sama.”

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