NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 19

Semi-final. The match between Sati and Francesca begin.

Sati presses her attacks first. She seems to hold no intention for a wait and see approaches and prompted to go all out since beginning. However, Francesca calmly endured against Sati’s barrage of attacks, and at the centre of the stage now unfold a bewildering scene of offence and defence.

Both parties jump away and took a distance from each other. Then, they both clashed again, position replaced, crossing swords over and over.

Due to an almost similar battle style and active defence and offence exchanges, their long rally turns fierce and intense.

I wonder how many times. Whenever they separated from their clash, Sati will abruptly draw out more strength.

I immediately realized what she’s attempting to do. She needs a suitable distance and timing to attempt Mubyōshi-uchi.

A casual step, and her light sword swing is……Francesca took a large leap, retreated away and distanced herself, evading by a hair breadth.

“Your wife was very capable, but Francesca sama is more skilful.”

So, I was told, suddenly. It’s Borzola. When I saw him nearby like this, he’s really huge. It should be a foul since his footwork is very light.

“That is not all there is to Sati, you know?”

She still has her Recovery Magic as backup, and he’ll be surprised once he learns of Sati’s power.

Sati wasn’t as strong as me. Whether her strengths are the result of her special training, or was it due to her anger, one thing for sure is today her movement is sharper than usual.

Just as I said, Sati’s gradually overwhelming her opponent. The difference in their strength is surfacing in their fight.

However, both instantly distanced themselves from each other after their attacks got mixed.

Although it may appear as if they both strike each other, it’s only on a slight degree, and both sides seem to suffer no damages.


So, I sent a knowing grin to Borzola.

It was said that someone who are capable of pushing Francesca should be on par with the Kingdom’s army.

“This lady has commanded us, the unworthy. She is different compared to you, the adventurers.”

Francesca had shown to be very talented as a commander. She is also good with sword, as well coming from a royal blood line and a beauty to boot, overall a classy lady.

I get this feeling while talking with her few days ago. Her personality is good, and she is good with her head. She has no shortcoming. Overall, a charismatic person.

Compared to that, both Sati and I are person with a doubtful origin. The evaluation that we received will naturally undermined our ability.

“Just look.”

While listening to this guy, I noticed Sati’s position has become unfavourable. Was it a feint or something? The opponent slips away from Sati’s calculated attack perfectly. Seems like it hard to make a good attack.

“What happened?”

It’s only natural for her stamina to dissipated, but even though there isn’t any apparent damage on her, Sati’s movement suddenly become worse.

“Wouldn’t you do the same too? Predicting your opponent movement and crush them. She is doing just that but on much higher level.”

Her move is subtle, and there is no way to realize them immediately. I wouldn’t have noticed it if not explained by Borzola. This guy, he is a good person.

“Her movement is nimble, but an adventurer straight forward sword is just easy to read.”

She is a difficult and frightening opponent for Sati, since she can read Sati’s movement……

When you’re taking on monsters as your opponent, speed and power are more important than skills. Sati had experience handling human opponent, but she still lacks in experience when handling this level of offence and defence.

Once able to dodge with a paper-thin difference, now it’s becoming harder to evade. Both of them still only grazed on their leather armour, but it’s turning worse.

The balanced got crumbled right away. When they clashed, Sati’s knee suddenly gave up.

Francesca didn’t let this opportunity miss and struck a blow. Sati dodged the following attack, but she’s now suffering a lot of damage.

“By intercepting your opponent strength in timely manner, just like this, and your opponent will lose their strength. That is one of Francesca sama art.”

His explanation doesn’t make it clear, but she’s likely performed an Aiki but with her swordplay.

Borzola has tasted it a lot of times when he lost to her last year.

“She should’ve lost her willpower to fight by now but, looks like she is pretty gutsy.”

Nonetheless, Sati’s inferiority is clear to everyone eyes. Francesca has been concealing her hand even during her fight with me earlier. If only I was a little stronger, then I could’ve shown Sati more of Francesca’s tactics.

 Aah, she was hit again. At the very least, Sati can use Recovery Magic, but she still needs a lot of time.

Sati is being leads around by Francesca sword, completely getting toyed with.

Perhaps, Sati couldn’t win……

Sati should be superior when comparing physical ability, and yet, this shows that her candidacy for the next Sword Saint is not for show.

Despite her inferiority, regardless of getting hit many times over, Sati’s willpower never faded, and she continues to receive Francesca attack. Their long rally continues uninterrupted. Was it her intention to turn this into a stamina competition?

However, Francesca distanced herself. Matching her is Sati, who also jumped far to the end of the stage.

The distance between them is now the widest, with a large open space in between.

Sati is gathering her mana. Francesca does not move. She hasn’t notice.

Sati’s Recovery Magic activated. Once more……a thin layer of mana is gathering slowly……a shocked expression surfaced on Francesca’s face, who’s now correcting her breath. It seems she finally realized that Sati is using Recovery Magic. She hastily closed their distance.

But she’s too late. Sati’s second 【Small Heal】was activated safely.

Perhaps, Francesca ability to detect magic is low, or maybe the stadium was overflowed with mana coming coagulated from the spectators which make her misses Sati’s weak mana. In any case, the prejudice where a beastmens are incapable of magic helped to make her unwary.

It isn’t possible to completely heal her wound even after the second time, but now it should be much easier for Sati.

Somehow, Sati is getting better, much more than what I initially thought. Sati was responding back to Francesca moves. She still hasn’t made her counterattack yet, right now she is fully defending.

“She’s making a comeback, but can she win by defending alone?”

 Then, Borzola said.

“In appears to me that Francesca sama is getting impatient to finish Sati as soon as possible.”

She must have thought that her opponent has recovered enough to hold superiority against her, but that’s nothing more than her misunderstanding.

There isn’t any real need to be cautious on Sati’s Recovery Magic, but her perceptions might have change after fighting me. Just in case Sati is resilience as me……she is trying to end this match as soon as possible on that basis.

That little impatience is good for Sati.

Without a decisive factor, the balance tilts toward Sati as time passes.

A human has limited time to fight in their peak. Francesca’s legs gradually dulled and stopped, with both sides remaining equal.

Sati is still fine.

“Perhaps, this is the turning point?”

Borzola then followed.

“It’s not that the person can’t move. She stopped moving her own feet. She is keeping her strength in check and wait for a chance for counterattack.”

Just like he said, Francesca vehemently defends like a turtle. But wouldn’t Sati take those into consideration?

Sati mercilessly attacks. Francesca received Sati’s attack loaded with all her strength upfront. Francesca swords moved like a stream, but at last, Sati’s sword finally hit Francesca body.

However, Francesca’s fluttering sword also hit Sati as a result. Both swords struck down their opponent, and both stopped moving completely.

A beautiful simultaneous strike. The two barely stood, and both leave their swords on their opponent without making a single move. The damages must have been great and rendered them unmovable.

“Francesca sama deliberately took it and shifted her core ever so slightly. Your wife is suffering worse damage.”

That’s probably the case, but with the amount of power Sati put on those attacks, Francesca should be suffering more damage than expected. If not, she should have made a follow up attack instead of stopping here.

Neither of them has moved yet. This is the chance where people will usually use to recover themselves, but it took skill to concentrate mana while sustaining damages. Can Sati do it?

As expected, Sati is trying to gather her mana and Francesca attempted to disturb her. Sati was already close when, Francesca gave a headbutt. Only their helmets clashed, so despite having her chants interrupted, there doesn’t seems to be any damage.

Then, Francesca makes a follow up attack, flinging her fists.

Sati is also capable of fighting barehanded. Or so I thought, but Francesca’s fist was struck on Sati’s face and made her fall.

Just when I’m thinking about her strange fall, her feet got trampled down. Heartless.

Still, Sati stood up quickly.

She holds her sword firmly and wipe the nosebleed.

Francesca readied her sword and rearranged her breath.

I don’t know who are in advantageous position, or who’re currently sustaining most damages. It’s hard to know just by looking.

Francesca immediately made another attack.

Sati’s attempt to collect her mana was once again disturbed. But this time, Sati has no intention to let Francesca took a rest.

As for Francesca, her sword swing doesn’t seem like it’s lacking in power.

However, her legs are not moving anymore.

On the other hand, Sati still has enough energy. Her body is moving well. I wonder how big the damage was caused by Francesca.

Sati’s sword is still strong. By the looks of it, Francesca fatigue has started kicking in. The damages she received are significant. And yet, Sati still couldn’t push forward.

Francesca is still enduring well.

Was it due to the difference in their experience? So, this is the difference between half a year with swords experience compared to 10 years of experience.

It was said that Francesca has been holding sword since she was three years old. She has been showing great talent ever since childhood, and it was only last year when she won the overall tournament for the first time. And to achieve that she has tasted lots of hardship many, many times. That difference is what showing late in this match.

Francesca endured all Sati’s attacks. As a result of continuous attack, Sati’s movement finally began to slow down.

Francesca made a precise and efficient set of attacks, which occasionally hurts Sati. Francesca is way superior as a strategist.

Sati is not going down. Anyhow, if she backed down at this moment, that chance will be used by Francesca to recover herself. The situation will remain unchanged then or might turn out worse.

Francesca was also hurting. Her stamina should’ve hit rock bottom by now and yet she’s not showing an opening.

An expression of fear is surfacing on Sati’s face.

No matter how many attacks, or how much pain her opponent accumulated, it would not work, she just could not win, or so she must be thinking. My heart is breaking.

Still, Sati remains, but instead of attacking, she opted for a defensive battle.

She has taken too many hits. Sati should hit her limit soon. It’s hurt just to watch.


My voice leaked unintentionally when the two took a slight pause in the middle of the battle. It was just a tiny muttering, and they shouldn’t reach till the stage. Sati however, turned her face sideways straight to me. Our eyes met.

Any trace of timid expression disappeared, and a look full of resolution filled Sati. She kept her face facing mine.

Amid battle, Sati completely took her eyes off Francesca.

Her opponent didn’t let those perfect opportunity missed. The reason why she didn’t make her move immediately was probably because she was astounded. But in the end, she must have decided that it was her chance.

Francesca sword strike Sati who is full of opening.

The attack from the complete blind spot was going to hit, or so everyone thought. Even I thought it was over. However, Sati evaded it smoothly.

Her Hearing Detection skill, huh. Even if her line of sight was removed, Francesca’s movement was completely grasped by her auditory detection.

Sati will never show an opening unless to lure her opponent. As a result, Francesca who leaped and put all her strength into her attack was left with her posture crumbled and full of opening, in which Sati exploited to launch her counterattack that hit her and made her fall on stage.

After confirming that Francesca is not moving even a twitch, the referee declared the outcome of the match.

Sati raised her sword.

“I did it, Masaru sama.”

Yeah, well done Sati. Her voice was delivered properly amidst the huge cheers from the crowd.

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