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Izure Shinwa Vol. 3: Ch. 2 Part 5

“Ah, we’ll help you too!”

“The indoor pool is not very large. Me and senpai alone should be enough.”

“I-is that so?”

“Maria can go play with Ruirui.”


I head to look for Kushinada Himeko together with senpai, while being seen off silently by Maria.

“Is that truly alright?”

“It’s fine. You see, I want to cool off my head a little.”

 『——that’s right. A virgin like you can never forget the sensation even if you wanted to. 』


I went together with Kushinada senpai till halfway the search, then we split into two.

I’m searching the east side of the pool, while senpai searches the west side.

If we cannot find her, we are supposed to meet back at the place we are separated.

『——however, why did you turn down Maria and the other’s help? 』


『——if you divide the task for searching, wouldn’t that be more convenient to cool down your head? 』

You can be discerning sometimes.

I answered Bálor question, while sight is set at the tunnel dug at the athletic rocky mountain.

I’m doing this because I want to be alone with Susanoo. I want to ascertain what is his true motive.

The reasons remain unclear as why Susanoo is still listening to Kushinada senpai.

There is no real harm to Kushinada senpai, but it’s creepy when we are unsure of what his objective is.

If possible, I want to get rid of this question ––or perhaps, my anxiety–– by today.

If I am lucky, I might even get the opportunity to have a one on one talk with him……!

Thereupon, I applied brake on my feet.

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