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Izure Shinwa Vol. 3: Ch. 2 Part 5

Apparently, it was too late.

Maria’s fighting spirit has already ignited, and she tries to untie her bikini.

“Wait. Stop it, Maria.”

“Please don’t stop me! This is a match between two women!”

“No, think about the time and place!”

Someone stops these two!

I don’t know if my wish was granted, but.

“My, Shinzen san?”

Suddenly, Kushinada senpai passed by the pool where we are while looking around the area.

“……What are you guys up to?”

“It’s nothing.”

I pretend to be as calm as possible and answer Kushinada senpai question.

“Kushinada senpai too, does anything happen? Looks like you are looking for something.”

“Well, I am actually separated from Himeko.”

“Your sister?”

When I asked back, Kushinada senpai gave a small nod.

“I just took my eyes off her for a while and her silhouette already disappear from my sight.”

“When and where did you go?”

“That was……at the pool entrance, I saw Kunisaki san crouching sadly.”

Kushinada senpai find it hard to answer.

“I was worried so I called out to him, and……after taking a look at me and Charlotte swimsuit, he was, getting so delighted that he jump, and Himeko figure was nowhere to be seen while I was soothing the situation.”

“……oh, I see. I understand.”

Kushinada senpai explanation was mixed with many words, but I can easily imagine the scene.

In short, Kunisaki tension went sky rise after taking a look at our senpai’s swimsuit. It took some time to calm him down.

Kunisaki, to honest I think it is having a reverse effect.

The tone Kushinada senpai take while talking about the scene is clearly repulsive.

Even when you are getting praised, you should never leave your opponent behind……

After learning strange lesson from Kunisaki’s action, I refocus my mind.

“If that’s the case, I’ll help you find your sister.”


It was Ruirui who let out the voice of complain.

“Oh Raika, are you going to leave me alone with my breasts left to bare at all?”


I silently look around.

Then, a black bikini drifted from the other side.

Probably, it has gone around the pool after it get untied from Ruirui.

I grabbed it, and hand it to Ruirui.

“Here, you can either dive into the water or have Maria act as your wall but put it back on your own.”


As if uninterested, Ruirui took the bikini while pulling her lips sharply.

Then she dived into the pool and put on her swimsuit again in about ten seconds.

This girl let go of me and seeing that, Maria ––while reluctantly–– let go of me as well.

I get out of the pool.

“Now then, let’s go find her.”

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