NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 3

That’s it for Tamara chan. Next is Shira. I had Sati call her.

Shira chan affection level towards me is high enough, that she is willing to do her nightly duty even without the blessing of Protection.

According to Sati, Shira chan outlook on me has greatly risen amid the Gladiator Competition, and that all I need is just one more push! Or so she said.

 However, Shira chan is also infatuated with Sati, and she was more active this time around.

Ever since my involvement in the tournament, I have never come into contact with Shira chan at all. Today is the day I will confirm what her feeling is. We are going to know whether she wanted to be freed from being a slave or not.

“Were you calling me, my lord.”

“I heard that Shira managed to make lots of money from betting this time around, too?”

“Yeah. I’m going to spend my time after this to buy my equipment.”

I’m relieved. That was exactly what Sati said. Shira chan decided to stay!

“If you found a good store, then why don’t we go shopping together.”

When I heard about her looking for equipment, I was reminded with the sword that I have gotten from the elf, which I think will suit Shira chan. But I don’t think her loyalty will improve just by giving her present.

“My lord.”


“I, too……”

“Do your best, Shira chan.”

Sati is supporting Shira chan who seems like she has difficulty speaking. What is going on?

“I wish you will take me to sword training, too.”

Shira chan is currently tasked with guarding the mansion in our territory. We currently had no plan to take her together to the Empire. Anyway, my plan was to go home and sleep, cycle and repeat as many times as possible. Hence, we can meet anytime. That’s what I thought.

However, we have decided on the matter of sword training ever since we arrived at the Royal Capital. There are also matters regarding Hilgis. It’s going to be a long journey, and it will be tough for me to return home frequently. In this case, the problem is I don’t know what will happen if I put off the Protection blessing now.

12 thoughts on “NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 3

  1. You did it again, bro. Section 6 has the same passage posted twice. It’s another severe jump cut. You may want to start rereading your own passages after posting them to make sure they’re accurate.


  2. Aw, so he didn’t actually need to marry them to share the blessing. Which in hindsight was a good thing, since he could now add male buddies xD


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