NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 ~ A New Request

“What a great timing. If you’re immediately departing to the Empire, then take me along with you.”

After the King’s troupé left, Francesca declared as such while we are feasting on the cold cuisine and drinking the liquors together with side snacks. I toss away my questioning gaze to Sati, asking what to do.

Sure, there isn’t any problem taking her with us but, when we bring Francesca together travelling with our party, the restrictions it put on our actions will prove to be a trouble.

“Umm, we are going to drop off at Ellie’s parent house first, so, going to the Sacred Land of the Sword may be much later.”

The route to Ellie’s parent house is via the Imperial Capital. After that, we will go to the Sacred Land of the Sword.

Since the only person who needs training are only me and Sati, I don’t feel like we should rush. And that’s the reason why I decide to prioritize rebuilding Ellie’s home first.

“I have never set foot at the Empire myself. It is fine to take detour like going for sightseeing or excursions. Let’s officially submit a quest as an escort. Would that be okay?”

I’m a rich person, and that allows me to hitch a ride whenever I want to, or so I thought but those words never leave her mouth.

“If all of you become her escorts, then there is nothing to worry!”

Borzola gave his two cents. A person as strong as Francesca doesn’t need any escort.

Alright now, what should I do? While I was immersed thinking about it, Sergeant dono return. Speaking of which, I have yet to invite Sergeant dono to the party to commemorate Sati’s victory which will be held at the Elf Mansion. There is something that I want to ask him too.

“Masaru. I have something to tell you. This might take some time, so can I tell you right now?”

“Yes. I’m completely free after this, Sergeant dono.”

There is nothing left that I could do at the Royal Capital. I don’t even have a plan on what to do next yet. For now, it is holiday!

Francesca leaves after she states her request. Borzola is returning back home and now he is wrapping some as souvenirs for his family. Anyway, since Francesca has gone back already, perhaps we will continue the talk about becoming her escort later.  

When it was only me and Sati left, Sergeant dono began talking.

9 thoughts on “NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 2

  1. Thanks for the chapter!!! Soo on the part where Masaru returns to the elf castle, is it supposed to repeat the sentence twice?


  2. Part 7 and part 8 is the same entry, so you skipped an entire part of the translation. It feels like a bad jump cut to section 9. Seriously, why are you splitting the chapter into so many pieces, it’s pretty repugnant when I read on my cellphone. I appreciate the work you are doing, but the presentation is leaving me with lots of doubts to the reason why.


    1. Agreed. I can understand splitting it into a few parts, but more then 4 or 5 is excessive.
      Ad revenue is a thing and understandable to try an milk a few extra pennies, but going too far will just encourage readers to go elsewhere, or just skip it all together.


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