NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 3

Well, someone with newly acquired level 4 will only amount to this much.

I think I can relax for today. The timing is just right, so I decided to discuss with these two about their skills together.

We sit under the shed located at the corner of the practise ground.

“As a matter of course, I don’t want any of you to tell the others about what we’re about to discuss.”

Explaining to them bit by bit regarding the blessing will take too much times. I will just show them the numbers and explained to them about their status and skills.

This is the first time I am showing Will anything. This guy received his Protection just before the tournament started, so I just kind of left him alone since I have my special training to attend.

・Shira Beastmen Warrior Level 8

HP 64 [32 + 32 (Physical Reinforcement + 100%)]

MP 5

Power 40 [20+20(Physical Reinforcement + 100%)]

Physical Strength 38 [ 19+19(Physical Reinforcement + 100%)]

Agility 16

Dexterity 4

Magic Strength 3

Loyalty 59

Skill Point 26P

Sound Detection level 1Physical Reinforcement level 2Shield level 1
Swordsmanship level 4Archery level 1Martial Arts level 1

Raising her Physical Reinforcement skill and Swordsmanship skill has already consumed 14 points. Sometimes, I taught her how to use bow and shield while we are back at home. I don’t remember teaching her any form of Martial Arts. Perhaps, she already has it since the beginning.

・Willfreid Galley Human Warrior Level 7

HP 56 [28 + 28 (Physical Reinforcement + 100%)]

MP 10

Power 30 [15+15(Physical Reinforcement + 100%)]

Physical Strength 28 [ 14+14(Physical Reinforcement + 100%)]

Agility 12

Dexterity 21

Magic Strength 7

Loyalty 55

Skill Point 15P

Physical Reinforcement level 2Shield level 1Evasion level 1
Swordsmanship level 4Archery level 1Spear level 1
Magical Sense level 1Common Magic 

Both already have better stats compared to me and Sati in our earlier day. I think they were well trained.

“I see……I am just clumsy.”

Shira chan face is filled with surprise.

“Hey, what is with this 7 Magic Strength.”

“At the beginning, mine was around 15. Anne was 25, I guess. Sati’s current Magic Strength is 9.”

“Well, I really am not suit to become a magic practitioner, really…….”

Watching your skill on display is supposed to be an exciting time, yet they both became gloomy instead. They were in a good mood just now. Was it bad to hit them with reality?

“Listen well. Despite the weak point, your abilities are suitable for warrior. As soon you hit your growth, you can be as strong as me or Sati.”

“I have grown strong in half a year.”

Maybe one year later, she might be able to overpower me with her swords alone.

Thinking about it made me feel slightly disappointed, but they all swore their loyalty to me. The stronger they are, the easier would it made for me. “For now, both of you aim to be like Sati. Raise your bow and sword, and fight with whichever suit you the most——”

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12 thoughts on “NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 3

  1. You did it again, bro. Section 6 has the same passage posted twice. It’s another severe jump cut. You may want to start rereading your own passages after posting them to make sure they’re accurate.


  2. Aw, so he didn’t actually need to marry them to share the blessing. Which in hindsight was a good thing, since he could now add male buddies xD


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