NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 3

“Masaru sama cured my eyes. Then, he gave me the strength to fight with sword and bow. That was only half a year ago. It was only six months ago since I first started to hold my sword.”

“Half……a year?”

“Shira chan. I want you to swear a lifetime allegiance to Masaru sama. By then, I am sure……”

“Will I become stronger?”

“Yeah. And you will be able to stand side by side to me and Sati.”

Shira chan has better build than Sati. She will become a great warrior once she received Protection blessing.

“For sure?”

“I swear to God, I promise.”

In case she does not received Protection, I will take responsibility and train her.

I took the sword that I intended to give to Shira chan as present from my Item Box.

“Take this sword if you’re willing to pledge your allegiance to me. Only then, I will bestow Shira chan with unlimited power.”

“The power unrivalled by anything, a power strong enough to save the world.”

Save the world. I was surprised to hear Sati said those words, but previously Lilia did say the same to Will. Right now, I am doing exactly what Lilia did, so it is no wonder that Sati imitated the dialogue.

The room was gradually filled with light once I input my mana. The same thing happened during that time with Will.

I slowly pull out the sword from its sheath, and its shiny body is revealed.

Shira chan was fascinated with the sword and turn meek in front of me. She received the sword respectfully.

“I am……I also swear, that I will pledge my loyalty to my Lord for my whole life. I swear on this sword.”

Following her words full of determination, Shira chan menu appeared.

It is a success. Splendid, Sati.

“Then let’s give you power.”

Placing my hand on top of meek Shira chan head, I checked for her skills.

12 thoughts on “NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 3

  1. You did it again, bro. Section 6 has the same passage posted twice. It’s another severe jump cut. You may want to start rereading your own passages after posting them to make sure they’re accurate.


  2. Aw, so he didn’t actually need to marry them to share the blessing. Which in hindsight was a good thing, since he could now add male buddies xD


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