NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 20

After finally satisfied gazing at the ticket for a while, Sati pick up her sword and winced.

“What’s the matter?”

“My wrist.”

Her right wrist seems to be hurt, so I used Recovery Magic on them. doesn’t seems like she is hurting anywhere else.

I’ve made sure to completely cure the injuries that she received while fighting Francesca before. She doesn’t take any damage from this battle, so there is one possibility left.

Her full powered second assault. At that time, Sati should have suffered a terrible impact on her wrist.

Perhaps she put an unfamiliar burden on her wrist when she wields such an affectation technique back then?

Or was Sati’s body simply unable to withstand great power?

Anyway, if she couldn’t decide there, she would have been in great trouble.

When I did it……I applied numerous Recovery Magic due to series of terrible damage that I received. There is a possibility that I have hurt my wrist, just I never noticed.

Even Sati only realized it after everything is over. Perhaps, we didn’t realise it because of adrenaline rush during battle.

I need to make sure about this. If there is risk of wrist damage each time, we use it, then it is not applicable in real battle. No, maybe real battle is fine? It’s unlikely to hit a huge shield with a bladed sword. The impact alone would cleave the opponent right into two.

But that doesn’t mean I should not make confirmation.

Should I let Sati fight with her full power and observe whether her body can survive? Nah, that’s an awful method to make confirmation.

No, there actually is a person that can be relied on in times like this. Let’s go ask Sergeant dono.


Sati was recalled to the stage. There, the King descended and thus the award ceremony was held. After giving a praising speech to Sati, he awards her a prize bag containing gold coins.

Lastly, a grand applause was given to participants who have displayed magnificent battle for this tournament! The curtain is drawn, signifying the end of this tournament.

“Sadly, now is not the right time to celebrate with a splendor ceremony…….”

So, said the Elf captain.

Some people had difficulty to stand, and some people need urgent care and rest like me yesterday, so the King has settled to a simple ceremony for now.

If you like things flashy, they can simply go out to enjoy the rest of festivals and they will be welcomed everywhere. Hence, no one seems to be dissatisfied.

It’s not as if there isn’t a closing party prepared. Something is being prepared at the vicinity of the tournament stage. A lavish meal is served in a standing-up style. I wished to go back early and took a rest, but seeing that Sati is the winner, attending this meal has become compulsory.

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    1. If anything, it’s that new multipage system that’s confusing people. I just found out this chapter had 4 pages and I’m betting that the previous chapter had the same thing because I definitely did not read about that fight between Sati and Francesca


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