NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 20

After letting everyone know that we are going to the closing party, I was called by Borzola who already start eaten and cooked once I entered the venue inside the stadium.

Standing next to him is Francesca, who’s gulping down her drinks with a face containing sullen anger. Only the manager or contestants for the final are around, which means that this is really a small closing party.

“Man~ I was really surprised just now. Who ever thought that she will knock my shield out like that!”

“It was only possible because you took it full frontal.”

He took Sati’s full power attack directly. Sati’s momentum would reduce even if he evaded for a small amount, but instead of evading, he decided to ward Sati off. He probably didn’t think Sati will hold that much power. Even I don’t know.

“Hey, Sati!”

Francesca, who had been listening silently for a bit while having a meal with Borzola and Sati, suddenly interrupted from the side. Her face is red. Was she drinking alcohol?

“Next year. Make sure you enter the tournament next year.”

Next year, huh. I don’t want to enter anymore, but it’s up to Sati whether she wants or not.

“Then why not we meet at the Empire’s grand tournament.”

 “Oh, that’s a great idea. If it’s Sati or Francesca sama, I’m sure they can aim for championship.”

“But there are a lot more amazing people in the Empire’s tournament, right?”

“That’s correct. But I will become stronger. I will be under the tutelage of Sword Saint. And the next time I meet you, I will definitely……”

“Ah, that’s what we are planning to do, too! Hopefully, we can practice together.”

Armand and Sati is going as well to received teaching.

Unable to retort any further, she gulps down whatever alcohol left with a discouraged expression.

8 thoughts on “NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 20

    1. If anything, it’s that new multipage system that’s confusing people. I just found out this chapter had 4 pages and I’m betting that the previous chapter had the same thing because I definitely did not read about that fight between Sati and Francesca


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